Boiko V. V., Lykhman V. M., Tkach S. V., Shevchenko O. M., Merkulov A. O., Volchenko I. V., Osmanov R. R.
Diagnosis of infected pancreatic necrosis
20 - 23
Grytsai Yu. V.
Features of treatment of acute thrombosis of deep veins of the lower extremities
24 - 29
Kravtsov O. V., Tsohoiev A. A., Isaiev Yu. I., Kozin Yu. I., Kurbanov T. A.
Effectiveness of natural biopolymer−based drug Hitozan−Genta in treatment of superficial and deep burns
30 - 34
Didenko S. М., Boiko V. V., Ivanova Yu. V., Hupalo Yu. M., Shved O. Ye., Shapovalov D. Yu.
Results of surgical treatment of patients with ischemic form of diabetic foot syndrome and lesion of the arteries of the popliteo−tibial segments
20 - 23
Komarchuk V. V., Komarchuk Ye. V.
Changes in postprandial acid pocket and its role in the development of gastroesophageal reflux in patients with complicated forms of peptic ulcer
24 - 28
Kravtsov О. V.
Diagnosis of burn depth with elastography.
29 - 32
Boiko V. V., Lykhman V. M., Shevchenko A. M., Merkulov A. O., Osmanov R. R.
The use of minimally invasive operations in treatment of patients with colorectal cancer complications with intestinal obstruction
16 - 19
Usenko O. Yu., Sydiuk A. V., Klimas A. S., Savenko H. Yu.
Mechanical invaginated esophagogastric anastomosis in prevention of postoperative complications in patients after esophagus resection
19 - 22
Pisklova Yu. V.
Modern aspects of diagnostic and surgical treatment of pericardial effusion
23 - 28
Kulikova D. O.
Modern view on the problematic aspects of patent arterial duct in children (literature review)
29 - 34
Boiko V. V., Avdosiev Yu. V., Sochnieva A. L., Mazorchuk M. S.
The choice of the volume of surgical treatment in patients with diseases of the common bile duct complicated by mechanical jaundice
33 - 38
Todurov I. M., Perekhrestenko O. V., Kalashnikov O. O., Kosiukhno S. V., Plehutsa O. I.
Prognosis of operative and anesthesiological risk in bariatric surgery with P−POSSUM scale
39 - 42
Boiko V. V., Lykhman V. M., Shevchenko O. M., Tkach S. V., Volchenko I. V., Kulyk I. A.
Prevention of postoperative intestinal paresis after colon surgery
43 - 46
Boiko V. V., Savvi S. O., Korolevska A. Yu., Zhydetskyi V. V.
Features of feeding in surgical patients with severe dysphagia
30 - 35
Boiko V. V., Lykhman V. M., Merkulov A. O., Tkach S. V., Huliaieva D. Yu.
Modern approaches to treatment of spontaneous esophageal rupture
35 - 37
Todurov I. M., Perekhrestenko O. V., Kalashnikov O. O., Kosiukhno S. V., Plehutsa O. I., Savenko H. Yu.
Body weight regression in patients with morbid obesity after Hess − Marceau biliopancreatic diversion
31 - 34
Boiko V. V., Savvi S. O., Hroma V. H., Bytiak S. Yu.
Analysis of the results of esophageal anastomosis suture failure treatment
35 - 38
Boiko V. V., Krasnoiaruzhskyi A. G., Kritsak V. V.
The choice of photosensitizer and light parameters for endobronchial endoscopic photodynamic therapy
28 - 32
Bodrova A. Yu.
Neck gastrostomy at esophagogastroplasty
32 - 36
Usenko O. Yu., Sydiuk A. V., Klimas A. S.
Options of esophagogastrostomy formation in patients with esophageal diseases
29 - 33
Boiko V. V., Ovcharenko O. V., Makarov V. V., Bodrova A. Yu., Cherniaiev M. S.
Application of electrosurgical welding technologies to prevention of postmastectomy lymphorrhea
34 - 38
Prasol V. A., Bezhuashvili I. G., Konovalova K. O.
The choice of surgical tactics of repeated interventions after femoropopliteal bypass surgery in lesions of the tibial segment
24 - 27
Arkatov A. V.
Surgical correction of congenital penile deviations
28 - 32
Boiko V. V., Avdosiev Yu. V., Sochnieva A. L.
The experience of percutaneous transhepatic endobiliary interventions in patients with choledocholithiasis
16 - 19
Hryhorieva T. H., Shchehelska O. A., Markelova O. V., Oliinik H. A.
The influence of wound dressings and biopolymer gels on the growth and viability of human skin fibroblasts in vitro
20 - 24
Reshetniak O. M., Oliinik A. Ye.
The use of platelet rich plasma for combined treatment of venous trophic ulcers
24 - 28
Boiko V. V., Kryvorotko I. V., Chykin A. V.
Combined operations in complicated and locally advanced pelvic cancer tumors
18 - 25
Osmanov R. R.
Methods of treatment of saphenous tributaries of varicose veins by ultrasound guided endovenous laser ablation
26 - 30
Berezka M. I., Litovchenko A. V., Vlasenko V. H.
Determining clinical efficacy of deep tunneling in treatment of chondromalacia of the knee articular cartilage
31 - 34
Osmanov R. R.
Minimally invasive techniques in surgical treatment for varicose veins of lower extremities
30 - 34
Chikin A. V.
Surgical treatment of pelvic tumors with invasion of the vascular formations
35 - 37
Lunitsyn V. G., Lunitsyna Yu. V., Protopopova T. A., Porseva Yu. D.
Dynamics of reparative processes in planar skin wounds at local application of ointments based on a concentrate of canned antlers
38 - 41
Boyko V. V., Krasnoyaruzhskyi A. G., Tkachenko V. V.
Diagnosis and treatment tactics at mediastinal neoplasia
28 - 32
Lasirskiy V. O.
Formation of an artificial stomach after gastrectomy
32 - 36
Loskutov V. M., Kuzmina I. Yu.
Efficiency of treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome using operative laparoscopy
9 - 12
Gerasymov G. M.
Surgical tactics and methods of surgical management of complicated diabetic foot
13 - 15
Borysenko V. B.
A method of areflux isoperistaltic choledochojejunodoudenostomy
32 - 34
Allahverdiyev V. A.
Dynamics of cytokine status indicators in patients with acute ulcerative gastroduodenal bleeding at surgical treatment
35 - 39
Boyko V. V., Tymchenko N. V., Shevchenko O. M., Lykhman V. M., Klymenko V. P.
Prevention of postoperative paresis and septic complications after surgery on the colon
27 - 31
Avdosyev Yu. V., Boyko V. V., Sukhina O. M.
Interventional radiology in diagnosis and treatment of loco−regional pelvic tumors complicated by hemorrhage
32 - 36
Boyko V. V., Moroz S. V., Lyhman V. N.
Early diagnosis of postoperative septic complications in patients with rectal cancer
63 - 66
Pisetska M. E.
Application of vascular liver exclusion during liver resection
67 - 71
Boyko V. V., Babynkina I. B.
Surgical treatment of trophic ulcers at chronic venous insufficiency: individual approach
72 - 75
Boyko V. V., Lasirskiy V. A., Savvi S. A., Lychman V. N.
Ileocecal segment application in upper gastrointestinal tract reconstruction in patients with complicated locally advanced gastric cancer
38 - 45
Boyko V. V., Yevtushenko D. A., Nevzorov V. P.
Ultrastructural changes in mesothelial cell organelles in adhesive peritoneal disease patients
46 - 49
Schukin D. V.
Control of renal artery at removal of tumor thrombi from the lumen of the inferior vena cava: surgical strategy options
61 - 64
Pasichniy D. A.
Improvement of preliminary ischemic preparation of tissues for composite flaps plastic surgery of the extremities
65 - 69
Sotnikov A. V.
Anaerobic nonclostridial cellulitis of the pelvis: a modern view on the problems of surgical treatment
41 - 46
Lazirsky V. A.
Surgical tactics in patients with complications of local gastric cancer
47 - 50
Poyda A. I., Melnik V. M.
Substantiation of restorative and reconstructive−restorative operations on the large intestine
70 - 78
Schukin D. V.
Urgent questions of technique of venocavothrombectomy at renal tumors
78 - 83
Boyko V. V., Prasol V. A., Nevzorova O. F., Nevzorov V. P., Rudenko E. A.
Measuring of blood cell ultrastructure in the area of their contact with endothelium at chronic diseases of the veins of lower extremities
84 - 88
Pasichny D. A.
Surgical treatment of long healing wounds using cryonecrectomy
89 - 94
Boyko V. V., Lasirsky V. A., Savvi S. A., Lykhman V. N.
The peculiarities of lymphodissection at combined gastrectomy at surgical treatment for local cancer of the stomach
82 - 91
Pasichniy D. A.
Fasceocutaneous shin flaps with double axial blood supply for shin and foot repair
92 - 96
Frolov A. Yu.
Surgical tactics at treatment of patients with perforated cancer of the stomach
97 - 100
Pasichniy D. A.
Cutaneofascial flap of the shin on the posteromedial shinsurface with double axial vascular supply on a distal pedicle for reconstruction of defects of shin and foot
62 - 66
Simonets E. N., Makarov V. V., Tokarev A. V.
The peculiarities of changes of some homeostasis parameters in patients with acute pleural empyema with consideation of application of ultra−high frequency irradiation
67 - 70
Pasichniy D. A.
Improvement of surgical treatment for persistent wounds of lower extremities based on tissue tension
54 - 58
Skory D. I.
Comparative morphofunctional assessment of different methods of dissection of liver parenchyma
58 - 64
Melnikov V. V.
Prognostic role of endothelium function at choice of cholecystectomy technique in workers of coal industry with respiratory diseases
64 - 67
Boyko V. V., Lazirskiy V. A., Savvi S. A., Lykhman V. N.
Combined resection of the stomach and large intestine in surgical treatment for local gastric cancer
72 - 76
Melnikov V. V.
The choice of cholecystectomy technique in coal industry workers with respiratory pathology
77 - 80
Boyko V. V., Lazirsky V. A., Savvi S. A., Lykhman V. N.
Combined resection of the stomach and pancreas at surgical treatment for local gastric cancer
68 - 73
Gadzhiev N. Dzh., Sushkov S. V., Klimova E. M., Drozdova L. A.
Practical significance of comparative investigation of malonic dialdehyde in peritoneal exudate, blood serum and urine of patients with generalized peritonitis
74 - 78
Boyko V. V., Lazirsky V. A.
The peculiarities of emergency surgical interventions in patients with complicated local cancer of the stomach
85 - 89
Aliyev E. A.
Treatment of post−operative anal sphincter failure
90 - 94
Prasol V. A.
Catheter−guided thrombolysis and surgical methods in treatment of acute iliofemoral flebothrombosis
35 - 39
Novikov E. A.
The experience of surgical treatment for gastric cancer with formation of esophageal anastomoses
40 - 42
Prasol V. A., Nevzorova O. F., Nevzorov V. P., Troyan V. I.
Ultrastructure of the venous wall cells in patients with acute thrombosis
90 - 94
Boyko V. V., Ivanova Yu. V., Babich V. A.
Application of IHF irradiation in acute paraproctitis
87 - 91
Lyhman V. N.
Complex treatment for purulent septic pulmonary complications in the long terms after severe thoracic trauma
91 - 95
Koschiy E. E.
Transformation of open hemorrhage to pulsating hematoma at wounds of large vessels of the extremities
95 - 99
Negria E. V., Marukhno Yu. I., Kebkalo A. B.
The first experience of transpapillary interventions in pathology of hepatopancreatobiliary zone
99 - 100
Boyko V. V., Savvi S. A., Dalavurak V. P., Lykhman V. N., Lazirsky V. A.
Surgical treatment for esophageal cancer Communication II. Surgical treatment of cancer of thoracic and abdominal portions of the esophagus
70 - 79
Belozorov I. V.
Assessment of efficacy of preparatory stage before surgical intervention for rectal cancer complicated by acute intestinal bleeding
79 - 84
Lykhman V. N.
The prognosis of immunological dysbalance and presence of autoimmune component in patients with thoracic traumas of different severity
85 - 89
Boyko V. V., Savvi S. A., Dalavurak V. P., Lykhman V. N., Lazirsky V. A.
Surgical treatment for esophageal cancer Communication I. Historical aspects and contemporary state of the problem of surgical treatment of cervical division of the esophagus
52 - 62
Oleynik G. A.
Leukocyte indices in prognosis of the course and outcome of cold injury
63 - 69
Krasnoyaruzhsky A. G.
Analysis of neurological symptom−complex in patients with mediastinal neoplasms accompanied by compression syndrome of mediastinal organs
67 - 71
Boyko V. V., Shkurat A. N.
Surgical treatment of patients with cicatrical trachea stenosis
72 - 76
Babayev K. R.
Donor bed restoration after flap coverage of soft tissue defects of extremities
76 - 78
Boyko V. V., Krasnoyaryzhsky A. G.
New approaches to pre−operative preparation in struggle against post−operative complications in patients with compression syndrome caused by mediastinum neoplasms
58 - 61
Sultanova S. G., Azimov E. Kh.
Surgery for old postpartum perineum ruptures
62 - 64
Florikian A. K.
Germinogenic tumors of the mediastinum (teratodermoid neoplasms)
74 - 81
Sushkov S. A., Pavlov A. G.
Ultrasound clinoorthostatic test in assessment of deep vein failure in varicosis
81 - 84
Pasichny D. A.
Dermotension in treatment of integument lesions of the foot and leg
85 - 90
Krivorotko I. V.
Protein metabolism and the role of nutritive support in forming interintestinal anastomoses after rectum resection
59 - 63
Savvi S. A., Nevzorova O. V.
Clinical value of ultrastructural changes of esophageal tissues after corrosive burns
64 - 67
Pasichny D. A.
Macrovascular changes in the area of full−layer skin wound in response to wound dermatension and cryotherapy
68 - 72
Boyko V. V., Krivorotko I. V.
Ten−year experience of combined operations application in local rectal cancer
50 - 57
Florikian A. K.
Intrathoracic non−chromophinous paragangliomas
58 - 62
Veligitsky N. N., Gorbulich A. V., Bodrova A. Yu.
Acute pancreatitis
63 - 69
Boyko V. V., Krivorotko I. V.
The strategy for surgical treatment for local tumors of the small pelvis using evisceration Communication 3. Cancer of the rectum, uterus, ovaries, prostate gland, teratoid tumors of the small pelvis
64 - 74
Pasichny D. A.
Cryostimulation of wound tissue in treatment of persisting wounds and ulcers of the extremities
75 - 80
Boyko V. V., Krivorotko I. V.
The strategy of surgical treatment for local small pelvis tumors using eviscerations. Communication 2. Syndrome of compression of vascular formations, embolization, suppuration, involvement of the lymph vessels and pelvic bones
59 - 64
Makarov V. V.
The experience of thoracoscopic surgical technique application in patients with acute pleural empyema
64 - 66
Boyko V. V., Krivorotko I. V.
Strategy of surgical treatment for local tumors of the small pelvis using evisceration. Communication 1. Syndromes of intestinal obstruction, Hemorrhage and urinary tract compression
76 - 82
Pasichny D. A.
Technique of adhesive tissue tension and cryotreatment in surgery for bedsores
83 - 89
Makarov V. V.
Peculiarities of changes in blood biochemistry in unspecific pleura empyema
90 - 92
Pavlov A. A.
Perspective directions of therapeutic strategy of syndrome of acute stomach damage
93 - 94
Datsenko B. M., Borisenko V. B., Zeyev A. P.
Modification of areflux choledochoanastomosis with restoration of bile passage to the duodenum
102 - 110
Pavlov A. A.
Unsolved questions of diagnosis and treatment of syndrome of acute lesion of the stomach
111 - 113
Pasichny D. A.
A technique of adhesive skin stretching and cryotreatment in treatment of limb wounds
71 - 76
Pavlov A. A.
Pathogenesis of multiorgan dysfunction accompanying syndrome of acute gastrointestinal hemorrhage
77 - 80
Pasichny D. A.
Angiostimulation with wound cooling and distention, its influence on vascular density and application in plastic surgery
63 - 66
Pavlov A. A.
The influence of general anesthesia and intensive care on systemic blood circulation in patients with acute gastrointestinal bleedings
67 - 69
Veligotsky N. N., Gorbulich A. V.
Pathophysiological aspects of functional disorders of esophagogastric junction
74 - 79
Kulikovsky V. F., Oleynik N. V.
The ways to optimize hemorrhoid disease treatment against the background of ptosis of perineum and rectum
80 - 82
Datsenko B. M., Kutepova E. V., Zakharchuk A. P.
The peculiarities of allohernioplasty of ventral hernias in primarily infected tissues
76 - 81
Zakharash M. P., Poida A. I., Melnik V. M., Bashar Akhmad
Post−colectomy syndrome prevention after colectomy and ultra low anterior rectum resection
81 - 85
Sushkov S. V.
Ultrastructure changes in the cells of gastric mucosa in multiple gastric and duodenal ulcers
86 - 92
Pasichny D. A.
Wound healing using cryotreatment and extension of the tissue around the wound: experiment, morphology, clinical picture
93 - 100
Vorobyov G. I., Shelygin Yu. A., Frolov S. A., Sushkov O. I.
The technique for right hemicolectomy using laparoscopic technologies
70 - 76
Koplatadze A. M., Protsenko V. M., Bolkvadze E. E., Yegorkin M. A.
An experience of complex treatment for anaerobic paraproctitis
77 - 81
Veligotsky N. N., Okley D. V.
The problems of surgical treatment for chronic pancreatitis
45 - 50
Datsenko B. M., Kirillov A. V., Podporinov S. D.
Surgical rehabilitation of colostomy patients
51 - 54
Pereverzev A. S.
Closed kidney injuries
72 - 79
Boyko V. V., Avdosiev Yu. V., Uderbayev N. N., Sankov A. I., Osmanov R. I.
Diagnosis and treatment of massive liver lesions with the use of angiographic techniques
80 - 83
Antoniuk O. S., Ukrainsky V. V.
Clinico−biochemical parallels in intra−abdominal abscesses following intestinal surgery
80 - 82
Uderbayev N. N.
Staged operations "damage control" in severe liver injuries
83 - 86
Datsenko B. M., Shapoval S. D., Kirillov A. V.
The criteria of surgical sepsis diagnosis and prognosis
84 - 90
Grigorieva T. G., Timchenko E. K.
Medical and social efficacy of rehabilitation of the patients with burns of the face, neck and their consequences
91 - 96
Florikian A. K., Boyko V. V., Krivoruchko I. A.
The advantages of complete medial sternotomy, medial sternolaparotomic and laparosternotomic approaches in severe injuries of the chest, abdomen and terminal states
91 - 95
Antoniuk O. S.
Some pathophysiological aspects of surgery for purulent destructive lesions of the intestine
96 - 98
Briskin B. S., Demidov D. A.
Evolution of enterosorption in treatment of endotoxicosis
86 - 88
Peev B. I., Dovzhenko A. N., Burlachenko K. R.
Bacterial translocation in acute ileus depending on the methods of small bowel intubation
89 - 92
Povstyanoi N. E., Zhernov A. A., Kovalenko O. N., Guz O. A., Ponomarenko A. B.
Early surgical treatment in preventive maintenance of complications of thermal injury of the hand and forearm
93 - 95
Florikian A. K.
Some characteristics of the clinical picture of mediastinal tumors and cysts
122 - 127
Florikian A. K.
Some important and disputable questions of severe trauma injuries and ways to solve them
77 - 85
Yakovtsov E. P.
Low invasive interventions in surgical treatment for cholelithiasis in elderly and old patients
86 - 89
Briskin B. S., Ektov P. V., Titov G. P., Klimenko Yu. F.
Evolution of views on the structure and function of sphincter mechanisms of choledochoduodenal junction
95 - 99
Veligotsky N. N., Gorbulich A. V.
Modified methods of surgical correction of sphincter mechanism of the cardia
100 - 106
Byzov V. V., Sandomirsky B. P.
Possibility of xenospleen use in clinical practice
107 - 110
Florikian A. K.
Contemporary aspects of mediastinal tumor diagnosis
63 - 68
Belov S. G., Tamm T. I., Zakharchuk A. P.
Intra−abdominal abscesses: prevention and treatment
69 - 71
Timchenko E. K.
Optimization of surgical treatment of deep burns of face and neck
72 - 78
Poltoratsky V. G.
The structure of combined brain injury depending on its cause
107 - 110
Boyko V. V., Krivoruchko I. A., Sokhaneva I. L., Scherbakov V. I., Kostikov Yu. P.
Pathophysiological aspects of acute pancreatitis development after pancreas injury
81 - 88
Peyev S. B., Peyev B. I.
Prevention of ischemic and reperfusion injuries of the intestine in patients operated at the height of profuse bleeding of ulcer origin
89 - 93
Popandopulo A. G., Shtutin A. A., Kazakov G. V.
First experience of derma equivalent application in treatment trophic ulcers of lower extremities
94 - 96
Povstianoy N. E.
The state of aid to the patients with burns and their consequences in Ukraine
97 - 101
Azolov V. V., Zhegalov V. A., Ponomarieva N. A.
The problems of specialized aid in burns in Russia and the ways to solve them
102 - 107
Florikian A. K.
The opinions about some disputable problems of etiopathogenesis and classification of organ−specific neoplasms on the thymus
86 - 92
Starikov V. I., Aiman Darak, Voznitsyn B. B.
Prevention of anastomosis failure in surgery for colon cancer
93 - 95
Tymchuk S. N.
Reconstructive organ−forming operations in stage IV laryngeal cancer
96 - 98
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