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№2' 2007


Character peculiarities and mental state of unmarried widowers
6 - 9
Based on the examination of 100 widowers without a partner the causes and conditions of impossibility of a new marriage or sexual relation were determined. The present character accentuations and neurotic disorders were revealed and described. The author concludes that communicative inability of widowers responsible for their loneliness results from these pathogenic factors and sexual dysfunction associated with a somatic disease.
Causes and mechanisms of forming sexual and psychological aversion
10 - 13
The causes, conditions and mechanisms of forming as well as clinical manifestations of sexual and psychological aversion of one of the spouses in deadapted married couples are discusses. It is concluded that psychotherapeutic correction and psychoprevention of spouse aversion should be based on the revealed regularities.
Disposition characteristics of pathopsychological register−syndromes, psychopathological syndromes and clinical psychotherapeutic effect−syndromes
14 - 18
The findings of the research of disposition hierarchy of pathopsychological register−syndromes, psychopathological syndromes and clinical psychotherapeutic effect−syndromes are reported. The levels of variation (interference) of the above syndromes in the sphere of psychotherapy are discussed.
Spouse sexual deadaptation correction at wife's alcohol addiction
19 - 20
The original system of psychocorrection of spouse sexual deadaptation correction at wife's alcohol addiction is presented. The stages of psychotherapy and the methods applied at each of them are described.
Psychotherapeutic correction of sexual deadaptation of the spouses in infertile marriage resulting from chronic prostatitis
21 - 25
The original system of psychotherapeutic correction of sexual deadaptation at excretory−toxic infertility of the husband is presented. The principles and methods of correction are described. A high therapeutic effect of the suggested system is shown.
Sexual dysontogenesis in women with affective disorders
26 - 28
The findings of the investigation of the peculiarities of sexual constitution, somatosexual and psychosexual development of women with affective disorders are reported.
Sexual health impairments at specific personality disorders in women
29 - 31
The causes and mechanisms of development of dysadaptation in married couples with various types of personality disorders in women were revealed basing on systemic structural analysis of sexual health. Dependence of involvement of the components of sexual health from the type of personality disorder in women was shown. The author concludes about the necessity to consider the revealed regularities at pathogenetically directed psychotherapy of spouse dysadaptation in women with the above pathology.
Apathic type of organic personality disorder in the husband as a cause of spouse dysadaptation
32 - 34
The peculiarities of forming sexuality and sexual behavior of men with apathic organic personality disorders are featured. The causes and development mechanisms of sexual dysadaptation of the married couple at the above pathology in the husband are shown.
Morphological and metabolic signs of cognitive disorders in patients with Parkinson's disease
35 - 38
Informativity of NAA/Cr relations in the area of the cingulate gyrus in prognosis of dementia development in patients with Parkinson's disease was investigated. Correlation of these values and hippocampus volume was established. It is concluded that the obtained findings can be used with prognostic purpose.
Nosogenies in patients with arterial hypertension
39 - 44
Psychopathological examination of the patients with arterial hypertension (AH) revealed affective, neurotic associated with stress and somatoenzyme disorders, those of a mature personality and behavior in adults. Agglomeration−hierarchic method of cluster analysis revealed 6 diagnostic clusters in the patients. The author concludes that high prevalence of nosogenies in AH patients requires considerable revision of the protocols of treatment and rehabilitation.
Determining adaptation reserve of the organism basing on cardiac rhythm variability
45 - 49
The concept allowing quantitative assessment of adaptation reserve was worked out. With the same purpose, it was suggested to evaluate the findings of paired tests of 6−minute walk with 20−30 minute intervals as well as the parameters of cardiac rhythm variability after each walking test and after a complex of functional tests in the patients with chronic heart failure.
The influence of various morphological variants of abnormal chords on the rhythm and conductivity in the left ventricle
50 - 53
The literature and the original data about the influence of abnormal chord location on rhythm and conductivity impairments in the left ventricle are presented.
Therapeutic test with proton pomp inhibitors in diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease
54 - 57
Updated information about a therapeutic test of gastroesophageal reflux disease diagnosis, used to investigate the patients in out−patient conditions when endoscopy of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum is difficult, is presented.
Peculiarities of the immune system function in chronic hepatitis C
58 - 62
Pathogenetic aspects of the immune system functioning in HCV infection are discussed. Some indices of cellular and humoral immunity in patients with chronic hepatitis C were investigated.
Angiostimulation with wound cooling and distention, its influence on vascular density and application in plastic surgery
63 - 66
The data about experimental investigation of local vascularization and the results of its stimulation in the wound and in the zone around it by means of cooling and distention are reported. The prospects of this method in surgical treatment of wounds are shown.
The influence of general anesthesia and intensive care on systemic blood circulation in patients with acute gastrointestinal bleedings
67 - 69
The influence of different schemes of general anesthesia and intensive care on the parameters of systemic circulation in patients with acute gastrointestinal bleeding. Positive influence of the original protocol of general anesthesia and intensive care was demonstrated.
Osteoporosis risk factors
70 - 74
The literature and original data about osteopenia and osteoporosis risk factors were analyzed and generalized. The contribution of each factor to these diseases was estimated.
A contemporary approach to clinical assessment of surgery outcome in diseases and injuries of cervical spine in the work of orthopedist−traumatologist
75 - 82
The known techniques of clinical assessment of surgery outcome in diseases and injuries of the cervical spine were analyzed. A universal complex of criteria for dynamic assessment of complaints and clinical signs before and after surgery was worked out.
Structural peculiarities of the hip joint at hereditary predisposition
83 - 88
Based on 5−level conceptual model of the hip joint, a multiformat conceptual model of its plastic pathology was built. Its links form a system and constantly interact under t he conditions of external factors influence. The model works under normal and pathological conditions and opens new diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic possibilities in the diseases of the hip joint.
The role of tumor markers in diagnosis of prostate gland cancer and the patient monitoring
89 - 95
The capabilities of prostate−specific antigen in diagnosis of prostate cancer, its age−dependent norms, the rate of level change, density and other parameters and their role in the diagnosis accuracy are discussed. Significance of determining this antigen and tumor aggression markers in patient monitoring was shown.
Detection of disseminated tumor cells in the blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes using molecular−biological methods
96 - 100
The findings of the research of some tumor cells in the peripheral blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes in frequent forms of cancer using molecular biological methods are reported. Their prognostic significance is shown.
The contribution of membrane modification to thyroid cancer pathogenesis
101 - 104
Activation of lipid peroxidation in thyroid gland tissue and blood plasma as well as reduction of the gland antioxidant properties was shown. The changes in the properties of erythrocyte membrane in this disease were shown. It is recommended to investigate pro/antioxidant balance in the blood plasma and to administer antioxidant therapy to the patients.
Diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of syndrome of urinary bladder hyperactivation
105 - 109
New data about the causes, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of urination disorders due to disturbances of the detrusor innervation are presented.
Intraoperative pubovesical sling, a solution of urinary incontinence problem in men after radical prostatectomy
110 - 113
The results of the original modification of sling approach to prevention of urinary incontinence at radical prostatectomy are presented.
Drug anaphylactic and pseudoallergic shock: pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, differential diagnosis, approaches to treatment
114 - 118
The peculiarities of the pathogenesis of anaphylactic and pseudoallergic shock caused by medications, similarity and differences of the clinical course, subjective and objective signs of differential diagnosis, approaches to therapy are presented.
The use of magnesium in complex treatment for atopic dermatitis
119 - 123
The necessity to normalize the balance of the blood magnesium and calcium in atopic dermatitis was substantiated. The effect of Magnerot (a metabolic medication) in this disease was investigated. The use of magnesium orotate in complex treatment of the dermatosis was shown to improve the clinical course of the disease and normalize the majority of the laboratory findings. The obtained findings suggest that the use of magnesium−containing medication in treatment of atopic dermatitis is pathogenetically substantiated.
Microsporia in adults and its treatment with Lamikon
124 - 126
The data about the epidemiology, clinical manifestations and peculiarities of the course of smooth skin microsporia involving lanugo in adults are presented. The efficacy of the method of lanugo epilation with a specially developed resin with Lamikon was shown.
Capabilities of ultrasonography and Doppler ultrasound in erectile dysfunction
127 - 131
The capabilities of ultrasonography in investigation of the penis anatomy and Doppler parameters of erectile dysfunction are shown.
Differential diagnosis of lung edema in newborns
132 - 136
The findings of X−ray and ultrasound examinations of the newborns with the signs of interstitial and alveolar edema of the lungs and their association with the gestation age and the CNS injuries are presented. The obtained information was used to work out differential diagnosis criteria.
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