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№4' 2013


Congress of European Society of Cardiology: new Guidelines and important clinical trials (Amsterdam, 2013)
5 - 11
New European Guidelines in treatment of cardiovascular diseases are presented. The work of Hot Line and Clinical Trial Update sections at Congress of European Society of Cardiology (2013) is featured.
Clinical instrumental and genetic factors affecting the long−term prognosis in patients with coronary artery disease who underwent coronary artery stenting
12 - 15
Clinical instrumental and genetic factors affecting the long−term prognosis in patients with coronary artery disease after coronary artery stenting were investigated. It was found out that low functional class of stable angina, high functional class of heart failure prior to the intervention, presence of CYP2C19 genotype and frequent alcohol intake in a dose exceeding 4 drinks a day were associated with an unfavorable course of the disease.
Endothelial dysfunction at hypertension
16 - 21
Updated data on pathogenetic molecular mechanisms of formation and progress of endothelial dysfunction at hypertension are reported. Pathogenetic cascade mechanisms of interaction of major vasoconstrictors and vasodilators, participating in structural and functional reorganization of the endothelium, are featured. The mechanisms and conditions of endothelium tromboresistance and thrombogenicity at hypertension are shown.
The changes in indicators of congenital immunity in patients with mixed urogenital protozoan viral infection when ozone therapy is applied
22 - 29
The changes in congenital (non−specific) immunity in patients with chronic urogenital mixed protozoan viral infection in the course of treatment with standard methods in combination with general pharmacoimmunotherapy and amplifiers of antiprotozoal therapy, the original ozone therapy complex are analyzed. It is shown that the methods of ozone therapy allowed normalization of congenital immunity, which was confirmed by significant positive clinical laboratory dynamics.
Is herpes simplex virus dangerous for pregnancy?
30 - 32
The questions of the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of infections caused by HSV−1 and HSV−2 are discussed. Their effect on the fetus and newborn was determined.
Basic aspects of pathogenesis fibrocystic mastopathy
33 - 37
Based on the literature data it is shown that fibrocystic breast disease is a complex disease, psychosocial, hormonal and somatic disorders playing the leading role in its genesis. Correction of the revealed disorders can promote pathogenetically substantiated therapy of patients with fibrocystic mastopathy.
Clinical diagnostic value of antiphospholipid antibodies in prognosis of fetal growth retardation
38 - 40
Antiphospholipid antibodies (APA) were investigated at fetal growth retardation syndrome (FGRS) of various severity. APA concentration over 0,6 U/ml was established to be prognostically unfavorable and a "threshold" in development of severe FGRS.
Anaerobic nonclostridial cellulitis of the pelvis: a modern view on the problems of surgical treatment
41 - 46
Contemporary literature on the problem of surgical treatment of anaerobic nonclostridial cellulitis of the pelvis was analyzed. Disputable questions and those requiring research concerning both operative and postoperative topical treatment of the pathological process were revealed.
Surgical tactics in patients with complications of local gastric cancer
47 - 50
The results of surgical treatment of 418 patients with local gastric cancer complicated by bleeding, stenosis, perforation, and their combination were analyzed. The expediency of application of two−stage surgical approach using minimally invasive methods of hemostasis was substantiated.
Paraneoplastic syndrome in hepatocellular cancer
51 - 56
Paraneoplastic syndrome, an important component of neoplastic process, may affect the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the disease. The data on the features of paraneoplastic syndrome in hepatocellular cancer were discussed and systematized.
The variants of surgical treatment for esophageal cancer and gastric cancer involving the esophagus
57 - 60
Immediate and functional results of surgical treatment of 363 patients with esophageal cancer and gastric cancer involving the esophagus treated at Donetsk Regional Antitumor Center from 2005 to 2012 are presented. The variants of developed and used in the clinic esophagoentero− and esophagogastrostomy are shown. Reliability of the techniques (anastomosis failure − 0 %), and their functionality (reflux esophagitis − 8 %, scar stenosis − 6 %) was shown.
Contact dermatitis in clinical practice
61 - 64
The literature data on the causes and mechanisms of contact dermatitis, the methods of diagnosis and treatment are reported. Particular attention is paid to nickel−associated contact dermatitis.
Vascular endothelial growth factor in psoriasis: pathogenetic and therapeutic aspects
65 - 68
The information about vascular disorders in psoriasis, the mechanisms of physiological and pathological angiogenesis, its peculiarities at dermatosis, the role of vascular endothelial growth factor in the pathogenesis of the disease, treatment options is presented.
Clinical and epidemiological features of chronic hepatitis C at present
69 - 72
The epidemiology and clinical features of chronic forms of hepatitis C are reviewed. The factors of HCV infection and risk groups were analyzed. The clinical picture was characterized.
Comparison of clinical effect of various kinds of complex therapy for chronic acquired toxoplasmosis in the stage of acceleration
73 - 77
The clinical effect of different types of treatment of chronic acquired toxoplasmosis was compared based on clinical, laboratory, and electrophysiological data as well as the state of the immune system of the patients.
Adaptation compensatory capabilities of the human body at demodecosis
78 - 81
The current views on the etiology of demodecosis are featured. To assess the state of adaptation, blood plasma cortisol and insulin levels were determined in the patients. The criteria for assessing reactivity and adaptation compensatory capabilities of the organism at demodecosis are presented.
Antenatal sonographic features and perinatal outcomes of various disorders of fetal cardiac rhythm
82 - 88
Antenatal ultrasound differential diagnosis of different variants of fetal arrhythmias is discussed. Comparative analysis of perinatal outcomes of 26 cases of fetal cardiac rhythm disorders was done. The appropriate antenatal echo− and Doppler images are presented.
Ultrasound features of cyclic changes in the breast depending on hormonal parameters in women with diffuse mastopathy
89 - 92
The data of ultrasonography, hormone status in women of reproductive age with diffuse mastopathy are presented. The correlation of cyclic changes in the breast parenchyma depending on the para−meters of sex steroid hormones was determined.
Nine decades of state postgraduate medical education in Kharkov
93 - 95
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