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№1' 2009


«International Medical Journal» is 15 years old
Ukrainian school of psychotherapy: history, development, prospects
7 - 11
An analytical survey of contemporary psychotherapy as a separate specialty and its history in Ukraine are reported. Some strategic directions of its development are featured. The role of psychotherapy in general health of the population is shown.
Ischemic thalamic infarctions
12 - 15
The peculiarities of thalamus blood supply and clinical picture at its damage depending on the focus localization in a definite zone are described.
Dependence of motor and cognitive disorders in patients with Parkinson’s disease on clinical peculiarities of the disease course
16 - 22
The study involved 105 patients with Parkinson's disease (1.5−3.0 according to Hoehn − Yahr) aged 39−78. The correlation of the degree of specific motor signs and cognitive disorders in Parkinson's disease and clinical peculiarities of the disease course (age, disease duration, presence of depressive state, type of anti−Parkinsonism therapy, Levodopa dose) was analyzed.
Cardiovascular complications of atherosclerosis: possibility of prevention in the 21st century
23 - 30
New data about the capabilities of arterial atherosclerotic lesions diagnosis and cardiovascular complications prevention are presented.
Non−invasive methods of diagnosis using exhaled air condensate and their significance with the example of cholesterol estimation
31 - 35
The prospects of non−invasive methods of investigation in clinical practice are discussed. Diagnostic capabilities associated with exhaled air condensate are analyzed in detail. A new method of total cholesterol estimation in the condensate, which opens diagnostic capabilities in treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, is suggested.
Diagnostic errors at echolocation of abnormal chords of the left heart ventricle
36 - 38
The literature and original data about frequent errors of echocardiography occurring at abnormal chords location are presented.
Dysfunctional uterine bleeding: new approaches to therapy
39 - 45
The influence of general extreme cryotherapy on the clinical manifestations and hormonal parameters of the patients of reproductive age with dysfunctional uterine bleedings was investigated. The method of aerocryotherapy is shown to cause normalization of the hormonal state in the patients as well as to produce pronounced clinical effect. It can be recommended for general gynecological practice.
Fetal intracardiac hemodynamics in the 3rd trimester of gestation at inflammatory diseases of the kidneys in pregnant
46 - 49
The findings of the research of fetal intracardiac hemodynamics parameters and analysis of the frequency of increased resistance of pulmonary vessels of the fetus in 120 pregnant women with inflammatory diseases of the kidneys are presented. The findings were obtained at Doppler echocardiography of the fetus in the 3rd trimester of gestation.
Ten−year experience of combined operations application in local rectal cancer
50 - 57
The findings of combined treatment of 385 patients with rectal cancer, of them 202 cases with the use of staged tactics and chemotherapy, improved methods of pelvis evisceration and reconstructive surgery with expanded lymph dissections, were analyzed. A concept of surgical treatment of this pathology was formulated. It is shown that combined approach to solving this problem allowed to increase the number of radical and cytoreductive operations and to reduce palliative operations percentage and the number of complications in the form of hemorrhage and anatomists failure.
Intrathoracic non−chromophinous paragangliomas
58 - 62
Modern ideas about the pathogenesis as well as clinical, morphological characteristics of a rare neoplasm of the mediastinum, intrathoracic non−chromophinous paragangliomas (chemodectomas) are presented. The diagnosis and treatment are described.
Acute pancreatitis
63 - 69
Contemporary data about the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical picture, medical and surgical treatment of acute pancreatitis are presented. Special attention is paid to updated diagnostic and therapeutic tactics.
Evolution of the problem of joint grafting
70 - 74
The history of joint grafting, theories of the founders of Ukrainian and foreign schools, long−term results of surgery are described. The state of the question at present and emerging development tendencies are featured. The advantages and disadvantages of various designs of grafts as well as the material of which they are made, type and kind of fixation in the bone tissue are discussed. Main requirements to placement of each graft system are formulated.
Organ preserving surgery in malignant tumors of bones in children
75 - 79
The possibility of organ−preserving surgery at bone malignancies in children is discussed. The indications, variants of defect replacement are described. The possibility and expediency of grafting in children are shown.
Non−invasive bladder cancer: urgent issues of staging and new approaches to treatment
80 - 86
The peculiarities of diagnosis of non−invasive bladder cancer are discussed; the variants of new types of chemo− and immunotherapy are suggested.
The influence of bioguided laser therapy on organism antioxidant protection system in abacterial prostatitis
87 - 91
The interest of the key enzymes of the organism antioxidant protection system in inflammatory form of chronic abacterial prostatitis and their dependence of the admimnistred standard therapy including alpha−adenoblockers and fluorquinolones were demonstrated. Great positive dynamics in the reduction of antioxidant protection system strain at addition of bioguided laser therapy to the standard treatment was shown.
Surgical aspects of combined treatment for cancer of the proximal portion of the stomach
92 - 96
The results of treatment of 167 patients with cancer of the proximal portion of the stomach which were performed Osava−Garlock operation are featured. The causes of the most frequent complications and factors promoting their development are analyzed. Adherence to a number of principles allowed reducing the incidence of suture failure at esophago−gastric anastomosis from 15,3 to 3,2 % and post−surgical death from 16,6 to 4,2 %.
Methods of nuclear medicine in diagnosis and treatment of patients with prostate cancer
97 - 101
The capabiities of radionuclide methods (immunoscintigraphy, lymphoscintigraphy, bone scan, SPECT, PET) in diagnosis of prostate cancer and its metastases are analyzed. The use of radionuclides in treatment of metastases to the skeleton is discussed.
Clinical varieties of alopecia: pathogenesis, differential diagnosis, therapy
102 - 109
Up−to−date information about the variety of clinical manifestations of alopecia, its etiopathogenesis, differential diagnosis and therapy is presented.
Peculiarities of diagnosis of different nosological forms of malignant skin lymphomas
110 - 117
The questions of diagnosis of the stages and differential diagnosis of different nosological forms of malignant skin lymphomas having various clinical manifestations are discussed. It is shown that at early stages of malignant skin lymphomas method of genotypic analysis is used with the purpose to determine lymphocyte clones. In large tumor foci, the diagnosis is confirmed using phenotyping of the cellular proliferation. Erythrodermic lymphomas are verified using cytological characteristics of the blood cells.
Lipid metabolism disorders in children with chronic hepatitis C
118 - 122
The peculiarities of lipid metabolism in 114 children with chronic hepatitis C aged 1−18 were investigated. It is shown that triglyceride levels and low density lipoproteides can be used as laboratory markers at determining lipid metabolism disorders in patients with chronic hepatitis.
Lyme borreliosis: cotemporary state of the problem
123 - 126
Modern data about Lyme disease, its etiology, epidemiology are presented. The peculiarities of clinical variants of the disease course are shown.
Diagnosis of infectious diseases. Part 1. Clinical, clinical laboratory and instrumental methods
127 - 130
Main principles of modern diagnostic approaches to infectious diseases are reported. It is shown that complex diagnosis including laboratory and instrumental methods of investigation is most justifiable.
Nanotechnologies in contemporary pharmacology
131 - 135
Some urgent issues of application of nanotechnology in pharmacology promoting progress of modern medicine are described. The possibilities of use of liposomes, fullerenes and nanoparticles of metals in diagnosis and treatment of a number of socially significant diseases are described.
Antioxidant enzymes of microorganisms as potential factors of pathogenecity
136 - 139
Main substrates composing antioxidant system of microorganisms (catalase, peroxidase, supeoxide dysmutase et al.) are discussed. The data about their role in phagocytosis and virulence of microorganisms as factors of microorganism pathogenecity are given.
Academy member Alexey A. Korzh: an outstanding scientist of nowadays (to the 85th birthday)
140 - 142
Professor Nikolay I. Khvysiuk (to the 75th birthday)
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