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№3' 2004


Kharkov as a center of medical science
6 - 7
Kharkov school of therapy: from past to future
8 - 11
Kharkov school of surgery: foundation, development, prospects.
12 - 16
Kharkov scientific−pedagogical school of obstetrics and gynecology
17 - 20
Kharkov school of orthopedics
21 - 22
Medical radiology in Kharkov region
23 - 29
The history of oncology development in Kharkov
30 - 33
The history of scientific dermatovenereology schools in Kharkov region
34 - 38
Kharkov: the cradle of Ukrainian psychoneurology
39 - 42
Kharkov school of psychoneorology
43 - 46
Kharkov sexology school
47 - 48
Transesophageal EchoCG diagnosis of congenital heart disease in adults
49 - 55
The authors describe the capabilities of transesophageal echocardiography in cases of ineffective transthoracic echocardiography, i.e. diagnosis of small defects of the interventricular and interatrial septum, "sinus venosus" interatrial septal defect, subvalvular aortic stenosis, aneurysms of Valsalva sinus.
Echocardiography diagnosis of large vessels transposition in early−age children
56 - 59
The capabilities of echocardiography diagnosis of large vessels transposition, one of the most complicated heart defects, are shown. Main parameters of the functional state of the left and right ventricles and large vessels of the heart were determined which allows to choose an adequate tactics of surgical correction of this defect.
Affection of the esophagus and stomach in early syphilis
60 - 64
The clinical picture, diagnosis, and modern methods of treatment for syphilitic affections of the esophagus and stomach are featured. Main diagnostic criteria in early syphilis are formulated.
On causes of digestion disorders after cholecystectomy
65 - 68
A digestion disorder caused by reduction in gastric, biliary, and pancreatic secretion after cholecystectomy was established. The author concludes that an attack−free course of calculous cholecystitis should be a criterion of refusal from surgical treatment for cholelithiasis.
Neurological and mental disorders in children with diabetes mellitus. 3. Personality features and their role in formation of psychosomatic and somatopsychic disorders
69 - 73
Psychological aspects of forming psychosomatic and somatopsychic disorders in children with diabetes mellitus are described. The role of project technique "House−Tree−Man" in diagnosis of emotional disorders and organic symptom−complex in children with diabetes mellitus was shown. The importance of this examination for working out a system of psychoprevention of the progress of mental health disturbances, mental and social deadaptation of the sick children is emphasized.
Peculiarities of conflictogenic zones in women with neurotic disorders
74 - 76
The authors report the data about the differences in conflectogenic zones among women and men with neurotic disorders. It was shown that the revealed peculiarities should be taken into consideration in diagnosis and psychotherapy of neurotic disorders.
The degree and dynamics of reactive and personality anxiety as an integral parameter of adaptation potential in patients with alcohol addiction
77 - 82
The changes in the incidence and degree of reactive and personality anxiety were studied in patients of various professions with alcohol addiction before and after stress psychotherapy. The author concludes that these characteristics can be used as integral parameters of adaptation potential in patients with this pathology as well as prognostic criteria of the treatment quality.
Personality features in women with excessive body weight
83 - 87
The features of the character of women with excessive body mass were revealed. The association of personality features and disturbances of nutritional behavior in these women was shown.
Formation of opium addiction in teen−agers
88 - 91
The regularities of foration of opium addiction in teen−agers as well its course and clinical features were revealed. Psychogenic and sociogenic risk factors of opium addiction development in teen−agers are shown.
Anatomical functional peculiarities of vertebrogenic cervical myelopathy. Clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment
92 - 94
Clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of vertebrogenic cervical myelopathy are described. The questions of differential diagnosis are featured. The role of various methods of diagnosis in this pathology is shown.
Psychovegetative manifestations of pathological climax in women and their treatment with Cipramile
95 - 97
Non−psychotic neuropsychic disorders including depressive state and vegetative vascular manifestations in women of a climacteric period are discussed. The efficacy of course administration of Cipramile for their therapy was demonstrated.
Personality features in patients with chronic prostatitis and their role in spouse deadaptation
98 - 101
Mental states, personality features of the husband and wife and their correlation in the spouse at chronic prostatitis in the husband were revealed. The author concludes that the revealed regularities should be taken into consideration in differential diagnosis and psychotherapeutic correction of spouse deadaptation in this disease.
Psychological aspects in the development and correction of sexual health in spinal injury in men
102 - 104
Significance of psychogenic factors in development of sexual adaptation of the married couple at spinal injury in the husband is shown. The possibility of rehabilitation in this disease is discussed.
Sexual dysfunction in men as a cause of spouse deadaptation
105 - 109
It is shown that depending on the form and type of sexual dysfunction in men, three different forms and types of spouse deadaptation may develop. The revealed regularities allow to perform pathogenetically directed psychotherapy correction.
Spouse deadaptation in chronic adnexitis with syndrome of pelvic pain in women
110 - 113
The mechanisms of forming spouse deadaptation in pelvic pain syndrome in patients with chronic adnexitis are shown. A system of complex diagnosis and psychotherapeutic correction of the deadaptation is suggested.
New approaches to pathogenesis and diagnosis of pregestosis
114 - 116
Immune and neurohumoral disorders in late gestosis and the role of melatonin in its development are shown.
Modern approach to tactics of management of hypertensive pregnant
117 - 121
The principles and methods of treatment of hypertensive pregnant are reported. Administration of the suggested therapeutic preventive measures are shown to increase the efficacy of treatment in this category of patients when compared with the generally accepted methods.
Some characteristics of the clinical picture of mediastinal tumors and cysts
122 - 127
Main clinical manifestations of primary mediastinal neoplasms are described. The influence of various clinical syndromes characteristic for malignant and benign tumors and cysts of the mediastinum are evaluated.
Endolymphatic antibacterial therapy for typhoid fever
128 - 131
Open comparative randomized study of the efficacy and safety of etiotropic therapy with modern antibacterial drugs was done. High clinical efficacy of endolymphatic antimicrobial therapy for typhoid fever was shown.
Epstein−Barr herpes−virus infection in multiple sclerosis
132 - 134
Basing on the findings of clinical serological and molecular−genetic studies the authors showed that in patients with multiple sclerosis the level of infection with Epstein−Barr virus did not exceed population parameters for the healthy population (90%).The authors suggest that this virus may be a co−factor responsible for initiation of demyelinating process due to stimulation of synthesis of autoantibodies to the nervous system.
The concept of creation of a hormonal contraceptive drug with optimum pharmacodynamics
135 - 141
The authors report about fundamental studies of steroid compounds with gestagenic activity, which stimulated Drospirenon production.The data of clinical investigations proving the reliability of contraceptive effect of a new drug Yarina(r) containing Drospirenon and allowing to obtain a number of additional advantages: improvement of the quality of life, positive influence on the general health, good control of the cycle, reduction of premenstrual signs severity, manifestations of acne and seborrhea are reported.
The 1st congress of Ukrainian sexologists and andrologists
Professor Grigory I. Gariuk (60 years of birthday)
Professor Yury I. Kozin (60 years of birthday)
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