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№4' 2010


Academy Member Alexey A. Korzh
6 - 7
Personality peculiarities in patients operated for congenital heart defects
8 - 10
Personality peculiarities in the patients with congenital heart defects were investigated after the surgery. The most prominent psychological parameters were distinguished for assessment of the state of such patients. The authors conclude about deadaptive character of forming personality structure in these persons, which considerably prevents fulfillment of rehabilitation programs.
Quality of life as the foundation of cancer patient rehabilitation programs
11 - 13
The necessity of wider use of the parameter of quality of life in Ukraine as one of the main purposes and criteria for assessment of cancer patients rehabilitation efficacy was substantiated.
Principles of psychotherapy and rehabilitation of specific emotional disorders in patients with addiction to psychoactive substances
14 - 20
The analysis of emotional disorders in patients with various forms of chemical addiction was done. A passport of emotional disorders including detailed list of emotional changes of the personality is presented. General characteristics and some modern ideas as well as clinically adapted variations of psychotherapy and rehabilitation of the persons with chemical addiction are discussed.
Cytoflavin in detoxication of the patients with alcohol addiction
21 - 27
Comparative analysis of the results of complex detoxication of the patients with alcohol addiction with the use of Cytoflavin is presented. It was established, that Cytoflavin accelerated reverse development of such manifestations of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, as arterial hypertension, tachycardia, nausea, vomiting, tremor, sweating, heaviness in the head and headache. The authors conclude about the efficacy and safety of Cytoflavin in complex detoxication of patients with alcohol addiction.
Blood serum biochemical indices in patients with opioid addiction
28 - 33
Blood serum biochemical parameters of the patients with opioid addiction without accompanying chronic hepatitis C and with co−morbid hepatitis were analyzed. It was established that the patients without hepatits C demonstrated significant growth of cytological enzymes activity of the blood serum. The presence of accompanying chronic hepatitis C promoted increased activity of AsAT, AlAT, alkaline phosphatase, gamma−glutamin transpeptitase, reduction of De Ritis ratio and total cholesterol amount in the blood serum.
Neurological problems of polymyositis−dermatomyositis
34 - 38
Main literature data about polymyositis−dermatomyositis are presented. A case of disease with inflammatory and degenerative changes in the muscles is featured.
The changes in the level of highly sensitive C−reactive protein depending on the sub−type of ischemic stroke and severity of involvement of the large arteries of the head
38 - 42
The association of main characteristics of ischemic stroke and inflamamtion marker, highly sensitive Creactive protein (HSCRP), are discussed. Increased level of HSCRP was revealed in all patients after ischemic stroke, higher indices of HSCRP being characteristic for those with atherothrombotic stroke. It was shown, that HSRCP concentration correlated with main structural and functional characteristics of the atherosclerotic involvement of the carotid arteries. More active measures of secondary prevention of cerebrovascular diseases in the high−risk group were suggested.
Application of angiotensin II receptor antagonist Eprosartan in correction of cognitive disorders in arterial hypertension
43 - 45
The possibility of ognitive disorders correction in patients with arterial hypertension (AH) was investigated at treatment with angiotensin II receptor antagonist Eprosartan. It was shown, that 6−month monotherapy with Eprosartan in AH patients allowed to normalize circadian AP profile and improve some indices of cognitive functions: perception, memory, attention concentration.
Congress of European Society of Cardiology (Stockholm, 2010)
46 - 55
Four new European recommendations on treatment of cardiovascular diseases are characterized. Report about scientific sessions Hot Line and Clinical Trial Update of the Congress of European Society of Cardiology (2010) is given.
The role of matrix metalloproteinases in the pathogenesis of post−infarction left ventricle remodeling
55 - 58
The literature review about post−infarction remodeling of the left ventricle myocardium resulting in development of heart failure is presented. The role of matrix metalloproteinases in the pathogenesis of post−infarction myocardium remodeling is featured.
Main principles of application of complex therapy for polypous rhinosinusitis
59 - 63
The literature data about the use of complex therapy in treatment of polypous rhinosinusitis are gene−ralized. Main mechanisms of action of the components of this pathology are featured.
Prevalence and peculiarities of the course of inflammatory conditions of ENT organs at accompanying drug dependence
64 - 67
A new problem of otorhinolaryngology (patients with drug dependence) is emphasized. The generalizations were made based on retrospective history analysis. The patients were distributed according to the disease character. The complications of the main disease and the accompanying pathology were revealed.
Melatonin and gastrointestinal diseases
68 - 72
The role of an epiphyseal hormone melatonin in regulation of gastrointestinal tract (GIT) functions both at the local level via endothelial function and secretory−motor processes and the general one via the nervous system and psychosomatic status of the patient is shown. The role of melatonin metabolism in the pathogenesis of main GIT diseases was shown. The unsolved problems associated with this were distinguished.
Risk factors and clinical endoscopic characteristics of long healing and frequently relapsing erosions of the gastroduodenal zone
73 - 77
The influence of risk factors on the character of long healing and frequently relapsing erosions of the gastroduodenal zone was analyzed. It was revealed, that relapses of erosive lesions of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum were determined by unfavorable social, domestic factors, alimentary and harmful habits, as well as thyroid diseases, which requires profound investigation of the mechanisms of development of erosions under the conditions of thyroid dysfunction as well as working out the principles of differentiated therapy of this groups of patients.
Etiopathological aspects and ultrasound diagnosis of lutein phase insufficiency and syndrome of non−ovulated follicle luteinization
78 - 81
An analytical review of literature data about etiopathogenetic aspects, peculiarities of ultrasound diagnosis and Doppler ultrasound at insufficiency of lutein phase and syndrome of non−ovulated follicle luteinization is presented.
Apoptosis markers as predictors of auxiliary reproductive technologies efficacy
82 - 86
It is shown, that classic markers of apoptosis and assessment of the morphological state can have predictive value at selection of competent ovocytes in the framework of auxiliary reproductive technologies. The association between the level of sFas in the follicular fluid and outcome of extracorporeal fertilization was not revealed. Discrepancy in the processes of apoptosis and immune mechanisms of regulation at chronic inflammatory processes was revealed.
Application of IHF irradiation in acute paraproctitis
87 - 91
Comparison of treatment of 110 patients with acute paraproctitis treated with the use of standard approach and 100 patients, who were administered individualized surgical tactics and management of the post−operative period with the use of local UHF irradiation, is presented. It is shown, that the use of the suggested therapeutic approach promoted considerable reduction of the terms of treatment, reduced relapse frequency and chronization of the process.
Complex treatment for purulent septic pulmonary complications in the long terms after severe thoracic trauma
91 - 95
The expediency of thiotriazolinum application in pre−perfusion preparation and basic program of complex treatment for acute infectious destruction of the lungs in late terms after traumatic disease is shown.
Transformation of open hemorrhage to pulsating hematoma at wounds of large vessels of the extremities
95 - 99
The causes of unfavorable treatment of the patients with injuries of the large vessels of the extremities, i. e. late hospitalization, violation of the principle of staged medical aid, inadequate measures on hemorrhage arrest at pre−hospital stage as well as multiple complicating factors of combined injury, were specified. The possibility and efficacy of the method of transformation of open hemorrhages to pulsating hematoma for prevention of external arterial hemorrhage at open wounds of the large vessels of the extremities is shown.
The first experience of transpapillary interventions in pathology of hepatopancreatobiliary zone
99 - 100
Success of application of transpapillary interventions was investigated in patients with pancreatobiliary pathology. Main principles of efficacy of this method were determined.
Advantages and disadvantages of different methods of anesthesiology techniques of antinociceptive protection
101 - 103
The literature review about the urgent problems of antinoceceptive protection is presented. The advan−tages and disadvantages of various techniques of anesthesia are shown.
The use of myocardial cytoprotection in combination with beta−blockers in patients with coronary artery disease at planned surgery on abdominal organs
104 - 108
The results of investigation of the myocardium contractility in patients with coronary artery disease during major surgical interventions are presented. It was established, that contractility indices of the myocardium suggested inhibited contractile ability of the myocardium at the traumatic stage of the ope−ration and early post−operative period. The significance of myocardial cytoprotection in pre−operative preparation of the patients was determined.
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