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№2' 2009


Comparative analysis of social−demographic and microsocial factors at spouse deadaptation depending on the type of personality disorder in the wife
6 - 10
The presence of social and microsocial deadaptation due to the disease of the wife was revealed based on the study of social−demographic and microsocial characteristics of 320 married couples, in which the wife suffered from a specific personality disorder.
Hopelessness experience in post−suicide period against a background of depression: some clinical−psychological and psychometric aspects
11 - 15
A group of students − participants of Swedish−Ukrainian project on suicide behavior investigation was used to analyze the role of clinically verified and psychometrically assessed depression in forming such important predictor of suicide as hopelessness. The obtained findings allow supposing that in women, hopelessness phenomenon is associated with the factor of depression itself and its duration but not with the depth, while in men the degree of depressive phenomena and, possibly, its cognitive component, are important.
Cognitive sphere investigation in children and teen−agers with addiction to volatile organic compounds
16 - 21
Disorders of cognitive functions were shown in children and teenagers addicted to volatile organic compounds. The index of intellectual power in them was degree III and IV of intellectual development, respectively.
The system of non−directive psychotherapy for vegetative somatoform dysfunction
22 - 24
The original system of non−directive psychotherapy based on the mechanism of speech modulation at trance induction with the use of placebo factor of a needle and stato−kinetic exercises of yoga system is presented. A high therapeutic effect of the method is shown.
The state of sexual health in adapted marriage
25 - 28
The state of sexual health in adapted marriage is described; its diagnostic markers are emphasized.
Management of constitutional primary sexual deadaptation in women with neurotic disorders
29 - 33
A system of therapeutic corrective measures aimed at optimization of medical aid at constitutional primary sexual deadapttation in women with neurotic disorders was worked out. It was shown that the main method of constitutional discrepancy correction was sexual erotic training with the purpose to expand the range of spouse acceptance on the account of extracoital forms of sexual activity and optimization of sexual communication.
Analysis of cardiointervalography parameters of nervous system adaptation in spinal birth injury
34 - 37
It was shown that cardiointervalography aids in assessment of vegetative tone reflecting the degree of homeostasis disorders as well as vegetative reactivity, which allows assessing the ability of the organism to adapt to the environment requirements.
Rarity neurology. A case of chronic vegetative state
38 - 41
Main literature data and a clinical case of chronic vegetative state are presented.
Evidence−based practice of cardiovascular disease prevention in high−risk patients
42 - 46
The principles of management of the patients with a high cardiovascular risk are reported from the perspectives of evidence−based medicine. It was shown that for the patients with several risk factors, integrated approach based on the principles of evidence−based medicine is necessary. The possibilities to improve motivation of the doctors and patients in reduction of cardiovascular risk are discussed.
The influence of therapy for depression with Pirlintol on the attraction of cardiologic patients to prolonged treatment
47 - 53
The influence of therapy with Pirlintol on the attraction of cardiologic patients with depression to treatment was investigated. Low compliance of the patients in case of antidepressants administration is shown.
The use of 6−minute walking test in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
54 - 58
Informativity of 6−minute walking test was investigated. The factors influencing the tolerance of physical load in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy were determined.
Protein metabolism and the role of nutritive support in forming interintestinal anastomoses after rectum resection
59 - 63
The influence of ischemia factors on the mechanisms of large intestine tissue regeneration after large intestine anastomosis placement was investigated. It was shown that the most significant factors influencing the process of intestinal anastomosis healing are the processes of collagen formation in the submucous layer of the intestinal wall. In clinical conditions, nutritive support with the mixture of amino acids and other methods of preventing of suture failure are necessary for anastomosis healing.
Clinical value of ultrastructural changes of esophageal tissues after corrosive burns
64 - 67
The findings of electron microscopy of esophageal tissue located under and above its corrosive suture are reported. Dystrophic and destructive changes were revealed in all structural elements of the tissues especially in the suprastenotic area of the esophagus. The authors conclude about the necessity to assess these changes on planning complex treatment for corrosive esophageal strictures.
Macrovascular changes in the area of full−layer skin wound in response to wound dermatension and cryotherapy
68 - 72
The findings of experimental investigation of macrovascular changes in the area of full−layer skin wound in response to wound dermatension and cryotherapy are reported. The perspective of local vascularization stimulation using the suggested methods in surgical treatment of the wound is shown.
Fragment union after bone fracture
73 - 80
Based on the literature data and the original findings, the concept of forming bone regeneration at bone fractures as a consequent and organized process is featured. Significance of hemorrhage, formation of fibrin clot and tissue tension in creation of regenerate structure was shown. Main principles of fracture treatment were described.
Treatment of osteoporosis fractures of proximal femur bone in elderly and old patients
81 - 84
Early low−invasion and law traumatic osteosynthesis in treatment of osteoporosis fractures of proximal femur allows to activate the patients, avoid exacerbations and development of accompanying complications within the shortest period. Application of Calcium−Osteovit(r) allows to normalize the structure of the bone tissue and avoid complications after osteosynthesis.
Regulatory T−cells and new strategies of antitumor immune therapy
85 - 90
The results of experimental and clinical application of antitumor immune therapy aimed at regulatory T−cells are discussed.
Clinico−morphological characteristics of combined course of thyroid cancer and benign thyroid pathology
91 - 95
It is shown that background benign diseases mask development and progress of thyroid cancer and impair the quality of the diagnoses. The necessity of a thorough follow−up, adequate hormone therapy and timely surgery with the purpose of early diagnosis and radical treatment of thyroid cancer are emphasized.
Glycemia level in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus at presence or absence of arterial hypertension
96 - 98
The interrelation between fasting glycemia and arterial pressure in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with arterial hypertension and without it was investigated. It was established that arterial hypertension is a factor promoting increase of fasting glycemia level in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Psychoemotional disorders in patients with diabetes mellitus on the sanatorium−resort stage
99 - 101
The peculiarities of psychoemotional disorders in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus were investigated on the sanatorium−resort stage of rehabilitation. The frequency of diagnosis, intergroup differences, methodological approaches to their correction were established.
The state of pancreatic external secretion function in patients with chronic pancreatitis infected with Helicobacter pylori
102 - 108
Classification of chronic pancreatitis is discussed. The findings of the investigation of patients with chronic pancreatitis infected with Helicobacter pylori are reported. It is shown that the most accurate method of the infection diagnosis is polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and Quick−test in the bioptate. Blood serum іmmunoenzyme assay (IEA) and PCR in the mononuclear cells give good results. It was revealed that Helicobacter pylory infection did not influence external secretion of the pancreas.
Informativity of different methods of leishmaniasis laboratory diagnosis
109 - 112
Efficacy of modern microscopy, serology techniques, traditional and new culture studies, including molecular, in diagnosis of skin and visceral leishmaniases was analyzed.
Diagnosis of infectious diseases. Part 2. Special laboratory methods
113 - 121
Special methods of infectious disease diagnosis (microscopy, bacteriology and molecular genetic) are presented.
Ultrasound and morphological parallels in degenerative diseases of intervertebral disks of the lumbar spine
122 - 127
Ultrasound signs of structural changes in the intervertebral disks in patients with degenerative diseases of the lumbar spine were systematized. High efficacy of ultrasound in diagnosis of the above pathology was shown. The morphological parallels prove the accuracy of ultrasonography findings.
Capabilities of radiodiagnosis in shoulder girdle pathology
128 - 132
The literature data about the capabilities of x−ray study, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound in diagnosis of the shoulder girdle pathology are presented. The advantages of ultrasound investigation in diagnosis of the disease of tendinous−muscular apparatus of the shoulder girdle are shown.
Capabilities of radiodiagnosis of cervical spine injuries
133 - 136
The literature data about the capabilities of x−rays, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasonography in diagnosis of cervical spine injuries are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of these methods in each clinical case are discussed.
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