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№4' 2005


New approaches to nitrate treatment of patients with CAD
6 - 9
Modern ideas about the cellular mechanisms of organic nitrate action are reported. The mechanisms of tolerance and withdrawal syndromes developing at nitrate administration are described. Treatment schemes aimed at prevention of these phenomena are suggested.
Modern aspects of arterial hypertension pathogenesis
10 - 13
Literature data and the findings of the original research of the role of profibrogen factors in forming cardiac and renal disorders in arterial hypertension are analyzed and generalized.
Cardiac arrhythmia in patients with mitral valve prolapse
14 - 17
The literature data about the possible causes of cardiac arrhythmia development in patients with mitral valve prolapse are featured. The urgency of the issue is shown. The authors conclude about the necessity of further investigation of dysrhythmia pathogenesis in these patients for timely distinguishing the risk group of complication development.
Cardiac manifestations of non−differentiated connective−tissue dysplasia in children
18 - 21
Modern ideas about the epidemiology, clinical manifestations, collagen biosynthesis peculiarities, and diagnosis of non−differentiated connective−tissue dysplasia in children are featured.
Contemporary ideas about spouse conflicts and spouse deadaptation
22 - 25
Modern data about family conflicts and the associated spouse deadaptation are discussed. The author concludes about the necessity of further investigation of the issue.
Spouse deadaptation at organic personality disorders in the husband
26 - 29
The causes and mechanisms of spouse deadaptation when the husband suffers from organic personality disorders are shown. The obtained data allow development and administration of pathogenetically targeted psychotherapeutic correction.
Disorders of interpersonal relations of the spouses at long−term sequelae of brain injury in the husband
30 - 34
The methods of psychodiagnosis were used to reveal the regularities of interpersonal adaptation disorders in spouses at long−term sequelae of military closed brain injury in the husband.
Psychotherapeutic correction of sex−role form of sexual deadaptation in the debut of sexual life
35 - 37
An effective scheme of psychotherapeutic correction of sexual deadaptation developing in the debut of the sexual life due to disorders of sex−role behavior in one or both spouses is presented.
The role of androgen deficiency in the pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction in patients with diabetes mellitus
38 - 42
Current opinions about the mechanisms of forming erectile dysfunction in patients with diabetes mellitus are presented. The authors conclude about the leading role of androgens in development of this pathology.
Disorders of sex preference in men with specific personality disorders
43 - 46
The causes, mechanisms of forming and clinical picture of pathological masturbation in men with specific personality disorders are shown. The author concludes about the necessity to consider the revealed regularities in psychotherapeutic correction of the studied pathology.
Clinical course and pharmacotherapy of Parkinson's disease at various stages
47 - 51
The degree of Parkinson's disease progress was evaluated based on a complex analysis of age−associated peculiarities of the clinical signs against a background of pathogenetic therapy. Side effects of main classes of anti−Parkinsonian drugs at many−year administration at different stages of the disease were analyzed.
Manganese toxic encephalopathy: pathogenesis, clinical picture, treatment
52 - 55
New literature data and the original experience of observation of the patients with manganese toxic encephalopathy are presented. A pathogenetically substantiated scheme of this disease treatment was suggested.
Iodine deficiency: the influence on fetus and newborn
56 - 60
The paper covers the perinatal aspects of iodine deficiency states. The urgency of the issue is shown.
The problem of labor activity regulation in modern obstetrics
61 - 64
The urgency of the problem of labor activity regulation is shown. Significance of a new group of drugs (calcium antagonists) which has not been used yet with the purpose to reduce the uterus contractions is shown.
Male sterility: up−to−date principles of diagnosis and conservative treatment
65 - 67
Modern data about the causes of male sterility and its association with sexually transmitted diseases are presented. The pathogenesis, diagnosis and approaches to treatment of this pathology are discussed.
Cryo−renewal as a basis for effective treatment for male sterility
68 - 71
The data about the mechanisms of programmed cell life are reported. It was shown that the efficacy of male sterility treatment is determined by a dynamic interrelation of apoptosis and cryo−renewal (its shift to cryo−renewal).
Closed kidney injuries
72 - 79
The etiology, injury mechanisms, classification, diagnosis, differential treatment and prognosis in closed kidney injury are discussed. An insufficient elaboration of some aspects of the problem is shown.
Diagnosis and treatment of massive liver lesions with the use of angiographic techniques
80 - 83
The authors report the experience of angiographic diagnosis and x−ray surgery for liver lesions. The necessity and efficacy of endovascular hemostasis are shown.
Urgent issues of diagnosis of some drug side−effects
84 - 88
The difficulties of differential diagnosis of drug diseases with pseudoallergic and toxic reactions, false polyvalence and pharmacophobias are shown. Main diagnostic criteria are reported. The disadvantages of skin tests are described. Their significance for differential diagnosis of specific immunological and biophysical diagnosis is emphasized.
Therapeutic chronocorrection of adaptation disorders in chronic eczema
89 - 92
The results of the study of circadian biorhythms of hormones (cortisol and insulin) in the blood and adaptation capabilities of the patients with chronic eczema are presented. The advantages of the drugs limiting stress−reaction (dalargin) and increasing adaptation capabilities of the organism (melatonin) are shown vs traditional drugs used in this disease.
Bird flu: a typical emergent infection
93 - 99
The data about bird flue, its etiology, peculiarities of epizootiology, epidemiology, clinical picture in humans and birds are presented. The features of the disease diagnosis are shown. The possibilities of a new flu pandemic are featured.
Mixed infection Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Epstein−Barr virus, Herpes human VI in children
100 - 101
Peripheral blood mononuclear cells were studied in children with various forms of tuberculosis and non−infected children for DNA of M. tuberculosis, Epstein−Barr virus, and type VI human herpes virus as well as for humoral immune response to these microorganisms. Considerable differences between the groups were revealed in the immune response to various antigens of Epstein−Barr virus.
Doppler study of transmitral blood flow in abnormal chords of the left ventricle
102 - 104
Two−dimensional and pulsed Doppler echocardiography were used to show the possibility disturbances in transmitral blood flow, partially representing the diastolic function of the left ventricle, in a group of patients with abnormal chords as to their type: amount, location, thickness.
Current views on radiation diagnosis at knee joint injuries
105 - 108
The capabilities of radiodiagnosis (radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging) at knee joint injuries are discussed.
General (family) practice in the context of the national health system development
109 - 113
The principles and ways of development of family medicine are featured. The information about the work of 2nd Ukrainian Congress of General Practitioners (Family Doctors) is presented.
The analysis of working time use by the directors of centers for hygiene and epidemiology
114 - 117
The findings of the study and objective evaluation of the working time use by the directors of centers for hygiene and epidemiology (Baku) are reported. Scientifically validated recommendations on rational use of the working time by the managers of the establishments for sanitary−epidemiological service are given.Информация о международном семинаре "атеротромбоз и инсульт: современные подходы к профилактике и лечению"
Information about international seminar "Atherothrombosis and Stroke: New Approaches to Prevention and Treatment"
118 - 120
Contemporary problems, achievements and prospects of oncology (according to the materials of IX Russian Oncology Congress)
121 - 124
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