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№4' 2018


Effect of antihypertensive therapy and bariatric surgery on arterial stiffness in patients with arterial hypertension and morbid obesity
5 - 10
This paper deals with the study of changes in the arterial stiffness in patients with arterial hypertension and morbid obesity under the influence of long−term antihypertensive therapy depending on the bariatric surgery. The features of the influence of surgical treatment of obesity on the course of arterial hypertension and characteristics of arterial stiffness are determined.
The efficiency of physical rehabilitation in patients with cardiopulmonal pathology
11 - 14
Here, the influence of the physical rehabilitation program on the indices of external respiration function and cardiac hemodynamics in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in combination with hypertension is studied. The use of a combination of physical rehabilitation methods against the background of basic drug therapy contributes to more significant positive changes of indicators of respiratory function, parameters of systolic and diastolic functions of the left ventricle of the heart compared to that in patients receiving only drug treatment.
Changes in lipid metabolism markers in patients with increased body mass index with polytrauma
15 - 19
This research is devoted to the problem of lipid metabolism disorders in patients with an increased body mass index with polytrauma. It was revealed that lipid metabolism indicators directly affect the course of traumatic disease, the severity of which, provided uniformity of injuries received and the same range of severity on the APACHE II scale, depends on body mass index at the time of admission of patients to hospital.
Diagnosis of infected pancreatic necrosis
20 - 23
Patients with acute necrotizing pancreatitis underwent a percutaneous, fine−needle aspiration biopsy of parapancreatic tissue under US guidance with microbiological studies of biomaterial to verify the purulent−septic complications of pancreatic necrosis. Using the developed method for diagnosing infected pancreatic necrosis allowed timely detecting infectious pancreatonecrotic complications, which would lead to a reduction in untimely (early) operations and the number of cases of systemic complications.
Features of treatment of acute thrombosis of deep veins of the lower extremities
24 - 29
Based on the results of comparative analysis of conservative and surgical methods of treating acute thrombosis of deep veins of the lower extremities, their advantages and disadvantages are determined. Surgical thrombectomy has been found to have advantages over anticoagulant therapy. Systemic thrombolysis ensured best results, which was confirmed by the results of the study of the hemostasis system.
Effectiveness of natural biopolymer−based drug Hitozan−Genta in treatment of superficial and deep burns
30 - 34
The results of the local treatment of 37 patients with Hitozan−Genta, with superficial and local deep burns in the Kharkov Burn Treatment Center are presented. The results indicate its effectiveness in treating burns due to the positive effect of the drug on epithelization processes in superficial burns, preparation of deep burns for autodermoplasty and subsequent treatment.
The role of immunological factors of invasiveness in the pathogenesis of genital endometriosis
35 - 38
This paper presents new factors of immunopathogenesis of endometriosis. Ectopic endometrial growth is determined by impaired tissue resistance as the result of the development of destructive−degenerative processes in it. The development of endometriosis occurs under both high expression of metalloproteinases, which causes remodeling of the stroma, and adhesins in the tissues of the peritoneum.
Clinical and laboratory characteristics of abnormal pubertal uterine bleeding
39 - 41
The causes of features of pubertal uterine bleeding are determined. The etiological factors of pubertal uterine bleeding are disorders of physical and sexual development, as well as hereditary predisposition to menstrual cycle disorders. Female adolescents show an increase in ovarian volume with the development of follicular cysts, hyperplastic processes and increased blood flow in the endometrium.
Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of non−invasive methods of treatment of non−dendritic kidney stones
42 - 46
The results of the comparative analysis of treatment using various types of minimally invasive surgery, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, fibroureterorenoscopy, mini percutaneous nephrolithotripsy. Use of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is most effective in patients with renal concrements of 6−10 mm at a maximum density of 1000 HU, in other cases − fibroureterorenoscopy or mini percutaneous nephrolithotripsy.
Modern data on neuromyelitis optica, or Devic’s disease
47 - 53
This work presents modern data on etiology, pathogenesis, pathomorphology, clinical course, diagnostic and therapeutic tactics of neuromyelitis optica, which is an autoimmune demyelinating disease with the presence of autoantibodies to the protein of water channels of astrocytes − aquaphorine−4. The disease is characterized by recurrent episodes of neuritis of the optic nerve and transverse myelitis, which leads to severe disability of the patients.
Acute and chronic disorders of cerebral venous blood circulation
53 - 58
This paper summarizes literature data about etiopathogenesis, classification, clinical findings, diagnosis, and modern methods of treatment of acute and chronic disorders of cerebral venous blood circulation.
Changes of clinical and neurological indices in patients with post−comatose disorders of consciousness after severe craniocerebral trauma
59 - 65
Here, the results of clinical and neurological examination of patients with post−comatose disorders of consciousness at different stages of its recovery after severe craniocerebral trauma are analyzed. It is established that these patients, regardless of the stage of recovery of their consciousness, have no specific neurological focal symptomatology, and the forecast for higher levels of recovery of consciousness depended on the variant of the clinical form of severe craniocerebral trauma and the depth of coma, preceding the vegetative status.
Absolute insulin insufficiency in different variants of diabetes mellitus
66 - 69
This paper presents the results of the examination of patients with different variants of diabetes mellitus. The obtained data indicate that the C−peptide is a reliable marker for the functional state of β−cells. It is established that the severity of absolute insulin deficiency in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus is not a determining factor in the relatively stable or labile course of the disease.
The use of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and erectile dysfunction
70 - 75
This research deals with the study of the effectiveness of type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitors in men with type 2 diabetes mellitus and erectile dysfunction. Drugs were prescribed on demand 40−60 minutes before sexual intercourse in the absence of contraindications. Admission of Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil has led to a possible improvement of the indicator «Erectile function». Side−effects occurred in a small number of patients, were mild in severity and did not require withdrawing the drug.
Vitamin D and skin pathology
76 - 80
Modern studies on vitamin D in various diseases are presented. The possible role of vitamin D disorders in the pathogenesis of dermatoses (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.) is discussed. The results of the study of vitamin D status in seborrheic dermatitis are indicated.
Indicators of melatonin and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in psoriatic patients with sleep disoders
81 - 84
This paper presents the results of the study of serum levels of melatonin and VEGF with various severity of psoriasis and with sleep disorder and without it. The study revealed significant increase of VEGF levels and decrease of serum levels of melatonin with maximum deviation in severe disease. Correlation of these parameters and sleep disorder was established. Thus, the clinical course of psoriasis and sleep quality depend on the imbalance of the pro−angiogenic growth factor VEGF and the anti−angiogenic factor melatonin.
Efficiency of the application of the innovative method of prophylaxis of periodontium in teenage girls with a disorder of the menstrual cycle
85 - 89
The analysis of the effectiveness of the innovative prevention system of periodontal disease in female adolescents with menstrual disorders is presented, subject to the group of development of this pathology and a combination of variants of the forecast. Methods of prevention of periodontal disease take into account predictors of the development and course of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity, the etiology of development of menstrual disorders and the composition of the individual pathogenetic profile.
Comparative study of the effectiveness of middle−acting muscle relaxants in small surgical interventions in children
90 - 94
A comparative study of the effectiveness of medium−effect muscle relaxants − atrakurium besilate (tracrium), cisatracurium besilate, rocuronium bromide (esmerone) in small surgical interventions in children. It has been shown that using isoflurane, a reduction in the effective doses of the studied muscle relaxants allows for a sufficient depth of the neuromuscular block.
Medical and social substantiation of an optimized model of rehabilitation of patients with chronic pancreatitis
95 - 100
On the basis of the data of the research on chronic pancreatitis, patients’ quality of life, risk factors, quality of health services and rehabilitation measures, an optimized rehabilitation model of patients with chronic pancreatitis was developed.
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