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№1' 2007


Systemic structural analysis of spouse conflicts
6 - 9
The original method of systemic structural analysis of spouse conflicts is presented. Its components and criteria for their state assessment are described. The possibility to reveal the definite causes of the conflict, aggravating and promoting its development factors as well as the perspective to use the method with the purpose to improve the efficacy of psychocorrection of spouse conflicts are shown.
Psychological peculiarities of the patients with somatoform vegetative dysfunction accompanied by paroxysmal states
10 - 13
The findings of comparative analysis of behavioral strategies in patients with somatoform vegetative dysfunction accompanied by paroxysmal states at resolution of conflict situations are presented. Their more active position in solving the problems when compared with the patients without paroxysmal states in the clinical picture of the disease is shown.
Psychological version in dysadapted married couples
14 - 17
The causes and conditions of forming psychological aversion and socio−psychological dysadaptation as well as the factors aggravating aversion are described.
Sexual health of widowers without a partner
18 - 20
The causes of forming sexual dysfunction in widowers without a partner, the pathoplastic and aggravating factors were established. The author concludes that the obtained findings can be a foundation for development of pathogenetically targeted system of psychotherapeutic correction of sexual health disorders in widowers without a partner.
Psychotherapeutic correction of immediate and long−term consequences of sexual assault
21 - 23
The original methods of psychotherapeutic aid to the children and teen−agers, victims of sexual assault as well as the system of psychotherapy of long−term consequences of sexual assault in adult women are described. A high efficacy of the suggested system for psychotherapeutic correction is shown.
Sexual version as a form of spouse dysadaptation
24 - 27
The causes, mechanisms, course and manifestations of sexual aversion in men and women are shown. The author concludes about the necessity to base on the revealed regularities at psychotherapeutic correction of this form of sexual health disorders.
Minor cerebral dysfunction and emotional−behavioral disorders in children and principles of their differentiated correction
28 - 35
The diagnosis, clinical manifestations and correction system in emotional−behavior disorders in children with minimal cerebral dysfunction are discussed. The possibility of their transformation into disorders of personality formation of organic type is shown.
Case history analysis of the patients who survived transitory ischemic attack
36 - 40
Case history analysis of the patients a year after transitory ischemic attack revealed a distinct correlation between the age of the patient and the incidence of ischemic stroke development during this period. It is shown that stroke develops in patients with low indices of cerebrovascular reactivity index.
Treatment of arterial hypertension in elderly: from denial to admission of the necessity
41 - 47
The analysis of the findings of clinical research of antihypertensive therapy in elderly patients, which allowed to conclude about the necessity about the expediency of its administration even in patients over 80, is presented.
Diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and myocardium ischemia using magnetic resonance imaging with contrast enhancement
48 - 52
The possibility to reveal pathological changes in the myocardium (infarction, ischemia) and vascular system (stenosis) using magnetic resonance imaging with contrast enhancement is shown.
Pathogenetic aspects of Helicobacter pylori
53 - 64
Contemporary information about some main questions of pathogenesis of Helicobacter pylori infection, possible interrelations between HP and ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux disease and gastric cancer as well as the data of experiments on animals are shown.
Clinical pathogenetic aspects of perimenopause osteoporosis
65 - 70
Up−to−date literature data about bone tissue metabolism in various age periods of women as well as the role of sex steroids and other hormones in the processes of bone formation and remodeling are presented. Risk factors of osteoporosis development, its classification, methods of diagnosis and treatment are described.
The changes of vaginal microflora in women with urogenital disorders during climax under the influence of Ovestin and cryopreserved placental extraction
71 - 73
High efficacy of Ovestin and therapy with cryopreserved placental extraction is shown based on the investigation of the vaginal microbiocenosis in patients with urogenital disorders in climacteric period. The use of placental extraction results in more rapid and prolonged therapeutic effect.
Pathophysiological aspects of functional disorders of esophagogastric junction
74 - 79
Modern ideas about the physiology of esophagogastric junction are featured. The pathophysiological phenomena causing its function disturbances in gastroesophageal reflux disease and cardia achalasia are described. Main surgical techniques in these diseases are presented.
The ways to optimize hemorrhoid disease treatment against the background of ptosis of perineum and rectum
80 - 82
The clinical symptom−complex caused by syndrome of perineum ptosis and technical difficulties occurring at operations in the zone of the anal canal were analyzed. An effective method of resection of mucous−submucous layer of low−ampullar portion of the rectum was suggested.
Acute urinary retention in benign prostatic syndrome
83 - 86
The causes, pathogenesis and peculiarities of acute urinary retention in persons with benign prostatic syndrome are discussed. A new therapeutic approach, i.e. α1−adreonoblockers administration and testing urination without catheter, is suggested.
Sling tension regulation, a modern view on the problem of urine incontinence
87 - 91
A detailed review of obstructive complications of sling surgery for urinary incontinence in women is presented. Modern techniques of sling tension regulation after the surgery are discussed.
Low−invasive method of hydrocele treatment
92 - 94
The authors describe the original method of sclerotherapy with the use of Betadine. Good immediate and long−term results of the treatment as well as safety and accessibility of the method are emphasized.
The influence of immune pathology on the course of pregnancy and delivery outcome
95 - 98
Updated literature information about the development of autoimmune processes and their influence on the course of pregnancy are presented. Interrelation between autoimmune pathology and miscarriage is shown.
Immunological peculiarities of neoplastic autoimmune processes in the thyroid gland
99 - 102
The peculiarities of immunograms of the patients with neoplastic autoimmune and combination (cancer against a background of AIT) thyroid pathology are described. The authors hypothesize about the role of autoimmune processes in the mechanism of the tumor escape from the immune control by means of blocking tumor−associated antigens by the antibodies.
Clinical immunological characteristics of the course of purulent maxillary sinusitis in patients with diabetes mellitus
103 - 107
The peculiarities of the clinical course of maxillary chronic purulent sinusitis and the character of immune disorders in patients with diabetes mellitus were studied. Sinusitis in this group of patients is shown to develop against a background of pronounced changes in the immune state involving all links of the immunity.
Modern methods of radiodiagnosis: single photon emission computed tomography and positron emission tomography
108 - 116
Fundamentals, principles of single−photon emission computed tomography, the construction of the tomograph, principles of optimization of data acquisition and processing, parameters taken into consideration at data collection, factors influencing the image quality, algorithms of image reconstruction are described. Fundamental, principles of positron emission tomography, factors influence sensitivity and resolution of the method are featured. The use of single photon emission computed tomographs in investigations with positron−emitting radionuclides is discussed.
Radiodiagnosis of focal liver lesions
117 - 120
The data about the role of different visualization techniques in diagnosis of focal liver lesions, i.e. hepatocellular cancer, hemangioma, adenoma, nodular hyperplasia, abscesses, cysts, are presented.
Ultra sound investigation echinococcos of liver in children patient
121 - 122
A clinical observation of liver echinococcosis in a 10−year old child is presented. The role of ultrasound diagnosis of this pathology is shown.
The influence of standard clear motivated recommendations on the patients compliance to long−term therapy
123 - 129
The results of the research of influence of the original brief standard clear motivation−targeted recommendations on the further compliance of the patients are presented. Their positive influence on the patients' condition and general compliancet, especially at statin administration, is shown.
Academician Grigory V. Bondar (75 years of birthday)
130 - 131
100 years of M. I. Sitenko Institute, the leader of Ukrainian orthopedics and traumatology
132 - 135
20 years of department of sexology and medical psychology (Kharkiv Medical Academy for Post−graduate Training)
136 - 138
Vladimir N. Shamov (125 years of birthday)
139 - 140
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