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Features of content of energy and adipokine metaboliс indicators in patients with ST−segment elevation myocardial infarction and comorbidities after primary stenting of coronary arteries
5 - 10
The study involved determination of the content of adropin, irisin, fatty acid binding protein 4 and C1q/ TNF−related protein 3 in the patients with acute myocardial infarction and comorbidities following primary stenting of coronary arteries. Changes in energy and adipokine profile may be considered as a prognostic marker for the effectiveness of treatment of acute myocardial infarction in the presence of comorbidity.
Relaxin−2 as a promising biomarker of cardiometabolic diseases
11 - 16
The role of relaxin−2 in the metabolism regulation, in particular in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, has been studied. The mechanisms of its antioxidant action and diagnostic potential in determining the cardiometabolic diseases have been determined.
“Essel” clinical effectiveness in non−alcoholic fatty liver disease
17 - 20
The clinical efficiency and safety of “Essel” dietary supplement in the outpatient treatment of the individuals with non−alcoholic fatty liver disease have been studied, taking into account their impact on subjective manifestations of the disease, biochemical blood counts and quality of life. The use of the drug in a standard dose for four weeks has been shown to result in a significant improvement in traditional indices of the therapy effectiveness, as well as improving the life quality for the patients on most parameters.
Thoracoscopic surgery of large and invasive mediastinal tumors
21 - 24
The outcomes of surgical treatment of the patients with large (diameter > 5 cm) and invasive mediastinal tumors using thoracoscopic access were analyzed. The direct results of their surgical treatment were evaluated. The safety of thoracoscopic surgery when treating large and invasive mediastinal tumors has been proven.
Examining the adaptive immunity dynamics in severe burns treatment
24 - 28
The change of indices of cell and humoral links of immune response and the products of metabolism in the severely burnt individuals has been discovered. Functional neutrophil deficiency, disordered ratio of subpopulations of CD4+ lymphocytes and cytotoxic lymphocytes CD8+, low levels of ceruloplasmin, high concentration of circulating immune complexes of molecule fractions with average molecular weight have been revealed.
Pregnancy and childbirth course in women with diabetes and placental dysfunction
29 - 34
The clinical features of Diabetes mellitus in pregnant women, its types, severity and compensation state have been studied, also we identified gestational and perinatal complications identified. It has been noted that among women with placental dysfunction resulted from diabetes, the most common were concomitant extragenital pathology, polyhydramnios, infectious lesions of the birth canal, macrosomia, diabetic fetopathy and a high percentage of cesarean sections. The assessment of the condition of newborns on the Apgar scale was emphasized as low.
State of blood coagulation system in pregnant women on the background of thrombophilia and burdened obstetric history
35 - 38
The state of the pregnant women blood coagulation system on the background of thrombophilia and burdened obstetric history was analyzed. The predominance of prothrombin levels in pregnant women and fibrinogen concentration in the absence of thrombophilia in comparison with pregnant women with thrombophilia, as well as indices of thromboplastin, prothrombin and thrombin time, international normalized ratio, homocysteine has been stated.
Treatment of psycho−emotional disorders by neurofeedback in women with a history of infertility and prenatal stress
38 - 42
The clinical efficiency of bioadaptive management training based on biological feedback in the correction of psychoemotional disorders in the patients with a history of infertility and prenatal stress has been studied. Significant overall improvement in the psycho−emotional state in women who have undergone such training, in combination with the proposed method of treatment was found.
Transosseous osteosynthesis of distal−third diaphyseal humeral factures
43 - 47
The development of a minimally invasive controlled technique of shaft external fixation for the treatment of the patients with humeral fractures at the level of the lower third has been presented. The experience of the device application in clinical practice was analyzed. Its functional, main fixing and repositioning possibilities, advantages and disadvantages have been considered.
Management of rehabilitation measures for patients with spinal cord injury (clinical and diagnostic checkup and examination) (part II)
48 - 54
The problem of recovery treatment and rehabilitation of the patients with spinal cord injury has been considered. The logistics of the individual rehabilitation program for such patients, including several stages has been presented. The method of examination of patients has been presented with a special attention paid to the set of the cardiovascular system functional studies.
Assessment of risk factors in geriatric patients with locally advanced esophageal cancer in polymorbidity conditions
55 - 58
The problem of chemotherapy in elderly patients with esophageal cancer has been considered. Individual characteristics of the geriatric patient makes it possible to prescribe an optimal treatment.
Clinical features of epilepsy in young men
59 - 61
The problem of epilepsy in young men has been considered, as well as the epidemiological indices of the disease, its etiology, clinical features, types of seizures have been analyzed.
Evaluation of changes in retina functions for patients with diabetic retinopathy after antioxidant therapy use
62 - 64
Based on examining the retina functional state the effectiveness of antioxidant therapy in the patients with diabetic retinopathy has been studied. The “Visiloton Complex” drug due to its pronounced antioxidant properties, metabolic action strengthens the capillaries of the eye and can be prescribed to the patients for improving the visual function and stabilizing the process.
Diabetic macular edema: visual evoked potentials in assessing the activity of subcortical structures and primary visual areas of patients
65 - 70
The role of visual evoked potentials when evaluating the activity of subcortical structures and primary visual zones of the patients with diabetic macular edema has been studied. It was determined that the assessment of clinical state of the patients suffered from diabetic macular edema jointly with the inclusion of data on induced cortical activity allowed to determine the features of neuronal deficiency in type 2 Diabetes mellitus with non−proliferative diabetic retinopathy.
Pathogenetic significance of hyperglycemia in formation of the course peculiarities of acute otitis media and its complications
71 - 78
The features of the acute otitis media clinical course in patients with intracranial complications on the background of hyperglycemia were studied. The predominance of otogenic secondary meningitis among intracranial complications of acute otitis media has been established. The discrepancies between clinical data and laboratory parameters as well as the results of magnetic resonance imaging of the temporal bones and intraoperative data have been described. An increase in the level of average daily glycemia and its fluctuations, as well as the content of glycosylated hemoglobin in all patients have been revealed.
About the problem of preventing the spread of COVID−19 coronavirus disease among children and adolescents of school age
79 - 83
The current problems with the Delta variant, as well as the introduction of the methods to improve the awareness of children and adolescents of school age about hygiene skills and prevention of coronavirus infection have been considered.
Ribonucleic acid efficiency in combined therapy of patients with Epstein − Barr virus−caused infectious mononucleosis
83 - 88
The clinical and immunological efficiency of ribonucleic acid in the correction of immune disorders in the patients with infectious mononucleosis caused by Epstein − Barr virus has been studied. The expediency of using the “Nucleus” and “Valacyclovir” drugs in the combined therapy of the disease has been grounded.
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