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№2' 2010


Psychiatry in self−oblivion?
6 - 11
Problematic questions of modern taxonomy, formalized diagnosis and terminological misunderstanding in psychiatry are featured. Innovation tendencies of contemporary psychiatry are analyzed from the perspective of "oblivion of great traditional projects" substantiated by K. Jaspers and his followers in general psychopathology and E. Krepelin in clinical psychiatry. The ideas about insufficiently validated rejection of classical concepts of hysteria, melancholy, etc., which, in turn, can suggest post−modernism crisis of cognition in psychiatry and necessity of search for "natural" concept in modern psychiatry, which can resemble a periodical system of signs and syndromes.
The problem of social adaptation of schizophrenia patients
11 - 14
The analysis of contemporary literature data about significance of the question of social adaptation of schizophrenia patients and applied psychological approaches to the existing problems are presented.
Respiratory bronchiolitis associated with interstitial lung disease: modern definition and clinical morphological manifestations
15 - 19
The modern definition of concepts of bronchiolitis and respiratory bronchiolitis associated with interstitial lung disease is presented. The main clinical radiological and morphological manifestations are described. The original practical observations are reported; the findings of x−ray investigation and combined pathology complicating determining the basic pulmonary pathology are emphasized.
Drug correction of arterial hypertension associated with metabolic syndrome
20 - 26
The review of the literature about the problem of arterial hypertension as a part of metabolic syndrome is presented. Antihypertensive and metabolic effects of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and calcium antagonists in patients with metabolic syndrome as well as their positive influence on the target organs (heart, vessels, kidneys) are discussed.
Myocardial dysfunction in children with arrhythmias at long terms period after cardiosurgical correction of congenital heart defects
27 - 30
The finings of investigation of 248 children with congenital heart defects are presented. The frequency and variants of heart activity arrhythmia and types of myocardial ventricular disfunction at long terms after surgical correction are analyzed. The necessity of investigation of systolic and diastolic function in the operated patients with the purpose of timely correction of their disorders and prevention of chronic heart failure and arrhythmia was substantiated.
The functional state of the left ventricle myocardium in children with cardiac connective tissue dysplasia
30 - 34
Forty children aged 7−11 with cardiac connective tissue displasia (CCTD) were investigated with the purpose to study the peculiarities of cardiohemodynamic and functional state of the left ventricle myocardium. It was shown that the children with CCTD against a background of mitral regurgitation and mixomatous degeneration demonstrate the changes in the echocardiographic parameters characterizing systolic and diastolic function of the myocardium.
Rheological blood properties changes in coronary artery disease
35 - 37
The most significant changes in the rheological blood properties (RBP) parameters in coronary artery disease were analyzed. The functional class of angina and heart failure are determined by the parameters of erythrocyte−thrombocyte links of blood rheology, molecules of cellular adhesion, viscous blood properties, level of high−molecule proteins and atherogenic lipids. In turn, RBP allow ton predict post−infarction aneurysm formation, stenosis of left and right coronary arteries.
Modern aspects of endocrine infertility therapy in hyperprolactinemia
38 - 40
The data about endocrine infertility in women against a background of hyperprolaktinemia are reported. Modern protocols of treatment this pathology are presented.
The first experience of radiowave energy application to endoscopic treatment of gynecological patients
41 - 44
It is shown, that a new medical technology, radiowave surgery, minimizes operative injury, reduces the degree of post−operative adhesive processes, and contributes restoration after surgical interventions. The original findings about the use of radiowave treatment in gynecological patients are presented.
Morphofunctional changes in the placenta at cytomegalovirus infection
44 - 48
Morphofunctional investigation was performed on 59 placentas from women with cytomegalovirus infection. It was revealed that placenta hormones (chorionic gonadotropin and progesterone) are reduced in pregnant with this pathology. This results in intrauterine growth retardation and requires therapy for this infection before and during pregnancy as well as in early neonatal period of the newborns.
Efficacy of drug therapy for stage I and II chronic venous insufficiency in pregnant
49 - 51
Pregnant with stage I and II chronic venous insufficiency were investigated. It was shown that treatment with Detralex controlled the signs of venous insufficiency and improved subjective state of the patients in contrast to those, who were not administered drug therapy.
Surgical treatment for esophageal cancer Communication I. Historical aspects and contemporary state of the problem of surgical treatment of cervical division of the esophagus
52 - 62
The review and analysis of the methods of surgical treatment for cancer of the esophagus cervical division as well as classification of the disease and some questions of the esophagus anatomy are presented. The experience of treatment of this disease in 898 patients treated at Institute for General and Urgent Surgery (Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine) within the period of 1966−2009 is generalized.
Leukocyte indices in prognosis of the course and outcome of cold injury
63 - 69
Ya.Ya. Kalf−Khalif's intoxication leukocyte index (ILI) and organism resistance index (ORI) were investigated for the first time at general cold injury of different stages and different periods of the disease. Tanatological study of similar data in patients who died after cold injury was performed. The changes of ILI at general cold injury suggested development of pronounced general inflammatory reaction of the organism and considerable intoxication even in early terms after cold exposure. The findings of ORI allowed assessment of the state of the organism resistance response to stress situation and efficacy of the applied treatment measures.
Assessment of the state of vegetative homeostasis by method of variation pulsometry in proctologic patients at sacral anesthesia
70 - 75
The state of vegetative homeostasis was investigated by method of variation pulsometry in 50 proctologic patients at two variants of sacral anesthesia: traditional lidocaine solution (6−8 mg/kg) and lidocaine solution (3−4 mg/kg) plus different types of narcotic analgesics. Adequacy of the discussed types of sacral anesthesia are shown.
Main principles of regional anesthesia under ultrasound control
76 - 80
Criteria of sonographic visualization of the nerves as well as a technique for regional anesthesia with original modifications were worked out. Methodological aspects of regional anesthesia under ultrasound control based on the original experience and contemporary ideas about the problem in the world's literature are presented.
Capabilities of transcranial Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis of ischemic stroke
81 - 85
The literature data as well as the original findings about the capabilities of transcaranial Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis of ischemic stroke are presented.
The changes of the human brain structures at different variants of blood loss
86 - 89
The peculiarities of the structural changes in the human brain after traumatic blood loss against a background of alcohol intoxication and without it were investigated. It was shown that at blood loss caused by injuries of large and peripheral vessels against a background of alcoholemia a similar response reaction of the brain structures (with different degree) occurs suggesting morphofunctional insufficiency of the brain vessels in persons in the state of alcohol intoxication.
A possibility to use computed tomography in objectification of face injury at forensic expertise
90 - 92
The possibility to use computed tomography with the purpose of objective assessment of the face injury at forensic expertise is discussed.
The ways to improve students' health
93 - 97
Statistical observation of 4000 students of Azerbaijan International University was performed. The morbidity of the students was investigated by referral to medical institutions which allowed planning therapeutic preventive measures. Improvement of reproductive health is the most important direction of the students' health.
Causative relations of dental diseases and harmful chemical industrial factors
97 - 100
Causative relations of dental diseases and harmful chemical factors were investigated. It was shown, that in workers of chemical industry frequency and intensity of dental diseases were increased, which requiree development of preventive measures.
Theory and practice of organization of pharmaceutical aid to the population in the conditions of medical insurance
101 - 106
The findings of theoretical investigations of the problem of accessible and high−quality pharmaceutical aid to the population in the conditions of medical insurance are reported. Modern definition of main pharmaceutical terms is given. The levels of pharmaceutical aid and services in the conditions of functioning obligatory and voluntary medical insurance are suggested. The results of the performed research can be used at forming legislative base regulating pharmaceutical activity in Ukraine.
The characteristics of morbidity and visits to the doctors of the persons insured by the programs of voluntary medical insurance in Azerbaijan
107 - 110
It is shown that variability of morbidity and, in particular, probability of visits to the doctors by the insured persons depends on their age, which should be considered at determining the size of insurance fees.
Mikhaylov Boris V. (60th birthday)
111 - 112
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