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№2' 2016


Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in hypertensive patients with overweight and obesity
5 - 10
The peculiarities of 24−hour monitoring of blood pressure in patients with hypertension associated with obesity and overweight were studied. A higher diastolic blood pressure load markers as well as its daytime and nighttime variability in patients with obesity was shown in the absence of significant differences in systolic blood pressure profile. Analysis of circadian rhythm of blood pressure in hypertensive patients with obesity showed an increase of the morning hours index with a predominance of "non−dipper" type of biological rhythm, being unfavorable due to the increased risk of cardiovascular complications.
The role of G−308A variant of tumor necrosis factor−α gene in development of obesity in patients with coronary artery disease
11 - 13
The role of G−308A variant of tumor necrosis factor−α (NTF−α) gene in development of obesity in patients with coronary artery disease was determined. Reduction of the frequency of revealing G/G genotype of polyform locus G−308A of TNF−α gene is associated with the presence of obesity.
Diagnosis and treatment of gout
14 - 17
Awareness on modern principles of management of patients with gout will improve the early diagnosis of the disease and ensure the timely and optimal treatment. Knowledge of risk of purine metabolism violation underlying gout, and ways of their correction, patient education in a healthy lifestyle will provide a basis for effective prevention programs.
Combined operations in complicated and locally advanced pelvic cancer tumors
18 - 25
The authors analyze the results of surgical treatment of patients with the locally spread pelvic cancer complicated with rectovesical and rectovaginal fistulas. In 90.7 % of patients, the operation was performed in radical volume with application of step by step surgical tactics, syndromal approach and wide use of the combined operations.
Methods of treatment of saphenous tributaries of varicose veins by ultrasound guided endovenous laser ablation
26 - 30
The results of comparative analysis of methods of supplementing treatment of venous tributaries in addition to endovenous laser ablation of saphenous veins were presented. The recommendations on choosing optimal supplementing treatment were made according to clinical manifestations of varicose disease and results of duplex investigations (tributaries number, configuration, location data).
Determining clinical efficacy of deep tunneling in treatment of chondromalacia of the knee articular cartilage
31 - 34
Clinical and functional results of treatment of patients with grade 3 and 4 chondromalacia of the knee articular cartilage were assessed. Comparative analysis of various reparative surgical techniques: microfracturization, subchondral tunneling and exposed deep tunneling of cartilage defect zone was made. The proposed surgical technique of deep tunneling of cartilage defect zone has significant advantages.
Pathogenetic risk factors of unsuccessful in vitro fertilization in women with thrombophilia
35 - 38
It was revealed that etiopathogenetic risk factors for failed attempts of IVF in women with thrombophilia were the presence of antiphospholipid syndrome in combination with genetic thrombophilia, prevalence in the structure of multigenic thrombophilia, gene polymorphism, endogenous hypofibrinolysis, disorders of synchronization processes of fibrinolysis and fibrin formation, as well as high concentration of circulating antiphospholipid antibodies in conjunction with hyperhomocysteinemia with antibodies to their.
The role of citokyn profile isorders in fertility reduction
38 - 43
A review of currently existing works on immunocyte transformation of local tissue microenvironment in the female genitals in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, which are key to a successful onset and development of pregnancy, as well as the main factors of these processes, through the prism of which the own research data are analyzed.
Modern approaches to tactics of management of patients with myoma uterus
43 - 46
The results of investigation of women with uterine leiomyoma receiving hormone treatment are presented. Through the use of hormone therapy in some cases it is possible to avoid surgical treatment, to stabilize the growth of fibroids and significantly reduce their size. In case of ineffectiveness of hormonal therapy, surgical treatment was performed. The use of hormone replacement therapy in the preoperative stage allowed enlarging the organ, to reduce blood loss during operation and to reduce the size of the scar on the uterus.
Basic approaches to pharmacotherapy for gout nephropathy
47 - 53
Main clinical variants of renal disease against a background of purine metabolism disorders are featured. Pathophysiology purine metabolism disorders are described briefly. Main approaches to drug therapy of these states were presented; pharmacological properties of the most commonly used to treat this nosology drugs were analyzed.
Pathogenic substantiation of pharmacoterapy in nephrology
53 - 56
The opportunity of drugs pathogenetic therapy for acute renal failure based on the antioxidant activity of antihypoxant sodium poly−(2,5−dihydroxyphenylene)−4−thiosulfate acid in comparison to herbal agent hofitol was investigated in experiment.
Non−medication in treatment of pain syndromes in the structure of non−motor manifestations of initial stages of Parkinson's disease
57 - 60
Reasonability of physical factors (sinusoidal modulated currents, balneotherapy and low−intensity alternating magnetic field) in comprehensive treatment of pain in patients with early stage of Parkinson's disease was discussed. The proposed therapeutic complex including physical factors reduced pain, improved their general condition, and, as a result, improved quality of life.
Simulation of three−dimensional image of the cerebellum and its nuclei in neurosurgical practice
61 - 64
A 3D model of the cerebellum and its nuclei was developed based on their macromicroscopic preparations considering their individual variability and topographic anatomical features, which is a highly accurate copy of the natural macromicroscopic anatomical preparation. The data obtained can be used in the practice of neurosurgery, neurophysiology, neurology and neuromorphology with the purpose of detailing the areas of the cerebellar disorders, optimization of operations on the cerebellum.
ЕРІ in complex neuropsychological evaluation of neuropsychological state in students
64 - 69
The questions about the role of psychological testing using EPI in complex autonomic examination of students are discussed. The indicators of autonomic tone, autonomic reactivity and autonomic activity promoting were analyzed along with the indicators of extraversion and non−stability of higher nervous activity. The obtained findings testify about significance of complex examination with psychological testing in detection of the autonomic dysfunctions.
Clinical and morphological characteristics of the skin of middle−aged women with hypertension
70 - 76
A clinical and morphological study of 108 women aged 46−60 referred to the hospital for plastic surgery was performed. Morphological examination of biopsy skin specimens of patients with hypertension revealed changes, particularly expressed in the microvasculature in the form of dystonia. Marked degenerative changes in elastic and collagen fibers with disorders of their relationship, uneven thickness and tortuosity of the basement membrane, variability in different layers of epidermis cells with uneven accumulation of melanin were revealed.
Immune mechanisms of and inflammatory reactions in cancer and their pharmacological regulation
77 - 86
This review features the questions of disorders of immunoinflammatory response regulation leading to various pathological conditions (tumor growth, chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, etc.). In this case, formation of immunological tolerance, triggered by unaccomplishing immunological process can be important. The ability of inflammatory mediators to induce tolerance is used in normal conditions (during pregnancy, tolerance to dietary antigens). The mechanisms linking development of tumors, tolerance and chronic inflammatory response and possible regulatory role of a number of drugs in these processes were established.
Diagnosis and treatment of herpes virus myocarditis in adults with chickenpox
87 - 92
The patients with chickenpox who were diagnosed acute myocarditis were included in the study. High correlation between severity of chickenpox and frequency, severity of acute myocarditis in adults was revealed. A scheme of early medication treatment for acute myocarditis was suggested.
Polymerase chain reactіon in diagnosis of acute neuroinfections in adults
93 - 95
The experience of using polymerase chain reaction of cerebrospinal fluid in patients with different neuroinfections was analyzed. The etiological structure of neuroinfections in HIV−negative and HIV−positive patients was assessed. It is shown that polymerase chain reaction significantly increases etiological decoding of acute neuroinfections that can improve the diagnosis and treatment effectiveness.
Ultrasound diagnosis of combat injuries of peripheral nerves
96 - 100
The paper presents the literature overview and own data on the feasibility of ultrasound for the diagnosis of peripheral nerves combat injuries.
Transcranial Doppler in patients with tension headache and cervicogenic headache
100 - 104
Transcranial Doppler sonography was used in patients with tension headache and cervicogenic headache. Linear blood flow velocity in cerebral arteries, as well as maximum blood flow velocity in the tentorial sinus, vertebral veins and Rosenthal's basal veins at rest and in response to ortho− and antiorthostatic load were investigated. Cerebral hemodynamics in patients with tension headache is characterized by angiodystonic phenomena, as well as hyperreactivity at ortho− and antiorthostatic loads. In patients with cervicogenic headache, vasospastic reactions in vertebral and main arteries as well as venous dyscirculation in vertebral veins and tentorial sinus prevailed.
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