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№3' 2010


Psychological peculiarities of the patients with operated congenital heart anomalies
6 - 11
The character peculiarities and types of reaction to the disease were investigated in patients with congenital heart anomalies at long terms after the surgery. The most significant and informative psychological parameters for assessment of the state of these patients were distinguished. The authors conclude about deadaptive character of forming the inner picture of the disease in these persons, which prevents realization of the program of rehabilitation of this group of patients.
The problems of mental development in children and adolescents with infantile cerebral paralysis
11 - 15
An analytical review of the literature about the problems of mental development of children and adolescents with infantile cerebral paralysis was performed.
The role of cervical factor in the origin of headache and vertigo
16 - 24
The role of cervical factor in the pathogenesis of headache and dizziness is analyzed. The role of myofascial dysfunction and biomechanical disorders of the spinal column in development of cephalgic and ataxic syndromes as well as the place of medicinal and non−medicinal therapy in their treatment are shown.
Disorders of bioenergetic homeostasis and general sensation at atherosclerotic discirculatory encephalopathy
25 - 30
The disorders of energy metabolism, in particular carbohydrate metabolism, as well as main disorders of general sensation at atherosclerotic discirculatory encephalopathy are described. The association between the degree of bioenergetic processes disorders, structural changes and sensation disorders is shown.
Exocrine function of the pancreas and mechanisms of its regulation in children with chronic gastroduodenal pathology
31 - 35
One hundred and five children with chronic gastroduodenal pathology (disorders of exocrine pancreas function) were investigated. Three variants of pancreas dysfunction (hyperpancreatism 24,8 %, hypopancreatism 5,7 %, dyspancreatism 69,5 %) were established. The expediency of correction of vegetative homeostasis disorders and reduction of intragastric hyperacidity, which can promote normalizing pancreas function and prevention its organic pathology development, was substantiated.
Age−dependent dynamics of forming cardiorespiratory system and adaptation potential in children of school age
36 - 40
The state of the health including physical and neuropsychic development, the functional state of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as adaptation potential of the organism were assessed in 348 school children aged 6−17 from Azerbaijan population residing in Nakhichevan. It is shown, that the functional development of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems is closely associated with morphometric development of the children promoting formation of adaptation potential. The obtained findings allowed working out regional criteria for the further monitoring, modeling and timely correction of the children development.
Comparative assessment of the factors and degree of myopia risk in children
41 - 44
The frequency of potential risk factors of myopia was compared in the groups with myopia and emetropia. The role of heredity, history of childhood infections, helminth invasion, ENT diseases, odontogenic infections and obesity in forming the risk of myopia development was proven. The difference between the level of sensitivity, specificity and prognostic value of the above signs associated with myopia is shown.
The choice of optimal type of heart resynchronization in patients with chronic heart failure
45 - 48
Main tendencies of sudden heart dearth prevention in patients with chronic heart failure without the risk of arrhythmias, who are potential candidates for cardioresynchronizing therapy, are featured. The literature about the investigated subject is analyzed. The approaches to the choice of the candidates to different types of resynchronization are suggested.
Salt sensitivity of arterial hypertension as a predictor of antihypertensive therapy efficacy
49 - 52
The results of monotherapy with antihypertensive drugs of different groups depending on salt sensitivity of arterial hypertension are presented. It is shown, that for salt resistant patients ACE inhibitors, in particular Lisinopril, are more preferable; for salt sensitive one more effective are calcium antagonists. The use of β−adrenoblockers and a thiaside−like diuretic Indapamid retard are equally effective at different salt sensitivity of arterial hypertension.
Immune changes in patients with vibration disease
53 - 55
The original findings about the state of the immune system in patients with vibration disease caused by local vibration are presented. The changes in cellular and humoral links of the immunity, monocyte−macrophage system, and TNF−α and IL−10 levels are shown.
Iron deficiency anemia in pregnant: new approaches to treatment
56 - 62
Modern data about the etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in pregnant are analyzed. The influence of cryopreserved cord blood on the clinical manifestations of the disease, hematological and immunological parameters of the pregnant with IDA was investigated. The efficacy of treatment was assessed in comparison with the traditional therapy. The obtained findings suggest, that application of Hemocord in addition to a marked clinical effect normalizes the immune state of the patients, therefore can be recommended as a new effective method of IDA treatment in pregnant.
Capabilities of confocal scanning laser microscopy in assessment of apoptosis processes in ova
63 - 66
The state of normal and apoptotic ova of mice was investigated using scanning confocal laser microscopy. The use of Carl Zeiss LSM 510 Meta microscope and the suggested kit of labels allow early revealing the difference in the state of normally functioning and in the state of the ova with experimental or spontaneous apoptosis.
Complex treatment of urogenital mycoplasmosis in pregnant
67 - 69
The efficacy of complex treatment of mycoplasma infection with Doramicyn and immunomodulator Genferon was compared with monotherapy with Doramicyn only. High efficacy of the complex therapy considering individual treatment protocols was shown.
Surgical treatment for esophageal cancer Communication II. Surgical treatment of cancer of thoracic and abdominal portions of the esophagus
70 - 79
The authors review and analyze the methods of surgical treatment for cancer of thoracic and abdominal portions of the esophagus. The experience of surgical treatment of this disease in 898 patients treated at Institute of General and Urgent Surgery (Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine) within the period from 1966 to 2009 is generalized. Classical and original techniques of surgical treatment for esophageal cancer of the above location are reported.
Assessment of efficacy of preparatory stage before surgical intervention for rectal cancer complicated by acute intestinal bleeding
79 - 84
Tactics and pre−operative preparation of the patients with colorectal cancer complicated with acute intestinal bleeding reducing the degree of general intoxication and resulting in reduction of post−operative complications and death were worked out.
The prognosis of immunological dysbalance and presence of autoimmune component in patients with thoracic traumas of different severity
85 - 89
The indices of general resistance and specific immune reactivity were analyzed in 120 patients with a severe closed chest trauma. Prognostic tests of the course of post−traumatic period including those characterizing the functional state of the thymus were distinguished.
Stem tumor cells: a new concept of carcinogenesis
90 - 94
Main theories of carcinogenesis considering development of the tumor from a mature somatic cell are presented. The mechanism of malignant transformation at hemoblastoses is described. Special attention is paid to the data suggesting the presence of stem cells in the tissues and development of tumor stem cells from them. The data about the influence of microenvironment on the stem cells are reported.
The peculiarities of the clinical picture and treatment of thyroid microcarcinoma
94 - 98
The clinical course of thyroid microcarcinoma was investigated. The efficacy of anti−tumor treatment was assessed. Absence of reliable data about a favorable course of thyroid mictocarcinoma vs. large tumors was shown, which proves the necessity to apply a complete treatment protocol including radical surgery and radionuclide therapy.
Tick−borne infections in Kharkiv Region
99 - 102
Modern data about infections transmitted by ticks, etiology of these diseases, their epidemiology are presented. The peculiarities of clinical variants of the course of these diseases are shown.
Microbiological and immunological characteristics of paradontitis and gingivitis of actinomycotic origin
103 - 106
Microbiological investigation of smears from the oral cavity of 139 patients with parodontitis and gingivitis was performed. The pathological role of enzyme actinomycetes was determined. Microbiological and immunological parameters in paradontitis and gingivitis of actinomycotic etiology are characterized.
The prognosis of hyperhydration of the human brain hemispheres cortex at blood loss
107 - 110
Histological and electron microscopic methods were used to investigated the state of the brain hemispheres cortex (6th field by Brodman) in patients, who died from acute blood loss caused by stab−cut wounds of the peripheral vessels without accompanying intoxication as well as against a background of alcohol and narcotic intoxication. It is shown that acute blood loss is accompanied by hyperhydration of the cortex of large brain hemispheres, which is aggravated at combination with ethanol and narcotic intoxication.
Professor Irina Yu. Kuzmina (to 55th birthday)
111 - 112
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