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№3' 2017


Blood plasma lipids and hormonal changes in patients with coronary atherosclerosis
5 - 10
The level of atherogenic and antiatherogenic lipoproteins in blood plasma was investigated in patients with coronary atherosclerosis. The relationship between lipid metabolism and hormonal changes was revealed. It was revealed that an important role in lipid metabolism disorders was played by reduction in the function of the thymus and thyroid glands, increase in the glucocorticoid function of the adrenal cortex, reduction in tissues sensitivity to insulin, and compensatory hyperinsulinemia.
Pulse pressure classes and pacing parameters in patients at the annual stage after implantation
11 - 15
Pacing parameters in five pulse pressure (PP) classes were investigated at the annual stage after implantation of the pacemaker. Average base frequency of stimulation was 62 beats per min in all PP classes at all stages of the follow−up after pacemaker implantation. Reduction in impedance and amplitude of the LV and RV electrodes was detected in all PP classes at VVI(R) and DDD(R) pacing modes; increase of the detected and stimulated AV−delay and tendency to decreasing in the III PP classes after pacemaker implantation in DDD(R) pacing mode were observed. It is concluded that additional optimization of the passing parameters in patients with II, IV and V PP classes during first year after implantation is required.
New possibilities of prevention and treatment of carbohydrate metabolism disorders: place and role of phytotherapy
16 - 21
In the correction of prediabetes states and in the complex therapy of diabetes mellitus, preparations based on plant components are widely used. The expediency of the wide use of the dietary supplement Endopharm in patients with prediabetes, as well as in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus was shown both as monotherapy in the presence of postprandial hyperglycemia, and as a second drug in the absence of persistent normoglycemia. Due to potentiating influence of the dietary supplement Endopharm on the level of basal and postprandial glycemia in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, combination of metformin therapy with Endopharm administration is recommended.
The role of apoptosis in the combined course of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus
22 - 27
Comorbidity of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus overburden the course of the pathologies and worsens the prognosis in the patients. Detection of apoptosis mechanisms activity in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus is pathogenetically significant in the diagnosis of these diseases.
Sortylin influence on the indicators of carbohydrate metabolism at combination of coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus
27 - 30
The article assesses the effect of sortilin on carbohydrate metabolism under conditions of comorbidity of coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes. Positive correlations between the level of sortilinemia and insulinemia was determined.
Body weight regression in patients with morbid obesity after Hess − Marceau biliopancreatic diversion
31 - 34
The results of treatment of patients with morbid obesity who underwent Hess − Marceau biliopancreatic diversion as a primary bariatric technique were analyzed. Good and excellent results werenoted in all periods of postoperative follow up.
Analysis of the results of esophageal anastomosis suture failure treatment
35 - 38
The results of treatment for partial failure of esophageal anastomosis suture were analyzed. Group 1 were used transnasal probe and open surgical interventions, group 2 surgical tactics aimed at early diagnosis of failure and treatment with the use of mini−invasive techniques, primarily stenting the failure area.
Modern methods of hemostasis and ovarian reserve during organ−preserving surgery on the ovaries
39 - 44
The ovarian reserve indicators were analyzed in patients with endometrioid and dermoid ovarian formations after laparoscopic cystectomy with hemostatic sutures, argon−plasma and bipolar coagulation. It is shown that all patients experienced disorders of the morphofunctional state of the ovarian tissue after surgical treatment regardless of the type of hemostasis used. The use of bipolar coagulation significantly reduces the ovarian reserve regardless of the morphological structure of the formation.
Persistent tubal pregnancy rehabilitation after organ−preserving surgery using anti−adhesion barriers
44 - 48
The article presents the results of investigation of women with progressive tubal pregnancy who underwent laparoscopic interventions using radio wave energy and intraoperative application of an anti−adhesion barrier gel made of polyethylene oxide with methylcellulose. Rehabilitation of the patients as performed with the use of physiotherapy techniques, including intramuscular injection of cryoextract of the placenta, which contributed to a significant increase in the reproductive function of patients in the postoperative period.
Merkel skin carcinoma: diagnosis, clinical course and treatment peculiarities
49 - 53
Merkel skin carcinoma, a rare disease characterized by aggressive course and high rate of recurrences and metastases, is characterized. The necessity of early diagnosis of Merkel carcinoma, correct prognostic assessment and adequate individual treatment are emphasized.
Molecular−biological tumor markers expression level evaluation in patients with stage ІІІ−ІV ovarian cancer of with the aim of relapse and metastasis risk prognosis
54 - 58
Molecular−biological markers expression levels were studied in patients with stage 3−4 ovarian cancer to with the purpose of disease prognosis. High−risk groups were distinguished depending on the type of relapse (generalization of the process in the abdominal region and remote metastases, locoregional and marker relapses), which allows correction of antitumor therapy protocols.
Combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy in cancer patients treatment (review)
59 - 67
The work features immunomodulatory effects of chemotherapeutic drugs and presents the results of clinical trials of chemotherapy application in combination with immunotherapeutic strategies.
Effectiveness of calcium hopantenate in treatment of cognitive impairments at epilepsy
68 - 73
The effectiveness of calcium hopantenate (kognum) was determined in treatment of cognitive disorders in epilepsy patients who were administered anticonvulsive monotherapy with valproic acid drugs and lamotrigine for over 5 years. Kognum was administered in all patients for 3 months. Before and after its administration MMSE and WCST were performed to assess the degree of cognitive dysfunction. High efficacy was demonstrated after a single three−month course.
Pathophysiological aspects of acute craniocerebral trauma as a basis for determining the capabilities of brain function restoration
74 - 77
The pathophysiological aspects of acute craniocerebral trauma are analyzed. The anatomical, pathophysiological, metabolic, neurotransmitter mechanisms accounting for the postcomatous unconscious stages, were determined. This can enable the development of new diagnostic approaches, study the ability of the brain to restore its functions and directions of rehabilitation of such patients.
The features of spondylogenic vertebrobasilar insufficiency clinical course in young people
78 - 83
The results of the study of spondylogenic disorders in young patients with vertebrobasilar insufficiency are presented. It was found that the early stages of the disease are characterized by prevalence of subjective manifestations (orthostatic dizziness, situational increase in blood pressure, weight loss, visual disorders), and with the stage increase − more often objective (systemic dizziness, palpitations, cardialgias, tinnitus, feeling of air lack, darkening of the eyes, shaking while walking, conditions accompanied by loss of consciousness). Subjective manifestations were confirmed by increase in neurological deficit in patients with later stages of vertebrobasilar insufficiency.
Intermarriage and sex−age structure in patients with hyperthyroidism
84 - 87
Sex−age structure of patients with hyperthyroidism was formed. The types and frequency of intermarriages with were investigated, inbreeding coefficient was studied in the examined patients. The authors conclude about the influence of intermarriage on hyperthyroidism prevalence in the descendants.
Study of the levels and structure of doses of population exposure due to natural radiation sources
88 - 92
The article presents the results of investigation of the levels and structure of radiation exposure doses due to natural radiation sources. Measurement of radon−222 was carried out by passive track radonometry in the air of houses. The activity of natural radionuclides in construction materials, water of artesian wells, as well as gamma background in the premises and in the open area were determined. It was established that the total annual average effective dose of radiation from the population of the main sources of natural origin reached 4.3 mSv, which exceeded the average world index by almost 1.8 times.
At the origins of Institute of Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine
93 - 96
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