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№3' 2003


Medical and pedagogical aspects of children's health protection
6 - 9
Urgent issues of children's health in Ukraine are reported. Medical and pedagogical aspects of solving the problem of children's health protection are described.
Significance of endothelium dysfunction in development of cardiovascular diseases
10 - 14
Present−day ideas about the role of endothelium dysfunction in cardiovascular pathology development are presented. Disturbances of the functional state of endothelium in various diseases of the circulatory system are described.
Diagnostic capabilities of transesophageal echocardiography in dissecting aortic aneurysm
15 - 17
The capabilities of transesophageal echocardiography in cases of ineffective transthoracic echocardiography are described, i.e. for investigation of descending thoracic artery, for diagnosis of dissecting aneurysm, for differentiation of true and false aneurysms.
The state of diastolic function in patients with hypertonic cardiomyopathy
18 - 21
The types of disturbance of diastolic function of the left ventricle in hypertonic cardiomyopathy vs. hypertonic disease were distinguished on the basis of the finding of examination with the use of modern instrumental techniques. Their clinical manifestations are described.
The problem of depression in general somatic practice
22 - 27
The definition, causes, diagnostic criteria of depressive disorders are featured. High incidence of depressions and their complications in contemporary society are shown. Recommendations on their diagnosis as well as treatment of the patients with depressions at the primary level of health care are given.
Affective disorders in psychoactive substances addiction
28 - 30
Current ideas about the clinical manifestations and treatment of affective disorders in addiction to psychoactive substances are presented. Main classes of thymotropic drugs and separate representatives of this group used in narcology are described.
Diagnostic and therapeutic problems in acute psychosis in patients with alcohol addiction
31 - 33
The questions of differentiation of acute alcoholic and organic psychoses in alcohol addiction are described. The difficulty of differential diagnosis and choice of therapeutic tactics in patients with this pathology is noted.
34 - 39
Epidemiological characteristics of migraine are reported, the pathogenesis and clinical picture of the disease including clinical characteristics of some forms of migraine as well as differential diagnosis of the disease are highlighted. The methods of treatment and prevention of the attacks are described.
Clinical picture and peculiarities of therapy for epilepsy in elderly patients
40 - 45
Clinical characteristics of epilepsy in elderly patients are described. The peculiarities of treatment and choice of antiepileptic drugs are discussed. The variants of prognosis of treatment in this age group are analyzed.
Spouse deadaptation in organic personality disorders in women
46 - 48
The causes, mechanisms of development and clinical picture of poorly studied communicative forms of spouse deadaptation in various types of organic personality disorders in women are shown.
Psychotherapy correction of psychogenic erectile dysfunction
49 - 53
The original differentiated system of psychotherapeutic correction of various clinical forms of psychogenic erectile dysfunction in men as well as spouse deadaptation caused by it is described.
Sexual function disturbances in hyperandrogeny in women of reproductive age
54 - 56
The findings of the study of sexual function in women of reproductive age with minor forms of hyperandrogeny are presented. The association of the revealed disorders and the changes in the hormone state of the women are shown.
Extramarital sex and its psychoprophylaxis
57 - 61
The original staged system of psychoprevention of spouse deadaptation causing extramarital sex is described.
Diagnosis and correction of optic aberrations of the eye
62 - 69
Main contemporary directions and methods of study and correction of optic aberrations of the eye as well as the prospects of their development are presented.
Gestation diabetes mellitus
70 - 74
The etiology and pathogenesis of gestation diabetes mellitus, characteristics of its course and influence on gestation process are discussed. Main up−to−date methods of diagnosis and treatment, obstetric tactics in pregnancy and delivery in this disease are featured.
Reproductive health disturbance in students
75 - 77
The problem of reproductive health disturbance in female students of higher schools is discussed. The data about morbidity, its causes and consequences are reported. Psychosocial deadaptation of the young women is described as a complication of reproductive system disease.
The problem of evaluation of low−dose radiation carcinogenic risk
78 - 82
Epidemiological and experimental data as well as theoretical ideas about radiation carcinogenesis on which dose−effect dependence is based are discussed.
The use of Gemzar in chemoradiation treatment for non−small−cell lung cancer
83 - 86
The results of conservative treatment with Gemzar and Gemzar combined with radiation therapy in patients with IIIA and IIIB non−small−cell lung cancer are analyzed. Significantly higher therapeutic effect of chemoradiotherapy when compared with chemotherapy alone is shown.
Circadian function and quality of life in patients with malignant tumors
87 - 91
Contemporary data about circadian rhythms of main homeostatic systems of healthy persons and patients with malignant tumors are analyzed, significance of marker rhythms for evaluation of quality of life of cancer patients in different localization of the tumor are determined.
Current immunotherapy of advanced renal call carcinoma
92 - 94
New methods of immunotherapy including gene, dendritic cell, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies are analyzed.
Optimization of therapeutic diagnostic tactics in multifocal renal cancer
95 - 97
The peculiarities of the clinical course and diagnosis of multifocal renal cancer are discussed. The choice of optimum surgical tactics and post−operative monitoring is substantiated.
Severe acute respiratory syndrome
98 - 102
The etiology, epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis, clinical picture, and treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome are presented. A short historical outline of the epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of this disease is given.
Herpes virus diseases
103 - 106
Present−day data about herpes viruses and their role in development of human diseases (somatic, neurological, oncological) are presented. Herpes is shown to be not an invasion of a separate organ, but the disease of the whole organism.
The structure of combined brain injury depending on its cause
107 - 110
Basing on the analysis of 5482 case histories the author shows the structure of combined traumas in 1994 − 2001. The degree of severity, causes of combined brain injury are revealed, the victims are characterized, main causes of death are defined.
Clinical characteristics of pain syndrome in angina
111 - 115
Clinical varieties of pain syndrome in angina and their significance for effective diagnosis and treatment of the disease are analyzed.
Synthetic antibacterial drugs in contemporary chemotherapy
116 - 120
Pharmacological data about new antibacterial drugs of quinolone, oxazolidinone and streptogramin groups are presented. The original chemical structure of these substances determines new mechanisms of their antibacterial action and provides their high therapeutic efficacy, including resistant forms of causative agents of infectious diseases.
Transplantation of stem cells: a promising direction of the XXI century therapy. 3. Liver stem cells
121 - 126
The hypothesis that stem cells of the liver, obtained from the first−trimester embryos are capable of restoring after transplantation functional insufficiency of hemopoiesis, liver, pancreas and intestine is presented.Академик Валентин Иванович Грищенко
Academician Valentin I. Grischenko (75th anniversary of birthday)
127 - 128
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