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№4' 2021



Features of heart structure and functions in patients with hypertension after ischemic stroke
5 - 12
Peculiarities of the structural and functional state of the heart of patients with stage III arterial hypertension after ischemic stroke have been analyzed. Hypertension has been shown to lead to remodeling of the myocardium and cardiac interstitium, causing a number of pathological changes, forming a "hypertensive heart".
Application of "L−BIOCOMPLEX" in chronic heart failure treatment in patients with metabolic syndrome
13 - 17
The effect of "L−BIOCOMPLEX" dietary supplement on the treatment effectiveness of patients with chronic heart failure in combination with metabolic syndrome has been studied. It was demonstrated that the addition of "L−BIOCOMPLEX" to a standard therapy improved the clinical and functional condition of patients, as well as the quality of life.
Modern methods of surgical treatment and post−surgery analgesia in patients with esophageal diseases
18 - 23
Based on the results of studying the strength of esophagogastroanastomosis, frequency of its post−surgery strictures, severity of reflux esophagitis, pain in the patients after esophageal surgery requiring resection, using thoracic paravertebral and thoracic epidural anesthesia there were developed a mechanical invaginative esophagogastroanastomosis and postoperative anesthesia method.
Diagnosis and treatment of compartment syndrome in deep burns
24 - 28
The paper describes the treatment results for deep subfascial burns to eliminate the phenomena of acute tissue muscular and fascial hypertensive syndrome according to the developed method. The introduction of the latter allowed to preserve the viability of a significant part of damaged muscle massifs, reduce the volume of tissues subjected to necrectomy, to timely renew the skin, due to earlier preparing the wound defect for autodermoplasty.
Dysmenorrhea: features of etiopathogenesis and treatment
29 - 31
The published reports on dysmenorrhea and its impact on women's health and daily activities have been reviewed. The etiopathogenesis, forms of dysmenorrhea, its complications and prognosis have been considered. Among the methods of treatment, a special attention is paid to nonsteroidal anti−inflammatory drugs, hormonal contraceptives, as well as a healthy diet.
Antioxidant protection of patients with external genital endometriosis depending on its spread degree
32 - 35
Diagnostic criteria for the stages of external genital endometriosis have been developed on the basis of determining the activity of antioxidant system enzymes, namely superoxide dismutase and catalase in blood serum and peritoneal fluid. The antioxidant system state depends on the peculiarities of micronutrient metabolism, as well as the study and correction of its possible disorders can positively affect preventing and treating the external genital endometriosis.
Analysis of risk factors for perinatal pathology in Lviv region female residents with diabetes
36 - 41
Using a retrospective method, the data of somatic and reproductive anamnesis were studied, taking into account the influence of pregnancy complications to determine the risk factors for perinatal pathology in the Lviv region female residents suffering from diabetes.
Concomitant immune therapy in oncology practice
42 - 49
The existing data on the use of concomitant immune therapy in antitumor treatment of cancer patients were analyzed and summarized. Concomitant immunotherapy allows the normalization of the patient's immune system and mitigate the side effects of anticancer treatment, that enables to perform a comprehensive program of treatment constantly and improve the quality of life of the patients.
Clinical and morphological features of adrenal metastases of renal cell carcinoma
50 - 56
Clinical and morphological features of renal cell carcinoma adrenal metastases were studied to identify a group of patients with a high probability of developing synchronous and metachronous metastasis. It was found that such patients were characterized by large renal tumors. It has been noted that in most cases there were the signs of local distribution. One parameter was of a prognostic value in terms of differential diagnosis of adrenal metastases and adenomas in patients with renal cell carcinoma, i. e. macroscopic intravenous spread of cancer.
Peculiarities of manifestation and clinical signs of dissociative disorders in combatants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine participated in the anti−terrorist/Joint Forces operation
57 - 60
The causes of dissociative manifestations in combatants participated in the anti−terrorist/Joint Forces operation have been systematized. Their correlation with quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the clinical picture of dissociative manifestations, age and personal characteristics of the combatants has been studied.
Features of epileptic myoclonic seizures in patients at different age periods
61 - 66
Current data, results of analysis and generalization of scientific approaches to epileptic myoclonus, its and differential diagnoses, as well as treatment of patients at different ages have been presented. During own clinical observations of the patients with myoclonic epileptic seizures, the peculiarities of their course in different forms of the disease have been determined.
Features of psycho−emotional adaptation during preparing to radiotherapy
67 - 69
Peculiarities of psychoemotional preparing to radiation therapy of the patients with head and neck tumors have been considered. To determine their psycho−emotional status, the methods to assess health, activity and mood, as well as "Distress Thermometer" were used. Criteria for adaptation to radiation therapy and the main targets for psychotherapeutic interventions were highlighted.
Janus kinase inhibitors in dermatology: present and future
70 - 76
The JAK−STAT signaling pathway involved in pathogenesis of a number of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases has been considered. The mechanism of action of Janus kinase inhibitors is associated with the inhibition of a wide range of pathogenetically important pro−inflammatory cytokines, which may provide a rapid effect in immune compromised dermatological diseases. Decoding new mechanisms of pathogenesis of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, alopecia areata, vitiligo created the pre−conditions for improving the pharmacotherapy of dermatoses with the use of Janus kinase inhibitors.
Determination of anxiety levels in adolescents with psoriasis
77 - 83
Anxiety levels in adolescents with psoriasis depending on clinical and epidemiological features of dermatosis and the indices of pathology severity have been studied. In most adolescents, high personal anxiety depended on gender, increased with age, especially in girls if the intensity of cutaneous manifestations of psoriasis enhanced.
Radiation diagnosis of instability in cervical and lumbar spine vertebromotor segments
84 - 89
Literature data on the features of radiological research methods when diagnosing an instability of the vertebromotor segments of the cervical and lumbar spine have been presented. The results of functional radiography and ultrasonography in the diagnosis of sagittal instability of the vertebrae, as well as instability of the atlanto−axial joint have been comparatively evaluated.
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