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№3' 2009


Behavioral patters of emotional disorders in mothers of early−age children with perinatal CNS lesions
6 - 10
The findings of the original research concerning disorders of child−mother interaction, behavioral and emotional deviations in mothers of early−age children with perinaltal central nervous system lesions are reported. The necessity of psychoanalytical qualification of the disorders in child−mother interaction with the purpose of forming the adequate therapeutic management of the mother and improvement of her maternal competence is shown.
Social psychological aspects of investigation of hyperkinetic disorders in children
10 - 15
Social psychological peculiarities of children with hyperkinetic syndrome are featured. The data about the investigation of the above disorders in patients of early school age are reported.
The role of the right hemisphere in forming adaptive syndrome at stressogenic situation
15 - 19
The role of the right hemisphere in protective immune reaction and its protection from neurosis in persons in psychoinjuring situations was proven. It is shown that immune protective ability of the person increases at use of trance techniques of interactive hypnotherapy, when subconscious psychomodulating vectors of sanogenesis of the right hemisphere are involved.
Neurodynamic signs of emotional−behavioral and personality disorders in teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction. Communication 1. Neurophysiological diagnosis peculiarities
19 - 25
The findings of the brain functional activity investigation in teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction as well as emotional, behavioral and personality disorders are reported. Graphic images demonstrate mathematically transformed electroencephalographic indices of patients with personality forming disorders of acceleration and deceleration type. The association between the present psychological changes and electroencephalographic changes depending on the type of personality forming disorder was revealed.
Neurological manifestations of extramedullary intradural spinal tumors
25 - 30
The peculiarities of clinical signs in patients with extramedullary intradural spinal tumors are discussed. The role of different factors in forming the clinical picture and course of the disease are analyzed. The signs calling forth the necessity of additional investigations promoting high quality and efficacy of the diagnosis were established.
The state of humoral immunity in patients with arterial hypotention of different origin
31 - 35
The role of humoral immunity indices at disorders of the mechanisms of neuro−immuno−endocrine regulation in patients with arterial hypotension of different origin is shown.
Coronary microcirculatory dysfunction and the causes of its development
36 - 39
Up−to−date literature data about the mechanisms of coronary microcirculation dysfunction are presented. Main causes of coronary microcirculation dysfunction as well as the pathological states at which it occurs are discussed.
The role of common salt in arterial hypertension development
40 - 45
The phenomena of salt sensitivity in development of arterial hypertension are discussed. A reasonable antihypertension therapy with the account of salt sensitivity is recommended.
Oxidant stress in acute heart failure and the role of antioxidant Quercetinum in its correction
45 - 51
The parameters of lipid peroxidation in the blood plasma at acute heart failure and their interrelation with the structural functional state of the myocardium were investigated. A positive effect of treatment with water−soluble inhibitor of 5−lipogenase Quercetinum (Corvitin) was revealed.
Optimization of pre−operative preparation and prevention of hemodynamic disorders in elderly and old patients with accompanying hypertension disease
52 - 55
Some variants of pre−operative preparation of the patients with hypertension disease with the account of different types of blood circulation are discussed. Therapy allowing reduction of pre−operative preparation time and risk of complications during the operation was suggested.
Heart activity reactivity in 3−trimester fetus in pregnant with inflammatory kidney diseases
56 - 61
The data about the peculiarities of cardiovascular system reactivity in fetuses according to the findings of antenatal cardiotocography in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy of 120 pregnant women with inflammatory kidney diseases and 40 with uncomplicated gestation process are reported.
Pathogenetic aspects of perimenopausal syndrome development
62 - 68
Metabolic endocrine changes in perimenopausal women were investigated depending on the form of climacteric syndrome. Investigation of leptin content allows to work out new approaches to treatment of this pathology.
Complex phytotherapy for climacteric syndrome
69 - 74
The findings of investigation of therapeutic activity of plant−derived drug Climapin in relation to early manifestations of climacteric syndrome are presented. The drug demonstrated its high efficacy in control of neurovegetative and psychoemotional disorders in perimenopausal women with mild and moderate climacteric syndrome.
Germinogenic tumors of the mediastinum (teratodermoid neoplasms)
74 - 81
Germenogenic tumors of the mediastinum (teratodermoid neoplasms), their terminology, clinical morphological characteristics, diagnosis and treatment are presented in historical aspect.
Ultrasound clinoorthostatic test in assessment of deep vein failure in varicosis
81 - 84
The findings of ultrasound investigation of 240 patients with varicosis of lower extremities, based on the assessment of relative enlargement of the deep vein diameter at changes of the body position of the patient in clinoorthostatic test are presented. The authors conclude about the changes of tonic elastic properties and systemic degeneration of the venous wall and blood flow disorders in the involved deep veins.
Dermotension in treatment of integument lesions of the foot and leg
85 - 90
The analysis of the literature on dermotension in treatment of extremity wounds as well as the authors experience in plastic surgery of supporting and other tissues of the extremities of 41 patients based on extension of the surrounding skin on the area of the defect with the help of stimulating technology of adhesive extension of the skin and cryotreatment of the wound are presented.
Efficacy of omniprost (tamsulosin) in prostate benign hyperpalsia
90 - 93
The results of the use of omniprost in patients with benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland (BPH) are presented. Based on improvement of the parameters of IPSS, QoL scales and increase of maximum and mean rate of urination the authors conclude about the efficacy of this drug in treatment of BPH signs.
The role of heredity in the course of differentiated thyroid cancer
93 - 97
The patients with thyroid cancer both with accompanying benign thyroid pathology and without it with hereditary predisposition to oncological and non−oncological thyroid diseases were investigated. The authors conclude that the patients with benign thyroid pathology having relatives with similar disease are the risk group of thyroid cancer development. Relapses and tumor prolongation occur 3 times more frequently in patients with thyroid cancer with hereditary predisposition.
The role of pro−inflammatory cytokines in development of behavioral disorders in cancer patients
98 - 102
Behavioral signs in cancer patients are characterized. Involvement of pro−inflammatory cytokines in development of such signs as fatigue, depression, sleep and cognitive disorders is discussed.
Individualization of therapeutic tactics in patients with ovarian cancer depending on the level of tissue kallikreins
103 - 105
The results of treatment of patients with ovarian cancer are presented. It was revealed that unfavorable prognosis (kallikrein−5 concentration over 0.4 ng/mg of protein and kallikrein−13 concentration under 0.7 ng/mg of protein) requires correction of chemotherapy protocol which allows to increase relapse−free period and life expectancy of the patients with ovarian cancer.
HIV−associated lesions of the skin and mucous membranes
106 - 110
The literature review and analysis of clinical manifestations of lesions of the skin and mucous membranes in 176 HIV−positive patients are presented in comparison with the clinical stage of HIV−infection. Combination of different types and clinical forms of dermatitis was revealed.
Hair diseases: clinical aspects
111 - 115
Literature data about hair diseases accompanied by the changes in the number and structure (hypertrichosis, hirsutism, alopecia) are presented. General principles of examination and treatment of the patients with hair diseases are discussed.
Prospects of clinical application of stress−protectors
116 - 119
The possibility to optimize drug therapy of patient with different clinical profile by means of inclusion to complex treatment of stress−protectors is shown. The necessity to consider emotional stress background in the acute period of the disease, increasing sensitivity of the patients to drugs is emphasized.
Efficacy of magnesium orotate in treatment of arterial hypertension accompanied by obesity and chronic heart failure
120 - 123
A positive effect of magnesium orortate, manefested by the indices reflecting the degree or uricemia, arterial hypertionsion and obesity, was shown in patients with hyperuricemia, arterial hypertenion and obesity against a background of chronic heart failure. The authors conclude about reasonability of magnesium orotate administration in patients with arterial hypertenion and obesity and chronic heart failure together with the standard therapy for this complex of diseases.
The influence of regional conditions on prevalence and incidence of bronchial asthma in Azerbaijan
124 - 128
The prevalence of bronchial asthma and influence of local conditions on this disease in Baku and Giandks were investigated. The findings were used to create computer database. A considerable increase (2−3 times) of prevalence and severity of the disease in adult population of Baku can be explained by unfavorable ecology of the city.
Peculiarities of toxoplasmosis pathogenesis
129 - 134
The mechanisms of toxoplasmosis infection in immunocomplement parsons as well as the peculiarities of the causative agent interaction with the human immune system were described; the role of cytokines as inductors determining the type of immune response on different stages of T. gondii invasion was show. The necessity of working out new criteria of toxoplasmosis complications development in immunocompetent persons and possibility to correct this state was noted.
Member of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences Knyshov Gennadiy Vasilievich (to jubilee)
135 - 136
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