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№1' 2014


Emotional disturbances on panic disorder patients and their psychotherapy correction
5 - 7
Contemporary in Ukraine there are the considerable growth of anxiety disorders consists paroxysmal phenomena. The panic disorder (PD) and agoraphobia (AF) the main in their structure. The emotional disturbances of 40 PD patients and 20 AF patients. Has been investigated with the clinic and pathopsychological methods. The high level of anxiety was shown. By pathopsychological investigation the high level of personality anxiety and low level of neurotism and depression were indentified. The system of psychotherapy correction was established, with high efficacy in 68 % cases.
Modern concepts of psychotherapeutic process from the perspective of personalized medicine
8 - 12
This paper features the current situation of psychotherapy from the perspective of major psychotherapeutic paradigms in the framework of the dominant concept of personalized medicine. The role of psychotherapy as a functional personalization tool in general practice is emphasized. −Different approaches to psychotherapy are described. Introduction into the psychotherapeutic practice of the psychotherapeutic profile is substantiated as quintessence of the personalized approach in psychotherapy.
Cerebrovascular insufficiency and diabetic encephalopathy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
13 - 17
The peculiarities of cognitive dysfunction structure in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and stage 2 diabetic encephalopathy characterized by disorders of memory, verbal fluency, attention and orientation, were revealed. Association of cognitive disorders with disease duration, glycosylated hemoglobin concentration, impaired brain activity, cerebral hemodynamics and cerebrovascular reactivity was established.
Dynamics of emotional and autonomic parameters in patients with myofascial pain syndrome of cervicobrachial localization under the influence of non−pharmacological treatment
17 - 20
The capabilities of non−pharmacological treatment were defined with the consideration of the effect on vegetative function in patients with myofascial pain syndromes of cervicobrachial localization. Comprehensive manual therapy in conjunction with corporal and auricular acupuncture demonstrated higher efficiency as affects both the pathological biomechanical pattern, and the vegetative disorder syndrome.
Analysis of genetic factors in patients with chronic heart failure
21 - 29
A review of polymorphism of genes encoding proteins of the major neuroendocrine systems involved in development and progression of chronic heart failure is presented. The data on the relationship of polymorphic variants of these genes with the efficiency of the administered therapy and incidence of certain side−effects at administration of ACE inhibitors and β−blockers are analyzed.
History and clinical significance of electrocardiography: from sources to contemporaneity
30 - 34
Historical stages of electrocardiography development are described. The peculiarities of different ECG methods are featured. The groups of patients preferable for electrocardiography examination are indicated. Comparative analysis of informativity of these methods in patients of different groups is done.
Etiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at present
35 - 39
The modern views on definition and classification of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are presented. Questionnaires for the diagnosis of this disease are reported. Particular attention is paid to risk factors, smoking and deficiency of alpha−1−antitrypsin. The role of galectin−3, osteopontin and adhesion molecules in the process of remodeling the bronchopulmonary system is featured.
The role of immunotherapy in treatment of patients with community−acquired pneumonia
40 - 43
Increase in the quantity and the role of various modeling factors leading to suppression of the protective properties of the organism and affecting the outcome of community−acquired pneumonia was noted. In this regard, immunocorrection is considered a logical therapeutic strategy to promote efficiency of conventional pathogenetic treatment of the disease.
Prevention of perinatal pathologies in pregnant women following auxiliary reproductive technologies
44 - 50
The pathogenesis, diagnosis and methods to prevent and correct perinatal pathologies in the pregnant women after auxiliary reproductive technologies based on complex investigation of women and newborn are presented. It is shown that systemic pathological changes result from endothelial dysfunction which is one of the central pathogenetic links of perinatal complications.
Modern aspects of complex therapy to be recurrent papillomatous viral infection
51 - 55
The results of treatment of recurrent papillomatous viral infection in complex therapy of pointed condylomas of anogenital location are analyzed taking into account the mechanisms of development and links of pathogenesis of this disease. It was established that besides cryodestruction of condylomas with liquid nitrogen in combination with antiviral drugs and immunomodulators it is reasonable toe use of Indol−F ® producing expressed virus−eliminating and antirecurrent effects.
Medication and physiotherapy for inflammatory cervical pathology of in women of reproductive age
56 - 60
A protocol of medication and physical therapy for inflammatory diseases of the cervix in women of reproductive age was suggested. The effectiveness of the treatment was proven based on the results of clinical, bacteriological, colposcopic methods.
Control of renal artery at removal of tumor thrombi from the lumen of the inferior vena cava: surgical strategy options
61 - 64
The paper presents the analysis of different methods of renal artery control during caval thrombectomy. Advantages and disadvantages of preliminary ligation of the renal artery, preoperative embolization of the renal artery and renal artery ligation after thrombectomy are discussed.
Improvement of preliminary ischemic preparation of tissues for composite flaps plastic surgery of the extremities
65 - 69
Training of flaps on permanent and temporary pedicles at plastic surgery on the extremities was improved by means of complex use of methods temporary ischemia in distant tissues, immediate ischemia of flap tissue and recipient tissues. Prognostic test of viability of the skin flap at plastic on a permanent and temporary pedicles based on assessment of the intensity of post−ischemic hyperemia of the skin flap and blood flow with the capillary bed filling symptom (white spots) was suggested.
Main approaches to etiotropic treatment of viral hepatitis
70 - 74
Different approaches to the etiotropic therapy for of chronic viral hepatitis due to both creation of new drugs and to development of effective combinations of tools already used in clinical practice are featured. Main pharmacological agents are presented. The use of combinations of drugs is considered romancing.
Clinical characteristics of the course of viral hepatitis A depending on the genotype of HAV and type of immune response
75 - 80
The dynamics of synthesis of main regulatory cytokines was investigated in patients with hepatitis A depending on the genotype of the established pathogen. A comprehensive survey of patients with hepatitis A with definition of markers of active viral replication and the level of main regulatory cytokines is recommended.
Original and generic drugs: myths and realities
81 - 88
The work considers the issues relating to the interchangeability of generic and original drugs, studies of equivalence (pharmaceutical, pharmacokinetic) and possible methodological problems of its evaluation. The authors suggest the criteria of generic drug quality, the algorithm of comparative analysis of main characteristics of original and generic drugs.
The capabilities of computed tomography and ultrasound diagnosis in preoperative evaluation of intramural gastric cancer invasion
89 - 92
The data about the capabilities of x−ray computed tomography in evaluation of intramural tumor invasion of the gastric wall vs. ultrasonography are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of these methods depending on the stage intraabdominal generalization of the invasion are shown.
Нemodynamic patterns of acute period hemispheric ischemic stroke according to transcranial triplex scanning
93 - 96
Hemodynamic parameters obtained at acute hemispheric ischemic stroke by transcranial triplex scanning are presented and systematized.
Professor Nikolay I. Hvisiuk (to the 80th birthday)
97 - 98
Professor Eli I. Gendenshtein (to the 90th birthday)
99 - 100
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