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№2' 2017


The effect of eplerenone on the galectin−3 dynamics and the state of post−infarction remodeling in patients with right ventricle myocardial infarction
5 - 10
The effect of eplerenone on myocardial remodeling and galectin−3 dynamics in patients with myocardial infarction (MI) of the right ventricle against a background of Q−MI of the left ventricle posterior wall was investigated during a 6−month follow−up. Addition of eplerenone to standard therapy in patients with right ventricle myocardial infarction was associated with a significant improvement in systolic function and diastolic filling of the left and right ventricles. It was found that therapy with aldosterone antagonist is accompanied by significant decrease in galectin−3 level.
The features of structural and functional state of the heart in patients with hypertension after stroke
11 - 19
The structural and functional condition of heart in patients with stage 3 hypertension was assessed in the remote period after ischemic stroke. All observed changes were due to both the presence and duration of hypertension in the patients and their constitutional peculiarities, remodeling of the heart and blood vessels, pressure load. Identifying the factors affecting the structural and functional features of the heart in patients with hypertension after stroke should be considered at stratification of total cardiovascular risk and development of individual programs for rehabilitation of disabled patients with this disease.
Hypertension degree and frequency of administration of certain groups of cardiac drugs in patients at the annual follow−up stage of pace−maker implantation
19 - 23
The authors present the results of investigation of frequency of administration of main groups of cardiac drugs in patients at the annual follow−up stage of pace−maker implantation. Our findings demonstrate that the frequency increased with the degree of arterial hypertension. The patients with implanted pace−makers require individualized medication approach taking into account hypertension degree, in particular, strengthening anti−ischemic, anti−hypertensive and anti−arrhythmic therapy.
Long−term results of cardiac surgery in patients with infective endocarditis
24 - 27
The risk factors of death in patients undergoing cardiac surgery for infective endocarditis were analyzed. The findings of the research demonstrate that the risk of death is associated with reduced kidney function and increased NT pro−BNP levels.
The choice of photosensitizer and light parameters for endobronchial endoscopic photodynamic therapy
28 - 32
It is shown that photodynamic therapy is based on light excitation of photosensitizers, therefore coincidence of the spectral characteristics of the used compounds and radiation sources is a prerequisite for implementation of the principle of this method. The optical absorption spectra of antiseptics, which are most commonly used in medical practice, have their own color, and absorbance peaks in the visible and near infrared spectral bands, were monitored.
Neck gastrostomy at esophagogastroplasty
32 - 36
The results of single−step esophagogastroplasty with transhiatal approach and neck gastrostomy in patients with esophageal strictures due to burn scars were analyzed.
The state of endometrial receptors at hyperplastic processes in perimenopausal women
37 - 40
The state of endometrial receptors was investigated in perimenopausal women with histologically verified endometrial hyperplasia. Increased expression of progesterone and estrogen receptors, proliferation marker Ki−67 can help to predict the course of the disease and differentiated approach when choosing the treatment strategy in patients with endometrial hyperplasia.
The state of hyperplastic endometrium depending on enzymes activity in perimenopausal women
41 - 44
Endometrium state was investigated at endometrial hyperplasia in perimenopausal women together with definition of the degree of activity of matrix metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors. Statistically significant differences in the factors content playing an important role in the key processes of carcinogenesis risks were revealed in the early stages of its development. The results allow a differentiated approach to formation of risk groups, prognosis of the outcome of the disease, evaluation of the proliferative processes in the endometrium, thus choice of an adequate treatment tactics depending on the hyperplastic process type.
Treatment of exo− and endocervicitis associated with nonspecific mixed infections of the lower genitals in women of reproductive age
44 - 47
Clinical efficiency of vaginal suppositories containing chlorchinaldol was investigated in women of reproductive age with exocervicitis and endocervicitis associated with nonspecific mixed infection of the lower genitals, based on the results of clinical, bacteriological studies and colpocervicoscopy.
Placental dysfunction
47 - 51
The review of the literature reflects the prevalence, etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of placental dysfunction in pregnant women, aimed at eliminating the pathogenetic mechanisms of its occurrence.
Modern treatment of vertebrogenic cervicobrachialgia by CT controlled local injection therapy
52 - 54
Positive results of local injection therapy at the cervical level under CT control with foraminal administration of steroids are presented in patients with cervicobrachialgia. The effectiveness of this technique, allowing reduction of the intensity of pain syndrome in patients with degenerative changes in the vertebral motor segments of the cervical region, is emphasized.
Peculiarities of MRI at visualization of burst fractures of the lower thoracic and lumbar spine
55 - 59
MRI peculiarities were investigated and assessed at burst fractures of the lower thoracic and lumbar spine. This work allowed evaluation of the state of the intervertebral discs, ligaments, hematoma presence and location, which can be used to predict the further regeneration of the spinal segment.
Breast cancer: epidemiology, risk factors, pathogenesis, diagnosis, prognosis
60 - 64
The review presents the data on the spread, risk factors, pathogenesis, diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer. A special attention is paid to the characteristic of breast cancer in pregnant women.
Relevance the issues of breast cancer etiology and pathogenesis
65 - 67
The literature on the recent 25−year achievements in the study of biology, epidemiology, pathogenesis and clinical presentation of breast cancer is reviewed. It is emphasized that the problem remains to be very urgent and requires the answers to many questions.
Clinical course of Paget's breast cancer at organ−preserving surgery
68 - 72
The cases of Paget's breast cancer with isolated lesions of the nipple and areola after organ−preserving surgery are featured. The clinical manifestations of the disease, investigation findings and course at dynamic monitoring after treatment were analyzed. The data obtained allowed retrospective assessment of the process malignancy.
Microsatellite instability and characteristics of endometrial cancer
73 - 77
The features of the clinical course of endometrial cancer were investigated considering genetic and pathological characteristics of the tumor. The presence of microsatellite instability is a common disorder in patients with endometrioid forms; its increase occurs in perimenopause. This can be used as a prognostic factor.
Improvement of quality of life in patients with pain syndromes and dysphagia of various etiology
78 - 85
The article assesses the dynamics of the quality of life in patients with pain syndrome and dysphagia against a background of neurological pathology as well as battle combined cranial and maxillofacial trauma at the traditional therapy with addition of moviksikam ODT. The therapeutic effect of different degree was observed in 98 % of patients as a significant regression of the pain intensity, and, consequently, the degree of motor function restriction. Quality of life in all cases had a positive dynamics, which influenced both the physical and psychological adaptation of the patients.
Prognosis of the risk of long−term disability prolongation at traumatic brain injury
86 - 88
The authors describe a predictive scale for evaluating 15 indicators allowing prediction of disability prolongation in a long−term period of traumatic brain injury with 91,0 % accuracy. The use of the scale facilitates identification of the patients with a high and very high risk of disability prolongation to optimize the treatment strategy and prevention.
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