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№1' 2016


European Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cardiology 2015
5 - 10
The review presents the main provisions of 5 clinical practice guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology published in 2015. The focus is on the changes introduced in the new version of the guidelines.
Silent myocardium ischemia: contemporary view on the problem
11 - 16
The questions of pathogenesis, diagnosis, clinical and prognostic significance of silent myocardial ischemia in selected groups of patients are discussed. Particular attention is paid to the problem of silent myocardial ischemia in acute coronary syndrome (ACS), its possible causes and up−to−date methods of detection. The necessity of 12−lead ECG telemonitoring in the intensive care unit in patients with ACS for the timely correction of the tactics and treatment of patients is specified.
Diagnostic approaches to gluсometabolic categories verification: views evolution
17 - 20
The article presents the basic statistical and epidemiological data on the prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes, and forecasts for the growth of these conditions. Different classification approaches to the diagnosis of glucose tolerance disorders and diabetes mellitus are presented. The rationale for the inclusion of indicators of glycosylated hemoglobin in the diagnosis of carbohydrate status disorders in patients with prediabetes/diabetes is given. Verification criteria for high risk of diabetes development determining are presented.
Structural and functional state of the myocardium in patients with hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
21 - 26
The review presents the data about the peculiarities of development of chronic heart failure in patients with hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The modern echocardiographic methods for diagnosis of heart failure in these patients are featured.
The use of alpha−lipoic acid in patients with chronic acalculous cholecystitis in combination with coronary artery disease
27 - 29
The capabilities of alpha−lipoic acid in patients with chronic acalculous cholecystitis in combination with coronary artery disease are discussed. Administration of Espa−lipon in these patients reduced the activity of lipid peroxidation and increased the activity of antioxidant protection system.
Minimally invasive techniques in surgical treatment for varicose veins of lower extremities
30 - 34
The long−term results of duplex ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy in 139 patients with primary varicose veins of the lower extremities in the stage of chronic venous insufficiency were investigated. Clinical effect of initial treatment was achieved in 86.7 %, after repeated correction − in 97.8 % of cases.
Surgical treatment of pelvic tumors with invasion of the vascular formations
35 - 37
The results of surgical treatment of 21 patients with locally advanced pelvic tumors are presented. Active surgical tactics aimed at radical treatment, even at the large vessels involvement by the tumor, allows preventing further progress of the disease, thus prolonging the life of the patients.
Dynamics of reparative processes in planar skin wounds at local application of ointments based on a concentrate of canned antlers
38 - 41
Wound healing activity of ointments based on a concentrate of canned antlers was investigated. In the experiment on rabbits each animal was inflicted a planar wound. The influence of the drugs on the wound healing was assessed by planimetric method assessment of the investigation findings allowed to conclude that ointments based on concentrate of canned antlers produce a regenerating effect, their use can improve the efficiency and reduce the time of treatment of wounds.
Effects of infectious factors and citokines on perinatal morbidity and mortality in preterm infants
42 - 48
The pathogenesis, diagnosis and ways of correction and prevention of perinatal complications in premature labor against a background of preterm rupture of membranes is presented based on a comprehensive investigation of women and their newborns. It is shown that the basis of pathological changes are infectious agents, immunological changes and endothelial dysfunction, which require immunomodulation and application of medical ozone in addition to antibiotic therapy.
The condition of immune factors and cytokines at placental insufficiency
48 - 51
The features of cytokine production and the state of the immunological system of the mother were investigated in placental insufficiency. It was established that the cardinal signs of placental insufficiency development were maximal elevation of tumor necrosis factor (TNF−α), increased formation of antibodies to tissue factor and decreased levels of IgM in maternal and umbilical blood.
The characteristics of postoperative adhesion formation in patients with tubal pregnancy
51 - 55
This review covers the questions of tubal pregnancy. The causes, pathogenesis of adhesion formation and the frequency of its development after laparotomy and laparoscopic surgery are described. The impact of salpingectomy on the subsequent ovarian function and the quality of life of patients is featured. Anticommissural remedies, their effectiveness and disadvantages are described; development of new approaches to surgical treatment and prevention of adhesions during the surgery and in early postoperative period is substantiated.
Recurrent pulmonary edema in patients with renal artery stenosis (Pickering syndrome)
56 - 60
This review analyzes the literature published over the last 20 years, which discusses the pathoge−nesis, diagnosis and treatment of patients with Pickering syndrome developing pulmonary edema at bilateral renal artery stenosis.
The experience of complex treatment for pain syndrome against a background of dysphagia
61 - 67
The article reviews the experience of applying Movixicam(r) ODT in the treatment of pain syndrome in 77 patients with pain syndrome of various origin against a background of dysphagia. A positive therapeutic effects of varying degrees was observed in 98 % of cases in the form of a considerable decrease in the pain intensity, which meant a higher degree of the motor function. The convenience of oral disperse form of meloxicam expands the range of its application even in the patients with swallowing disorders.
Heritary polyneuropathy as a factor of statokinetic disorders in early−age children
68 - 72
The etiology, pathogenesis, clinical features and diagnosis of different forms of hereditary polyneuropathies were discussed in the article. The role of hereditary polyneuropathy in statokinetic development retardation in the early childhood is emphasized.
Medico−psychological management of persons with acute disorders of mental state and behavior
73 - 80
The contemporary data about psychogenic mental disorders observed during and immediately after emergencies are presented. Four groups of such disorders, i. e. non−pathological (physiological) reactions, pathological reactions, neurotic and reactive psychotic states were distinguished. In the late period the victims of emergencies develop posttraumatic stress reactions or chronic personality disorders after catastrophic events.
Local hypothermia in treatment of vasomotor rhinitis
81 - 86
Local hypothermia was used in the combined treatment of vasomotor rhinitis in 32 patients. The original device developed by the authors was equipped with automatic regulation of the heat−transfer medium temperature, which fully controlled the process of entering the preset mode of cooling, strictly maintaining this temperature level during the entire period of operation. The results of treatment in this group of patients were significantly better than in patients who received only conservative therapy.
Pharmacogenomics of antiretroviral drugs, genetic therapy against HIV infection and genome edition
87 - 97
Application of phramcogenomics of antiretroviral drugs and genetic therapy to optimize the treatment for HIV infection are featured. Anti−HIV agents based on different kinds of RNA (ribozymes, antisense RNA, RNA aptamers, RNA decoys, small interfering RNA) and protein agents (RevM10, intracellular antibodies and intrakines) are described.
The capabilities of computed tomography and ultrasonography in diagnosis of pancreatic invasion in gastric cancer
98 - 100
The paper presents the capabilities of spiral computed tomography and ultrasonography in the common form of cancer of the stomach and dissemination of the tumor beyond the serous membrane. The characteristics of the gastric tumor invasion into the pancreas are described. The technique investigation as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these methods in this disease are shown.
The capabilities of radiodisgnosis in cervical osteochondrosis in adolescents
100 - 104
The questions of pathogenesis of the cervical spine osteochondrosis in adolescence as well as capabilities of radiography, magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasonography with high−frequency transducers in its diagnosis are discussed.
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