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№2' 2006


The objective equivalent of patient's complaints in chronic heart failure
6 - 10
The authors suggest to use six−minute walking test with quantitative parameter measurement as an objective equivalent of subjective symptoms. The heart rate recovery time after the exercise can provide an objective assessment of the symptoms.
Substernal pain: differential diagnosis and treatment
11 - 14
The data about the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of common in clinical practice diseases manifesting by substernal pain as well as recommendations about the treatment are reported.
Myocardium remodeling mechanisms in arterial hypertension
15 - 18
The literature data and the original findings about the role of dysbalance in the factors regulating anticellular matrix collagen accumulation during hypertensive myocardium remodeling are presented.
Spouse conflicts and ways to resolve them
19 - 23
The causes, development mechanisms and character of destructive spouse conflicts as well as the wrong ways to resolve them are discussed. The association of conflicts and spouse deadaptaion development is shown.
Psychological protective mechanisms in married couple deadaptation
24 - 26
Psychological protective mechanisms in spouse deadaptation with sexual dysfunction in one spouse are discussed. A complex combination of adaptive tactics at one leading protective mechanism is shown.
Clinical−psychological features of bipolar affective disorders in women
27 - 29
The findings of the study of clinical psychological features of bipolar affective disorders in women are described from a new perspective, i. e. investigation of personality features in the patients.
Forming spouse deadaptation in sexual phobic neurosis in the husband
30 - 31
The causes, conditions of forming and clinical manifestations of secondary spouse deadaptation in sexual phobic neurosis in the husband are described. The role of biogenic, sociogenic and negative mental factors in the development of spouse deadaptation associated with this form of a sexual disorder is shown.
Psychotherapy of sexual−role deadaptation in a married couple at personality organic disorders in the husband
32 - 35
Sexual−role behavior in men with organic personality disorders and their role in development of sexual−role spouse deadaptation are discussed. The original system of psychotherapy is described; its high efficacy is shown.
The new international classification of headaches: what is important for practice?
36 - 42
The authors make a review of the renewed IHS (International Headache Society) classification, in which special attention is paid to primary headaches and the approaches to the diagnosis of headache. The changes in ICHD−2 (International Classification of Headache Disorders) important for many medical specialties, particularly neurologists specializing in headache treatment, are shown.
Neurophysiological correlates of emotional−personality and behavioral disorders in teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction
43 - 48
The findings of brain functional activity investigation in teenagers with cerebral dysfunction as well as emotional, personality, behavioral disorders are reported. Neurophysiological correlates of the character and behavior changes in teen−agers were revealed.
Sexual dysfunction peculiarities in men with early stages of hypertension encephalopathy
49 - 51
The findings about development mechanisms and clinical features of sexual dysfunction in men with hypertension encephalopathy as well as risk factors of hypertension encephalopathy formation are presented.
The character of clinical course of acute epiglottitis and accompanying ENT pathology
52 - 55
The analysis of acute epiglottitis and accompanying ENT pathology was done. The character of the clinical course of this disease in adults was determined.
Some immunity parameters in chronic rhinosinusitis against a background of Chlamydia infection
56 - 59
The role of T−helper (CD4+) deficiency and increased T−suppressor/cytotoxic (CD8+) level in immune insufficiency development in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and Chlamydia infection was determined. The author concludes about the necessity of immunological monitoring for evaluation of the efficacy of complex treatment and relapse prevention.
Enzyme therapy for alimentary tract diseases
60 - 65
The causes and mechanisms of digestive disorders are shown. The necessity of a differentiated approach to enzyme therapy administration is emphasized. Daily doses and optimal terms of treatment are substantiated.
Metabolic disorders at combination of post−cholecystectomy syndrome and hypertension disease
66 - 69
It is shown that in patients with post−cholecystectomy syndrome and hypertension disease, obesity and insulin resistance develop frequently; the changes in lipid metabolism aggravate. It is concluded that metabolic shifts in these patients can be considered precursors of metabolic syndrome development.
The technique for right hemicolectomy using laparoscopic technologies
70 - 76
The technique of laparoscopically−assisted right hemicolectomy for cancer of the right half of the colon is described. The evolution of opinions about the correctness of trocar placement is presented. The technical aspects, order of stages of laparoscopic interventions depending on the size and location of the primary tumor are described in detail.
An experience of complex treatment for anaerobic paraproctitis
77 - 81
A 18−year experience of complex treatment for anaerobic paraproctitis is featured. The methods of the intervention are described. Statistically significant risk factors of an unfavorable course of the disease were established.
Contemporary capabilities of chemotherapy for lung cancer
82 - 86
A brief review of development of lung cancer chemotherapy techniques, up−to−date data about the efficacy of various drugs, the findings of multi−center randomized studies are presented. The techniques, results and prospects of endolymphatic and regional intra−arterial polychemotherapy for lung cancer are featured. The recommendations on the clinical administration of these drugs are given.
Congenital development anomalies in sibs of children with acute leukemia
87 - 89
The clinical genealogical investigation revealed a tendency to increase in the number of congenital development anomalies in sibs in families with oncological diseases. The authors conclude about the necessity of clinical genealogical counseling as a part of medical genetic counseling of the families with children having congenital development anomalies.
Contemporary combination therapy for herpetic infections
90 - 93
The traditional therapy for herpes infections with the use of anti−viral drugs as well as combination therapy using interferon−alpha and endogenic interferon inducers are discussed.
Tick−borne encephalitis
94 - 98
Contemporary data about tick−borne encephalitis, its etiology, epidemiology, clinical varieties of the course are presented. The peculiarities of the disease pathogenesis are shown. The principles of treatment and prevention of the infection are discussed.
A recent trend in diagnosis of cervical spine degenerative diseases
99 - 101
The capabilities of radiodiagnosis (radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography) in cervical spine pathology are discussed. Pathological changes developing in various structures of the cervical spine at their overload are described. The advantages of ultrasonography are emphasized.
Current opinions about ultrasound diagnosis of internal endometriosis
102 - 105
This paper reviews the data on the use of different techniques of endometriosis diagnosis. The advantages and high informativity of transvaginal ultrasonography are demonstrated. Ultrasonography criteria of different stages of endometriosis are described. Association of endometriosis and thyroid and breast pathology is demonstrated.
Up−to−date aspects of laser therapy
106 - 110
Up−to−date aspects of laser therapy, contraindications, methods to improve the efficacy are discussed.
Radiation therapy for liver metastases
111 - 114
The efficacy of various methods of radiation therapy with the use of radiosensitizing for liver metastases is discussed. Its efficacy is shown. The author concludes about the possibility to use it when chemotherapy is contraindicated.
Treatment of choledocholithiasis complicated with mechanical jaundice using Espa−lipon
115 - 117
Therapeutic efficacy of Espa−lipon 600 at surgical treatment for choledocholithiasis complicated with mechanical jaundice is shown.
Some questions of diagnosis and treatment of Chlamydia pneumonia in children
117 - 119
The peculiarities of the case history and clinical course of Chlamydia pneumonia in children are featured. High therapeutic efficacy of Azivok in complex therapy for Chlamydia pneumonia is shown.
Bro−zedex in treatment of respiratory diseases in children
120 - 122
Efficacy of Bro−zedex syrup in treatment of respiratory diseases in children was investigated. Bro−zedex was established to promote more rapid control of the signs of the disease when compared with the traditionally used drug Bromhexin.
4th Russian Congress on Medical Mycology
123 - 124
Important issues of obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology
125 - 127
Foundation of Women's Medical Institute by Kharkiv Medical Society
128 - 132
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