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№4' 2020



Dynamics of functional state of kidneys in patients with resistant hypertension and chronic kidney disease according to long−term follow−up
5 - 11
The dynamics of functional state of kidneys in the patients with resistant hypetension and chronic kidney disease with long−term follow−up was studied. Independent predictors of improved renal function in such patients were identified: higher baseline creatinine and corresponding lower glomerular filtration rate, lower concentrations of interleukin−6, active renin and potassium in blood plasma.
Blood pressure, hypochondria and depression: mathematical models of relationship
12 - 20
The developed mathematical models of the relationship between systolic blood pressure and psychological indices of hypochondria and depression have been described. These models, methods and software allowed the creation of an information technology to support decision−making for the diagnosis of nosogeny and the choice of treatment tactics for the patients with hypertension.
Pathogenetic role of myocardial fibrosis: focus on extracellular matrix
21 - 24
The review presents data on the role of extracellular matrix in development of myocardial fibrosis in the context of developing diastolic dysfunction in the patients with high blood pressure. The main structures and functions of extracellular matrix of myocardium, its cellular components have been highlighted. The formation of different types of myocardial fibrosis has been considered.
Osteomyelitis of sternum: diagnosis and surgical treatment
25 - 28
The data of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics of the patients with the sternum osteomyelitis, the results of their treatment by means of vacuum therapy and open method have been presented. Diagnosis was verified by a multispiral computed tomography. Ultrasound showed better results to control the cleaning and healing of sternotomy wounds.
Prevention of intraoperative complications in patients with acute aortic syndrome
29 - 32
The results of practical application of the algorithm of diagnostic and therapeutic measures aimed at reducing the number and severity of intraoperative complications in the patients with an acute aortic syndrome have been analyzed. The importance of autohemotransfusion when treating the patients with massive blood loss has been established.
Short−term results in patients with refractory angina treatment using stem cells
33 - 37
The effectiveness of intravenous autologous mesenchymal stem cells in treatment of the patients with refractory angina complicated with a reduced pumping function of the heart has been studied. The direct results of cardiomyoplasty by stem cells have been presented. An improvement in the pumping function of heart and the quality of life of the patients was observed.
Combined treatment of patients with endometrial cancer I−II (Т1−2N0M0) taking into account the level of expression of molecular biological tumor markers
38 - 41
The results of a combined treatment of the patients with stage I−II endometrial cancer (Т1−2N0M0) using individual adjuvant therapy protocols have been presented. It has been noted that the selection of a group of patients at increased risk of the disease recurrence on the basis of a set of indices and the range of their total value allows the selection of an adequate protocol of adjuvant therapy.
Modern aspects of reproductive function recovery in patients underwent surgery for tubal pregnancy
42 - 46
The results of experimental and clinical studies performed to improve the effectiveness of reproductive health in the women with advanced tubal pregnancy have been presented. New approaches to improving the methods of recovering the reproductive function of the patients by means of endoscopy, anti−adhesive drugs, placental cryoextract, physiotherapy as well as assisted reproductive technologies have been developed.
Pharmacological treatment of autism spectrum disorders: directions and prospects
47 - 54
A review of the modern published reports on psychopharmacological drugs used in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders and comorbid conditions has been presented. Pharmacological treatment includes atypical antipsychotics, antidepressants, psychostimulants and alpha−2 adrenergic receptor agonists, which partially alleviate the main symptoms of autism or eliminate the manifestations of concomitant diseases.
Clinical and pathogenetic features of mild traumatic brain injury distant period
55 - 59
The results of the examination of the patients who suffered a mild traumatic brain injury 1−5 years ago have been presented. Patients underwent clinical, neurological, neuropsychological and biochemical studies, the data of which confirm that such an injury most often affects the brain mid−stem structures. This was clinically manifested with asthenic, autonomic and neurocognitive disorders. The dynamics of serum neuroplasticity (BDNF, beta−NGF) and apoptosis promoters (Bcl−2) may be an indirect sign of activation of compensatory−restorative processes observed in a distant period and this evidences the correct choice of therapeutic effect.
Features of myofascial pain syndrome of cervical localization in young patients with forward head posture
60 - 62
The results of the study of the features of myofascial pain syndrome of cervical localization in young patients with forward head posture have been presented. These patients were found to have a greater number of muscle groups involved into pathological process, as well as a greater severity of pain and negative impact of cervicalgia on daily life if compared with the patients with a neutral head posture.
Analysis of effectiveness of specialized otolaryngological care to children of metropolis as exemplified by the city of Kharkiv
63 - 71
The indices of the availability of medical resources and effectiveness of their use to provide a specialized otolaryngological care to children in the metropolis on the example of Kharkiv were comparatively analyzed. It is established that with sufficient resources and their active use, the number of visits to otolaryngologists at the outpatient clinic decreases, the share of children with ear and mastoid process diseases discharged from the hospital reduces, the level of professional examination of children with hearing loss declines. Such trends were accompanied with an increased disability rates for the diseases of ear and mastoid process as well as deafness, mainly at the age of 3−6 years.
International severe warning requirements and smart decisions in choice tactics for fluoroquinolones
72 - 75
Fluoroquinolones occupy one of the leading places when using worldwide. However, the range of adverse reactions at post−marketing levels is expanding, that requires attention and restrictions. The specified list of adverse reactions in the instructions for the drugs is supplemented by a great attention to disorders of the nervous system, joints and the risk of rupture of aortic aneurysm. Additional indications comprise: elderly patients, previous history of reactions to fluoroquinolones, renal or joint dysfunction, interaction with glucocorticoids. These limitations must be taken into account by physicians in daily practice.
Main predictors of coronavirus disease severity prognosis
76 - 82
Changes in clinical and laboratory parameters in various severities of COVID−19, features of its pathogenesis in comparison with other acute respiratory viral diseases have been described. The main modern methods of coronavirus disease diagnosis and interpretation of their results have been considered. An algorithm for examining the patients with suspected COVID−19 depending on the disease severity has been presented. The need for quantitative diagnostics by polymerase chain reaction on SARS−CoV−2 RNA to improve the control over the virus elimination from the upper respiratory tract and effectiveness of treatment has been shown.
Role of ultrasonography in diagnosis of spinal stenosis with lumbar osteochondrosis
83 - 88
Data on the ultrasonography options in diagnosis of spinal stenosis in lumbar osteochondrosis have been presented. Qualitative and quantitative parameters of changes in the lumbar intervertebral discs, central vertebral canal and spinal nerve canal depending on the severity of stenosis were determined.
Comparative characteristics of influence of risk factors on subjective assessment of schoolchildren's health
89 - 93
The main elements of the daily routine of middle schoolers have been considered. Their influence on the formation of pathological conditions according to the screening survey was evaluated. The most significant risk factors for non−compliance with the basics of a healthy lifestyle from the standpoint of the formation of diseases in schoolchildren have been identified.
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