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№4' 2012


Narrative interview at investigation of schizophrenia internal picture history (clinical psychological aspects)
6 - 10
The peculiarities of clinical narrative interview as a significant method in psychodagnosis of the disease inner picture (DIP) in the history of patients with schizophrenia are presented. Complex psychoanamnestic, psychodiagnostic, pathopersonological investigation of patients with paranoid schizophrenia was performed. The strategies and tactics of narrative interview with the purpose to reveal DIP peculiarities were formulated.
Peculiarities of psychosocial rehabilitation of the patients with pneumoconiosis at the out−patient stage of treatment
11 - 15
The general requirements to organization of psychosocial rehabilitation of the patients with pneumoconiosis at the out−patient stage of treatment are formulated. Integrated therapeutic complex including modern methods of psychotherapy in combination with information and biological therapy, which promote working−out socially appropriate life stereotype of the patients and correction of mental disorders, was worked out. It was established that adequate systemic treatment with optimum doses of drugs at out−patient stage allowed to obtain stable remissions of the disease in 46,3 % of the patients within 6−12 months.
Correlation of cognitive disorders in patients with vascular cerebral disorders
16 - 21
The principles of cognitive disorders correction in patients with cerebral vascular disorders are featured. The efficacy of action memantine hydrochloride on cognitive functions, every−day activity, emotional and somatic state was proven. Its administration to the patients with this pathology is recommended.
Modern ideas about idiopathic inflammatory polyneuropathies
22 - 27
Main information about the etiology, pathogenesis, and clinical manifestations of idiopathic inflammatory polyneuopathies is reported. The up−to−date classification is presented. The problems of laboratory and instrumental diagnosis as well as differential diagnosis are featured. Pathogenetic treatment of this disease using immunotherapy and systemic plasmopheresis is recommended from the perspective of evidence−based medicine.
European Cardiology Society Congress (Munich, 2012)
28 - 36
Six new European recommendations on treatments of cardiovascular diseases are characterized. The reports about scientific sessions Hot Line, Clinical Trial, and Registry Update of European Cardiology Society Congress 2012 are presented.
The peculiarities of management of the patients with arterial hypertension in combination with diabetes mellitus
37 - 42
The peculiarities of management of the patients with combined pathology (arterial hypertension and type 2 diabetes mellitus) are discussed using the recent literature data. It is shown that the major requirement to the tactics of management of such patients is individual approach to the choice of antihypertensive drugs as well as hypolipidemic and sugar−reducing remedies with obligatory use of non−medicinal interventions.
The changes in the level of cytokines, glomerotubular markers, cardiohemodynamics in chronic heart failure and its combination with kidney disease
43 - 48
The differences in clinical characteristics, parameters of glomerular and canalicular components of kidney function, activity of cytokinogenase and parameters of cardiohemodyncamics were determined depending on the presence of kidney failure in patients with chronic heart failure and chronic heart failure in combination with kidney disease. Parallel dynamics of activation of TNF−α, TGF−β1 and parameters of glomerulotubular dysfunction, which progress is associated with additional activation of cytokine formation, can influence negatively the structure and function of the kidneys.
Influence of prevention of thromboembolic complications on the course of post−operative period in gerontological patients with multiple injuries
49 - 52
The indices of homeostasis links against a background of administration of various anticoagulants in a complex of intensive therapy in 62 elderly patients with multiple injuries were investigated. It was revealed that administration of pentosan polysulfate with the purpose of prevention of thromboembolic complications in the early post−operative period in gerontological patients promoted earlier restoration of homeostasis parameters and reduction of thromboembolic complications level.
Habitual spontaneous abortion
53 - 57
The etiology and pathogenesis of habitual spontaneous abortion as well as diagnosis, methods of modern treatment of these conditions and prevention of miscarriage are shown.
Assessment of ovarian reserve criteria in diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome
58 - 61
Secretion of anti−Mullerian hormone, ovary volume, and the number of antral follicles were investigated in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (POS), tubular peritoneal infertility, and in healthy women. Dependence of the investigated parameters on the state of the reproduction system was established. Significance of anti−Mullerian hormone as a diagnostic criterion of POS is shown.
Cutaneofascial flap of the shin on the posteromedial shinsurface with double axial vascular supply on a distal pedicle for reconstruction of defects of shin and foot
62 - 66
Anatomical substantiation, surgical technique of separation of the flap, the measures on increase of the flap viability as well as the first experience of plastic surgery with the skin flap on the posteromedial surface of the shin on a distal supplying pedicle with a double axial vascular supply (a. superficialis sure dedialis and rami perforantes arteria tibialis posterior) are presented. This flap was successfully used in 6 patients for treatment of long healing wounds of the shin and foot.
The peculiarities of changes of some homeostasis parameters in patients with acute pleural empyema with consideation of application of ultra−high frequency irradiation
67 - 70
The changes in the main systems of homeostasis were investigated in patients with acute pleural empyema at application of ultra−high frequency irradiation. More rapid normalization of cardiorespiratory indices, those of coagulation system and immunological data as well as more rapid reduction in the level of endogenic intoxication against a background of the treatment were noted.
Pathophysiological entity of cellulomolecular mechanisms of development of osteoporosis and atherosclerosis of vessels
71 - 78
Up−to−date literature data about cellulomolecular mechanisms of the pathogenesis of osteoporosis and vascular calcification (atherosclerosis) are presented featuring the role of RANKL−RANK−OPG−cytokine system in these processes. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of development of osteoporosis and atherosclerosis, which allowed to work out a new drug Denosumab for treatment of these diseases, are shown.
Osteoarthrosis, arterial hypertendion, and obesity: comorbidity problem
78 - 81
The data of contemporary investigations of Ukrainian and foreign scientists about the prevalence of combined pathology (osteoarthrosis with arterial hypertension and obesity) are presented.
The use of hormone therapy at atypical endometria hyperplasia in patients with microsatellite instability and ESR gene methylation
82 - 86
The efficacy of hormone therapy depending on the age, presence of microsatellite instability (MSI) and ESR gene methylation was investigated in 67 patients with atypical endometrial hyperpalsia. It was shown that irrespective of the age, efficacy of standard hormone therapy significantly reduced at diagnosis of MSI, ESR hormone methylation and their combination, which requires timely correction of the therapy or the use of more radical treatment methods.
Treatment of patients with kidney cancer metastases to the lungs
87 - 89
The results of treatment and long−term observation of 16 patients with kidney cancer metastases to the lungs, who were performed various operations on the lungs (lobectomy, atypical resection or throracoscopic metastasectomy) are reported. It is shown that palliative nephrectomy and operative removal of the metastases to the lungs allowed to prolong the life of the patents and cure some of then. The use of target therapy and, when not possible, immunotherapy improved the results of surgical treatment.
Experience of complex use of testosterone and L−arginin in young men with sexual dysfunctions and androgenodeficiency
90 - 93
The experience of complex use of testorerone gel and L−arginin containing datary supplement in young men with sexual dysfunctions and androgenodeficiency is presented. It was established that this therapy for a month of cases resulted in normalization of the state of erectile function, libido and duration of the sexual act in the majority, and can be recommended to young men with androgenodeficiency.
The state of reproductive system in men with infertility and subclinical hypothyroidism
94 - 96
It was determined that infertile men with subclinical hypothyroidism demonstrated reduced mean parameters of blood testosterone level. It was shown that formation of testicular dysfunction in them occurred by the type of normogonadotropic hypogonadism. Disorders of fertilization capability of the sperm at subclinical hypothyridism are due to reduction of the number of motile and vital spermatozoa.
Barrett's esophagus
97 - 105
Main questions of pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of Barrett's esophagus are featured. The necessity of prolonged dynamic observation of the patients with Barrett's esophagus is emphasized due to its complicated symptoms.
The analysis of genotypic variants of CY2C9 gene polymorphism in Uzbek population
106 - 109
Genotypic combinations of polymorphic variants of 430C > T and 1075A > C gene cytochrome P450 CYP2C9 was analyzed in patients with chronic hepatitis B and in conventionally healthy persons of Uzbek population. It is shown that polymorphic variants 430C > T (Argl44Cys) and 1075A > C (Ile359Leu) of gene CYP2C9 in Uzbekistan have populational peculiarities. By prevalence, the obtained data are closer to those of Asian population, significantly differing from those of European population.
The problems, achievements, and prospects of dermatovenereology and cosmetology (by materials of XII Russian Congress of Dermatovenereologists and Cosmetologists)
110 - 112
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