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№4' 2015


Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (London, 2015): results of the most important clinical trials
5 - 12
A report on all six scientific sessions Hot Line of the Congress of European Society of Cardiology in 2015, dedicated to acute myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation / pacing, diabetes mellitus / pharmacology, hypertension, heart failure, coronary artery disease is presented.
The content of procalcitonin and galectin−3 in the blood of patients with community−acquired pneumonia and concomitant chronic heart failure and without it
13 - 16
The blood content of biomarkers, procalcitonin and galectin−3, in patients with community−acquired pneumonia with concomitant chronic heart failure and without it was determined. Procalcitonin is used to assess the likelihood of bacterial activity and substantiation of prescribing antibiotics, and galectin−3 to predict the outcomes in patients with chronic heart failure. It is noted that blood plasma galectin−3 concentration in patients did not correlate with the functional class of CHF.
The role of cytokine in differential diagnosis and treatment optimization at community acquired pneumonia in patients with diabetes mellitus
17 - 19
The role of endogenous polypotent regulators (cytokines) is the search for the ways to optimize the diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia in patients with diabetes mellitus was discussed. The adverse factors influencing the course of the disease were identified to improve the level of health care to such patients.
A clinical case of hyper−IgE syndrome
20 - 23
A case of hyper−IgE syndrome (Job syndrome) in a preschool child is described. The literature data about the clinical peculiarities of the disease course depending on the type of inheritance and gene defect are presented.
Topical issues of diagnosis and treatment of pyelonephritis in early−age children
24 - 27
The etiological, pathogenetic and clinical peculiarities, problems of diagnosis and treatment of pyelonephritis in children aged from 1 month to 3 years were analyzed. The role of early diagnosis of pyelonephritis, individual approach to its treatment and prevention, promotion of microbiological monitoring were emphasized.
Diagnosis and treatment tactics at mediastinal neoplasia
28 - 32
The authors present the analysis of treatment of 113 patients with mediastinal tumors. Preoperative verification of the histogenetic type of the tumor, dissemination of the pathological process can determine the amount of intervention and treatment strategy. The use of allowed to reduce the amount of postoperative complications when compared with open surgery.
Formation of an artificial stomach after gastrectomy
32 - 36
The current data on the possibility of forming an artificial stomach during the recovery phase after gastrectomy are presented. These data show a decrease in the number of postgastrectomy syndromes at formation of small and large intestine reservoirs as well as the need of search for new reconstructive surgery techniques.
Modern approaches to diagnosis and treatment of cervical incompetence
37 - 41
Cervical blood flow in small vessels was studied in women at risk for cervical incompetence suggested by decrease in peripheral resistance index at three levels of cervical perfusion, namely in the descending branch of the uterine artery, peripheral and stroma areas of the cervix, as well as increased resistance to blood flow in the central area. Therefore such patients are recommended correction with biorevitalization methods by using fillers based on hyaluronic acid before pregnancy.
Auxiliary reproductive techniques in women with infertility following surgery for tubal pregnancy
42 - 46
The authors consider the efficiency of auxiliary reproductive techniques in patients with tuboperitoneal infertility after surgical treatment for tubal pregnancy. The information on usual technique of stimulation and that with melatonin, given the fact of oxidative stress in patients, which has a negative impact on in vitro fertilization and development of the embryo in future, is reported. A pro−mising method is the use of cryoextracts of placenta for its correction in the programs of reproductive techniques in patients with combined (tuboperitoneal and endocrine) infertility after surgical treatment for tubal pregnancy.
Immunity state in fertile women with chronic recurrent vaginal candidiasis
47 - 49
The parameters of local and systemic immunity were analyzed in women with chronic recurrent vaginal candidiasis. These findings suggest the presence of imbalance of immunoregulatory mechanisms regulating anti−infection protection of the genital tract, which is responsible for chronic recurrent course of vaginal candidiasis and results in reduction of the overall immunoreactivity of the orga−nism in women.
Investigation of stress−strain state in femur model with the appliance for distal defect replacement
50 - 56
Using mathematical simulation the authors determined stress−strain states in the system implant − femur. Analysis of the experimental findings allowed determining the most optimal relationship in the design of this implant depending on the length of resection of the distal femur.
The results of surgical treatment for shoulder instability accompanied by Hill−Sachs lesions
57 - 60
The results of surgical treatment for shoulder instability accompanied by Hill−Sachs injury showed that the type of surgery, determined by the size of the defect of the humeral head, allows obtaining the best result in the postoperative period compared with the methods which do not take into account the defect size.
Prospects of the use of molecular markers in cancer of ovaries
61 - 65
The findings of investigation of molecular−biological markers p53, Bcl2, Ki−67, VEGF are presented. Their investigation gives valuable information about development of cancer of ovaries, aggressiveness of its course and efficiency of the medicinal therapy.
The effectiveness of adjuvant chemoradiotherapy in patients with non−small−cell lung cancer
65 - 68
The author presents the results of various combinations of main methods of treatment for stage 3A non−small−cell lung cancer. The advantages and disadvantages of neoadjuvant chemotherapy are assessed. A new scheme of postoperative chemoradiotherapy is proposed. Pathomorphism and VEGF levels in the study groups are evaluated. The basic complications are described; two−year survival rate, depending on the treatment protocol, are given.
Prospects of mesenchymal stromal cells application in prevention and therapy for diabetic retinopathy
69 - 71
The prospects of mesenchymal stromal cells application with systemic and inravitreal administration in treatment of experimental diabetic retinopathy. The findings of the research can be used to prevent vision loss in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Clinical analysis of fatal outcome due to influenza A (H1N1)pdm complicated by pneumonia caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae in the post−pandemic period during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
72 - 77
The authors analyze fatal outcome in a patient without main risk factors who developed pneumonia against a background of influenza A (H1N1)pdm possibly caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae in the post−pandemic period. Differential diagnosis of community−acquired, nosocomial pneumonia and ARDS, questions of treatment and survival were discussed. Pathogenetic model of pneumonia development was suggested.
Pathogenetic role of infusion component in traumatic disease in geriatric patients
78 - 83
A prospective study of clinical and pathogenetic peculiarities of traumatic disease in 92 geriatric patients with multiple trauma was performed. Clinical and pathogenetic aspects of endothelial function disorders in the structure of the pathogenesis of traumatic disease in these patients were determined. HES 200/0,5 6 % was defined as infusion solution with maximum endothelioprotective properties.
Correction of postoperative cognitive dysfunction in geriatric patients after surgery
84 - 87
The results of correction of postoperative cognitive dysfunction in patients of elderly and old age with surgical abdominal pathology who underwent urgent surgery under general anesthesia with sodium thiopental and artificial lung ventilation are presented. It was revealed that under the influence of Thiocetam and Cytoflavin recovery of cognitive functions is faster, that is on day 5 of the postoperative period. Later the state of cognitive function improves and on day 30 significantly exceeds the initial level, and the action of Cytoflavin is more pronounced.
The choice of drugs for analgesia in geriatric patients with polytrauma
88 - 91
Effectiveness of morphine, Nalbuphine and Infulgan analgesia was investigated in 89 geriatric patients with polytrauma without brain injury. Pain intensity, glycemia, cortisolemia, interleukins 6 and 8 (IL−6, IL−8) were studied. Direct correlation with the number of points on scales ISS and APACHE−II was revealed. Infulgan reduced the levels of IL−6 and IL−8 involved in the occurrence of pain, therefore affected the pathogenesis of pain.
Laboratory diagnosis of liver disease in persons working at exposure to chemical substances
92 - 96
The article describes laboratory syndromes characteristic for liver disease at occupational exposure to chemicals with general toxic effect and selective hepatotoxicity. Hepatotoxins may have both a direct damaging effect and indirect one due to preliminary biotransformation. Development of the pathological process in the liver depends on the nature of the chemical, duration of exposure, individual sensitivity of the organism.
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