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Systemic approach to health risk factors as a reserve to improve the quality and prolonging the life in people
6 - 11
Frequency of illness in servicemen in the Armed Forces of Ukraine
12 - 15
Cardiovascular and other chronic non−infectious diseases: situation and possibilities of prevention in Russia
16 - 21
The causes of sharp fluctuations in the morbidity in Russia at the end of the 20th century, namely high levels of traditional risk factors, are described. The obstacles, which make difficult an effective prevention of cardiovascular and other non−infectious diseases, as well as the ways to overcome them are discussed.
Nuerocirculatory dystonia
22 - 27
Modern ideas about the pathogenesis and clinical picture of neurocirculatory dystonia are reviewed, its definition is suggested. The methods of objective diagnosis and varieties of therapeutic tactics are described.
Pulmonary hypertension in diagnosis of diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy
28 - 30
The findings of echocardiography were used to reveal interrelation between the degree of pulmonary hypertension and severity of diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy. Restrictive filling of the left ventricle is shown to be observed in marked pulmonary hypertension.
Gastroesophageal reflux disease: 1.Рathogenesis and clinical picture
31 - 34
Urgency of the problem of gastroesophageal reflux disease is shown. Modern ideas about its pathogenesis and clinical picture are discussed.
Peptic ulcer in children: problems and prospects
35 - 38
The present state of the problem of ulcer formation in children is featured. Age−related characteristics of the mechanisms of ulcer development, the role of Hp infection in children are shown. Epidemiological indices of ulcer in children and adults are given. A staged protocol of ulcer treatment in children and ways of the further studies are recommended.
Psychosomatic aspects of duodenal ulcer
39 - 41
The importance of the problem of psychosomatic correlations in duodenal ulcer is shown; the theories explaining the influence of psyche on the somatic state and the role of psychogenic factors in ulcerogenesis are reviewed. The author concludes about the necessity to consider psychosomatic correlations in complex therapy.
General approaches of prevention and treatment of borderline mental disorders
42 - 44
Further rapprochement of psychiatry with the other clinical sciences and gradual shifting the accents in treatment of the patients from drug therapy to psycho− and sociotherapeutic types of medical aid is shown to provide the correct understanding of the health as a uniform category and effect positively the attitude of the society to psychiatric patients, increase the level of medical, labor and social readaptation of the patients with borderline mental disorders.
Clinical picture and principles of therapy for of somatoform disorders
45 - 49
It is shown that pathomorphosis of somatogenic mental disorders cause the necessity to distinguish the groups with somatoform disorders which has been reflected in IDC 10. The author concludes about the necessity to integrate psychotherapeutic aid in general therapeutic− preventive medical establishments.
Correction of motor and behavior functions in treatment and rehabilitation of patients with schizotypical disorders
50 - 52
Behavioral methods were worked out basing of the peculiarities of non−verbal behavior of the patients with schizotypical disorders. The use of the methods in complex therapy allows to achieve more complete reduction in psychopathological signs.
Diagnosis of mental state and rehabilitation of patients with laryngeal cancer
53 - 55
The necessity of diagnosis of the mental state in ENT cancer patients is shown. The author suggests a resulting system for complex (medical, psychological, social) rehabilitation.
Sexual disorders in women with epilepsy
56 - 58
Mechanisms of development and clinical manifestations of sexual distress in women suffering from epilepsy as well as the principles and methods of their correction, which allow to achieve a high level in spouse adaptation, are shown.
Psychotherapy and psychoprophylaxis of spouse deadaptation resulting in extra−marital liaison
59 - 61
The system of psychogenetic psychotherapeutic correction of spouse deadaptation resulting in extra−marital liaison and sexually transmitted diseases is described. The recommendations on psychopophylaxis of spouse infidelity are given.
Primary erectile dysfunction of inorganic origin
62 - 65
The mechanisms of development and clinical manifestations of primary erectile dysfunction caused by social, psychological and social−psychological factors are described. The methods of pathogenetic psychororrection of each form are featured, their efficacy is shown.
Thetactics of erectile dysfunction treatment in men without a female partner
66 - 68
The importance of the issue of rendering the aid to the men with erectile dysfunction who do not have a female partner is substantiated. The author describes the original approaches to correction of the sexual health in the men and therapeutic tactics.
Systemic correction of sexual dysfunction and spouse deadaptation at prostatitis in the husband
69 - 71
The causes of spouse deadaptation in case of prostatitis in the husbant are shown. The system of complex correction which allows to achieve a high therapeutic effect is described.
Perinatology. Present state and the future
72 - 76
Basing on the generalization of many−year experience as well as the data of the literature and results of the work of Moscow Center for Family Planning and Reproduction, the author features the urgent issues of perinatology from prenatal period to postnatal health protection. The author concludes about the necessity and possibility to create the standards in the field of therapeutic measures and management tactics in complicated delivery.
Cervical ectopy: etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment
77 - 81
Up−to−date ideas about the etiology and pathogenesis of cervical ectopy are presented. The methods of diagnosis as well as surgical and conservative treatment for this pathology are described in detail.
Pyelonephritis and pregnancy
82 - 85
Modern ideas about the etiology, pathogenesis, classification, clinical manifestations and methods of treatment of pyelonephritis in pregnancy are presented.
The opinions about some disputable problems of etiopathogenesis and classification of organ−specific neoplasms on the thymus
86 - 92
The author presents modern ideas about the classification and definitions of various tumors and tumor−like formations of the thymus with the account of their morphological, genetic, immunological, hormonal indices. The factors providing tumor process development in the thymus are described.
Prevention of anastomosis failure in surgery for colon cancer
93 - 95
A new original method of plastic ileocolostomy in patients with colon cancer at right hemicolectomy is described.
Reconstructive organ−forming operations in stage IV laryngeal cancer
96 - 98
The author describes original operations of extended laryngectomy with one−stage tracheoesophageal stunting and two−stage tracheopharyngeal shunting which were successfully used for treatment of state IV laryngeal cancer.
Sternal tumors. Surgery and restoration of the chest framework
99 - 103
Urgency of the issue of differential diagnosis and surgical treatment of sternal tumors is shown. The operation and restoration of the chest framework according to Zatsepin's technique as well as its efficacy are described.
Modern ideas about the pathology and pathoanatomy of hematogenic osteomyelitis and their significance for clinical practice
104 - 108
Some data about pathological anatomy of bone disturbance foci in hematogenic osteomyelitis as well as modern ideas about the etiology, pathogenesis and morphogenesis of the disease are discussed. Some therapeutic techniques in hematogenic osteomyelitis are validated from pathological point of view.
Biomechanical substantiation of posterior spondylodesis with implanted pin apparatus in spine pathology
109 - 113
The results of simulation of posterior spondylodesis with the use of implanted pin apparatus for treatment spine diseases and injuries are reported. Biomechanical study on the physical model of the spine prove the capability to provide sufficiently reliable level of its stability.
New achievements in hormonal contraception
114 - 117
The effects of modern hormonal oral contraceptives is compared, the advantages of the most recent drugs are shown.
Antibiotics in modern chemotherapy
118 - 122
The author validated the necessity to create new antibiotics and describes the characteristics of pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics and application of new groups of preparations.
Transplantation of stem cells − a promising direction of the XXI century terapy. 2. Stem hemopoietic cells from different sources
123 - 129
The authors present an analytical literature review and the findings of the original research devoted to stem hemopoietic cells obtained from various ontogenetic sources. The prospects of their use for treatment of hemopoietic system pathology are shown.
Modern ideas about the structure, function and biological role of vascular endothelium
130 - 134
Modern ideas about the structure and functions of vascular endothelium are described. The cardiovascular studies in the recent decade are shown to form the knowledge of molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of inflammatory reactions, atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiac and renal insufficiency and appearing the idea of a new clinical form, i.e. endothelial dysfunction, which unites a wide range of cardiovascular disturbances.
In memoriam. Academician Liubov T. Malaya
135 - 136
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