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№4' 2004


The efficacy of antihypertensive therapy in X−metabolic syndrome
6 - 11
Positive influence of Moxonidine and its combinations on carbohydrate and some parameters of lipid metabolism as well as activity of angiotensin−converting enzyme were shown. Correcting effect of the drug on the cardiac rhythm variability and autonomic balance of the vegetative nervous system was established.
The use of AT1−receptor blockers in treatment of patients with arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus
12 - 14
Current opinions about the pathogenetic mechanisms of diabetic nephropathy development are given. Significance of modern therapy of this pathology and approaches to treatment of arterial hypertension accompanied by type 2 diabetes mellitus are shown.
Bronchial asthma and gastroesophageal reflux disease
15 - 20
The etiological factors and pathogenetic mechanisms as well as clinical manifestations and diagnosis of bronchial asthma accompanied by gastroesophageal reflux disease are featured. The disease treatment is described in detail.
Administration of sympathomimetics in exacerbations of bronchial asthma
21 - 27
Contemporary views on the changes of sympathomimetics and various methods of their administration in exacerbations of bronchial asthma are presented.
When should acute lung abscess be handed to the surgeon?
28 - 33
The efficacy of relatively simple and safe conservative methods of acute lung abscess treatment is shown. The data of clinicoeconomical analysis were used to substantiate the necessity of treatment of the patients with this pathology in specialized pulmonology departments.
Pathogenetic significance of immune shifts and persistent viral infection in paranoid schizophrenia
34 - 38
The findings of the investigation of the patients with various variants of dynamics of herpes simplex, cytomegalovirus and Ebstein−Barr virus antibodies allowed to establish correlation between the persisting viral infection and high resistance to standard psychotropic therapy. The authors conclude about possibility of administration of interferons and their inductors in complex treatment of schizophrenia.
Self−esteem of microsocial factors in development of neurotic disorders in women
39 - 45
The findings of the research allowed establishing high degree of dissatisfaction with the education, living conditions and marital state not depending on qualitative characteristics of these parameters in women with neurotic disorders. It is concluded that the revealed regularities should be taken into consideration during psychotherapy.
Neurological and mental disorders in children and teen−agers with diabetes mellitus. 4. Peculiarities of intellectual−cognitive sphere
46 - 50
Pathopsychological analysis of intellectual−cognitive sphere in children and teen−agers with diabetes mellitus is presented. Dependence of intellectual−mnestic function disorders on the disease duration was established.
Variants of cerebral hemodynamics after carotid endarterectomy
51 - 53
Basing on the study of intracerebral hemodynamics before and after carotid endarterectomy, regularities of its changes were revealed.
Treatment of depression disorders in poststroke patients
54 - 57
The metabolic disorders in the serotonin system, which can be a common pathogenetic link of post−stroke depression and other depressive disorders of various origin, were revealed. The efficacy of selective inhibitors of serotonin uptake in treatment of post−stroke depression as well as possibility to control it with determining blood serotonin level were shown.
Neurological disorders in chronic acquired toxoplasmosis
58 - 60
Basing on complex clinical−neurological and neurophysiological study, the authors formed new opinions and deepened the existing ones about the peculiarities of neurological disorders in chronic acquired toxoplasmosis and showed the perspectives of its successful treatment.
Primary forms of sexual dysfunction in women as a cause of spouses deadaptation and extramarital sex
61 - 64
Primary forms of sexual dysfunction in women are discussed. The causes, mechanisms of development, clinical course of these forms and the resultant secondary marital deadaptation were shown. The characteristics of extramarital sex in wives is given. The obtained data can be the basis for working out the pathogenetic system of psychotherapy and psychoprophylaxis of the studied forms of sexual disorders.
Correlation of primary and secondary sexual dysfunction and deadaptation in neurotic disorders in men
65 - 70
The problem of forming spouse deadaptation in neurotic disorders in men is featured, its urgency is shown. The regularities of primary and secondary disorders of sexual health in the studied pathology were revealed.
Current approaches to the problem of sexual dysfunction in women after surgery on sex organs
71 - 75
The analythical review of contemporary data on the studied problem and the findings of the original research which allow to establish the causes of disturbances of sexual health after hysterectomy and to develop its pathogenetic correction is presented.
Diagnosis and treatment of premenstrual disorders
76 - 81
Clinical signs of premenstrual syndrome are featured. The criteria of differential diagnosis are presented, an algorithm of diagnostic search was suggested, drug therapy is described in detail
Modern ideas about thyroid diseases in pregnant
82 - 85
Modern ideas about the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis of thyroid diseases in pregnant, and gestation period complications are reported.
Evolution of enterosorption in treatment of endotoxicosis
86 - 88
The possibility to use enterosorption in different areas of medicine are shown. Comparative characteristics of various enterosorbents and the original data about the efficacy of enteral use of pectin−containing enterosorbent in treatment of surgical endotoxicosis and intestinal insufficiency are reported.
Bacterial translocation in acute ileus depending on the methods of small bowel intubation
89 - 92
Microbiological examination of the content of the small bowel during surgery and within 4 days after it were performed. The processes of bacterial translocation and portal blood toxicity were studied. Differences in bacterial colonization of the small bowel and bacterial translocation in various types of mechanical ileus were revealed. The advantages of retrograde intubation when compared with antegrade nasogastric intubation of the small bowel were shown.
Early surgical treatment in preventive maintenance of complications of thermal injury of the hand and forearm
93 - 95
The described methodological approaches and tactics of surgical treatment for thermal injuries of the hand and forearm have allowed to prevent irreversible destruction of the deep structures of the segment, to reduce the number of complications, and eliminate the risk of deformities and contracture development.
Correlation of conservative and surgical treatment of arthrosis of the large joints
96 - 100
The original concept of the aid to the patients with arthrosis of large joints is featured. The use of operative and conservative methods of treatment was substantiated. The results of rational combination of these and other methods, in which the efficacy parameter is the quality of life, are presented.
Clinical and biochemical parallels in patients with different types of bone tumors
101 - 107
The article is devoted to the problem of differential diagnosis of bone tumors using the means of clinical biochemistry with the use of metabolism parameters of the connective tissue in biological fluids. Peculiarities of concomitant changes in biochemical parameters characteristic for each group of tumors are shown, recommendations about their diagnosis and determining malignancy depending on the findings of biochemical study were given.
Efficacy of α1−adrenoblockers in treatment of patients with prostatodynia
108 - 110
The results of the use of α1−adrenoblockers in treatment of chronic abacterial prostatitis, prostatodynia, are presented. The efficacy of administration of α1−adrenoblockers in this pathology is shown.
Some prognostic aspects of radical cystectomy with orthotopic intestinoneocystoplasty
111 - 114
Prognostic correlation of specific survival of the patients and the stage of the tumor is shown basing on the analysis of long−term results of radical cystectomy with orthotopic intestinoneocystoplasty in patients with urinary bladder cancer.
Apoptosis and cryorestoration as a basis of contemporary cytochrome therapy
115 - 118
A brief review of main directions of cytochrome therapy development is presented. The causes of higher efficacy of cytochromic therapy with the use of cryobiology technology are shown. The ability of cytochrome C to inhibit development of incurable diseases and pre−term aging of the organism was substantiated.
The ways of reforming health protection on a regional level
119 - 121
Main directions of the concept of Ukrainian public health care development at regional level are presented, perspectives of its realization are shown.
Evaluation of organization and quality of activity of centers for hygiene and epidemiology in Azerbaijan Republic according to the results of sociological investigation of the population
122 - 124
According to the results of sociology research, the advantages and disadvantages of the newly created in Azerbaijan Republic centers of hygiene and epidemiology were shown. The proposals of the respondents on improvement of the organization and quality of work of these centers are reported.
7th National Congress of Ukrainian Cardiologists
125 - 130
2nd Ukrainian Symposium "Extrapyramidal Diseases and Age"
131 - 134
Meritorious Science Worker of Ukraine professor N.B. Mankovsky is 90 years old
135 - 136
About Kharkiv ENT School
137 - 139
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