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№3' 2011


Compliance peculiarities in patients with alcohol addiction and a system of its psychocorrection
6 - 12
Compliance phenomenon is described based on dynamic psychodiagnostic investigation of 90 patients with syndrome of alcohol addiction. Its main characteristics, structure and role in the therapeutic process are determined. Various compliance levels (complete, partial, low) were distinguished. Its typology including constructive, formal, passive, symbiotic, unstable, negativistic and deficit types was created. A system of psychocorrection aimed at increase of motivation to treatment and optimization of therapeutic regimen in patients with alcohol addiction was developed, tested and introduced into practice. Its high efficacy was proven.
Nonpsychotic mental disorders and psychological factors influencing the physical state of young patients with psychosomatic diseases
13 - 17
Main principles of diagnosis of nonpsychotic mental disorders and psychological factors influencing the physical state at psychosomatic diseases in young people with peptic ulcer, bronchial asthma and arterial hypertension are featured. A high efficacy of the original psychorehabilitation programs in the structure of complex system of treatment and psychotherapy rehabilitation of the patients with psychosomatic pathology is shown.
Androgenic deficiency in men: correction of reproductive and erectile function
18 - 22
Application of natural drugs Verona and Bonjigar to treatment of men with sexual and reproductive dysfunction was investigated. It was shown that combination therapy positively influenced spermatogenesis, secretory function of the prostate gland, increased cavernous blood flow and improved the quality of sexual life in all patients.
Sexuality peculiarities in men with psoriasis
23 - 26
The results of investigation of sexuality in men and women with generalized and papular psoriasis was investigated. The role of psychosexual development disorders, motivation promotion of sexuality at systemic psychocorrection measures for sexual disorders and spouse deadaptation at psoriasis in men was determined.
Risk factors and clinical peculiarities of patients with various subtypes of ischemic stroke
27 - 32
Risk factors of atherothrombotic and other subtypes of ischemic stroke were compared. Significantly higher incidence of such risk factors as smoking, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus and acute disorders of cerebral blood flow was revealed. The clinical peculiarities and severity of various subtypes of ischemic stroke in acute and restorative period of the disease were compared.
Optimization of diagnosis and tactics of treatment of emotional−behavioral disorders in adolescents with brain dysfunction
33 - 38
Main causes, mechanisms and clinical manifestations of disorders of personality formation in adolescents with cerebral dysfunction and emotional−behavioral disorders were determined. A complex system of habilitation of the patients with this pathology allowing improvement of their treatment was worked out.
Carnitine chloride in complex therapy for functional disorders of the heart at hypoxic CNS lesions in newborns
39 - 42
The influence of 10−% solution of carnitine chloride on the functional state of the heart at hypoxicis−chemic lesions of the CNS was investigated. An effective program of therapy with this drug in children with cardiopathy and encephalopathy was worked out.
Systolic and diastolic myocardium function in teen−agers with hypothalamic syndrome of puberty
43 - 46
The changes in systolic and diastolic left ventricle myocardium function in teenagers with hypothalamic syndrome of puberty are presented. The types of diastole disorders and models of the left ventricle myocardium geometry depending on the body mass were revealed.
Angiotensin II receptor blockers: are there grounds for a wide use?
47 - 55
The efficacy and safety of treatment with angiotensin II receptor blockers is presented based on investigations of the recent decade was analyzed using the literature data. The problems of possible influence of these drugs on the risk of cancer development and myocardium infarction development are discussed.
Complicated sinusitis
56 - 59
The literature data and the original findings about the incidence of orbital complications of paranasal sinusitis are presented. Significance of periostitis in diagnosis and treatment of complicated sinusitis is shown.
Application of immunomoduators Respibron and Polyoxidonium in the practice of complications of chronic tonsillitis and chronic adenoiditis in children
60 - 64
It is shown that application of combined method of treatment including standard therapy and recommended by the authors application of immunomodulators Respibron and Polyoxidonium in children with chronic tonsillitis and chronic adenoiditis of bacterial origin resulted in significant clinical improvement and bacteriological treatment of the lymphoid tissue of the nasopharynx and can prevent exacerbation of these diseases.
Algorithm of choice of optimal physiotherapy factor in chronic obstructive lung disease at resort stage of medical rehabilitation
65 - 71
An algorithm of choice of optimal physiotherapy factor in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease at resort stage of medical rehabilitation including a scheme of consecutive actions depending on the disease stage, inflammatory process phase, the state of lipid peroxidation — antioxidant protection system and immunity was worked out and suggested. The use of the algorithm allows to improve both immediate and long−term results of resort rehabilitation, which manifests by increase of successful results of treatment by 24.1% and 16.0%/ respectively.
Monitoring of tuberculosis morbidity and efficacy of its diagnosis in clinical diagnostic laboratories of general medical network
72 - 77
Tuberculosis epidemiological situation in Ukraine is featured. The work of laboratories of the first level on diagnosis of tuberculosis in general medical network of Kharkov region is assessed. It is shown that the percentage of bacteria carriers revealed in the laboratories of general medical network among the patients remains low (0.9%), while positive changes were noted in the organization of the work of the laboratory service. The significance of the quality assurance of the performed investigations was determined.
Endothelial vasodilation assessment at labor anomalies
78 - 81
The function of endothelium was assessed at anomalies of labor activity by means of investigation of endothelial vasodilation in the test with reactive hyperemia of the brachial artery and ultrasound of high resolution. It is shown that the degree of endothelium dysfunction before delivery is a prognostic test of development of possible labor anomalies.
Thyroid gland autoimmune diseases and pregnancy
82 - 84
The modern literature data about development of autoimmune processes at thyroid gland disease in pregnant are presented.
The peculiarities of emergency surgical interventions in patients with complicated local cancer of the stomach
85 - 89
The results of operative treatment of 338 patients with complicated local cancer of the stomach were analyzed. Application of two−stage surgical tactics with non−invasive methods of hemostasis, palliative and symptomatic surgery (stage 1) followed by early delayed or planned radical surgery (stage 2) was suggested.
Treatment of post−operative anal sphincter failure
90 - 94
The results of clinical investigation of the patients with post−operative failure of anal sphincter are presented. It is shown that surgical treatment of post−operative failure of anal sphincter at individual approach to the question about the volume of intervention together with pre− and post−operative electrostimulation, therapeutic exercise therapy and drug therapy give good and satisfactory results in the majority of cases (91.6%).
Application of peritoneal dialysis as a method of uremic syndrome correction in patients with chronic kidney disease
95 - 100
Historical development of peritoneal dialysis substituting kidney function in patients with chronic renal failure is described. Seven−year results of peritoneal dialysis application (2003−2010) in patients with end−stage chronic kidney disease and further prospects of this method of chronic renal failure correction in the conditions of dialysis center of Kharkov (Ukraine) are presented.
Modern aspects of nephroprotection in patients with chronic kidney diseases and principles of pre−dialysis period prolongation
101 - 105
Generalized data about modern principles of renoprotection, mechanisms of progress ad factors of chronicity of kidney diseases are presented. Urgent questions of drug correction of main clinical syndromes accompanying renal dysfunction are featured. Basic principles of pre−dialysis period prolongation in patients with chronic kidney diseases are reported.
Viral hepatitis as an occupational pathology of health−care workers
106 - 109
The incidence of hepatitis C in health workers of Kharkov was investigated. It is shown that probability of hepatitis C virus infection in health workers is directly proportional to the length of service; probability of occupational infection is statistically higher in health workers connected with parenteral interventions, when compared with those specializing in therapy. A high risk of infection in the workers of out−patient departments, medium risk of infection in those working at in−patient departments and low risk of infection in those working at maternity hospitals and diagnostic laboratories were revealed.
Capabilities of Zadaxin in improvement of antviral treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C
109 - 113
The literature data reflecting the capabilities of Zadaxin (thymosine−alpha1) in improvement of treatment for chronic heapatitis C (CHC) are analyzed. Generalized findings of the original research, during which Zadaxin was used as a component of antiviral therapy programs for treatment of the patients with CHC with contraindications to interferon and Ribavirin, are presented.
The prospects of Quercetinum and its derivatives administration for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis
114 - 118
The data about Quercetinum antiatherosclerotic activity, its pharmacokinetics and mechanisms of action, one of which is suppression of low−density lipoprotein oxidation, are presented. Clinical application of Quercetinum and its derivatives in prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis is described.
Professor Igor A. Babiuk (to the 50th birthday)
119 - 120
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