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№2' 2005


Disorders of cardiomyocyte energy metabolism in the pathogenesis of myocardial ischemia in patients with diabetes mellitus
6 - 11
The authors analyze and generalize the literature data and the original findings about the character of cardiomyocyte energy metabolism disorders in diabetes mellitus and its role in the diabetic heart adaptation in acute ischemia
The use of sibutramine (meridin) in complex treatment of the patients with obesity, diabetes mellitus, and metabolic syndrome
12 - 15
Current ideas about the incidence and mechanisms of development of metabolic syndrome are discussed. The approaches to the treatments with primary obesity treatment are described. The findings of modern clinical trials and the original data about the efficacy of sibutramine in treatment of obesity and metabolic syndrome are reported.
The peculiarities of the personality and interpersonal relations of the spouses in sociogenic and psychogenic erectile dysfunction in the husband
16 - 20
Methods of psychodiagnostic examination were used to reveal the personality peculiarities, which play a role in the disorders of general and sexual communication of the spouses at erectile dysfunction in the husband. The regularities of forming spouse deadaptation with the pathology in men are shown.
Deadapting role of disturbances in performing the family functions at organic personality disorders in men
21 - 23
It is shown that divergence in the spouses at organic personality disorders in men in the significance of family functions and evaluation of their performing promote forming spouse deadaptation.
Transformation of character accentuation to organic personality disorder in children and teen−agers with cerebra dysfunction
24 - 28
The conditions and regularities of forming different types of organic personality disorders in children and teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction and accentuation and behavior disorders are shown.
Clinical theoretical substantiation of psychotherapy for multi−layered psychogeny, principles of algorithmization and efficacy assessment
29 - 36
Clinical psychopathological, clinical psychophenomenological and psychotechnical substantiation of psychotherapy for multi−layer psychogeny are described. Methods of simultaneous mnestic psychotherapy, algorithm of psychotherapy and principles of their efficacy assessment were worked out.
Psychotherapeutic correction of primary forms of sexual dysfunction
37 - 40
The necessity of systemic approach to correction of primary sexual disorders was validated. The original system of pathogenetic psychotherapeutic correction of pathoreflex and abstinent forms of sexual dysfunction, sexual phobic neurosis in men and women, neurosis of sexual failure expectation in men are described in detail. A high therapeutic effect of this system in clinical practice is shown.
Opioid addiction complicated with alcoholism: clinical−psychopathological features and diagnostic problems
41 - 47
The problem of opium addiction complicated with alcoholism is featured. Escape from a syndrome approach is shown to allow distinguishing co−morbid states, a single pathological continuum. The authors conclude that determining the psychological picture of the disease and its dynamics facilitates the adequate therapy.
Personality features in men with hashish addiction
48 - 51
The personality profile of men with hashish addiction is described. Prolonged use of drugs is shown to cause formation of schizothymic personality.
The role of neurological pathology and personality features in sexual health disorders in patients with uterine myoma
52 - 56
Various (somatic, psychopathological, social−psychological) factors responsible for sexual health disorders in patients with uterine myoma and neurological pathology are discussed.
Chronic prostatitis as a cause of sexual health disturbance in spouses
57 - 59
Cause−effect relations of chronic prostatitis and sexual dysfunction in men and spouse deadaptation, mechanisms of its formation, course and clinical manifestations are shown. Based on the revealed regularities the system of correction allowing to achieve recovery of the patients and spouse adaptation restoration was worked out.
Diabetic autonomic neuropathy. 2. Diagnosis, treatment, prognosis
60 - 66
The methods for diagnosis of various forms of diabetic autonomic neuropathy are described. Their specificity and sensitivity are shown. Main trends in the therapy for this pathology (symptomatic, pathogenetic), the mechanisms of alpha−lipoic acid and vitamin B action are featured. The findings of the clinical trial are reported.
Epilepsy and essential hypertension: parallel therapy
67 - 72
The questions of parallel testament for epilepsy and essential hypertension are featured. Antiepileptic drugs for the persons taking hypotensive drugs are recommended. The criteria of choice of a hypotensive drug for treatment of essential hypertension in patients with epilepsy were determined.
Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment for hyperplastic processes of the endometrium during menopause
73 - 77
All types of the intrauterine pathology in postmenopausal women and modern methods of diagnosis are discussed. The choice of optimum treatment methods considering the accompanying diseases was substantiated. Timely diagnosis of the intrauterine pathology and the correct choice of the treatment are shown to improve its efficacy, reduce the incidence of endometrial cancer and frequency of post−operative complications.
Colpocytological characteristics of threatened abortion
78 - 80
The characteristics of colpocytograms in pregnant with threatened abortion with the history of miscarriage were studied. Depending on the type of colpocytogram, the respective hormonal treatment promoting pregnancy was administered.
Adrenal form of polycystic ovary syndrome: a new opinion about an old problem
81 - 83
The patients with non−classical forms of congenital adrenal dysfunction accompanied by polycystic ovary were examined. Primary significance of congenital connective−tissue pathology in forming the external phenotype of the patients, which does not correspond to the known ideas about the manifestations of adrenal polycystic ovary, is shown.
The criteria of surgical sepsis diagnosis and prognosis
84 - 90
The capabilities of timely sepsis diagnosis are discussed. Informativity of its clinical signs, laboratory and instrumental findings were studied. The diagnostic criteria were distinguished, the program for complex sepsis diagnosis was formulated.
Medical and social efficacy of rehabilitation of the patients with burns of the face, neck and their consequences
91 - 96
Long−term results of superficial and deep burns of the face, neck and their consequences are described. Medical and social efficacy of the original techniques for conservative and surgical treatment for burns of this location and their consequences was substantiated using the criteria of stable final anatomical, functional, esthetic results and improvement of the quality of life of these patients.
The role of tissue markers in assessment of biological properties and prognosis of breast cancer
97 - 104
Tissue markers which play a prognostic role in breast cancer (BC) determined with the use of immunohistochemical methods are reviewed. The authors conclude about the effect of the above markers as they can promote correction of therapeutic methods in BC.
Target therapy − a new direction of pharmaceutical treatment for malignant tumors
105 - 108
The information about a new direction in pharmaceutical treatment of cancer patients, target therapy, based on the findings of molecular genetic studies are presented.
Chronic pelvic pain syndrome in men
109 - 114
The peculiarities of development and incidence of pelvic pain in men are discussed. Its causes and methods of diagnosis are shown, the variants of differentiated treatment are suggested.
Main directions of diagnosis and treatment for interstitial cystitis
115 - 118
Urgency of the problem of diagnosis and treatment for interstitial cystitis is shown. Up−to−date methods of investigation, the suggested treatment and its efficacy are discussed in detail.
Botulism therapy: problems and solutions
119 - 123
The recent data about the death rate at botulism in RF are presented. The characteristics of the course and pathogenesis of botulism are shown. The criteria for determining the disease severity and algorithm of therapeutic measures during reanimation were developed.
Updated approaches to diagnosis and treatment of herpes virus infections
124 - 127
Updated data about herpes virus infection treatment, main role in which is played by anti−herpes drugs, are reported. A new antiviral drug Heviran is presented.
Infection component and immunopathology in chronic inflammatory diseases of the gastroduodenal mucosa
128 - 131
Co−infection of the gastrointestinal mucosa with Helicobacter pylori and herpes viruses in patients with chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer was revealed. General and specific immune reactions of the organism to the above agents were evaluated. The revealed changes in the cellular and humoral immunity can suggest systemic immunopathological process.
Doppler ultrasound study of arterial blood flow in uncomplicated pregnancy
132 - 135
The capabilities of Doppler ultrasound study in visualization and registration of the blood flow spectrum in the uterine arteries, umbilical artery and median cerebral artery as well as determining intracardiac hemodynamics with the investigation of transmitral, transtricuspid, aortic and pulmonary circulation are shown.
Current opinions about radiodiagnosis in lumbar spine pathology
136 - 139
Diagnostic capabilities of radiodiagnosis (radiography, CT, MRI, ultrasound study) in lumbar spine pathology are discussed.
Traditional basis and new capabilities of pharmacotherapy for arterial hypertension
140 - 143
Modern principles of treatment for arterial hypertension are featured. Pharmacological groups of traditional antihypertensive remedies and the peculiarities of their administration as well as the newest drugs are described.
Progress in creating tonic glucocorticoid for dermatology use
144 - 147
The mechanism of implementation of pharmacological activity of glucocorticoids and the role of their pharmacokinetics in therapeutic efficacy/side−effect risk ratio at local administration in dermatology are featured. Evolution of the drugs with a high therapeutic effect and insignificant toxicity is described.
On transplantology development in Ukraine: legal aspects
148 - 151
Main aspects of transplantology development, their favorable and unfavorable influence on the process of organ transplantation in the countries with different level of democracy are featured. Significance of legal problems in clinical and experimental transplantology is shown.
Public policy and strategy of innovative transformations of public health system in Ukraine
152 - 155
Strategic directions of development of the national system of public health are discussed. The author concludes that taking into account social and economic condition of the population health, it is necessary to differentiate the duties on public health between the society and the state.
Professor Boris V. Mikhailov (55 years of birthday)
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