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№3' 2006


The concept of strategy of psychogenic psychosomatic disorders primary prevention
6 - 11
The concept of strategy of primary prevention of psychogenic psychosomatic disorders, which is featured in the context of more general problem, i.e. prevention of a large number of borderline disorders, is presented. The significance of emotional reaction subsystem in formation of adaptive / deadaptive activity and revealing the signs of dysbalance as universal prognostic markers of strain or disturbance of adaptation mechanisms and possible development of psychogenic disorders is emphasized. Polyprofessional and diverse approach to the strategy realization and orientation to the work with healthy subjects are substantiated.
Pathocharacteristic peculiarities of children with inorganic nocturnal enuresis
12 - 16
Investigation of children with enuresis revealed a number of deviations from the population standards similar to behavior disorders as well as opposite and exceeding them. The author concludes that nocturnal enuresis in children can be a risk factor of personality disorders development.
The role of character and personality peculiarities in adaptation disturbance in dental patients
17 - 21
The role of character accentuation, disharmonic features of the character and personality, masculine and feminine features in dysadaptation of dental patients is shown. The necessity to consider the revealed changes in diagnosis and prevention of neurotic disorders as well as in treatment and rehabilitation of the patients is emphasized.
The changes in the parameters of mononuclear phagocytes in patients with treatment−resistant schizophrenia under the influence of laser blood irradiation
22 - 27
The influence of intravascular laser irradiation of the blood on phagocyte monocyte activity in the peripheral blood in patients with treatment−resistant schizophrenia was studied. Improvement of clinical parameters and elimination of symptomatic relapses of the disease was shown. It is concluded that it is reasonable to use the suggested method in patients with the described pathology.
Nonverbal psychocorrection of acute neurotic disorders in patients with surdimutism
28 - 30
The causes of development and clinical characteristics of acute neurotic disorders in patients with surdimutism are described. The original program of nonverbal psychotherapeutic correction of this pathology is presented.
Primary psycho−erotic dysadaptation as a cause of extramarital relations of the spouses
31 - 33
The regularities of development, manifestations and course of sexual−erotic form of primary spouse dysadaptation as well as the variants and varieties of dysadaptation are shown. The causes, frequency and character of extramarital relations due to this form of dysadaptation, moral qualities and personality peculiarities of the spouses providing marital unfaithfulness are described. It is recommended to consider the received information in psychopreventive correction of sexual−erotic dysadaptation and working out the system of psychoprevention of the extramarital sex.
Main directions and methods of spouses dysadaptation psychoprevention in neurotic distress in the wife
34 - 37
The urgency of the problem of preventing dysadaptation ruining the family health is shown. A system of dysadaptation prevention was worked out based on the regularities of forming dysadaptation at neurotic disorders in women revealed during the investigation of 100 deadapted married couples. Its principles were formulated; the stages of the suggested system implementation and the used methods of psychoprevention were formulated.
Individual psychological features of teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction and behavior disorders
38 - 42
The findings of psychodiagnostic and pathopsychological investigation of teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction and emotional behavior disorders are presented. The changes suggesting the presence of severe emotional and personality disorders were revealed. The attitude of the patients to the disease and its relation to the character accentuation were studied.
Tactics of pre−clinical aid in syncope
43 - 48
The causes of syncope are characterized; the clinical picture of various types of syncope is described. The algorithm of medical actions at the pre−hospital stage of syncope is presented.
Combination of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
49 - 53
Combination of bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is shown to modify the clinical picture of the disease and to require the respective changes in the treatment and its efficacy evaluation.
Tebris efficacy in complex treatment for non−hospital pneumonia
54 - 57
The findings of the study of Tebris efficacy in treatment of non−hospital pneumonia are reported. High efficacy of the drug in treatment of the above disease was revealed.
Non−steroid gastropathy
58 - 64
Up−to−date information about the pathological aspects of non−steroid gastropathy as well as diagnosis and treatment of the patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer associated with non−steroid anti−inflammatory drugs are presented.
The tactics of constipation management by a general practitioner
65 - 69
The findings of investigation of the workers of an enterprise using questionnaires with the purpose to establish constipation prevalence are reported. The tactics of a general practitioner in diagnosis of constipation character is described. The volume of treatment with the use of "staged therapy" was determined. Lactulax administration was substantiated.
Thyroid cancer and pregnancy
70 - 74
The review of the literature data and the original observation of pregnancy course and the state of the fetus in women with thyroid cancer are presented. The authors conclude about the necessity of further research of the problem.
Laparoscopic treatment optimization in ovarian teratoma in women of reproductive age
75 - 80
The influence of argon coagulation, bipolar coagulation and endoscopic suture of ovaries with catgut at laparoscopic treatment for dermoid ovarian cysts in infertile patients on the further reproductive function and development of adhesions after the surgery were investigated experimentally and clinically.
Post−colectomy syndrome prevention after colectomy and ultra low anterior rectum resection
81 - 85
The method of post−colectomy syndrome prevention after colectomy and ultra low anterior rectum resection developed by the authors is described. Satisfactory functional results are shown.
Ultrastructure changes in the cells of gastric mucosa in multiple gastric and duodenal ulcers
86 - 92
The findings of electron microscopy of organelles of superficial epitheliocytes, main and parietal exocrinocytes, smooth myocytes, endotheliocytes of the microcirculation in multiple chronic gastric and duodenal ulcers are reported. Ulcerogenesis was established to be due to vascular−metabolic disorders resulting in motor−evacuation dysfunction and deep ultrastructure cellular changes in all layers of the gastric wall.
Wound healing using cryotreatment and extension of the tissue around the wound: experiment, morphology, clinical picture
93 - 100
The findings of morphological, microangiometric and planimetric investigations of full−layer skin wound healing in rats after cryoapplications around the wound, extension and their combination as well as the findings of clinical research of persistent wound of various origin are reported. The author concludes that this treatment is promising in closing wounds, stimulation of regional angiogenesis and organotypic degeneration.
Distraction method in burn rehabilitation
101 - 104
The experience of the institute in the use of distraction in treatment of burns and their sequelae is presented. The use of the original distraction apparatuses to control forming scar contractures of the joints or severe deformities after deep burns as well as the original method based on distraction for elimination of most severe deformities and contractures are described.
The study of biocompatibility of materials with various surfaces for orthopedic fixation appliances in fibroblast culture
105 - 109
The findings of the study of biocompatibility and cytotoxicity of material samples of submerging titan and tantalum fixing appliances with various oxide and ceramic surfaces in vitro in fibroblast culture are presented. The investigated samples were shown to be biocompatible.
Long−term results of complex treatment for metachronic breast cancer
110 - 113
Long−term results of treatment for primary metachronic breast cancer using intra−arterial regional polichemotherapy are reported. Considerable advantages of this method vs standard systemic polychemotherapy are shown.
Comparative evaluation of pre− and post−operative radiation and chemoradiation therapy for rectal cancer
114 - 117
The review of literature data about the influence of different variants of radiation and chemoradiation therapy used in combination with surgical intervention on the results of complex treatment for rectal cancer is presented.
Tumors with unrevealed primary focus: contemporary approaches to treatment
118 - 120
Contemporary methods of treatment of various types of cancer with unrevealed focus as well as the obtained results are described.
Contemporary trends in pharmacotherapy for prostate adenoma
121 - 124
New trends in prevention and treatment of initial stages and acute urine retention due to prostate enlargement are discussed. The changes in the treatment tactics of the patients with age−related disorders of micturition are emphasized.
Peritoneal dialysis in the structure of specialized nephrologic care
125 - 127
The capabilities of specialized nephrologic care in chronic kidney diseases at the stage of chronic renal failure are shown. Permanent outpatient peritoneal dialysis is characterized as a contemporary method of replacement renal therapy.
Occupational dermatoses in those engaged in health−care professionals in Kiev
128 - 133
The data about the contemporary state of the problem of occupational dermatoses incidence in the world are presented. A stable high level of the disease is shown. The situation of occupational dermatosis in health−care professionals in Kiev is analyzed. The necessity to work out and improve the legislative base on the above problem in Ukraine is emphasized.
On association of psoriasis and metabolic syndrome
134 - 138
Modern ideas about psoriasis pathogenesis are reported. Increase in the frequency of psoriasis against a background of metabolic syndrome is shown. It is suggested that metabolic disorders are an important pathogenetic mechanism of psoriasis development, which should be taken into consideration when administering complex therapy.
Clinical picture and Doppler ultrasound study in syndrome of vertebral artery
139 - 142
The capabilities of ultrasound study and Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis of syndrome of vertebral artery are shown. Main factors of the syndrome development, i.e. unstable cervical vertebra, uncovertebral arthrosis, foraminal hernia of the intervertebral disk, vertebral artery anomalies are described.
Ultrasonography capabilities in diagnosis of foraminal stenosis in degenerative diseases of the cervical spine
143 - 146
The capabilities of ultrasonography in diagnosis of foraminal stenosis in degenerative diseases of the cervical spine are discussed. Significance of uncovertebral arthrosis and paramediano−foraminal hernia in formation of foraminal stenosis and narrowing of the spinal nerve canal is shown. The advantages of ultrasonography and visualization of the canal of the spinal nerve and hernia formation are described.
Medical and social aspects of commerce sex
147 - 156
Demographic, medical, psychological and social characteristics of women rendering sexual services are described. The problem of legalization and regulation of prostitution in the context of prevention of sexually transmitted infections and HIV is discussed.
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