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№1' 2013


The influence of combination magnetolaser therapy on quality of life in patients with bronchial asthma at the state of restorative treatment
6 - 10
The authors analyze the dynamics of the parameters of quality of life in patients with bronchial asthma against a background of restorative treatment using MOS SF−36 questionnaire. It was determined that combined application of non−invasive magnetolaser therapy and endonasal laser irradiation improved the quality of life of patients with bronchial asthma even when pronounced signs of allergic rhinitis are absent.
The peculiarities of therapy with atypical antipsychotics for complications of paranoid schizophrenia in women
11 - 14
It is shown that application of atypical antipsychotics at exacerbations of paranoid schizophrenia can be symptom−specific. In the majority of cases the hypothesis about prevalence of specificity of effect of the most common atypical drugs depending on domination of a definite syndrome in the clinical picture was proven.
Neurological complications of primary hypothyroidism of various origin
15 - 19
The patients with primary hypothyroidism against a background of autoimmune thyroidism and patients with thyroidectomy were examined. Clinical pathogenetic peculiarities of the nervous system involvement depending on the hypothyroidism origin were revealed.
Adaptive capabilities of cerebral blood flow in patients with arterial hypotension of various origin
20 - 26
The authors present the diagnosis of disorders of cerebrovascular hemodynamics. Adaptation capabilities of cerebral blood flow were determined in patients with arterial hypotension included in neurological symptom−complexes of various etiology.
Optimizing treatment tactics in infants with sepsis
27 - 29
Clinical observation was performed on 53 infants (from 1 month to 1 year) with sepsis. It was shown that the use of combination of decontamination with basic therapy yielded significant reduction of laboratory indices of non−specific endogenous intoxication already on day 10 of treatment and reduced the period of treatment by one week when compared with basic therapy.
The peculiarities of peripheral hemodynamics in children with reactive arthropathy with knee joint involvement
30 - 33
The state of peripheral hemodynamics was investigated in 59 children with reactive arthropathy of the knee joint. Deficiency of compensation of peripheral hemodynamics in the area of the foot manifesting by blood flow intensification in large and reduction of the blood flow in medium and small arteries against a background of reduced blood outflow from the arteries and veins was defined. Compensatory character of homodynamic disorders in the area of the leg consisting in increased blood flow velocity in large, medium, and small arteries as well as in increased blood outflow from the arterial and venous bed was revealed.
The level of post−vaccination antidiphtheria immunity in children depending of the duration of type 1 diabetes mellitus
34 - 38
The indices of artificial active antitoxic antidiphtheria immunity in children and teen−agers with type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM1) were investigated depending on the disease duration (from 1 year to 10 years). The most negative influence of DM1 was noted in children with primarily revealed disease with duration<1 year. The expediency of changes in the approaches to the choice of tactics of vaccinations against diphtheria in children and teenagers with DM1 with the consideration of the clinical parameters of the disease was shown, which allowed recommending preventive scheduled vaccinations, in particular in children with medical contraindications, on the day of scheduled vaccinations.
The influence of inhibitor of activator of plasminogen−1 on cardiometabolic markers in patients with combined arterial hypertension and obesity
39 - 43
The authors present a review of literature and the data of clinical investigation about the diagnostic role of inhibitor of activator of plasminogen−1 in formation of glucometabolic, lipid, and adipokine disorders at comorbidity of arterial hypertension and obesity.
The influence of cardioprotection on the state of hemodyncmics at treatment of cardiorenal syndrome in patients with chronic heart failure and chronic kidney disease
44 - 49
It was shown that cardioprotection effect of quercetin manifested in improvement of myocardium metabolism and correction of prevailing functional disorders. In patients with "isolated" chronic heart failure improvement of the structure of hemodynamics occurred chiefly due to restoration of systolic function, in patients with chronic heart failure in combination with chronic kidney disease due to improvement of the state of diastolic function.
Renal dysfunction and peculiarities of iron metabolism in patients with chronic heart failure of various functional classes and chronic kidney disease
50 - 52
It was shown that in patients with anemia developed against a background of chronic heart failure and chronic kidney disease, kidney dysfunction increased simultaneously with the manifestations of heart decompensation and negatively influenced the functioning accessible to erythropoesis iron pool which manifested by reduction of serum iron level and coefficient of transferrin saturation.
The role of metabolic link of nitrogen oxide in the mechanism of development of glaucoma optic neuropathy and neuroprotection prospects in glaucoma: contemporary aspects
53 - 59
The types of enzymes of NO−synthase at norm and in pathological conditions were determined in the pathogenesis of primary open−angle glaucoma (POAG). The mechanisms of complicated effect of NO and hydro− and hemodynamics of the organ of vision with formation of radical metabolites at hypertension and ischemia, which are the factors of lesion and apoptosis of nerve cells, were revealed. Investigation of the level of NO metabolites in the structure of the eye, tear, intraocular humor, and blood plasma were investigated in patients with POAG. Correlation between these parameters was revealed.
Contemporary tendencies of cellular technologies development in treatment of neuroretinopathy
60 - 62
The most important directions of research in the field of cellular therapy are described. The results, capabilities, and prospects for treatment of neuroretinopathy with stem cells are shown.
The experience of toric intraocular lenses implantation in patents with corneal astigmatism
63 - 66
The author presents the original clinical results of surgical treatment for cataract with corneal astigmatism. It is shown that application of toric intraocular lenses after phacoemulcification of cataract is a predictable stable method of correction of pre−operative corneal astigmatism allowing high functional results.
Contemporary aspects of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome prevention
67 - 73
It is shown that ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is an iatrogenic complication occurring exclusively at ovarian stimulation, in particular, at application of additional reproductive technologies. The strategies of cryopreservation of all oocytes/embryos is the only technique which guarantees prevention of primary and secondary OHSS.
Etiopathogenetic approaches to differential diagnosis and restoration of reproductive function at polycystic ovary syndrome
74 - 77
The question of polycystic ovary syndrome is featured. The choice of method of treatment for this pathology depends of the form of the disease and presence of accompanying tubal infertility, genital endometriosis, hyperprolactinemia. The principles of conservative treatment, approaches, and efficacy of surgery are discussed.
The role of thrombophilia in the structure of female infertility etiopathogenesis
78 - 81
The authors present the findings of the literature review as wall as those of the original research about the influence of hereditary and acquired thrombophilia of the course of pregnancy and efficacy of the programs of supporting reproductive technologies.
The peculiarities of lymphodissection at combined gastrectomy at surgical treatment for local cancer of the stomach
82 - 91
The authors analyzed the results of surgery of 338 patients with complicated local cancer of the sto−mach. It was noted that the complications associated with the performed lymphodissection were absent. Post−operative complications occurred in 128 (37,9%) of the patients. Post−operative and general death rate were 18,3 and 22,8% (62 and 77 patents), respectively.
Fasceocutaneous shin flaps with double axial blood supply for shin and foot repair
92 - 96
Anatomical substantiation, surgical tactics of flap isolation, measures to increase the flap viability of the distally based fasciocutaneous flaps of the shin surface with double axial blood supply, i.e. medial (r. saphenus a descentens genicularis and rr. perforantes a tibialis posterior), posteromedial (a. superficialis sure medialis and rr. Perforantes a tibialis posterior), posterolateral (a. superficialis sure medialis and rr. Perforantes a peronea) and anterolateral (rr. perforantes arteria peronea and rr. perforantes arterai tibialis anterior) are presented. These flaps were successfully used in treatment of recalcitrant wounds of shin and foot region in 23 patients.
Surgical tactics at treatment of patients with perforated cancer of the stomach
97 - 100
Comparative analysis of the results of surgical treatment of 65 patients with perforated cancer of the stomach, 35 of them were used individual approach to the choice of the method and volume of surgical intervention, is reported.
The results of water−cure cement application in endodontic defects treatment
101 - 104
The authors present the results of treatment of 32 patients with endodontic defects. A considerable success of the treatment with application of Ukrainian water−cure cement is shown. The results of treatment were assessed using clinical and x−ray criteria immediately after the treatment and a year after it.
Blood biochemical parameters and assessment of the state of connective−tissue structures metabolism in children with bone destructive diseases of the temporomandibular joint in planning of reconstructive surgery
105 - 109
It is shown that with the purpose of prognosis of post−operative period in children with secondary osteoarthrosis deformans and ankylosis of temporomandibular joint, it is necessary to perform investigation of biochemical blood parameters as well as those of daily urine for the amount of metabolites of connective−tissue metabolism.
Ultrasound signs of mastopathy in women with hyperplastic processes of the endometrium
110 - 112
The literature data about the pathogenesis of mastopathy and its association with hyperplastic processes of the endometrium are presented. The prospects of up−to−date ultrasonography are shown. Ultrasound criteria of mastopathy with the use of Doppler ultrasound and elastography in women with hyperplasic endometrium processes were determined.
Transvaginal ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis of hyperplastic processes of the endometrium
113 - 117
The authors present the review of literature on transvaginal ultrasound diagnosis and magnetic resonance imaging in improvement of diagnostic approaches to assessment of endometrium and uterus cavity in patients with hyperpalstic processes of the endometrium.
Investigation of indices of efficacy of work of family medicine establishments
118 - 120
The indices of efficacy of work of family physicians of medical establishments and departments of family medicine were investigated. It was shown that development of this form of organization of the primary aid resulted in improvement of its efficacy.
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