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№1' 2012


Moderate cognitive disorders in type 2 diabetes mellitus
6 - 9
Modern ideas about the etiology, pathogenesis, pathomorphism, clinical manifestations, and diagnosis of cognitive disorders in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus are featured. A high validity of Addenbrooke's cognitive examination in screening, diagnosis, and prognosis of cognitive disorders of diabetic origin is shown.
The peculiarities of vegetative paroxysms course at myofascial dysfunction of cervicobrachial location
10 - 13
The presence of vegetative dystonia syndrome with sympathicotonic vegetative functions was revealed based on clinical and instrumental analysis of vegetative functions in patients with myofascial dysfunction of cervicobrachial location. It was established that syndrome of vegetative dystonia, in particular its paroxysmal type, on the one hand is the response to development of myofascial dysfunction of cervicobrachial location, on the other hand, the factor promoting pain syndrome and aggravating its course, which requires treatment of myofascial dysfunction of cervicobrachial location to improve the efficacy of therapy for vegetative paroxysms.
European Society of Cardiology Congress (Paris, 2011)
14 - 21
The author characterizes four main European recommendations on treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Reports about scientific sessions Hot Line, Clinical Trial Update and Clinical Registry Highlights at European Society of Cardiology Congress 2011 are presented.
Endothelial function and cardiohemodynamics in clusters divided by the level of endothelin−1 in acute myocardial infarction and late postinfarction period
22 - 27
Endothelial indices (endothelin-1, NO2-, NO3-, S-nitrosothiol) and cardiohemodynamics were determined in patients with acute Q-positive myocardial infarction in acute period and 3 moths later. The method of cluster analysis was used to show that in the group with maximum initial level of endothelin-1, the degree of endothelial dysfunction was the most significant both in acute period of myocardium infarction and 3 moths after the observation, progressive course of postinfarction remodeling with formation of the spherical shape of the myocardium being noted.
The dynamics of pro−inflammatory markers and indices of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, myocardium echocardiography in hypertonic patients with metabolic disorders against a background of combination antihypertension therapy
27 - 37
The influence of combination therapy on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism was investigated; its efficacy and safety as well as reduction of cardiovascular risk were shown.
Structural functional remodeling of the heart and vessels in patients with essential arterial hypertension with different body mass
38 - 41
Comparative characteristics of the parameters of ultrasound investigation of the heart and vessels in patients with essential hypertension, foundational class I and II chronic heart failure and various body mass is presented. It was established that increase of body mass index in this group of patients was associated with the tendency to reduction of preserved ejection fraction and increase of severity of diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle.
Pain in the abdomen
42 - 45
The peculiarities of pains in the abdomen are featured depending on their types and location. The role of investigation of the character of pain in differential diagnosis and treatment of the patients was determined.
The influence of treatment with tiotriazolin on the state of lipid peroxidation and level of immune inflammatory and vasoactive endothelial factors in patients with chronic heart failure and Helicobacter pylori negative gastropathy
46 - 49
It is shown that the use of tiotriazolin in the scheme of pathogenetic treatment of patients with chronic heart failure, Hp-negative gastropathy, and moderate or high risk of cardiovascular complications (CVC) is accompanied by significantly higher positive effect on the processes of lipid peroxidation and the amount of immune inflammation and vasoactive endothelial factors in the blood when compared with the dynamics at treatment without the use of tiotriazolin, the degree of positive dynamics in patients with a high risk of CVC being significantly higher.
Etipoathogenetic approaches to treatment for endometrium hyperplasia
50 - 55
The study of etiopathogenetic mechanisms of development and treatment for endometrium hyperpasia was performed. The advantages of Indol-F® in treatment and prevention of relapses of proliferative processes of endometrium are shown compared with other methods of treatment.
Immunoneuroendocrine associations in development of perimenopausal pathology
56 - 60
A modern pathogenetic opinion about the systemic perimenopausal disorders is presented. It is shown that immunoneuroendocrine homeostatsis differs depending on the clinical form and degree of severity of perimenopausal disorders, which should be taken into consideration when taking therapeutic measures.
Anti−Muller hormone secretion in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome against a background of therapy with Diane−35
61 - 64
Increased secretion of anti-Muller hormone (AMH) was revealed in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. In 24% of patients AMH normalized, in 24% reduced moderately, in 52% AMH secretion did not change against a background of treatment with Diane-35, which allows to emphasize various degree of disorders of the follicular apparatus in the patients. Individual analysis of AMH level after the therapy promotes assessment of the degree of the disease severity and can be a test in solving the question about the choice of further treatment.
The peculiarities of repeated delivery in women after abdominal cesarean section
65 - 67
The literature data about abdominal delivery and its consequences are presented. It is shown that pregnancy after abdominal cesarean section develops against a background of placental insufficiency; repeated cesarean section is accompanied by a high frequency of complications, therefore the indications to it should be better substantiated than to the first one.
Combined resection of the stomach and pancreas at surgical treatment for local gastric cancer
68 - 73
The results of operative treatment of 89 patients with gastric cancer who were performed combined gastrectomy or D2 stomach resection with removal of the pancreas and splenectomy or without it are analyzed. Post-operative complications developed in 31. 4% (28 patients), post-operative and general mortality made 13. 4% and 19. 1% (12 and 17 patients), respectively.
Practical significance of comparative investigation of malonic dialdehyde in peritoneal exudate, blood serum and urine of patients with generalized peritonitis
74 - 78
The results of surgical treatment of 60 patients with generalized peritonitis (GP) in whom Manheim Peritoneal Index (MPI) was used to determine the level of malonic dialdehyde (MDA) in the blood serum, urine, and peritoneal exudate are reported. It was revealed that the depth of the changes of the investigated parameter depended on the state severity by MPI. It is shown that MDA level in peritoneal exudate, blood serum and urine after the surgery in patients with GP is one of objective criteria of endogenic intoxication assessment.
Urgent issues of chemotherapy for gastric cancer
79 - 83
It is shown that more than half of cases of gastric cancer in the world are diagnosed at the stage of inoperable generalized or metastatic tumor process, at which the only possible method of treatment is chemotherapy (in Ukraine this group makes 70-80% of the patients). New methods of chemotherapy drugs administration were suggested (intraarterial and endolymphatic), which allow to increase efficacy of chemotherapy for generalized gastric cancer.
Quality of life of the patients with gastric cancer depending on the peculiarities of development and course of the disease
84 - 88
The results of the use of EORTC-QLQ-C30 questionnaire in investigation of quality of life indices in patients with newly diagnosed gastric cancer are reported. It is shown that the quality of life of the patients depends on the stage, character of the course, location and form of the tumor growth.
Molecular epidemiology of obligatory hepatotropic viruses and their influence on the clinical manifestations and outcome of the disease
89 - 94
Genotyping of obligatory hepatotropic viruses was performed. Dominating genotypes and genovariants were determined. The peculiarities of clinical manifestations and outcomes of the disease in patients with various genotypes and manifest forms of viral hepatitis of various origins are described.
Synthetic and herbal drugs with estrogen−like activity
95 - 100
Synthetic and herbal compounds with estrogen-like activity are described. The mechanisms of their action and possibility of clinical application are discussed.
Stress−protectors in correction of oral mucosa inflammation
101 - 105
Based on the literature data, stress character of inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity and expediency to include in their therapy stress-protectors are shown.
Diagnosis of benign diseases of the uterine cervix
106 - 110
The literature data about various methods of diagnosis of the diseases, which make a background of cervical cancer development, are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of colposcopy and transvaginal echography in investigation of endocervix and ectocervix are shown.
Pathogenetic, clinical and ultrasound characteristics of mastopathy
110 - 113
The literature data about the pathogenesis of mastopathy and its association with the disease of female reproductive organs are presented. It is shown that a wide spectrum of morphological changes at mastopathy complicates differential diagnosis of its focal forms with breast cancer. The prospects of modern echography at investigation of this organ are presented.
Radiation diagnosis of degenerative−dystrophic changes in the lumbar spine
114 - 118
The capabilities of radiation diagnosis (radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography) in diagnosis of degenerative-dystrophic changes in the lumbar spine are discussed.
The principles and structure of complex multilevel system of medical social prevention of psychoactive substances use by children
119 - 124
The principles of the developed and tested in the pilot regions (Chernovtsy, Zakarpatie, Kiev regions, and Kiev) complex multilevel system of medical social prevention of the use of psychoactive substances by children and teen-agers, aimed at formation of responsible attitude to the health an in preventive co-operation with their parents and school staff, are featured.
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