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№3' 2018


Early vascular aging: what do we know about it at present?
5 - 10
The concept of early vascular aging is presented, pathophysiological structural and functional changes in arteries associated with age are described. Particular attention is paid to the changes in the reflected wave. The factors and diseases «accelerating» development of the aging process are analyzed in detail.
The influence of eplerenone therapy on the processes of heart remodeling in patients after valve replacement.
11 - 14
The effect of therapy with aldosterone antagonists in patients with heart defects after surgical treatment was analyzed. Therapy with eplerenone was shown to promote a more pronounced diminishing of the left ventricle in patients, who underwent heart valve replacement.
Supplement of standard therapy in patients with acute myocardial infarction after percutaneous coronary intervention
14 - 19
The results of ranolazine and quercetin supplement to the standard drug therapy were analyzed. The influence of the above drugs on restoration of perfusion in the ischaemia site, serum activity of MB−CFK and cardiovascular complications incidence in patients after urgent percutaneous coronary intervention for acute myocardial infarction are featured.
Results of surgical treatment of patients with ischemic form of diabetic foot syndrome and lesion of the arteries of the popliteo−tibial segments
20 - 23
The authors report the results of surgical treatment of patients with diabetes mellitus complicated by an ischemic form of diabetic foot syndrome with a lesion of the arteries of the lower extremities. Stenotic−occlusive lesions of the arteries of the popliteal segment significantly aggravate the blood supply of the foot and the prospect of healing of ischemic ulcerative−necrotic lesions. It is noted that endovascular methods of surgical treatment in this pathology should be used in elderly and old patients.
Changes in postprandial acid pocket and its role in the development of gastroesophageal reflux in patients with complicated forms of peptic ulcer
24 - 28
Daily esophago−pH−impedance monitoring in patients with complicated forms of peptic ulcer revealed the presence of an acid pocket, which in postprandial period was a major source of acid gastroesophageal reflux. The longest acid reflux was recorded at the location of the acid pocket above the diaphragm in the hiatal hernia cavity.
Diagnosis of burn depth with elastography.
29 - 32
Elastography with compression and shear waves was used to diagnose the depth of burns in patients both during admission and during treatment within the first 24 hours. Critical parameters of tissue stiffness (in kPa) allowing to diagnose superficial and deep burns with a high degree of probability and thereby determine the methods and extent of local and general treatment were established.
Diagnosis and treatment of adolescents with abnormal uterine bleeding with the account of vaginal biocenosis character
33 - 36
The results of diagnosis and treatment of adolescent girls with abnormal uterine bleeding of the pubertal period are presented. Bacteriological investigation of the state of the vaginal microbiocenosis was carried out, the species and quantitative composition of the bacterial vaginal microflora under was studied. Microscopic investigation revealed a high number of leukocytes in the vaginal secretion. It was determined to be expedient to perform investigation and timely correction of the microbiocenosis of the urogenital tract as well as to use probiotics in the treatment protocol to correct the vaginal microflora.
Diagnostic criteria for polycystic ovary syndrome
37 - 39
Women of reproductive age with polycystic ovary syndrome were examined. The obtained data of the clinical course and features of the diagnosis of the disease allowed development of diagnostic criteria for this disease.
Efficacy assessment of preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy in patients of increased reproductive age at IVF
40 - 44
The frequency of aneuploidy was determined in different age groups of patients; efficacy of preimplantation genetic testing (PGT−A) in programs of in vitro fertilization in women of increased reproductive age was assessed. It was shown that incidence of aneuploidy embryos progressively decreased with the age, but this did not affect the ability to implant them. Importantly, implantation rates and incidence of pregnancy development were found to be higher in the group where PGT−A was used.
Systemic disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis
45 - 49
The review presents the main provisions of the concept confirming systemic disorders in multiple sclerosis. Attention is paid to disorders of the immune, autonomic, vascular systems, the state of the blood−brain barrier and comorbid diseases in multiple sclerosis.
Characteristics of neuroimaging findings in patients with post−traumatic consciousness disorders
50 - 54
The results of the examination of 220 patients with postcomatose disorders of consciousness at different stages of its recovery after severe craniocerebral injury were analyzed. Clinical correlations consciousness restoration stages and the data of X−ray computer−tomographic researches were are found out. It was revealed that the dynamics of a stage−by−stage consciousness restoration depended primarily on the severity of diffuse organic changes in the brain. The results of the study should be taken into account when choosing tactics and treatment strategies at the stage of rehabilitation.
Psychogenic cardialgia as a consequence of educational stress and its treatment
55 - 59
The results of the study of the level of anxiety, quality of life, state of the autonomic nervous system in medical students during the session and before the final sessions, as well as the study of the effectiveness of the drug «Corvalment» in their treatment are presented. The drug, which demonstrated high efficacy, contributed to lowering anxiety and improving the quality of life, may be recommended as medication for emergency care in patients with psychogenic cardialgias.
Significance of radiology in evaluation of extra−intracranial bypass efficacy at treatment of stenotic−occlusive disorder of brachiocephalic arteries.
60 - 64
The analysis of the surgical treatment results of patients with stenоtic−occlusive pathology of the brachiocephalic arteries by the findings of cerebral hemodynamics before and after the application of extra−intracranial anastomosis was performed. The capabilities of perfusion multispiral computed tomography and duplex sonography were estimated.
Ultrasound diagnosis of intervertebral discs protrusions in adolescent end young patients with cervicogenic headache
64 - 68
Application of ultrasonography in adolescent and young patients with cervicogenic headache is discussed. The review of the literature and the original ultrasound investigation of the cervical intervertebral discs in these patients are presented.
The analysis of occupational injuries in Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk region in 2017
69 - 72
Occupational injuries in Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk region in 2017 were analyzed. The results of the study showed that the level of occupational injuries in Dnipropetrovsk region remains high, which reflects the general problem in Ukraine. The necessity of solution of the urgent problem (reduction of injury level in the workplace) stipulates the need of development and implementation of scientific and methodological safety on the basis of professional risk management at different levels of management, taking into account the best practices of foreign countries.
Organization and features of reabilitation of gynecological patients within subacute period after surgery on female reproductive organs in conditions of sanatorium−resort treatment (General remarks and modern achievements)
73 - 75
Legal provisions governing the rehabilitation treatment in resort facilities, basic principles of medical rehabilitation, advanced capabilities and achievements in implementation of a particular purpose are reported. The benefits of spa facilities «Clinical Health Resort “Berezovski Mineralni Vody”» in restorative rehabilitation treatment in gynecology patients in subacute period after surgery on female reproductive organs were proven.
Guardians of motherhood. Dynasty of obstetricians−gynecologists Hryshchenko
76 - 78
Medical feat of Ukrainian scientists (one of the tragic pages of the history of our science)
79 - 84
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