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№3' 2016


Relationship between high−sensitivity C−reactive protein and intracardiac hemodinamic parameters in patients with myocrdial infarction
5 - 10
The factors that affect the grade of intravascular inflammation in acute myocardial infarction and possible relationship between high−sensitivity C−reactive protein (CRP) and intracardiac hemodynamic parameters were investigated. The patients with ST elevation myocardial infarction after fibrinolysis were exemined. Blood sampling for CRP level assessment was performed within the first 6 hours after the chest pain onset. Significant correlation of CRP level with history of type 2 diabetes mellitus and time to fibrinolysis was revealed. Lower efficacy of fibrinolysis was noted in patients with high CRP and excessive inflammation activity.
Genetic aspects of coronary artery disease risk and the efficacy of antithrombotic therapy
11 - 15
The incidence of mutant allele polymorphism C50T gene polymorphism T1565S and PTGS1 ITGB3 gene and their relationship with aspirin resistance (AR) and coronary artery disease (CAD) were investigated. It is shown that mutant T allele in the PTGS1 gene and ITGB3 genes is associated with pathogenetic factors of CAD and increases the risk of unfavorable cardiovascular events.
The experience of percutaneous transhepatic endobiliary interventions in patients with choledocholithiasis
16 - 19
The results of the use of percutaneous transhepatic endobiliary interventions in patients with "endoscopically complex forms" of choledocholithiasis are presented. Percutaneous transhepatic cholecystostomy in acute cholecystitis, choledocholithiasis, obstructive jaundice was performed in patients with high surgical and anesthesiology risks of percutaneous transhepatic cholangiodreinage with the purpose of decompression and treatment of the biliary tree in patients with cholelithiasis with absence of the possibility of using endoscopic procedures as well as preparation for reconstructive−restorative operations. These techniques can effectively and in a relatively short terms carry out decompression and treatment of the bile ducts, prepare the patients for the traditional surgical interventions.
The influence of wound dressings and biopolymer gels on the growth and viability of human skin fibroblasts in vitro
20 - 24
The authors report the results of investigation of influence of some types of dressings and gels on the growth and viability of fibroblasts (FB) in human culture. The dressing Grassolind neutral (Hartmann) and hydrogel Arma−gel+ (Ukrtechmed) are shown to be cytotoxic for FB. Propylene mesh Arma−tura (Ukrtechmed) and the washed from ointments dressing Grassolind neutral, coated with fibrin or collagen gel, are recommended as non−toxic matrices for FB cultures.
The use of platelet rich plasma for combined treatment of venous trophic ulcers
24 - 28
The dynamics of the processes of regeneration of venous ulcers under the influence of platelet rich plasma was investigated using modern immunohistochemical techniques with monoclonal anti−bodies on days 7 and 28 of treatment. Our findings suggest that the use of platelet rich plasma in the complex treatment of venous ulcers creates more favorable conditions for reparative processes in the ulcer that influences the quality of maturation and differentiation of connective tissue regenerates and accelerates edge epithelialization.
The role of hemostasis in the pathogenesis of placental dysfunction
29 - 31
The women with placental dysfunction were investigated. It is shown that coagulation homeostasis disorders can be the cause of hemodynamic disorders in the uteroplacental and fetoplacental basins, are accompanied by the changes in the structure and function of spiral arteries and are one of the pathogenetic factors of placental dysfunction.
The state of immune status and cytokines at in vitro fertilization in women with thrombophilia
32 - 35
The state of the immunological status and cytokines at in vitro fertilization (IVF) in women with thrombophilia was investigated. The humoral link of the immune system is originally activated in patients with pregnancies during IVF programs. In women with ineffective IVF programs, the cellular link is activated. Stimulation of superovulation reduces the level of IL−8 in women in group IVF+ and thus eliminates the manifestations of humoral link and has little effect on cellular immunity.
Endoscopic treatment of complicated ureteral calculi using ultrasound and laser contact lithotripsy
36 - 41
A comparative analysis of the treatment of patients with complex ureteral stones using contact lithotripsy with ultrasound and laser lithotripter was performed. It was determined that application of laser contact ureterolithotripsy improves the results of complex treatment of ureteral stones, reduces the number of intraoperative and postoperative complications.
The effect of metabolic syndrome on prostatic cancer development
42 - 47
Metabolic syndrome prevails in economically advanced countries and consists of a variety of disorders, including type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity, dyslipidemia. General results of the studies show that 7 of the 15 components of metabolic syndrome are risk factors of prostate cancer, 13 − risk factors of aggressive prostate cancer, 7 − lethal. Correction of metabolic syndrome in the future can be an important component of prevention and treatment of prostate cancer.
The overall results of surgical treatment of renal cell carcinoma with intravenous proliferation
48 - 54
The authors present a retrospective study to evaluate perioperative complications of surgical treatment of RCC with tumor thrombi, as well as to study oncological properties including overall survival and progression−free survival of patients.
Biomolecular markers as factors of prognosis of stage 3−4 ovarian cancer
55 - 58
Molecular biological markers at ovarian cancer, which can be used as prognostic factors, were investigated. Immunohistochemistry was used to examine p53, Bcl2, Ki−67 and VEGF in the tumor tissue of patients with stage 3−4 ovarian cancer. It was found that expression of mtp53 depends on the malignancy extent. The majority of patients with recurrent ovarian cancer showed a high expression of mtp53 in combination with the absence of Bcl2 expression of markers of apoptosis. There is a relationship between VEGF expression and a high level of tumor marker CA125. Neoadjuvant chemotherapy affected the level of expression of Ki67 and Bcl2 in patients with stage 3−4 ovarian cancer.
Androgen deprivation therapy in combination with chemotherapy in patients with castrate−naive metastatic prostate cancer
59 - 64
The presented review paper covers one of the major problems in the field of oncourology, combination treatment of patients with castrate−naive metastatic prostate cancer that includes the combination of androgen deprivation therapy and chemotherapy.
Chronic occlusive cerebral vasculopathy (Moya−Moya disease)
65 - 67
The clinical manifestations of a rare disease, occlusive cerebral vasculopathy (Moya−Moya disease) were investigated on the clinical example. Two observations of younger patients with this pathology, in whom the performed conservative treatment resulted in a stable clinical effect, are presented.
Clinical and diagnostic aspects of mild traumatic brain injury
68 - 71
The results of the study of patients with a 1−5 year history of mild traumatic brain injury are presented. The basic clinical, neuropsychological syndromes are described. The issues of the pathoge−nesis of traumatic brain injury (traumatic damaging cascade and neuroplasticity, including determination of serum brain−derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), neuroglial factor (BNGF) and promoters of apoptosis (protein subfamilies Bax and Bcl−2) are featured.
The use of combination therapy for correction of vestibular disorders in patients with vertebral artery syndrome
72 - 76
The work presents the results of combination non−drug treatment of vestibular disorders in patients with vertebral artery syndrome. The findings of the study indicate that application of chiropractic, reflexotherapy and physiotherapy is pathogenetically substantiated in patients with vertebral artery syndrome and promotes regression of vestibular disorders, improves the quality of life of patients and has advantages over using traditional drug treatment.
Ultrasonography in assessment of epiglottic purulent lesions
77 - 80
The results of the analysis of early diagnosis of 97 patients with acute epiglottitis are presented. The use of ultrasonography of the larynx allows to reveal transition of infiltrative form of acute epiglottitis into the stage of abscess formation on the early stage and timely perform operative intervention to avoid complications.
Modern aspects of diagnosis of isolated and combined injuries of the nose
81 - 87
The article provided evidence−based criteria for determining the severity of isolated and combined injuries of the nose. The working classification of isolated and combined injuries of the nose for clinical diagnosis and adequate medical care was proposed.
The capabilities of integrated ultrasound diagnosis of gunshot wounds to extremities
88 - 92
A retrospective analysis of gunshot wounds to the extremities using complex ultrasound diagnosis in patients who participated in the anti−terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine was done. Of parti−cular importance is radiation diagnosis as a screening method for shrapnel wounds, damage to soft tissue with foreign bodies.
Investigation of cerebral hemodynamics and cerebrovascular reactivity in patients with different types of headache
93 - 96
Application of transcranial Doppler sonography in patients with migraine, tension−type headache and cervicogenic headache is discussed. The review of the literature and the original observation of the state of cerebral hemodynamics and cerebrovascular reactivity in these patients are presented.
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