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№3' 2020



Clinical and therapeutic value of adipokines in patients with chronic kidney disease
5 - 9
The role of adipokines in the formation and development of chronic kidney disease has been considered. The influence of changes in the concentration of adipokines on the nature of the disease emerging and course has been shown.
Changes in oxygenation in children with respiratory failure
10 - 13
Peculiarities of changes in the oxygenation level in children with respiratory failure during weaning of their apparatus from mechanical ventilation have been considered. The expediency of using SpO2/FiO2 and paO2/FiO2 ratios to establish the time of a patient's readiness for weaning from respi ratory therapy has been indicated.
Use of enterosorption to prevent endotoxemia in acute intestinal obstruction
14 - 17
The state of intestinal microflora in its acute obstruction has been studied and the role of dysbiotic disorders in clinical manifestations of the main pathological process has been determined. A method of enterosorption to prevent the endotoxemia in the patients with acute purulent−inflammatory processes in abdominal cavity has been proposed.
Indications for pancreatoduodenal resection in treatment of chronic pancreatitis complicated forms
18 - 22
The results of treatment of chronic pancreatitis complicated forms in the patients, underwent pancreatoduodenal resection have been presented. Indications for surgery were as follows: the expressed fibro−inflammatory process in the pancreas head site, inability to exclude the development of cancer on the background of chronic pancreatitis, complications (bile, portal hypertension, duodenal stasis). Post−surgery complications, manifested in biochemical leakage, pancreatic fistula (type B), gastrostasis were revealed.
Causes of adverse surgery effects in treatment of patients with esophagus stenotic diseases
23 - 27
The main causes of adverse effects of surgical treatment of the patients with the esophagus stenotic diseases have been analyzed. A large number of post−surgery complications and high risks of postoperative mortality indicate the need of improving the methods of esophageal plastics.
Morphological evaluation of effectiveness of necrofasciotomy and infiltration with ozonated saline area of deep circular burn of skin with underlying tissues complicated by compartment syndrome
28 - 33
In the experiment there have been studied the histological changes of tissues in the compartment syndrome in burns. The dynamics of histological changes in damaged tissues and the effectiveness of surgical drainage, as well as local infiltration with ozonated saline has been established.
Modern principles of management of women with abnormal uterine bleeding, taking into account the blood coagulation system state
34 - 40
The general coagulation potential, primary hemostasis and the state of intravascular hemocoagulation in the patients with abnormal uterine bleeding have been studied. The use of methods for estimating the amount of platelet aggregation makes it possible to detect and differentiate the disorders in the hemostasis system. Modern principles of management of such patients and the use of fibrinolysis inhibitors help to increase the activity of blood coagulation system and complete cessation of bleeding to days 2−5.
Etiopathogenetic aspects, clinical and diagnostic criteria as well as comprehensive approach to treatment of metabolic syndrome in women of reproductive age
40 - 44
The etiopathogenetic aspects, clinical and diagnostic criteria, clinical efficiency of herbal phytoproduct "Glucemedin" in the combined treatment of metabolic syndrome in women of reproductive age have been studied. Based on the results of clinical and laboratory studies, the criteria of transvaginal ultrasound, body mass index, the feasibility of including the drug into a comprehensive treatment of this pathology has been shown.
Features of clinical manifestations of post−traumatic neuropathies and plexopathies resulted from gunshot and non−gunshot injuries of extremities
45 - 48
The problem of post−traumatic neuropathies and plexopathies developed as a result of the gunshot and non−gunshot wounds to the extremities has been considered. Peculiarities of their clinical and neurological manifestations have been determined. The need for a timely diagnosis and treatment of neuro− and plexopathies has been emphasized.
About the need to create personalized rehabilitation programs for patients with demyelinating pathology
49 - 52
The results of the studying the pathogenetic variants of erectile dysfunction in men from the Western region of Ukraine with a remitting multiple sclerosis in the post−performance period have been presented. There are specified three such variants as follows: with a predominant disorder of suprasacral regulation of erection, sacral regulation of erection, psychogenic erectile dysfunction. The variant with a predominant disorder of the sacral regulation of erection was determined as prognostically unfavorable. The obtained data should be used in the development of neurorehabilitation personalized programs for the patients with demyelinating pathology, taking into account the regional specifics.
Features of capillary blood flow in patients with pathology of intranasal structures and nasal breathing disorders
53 - 59
The condition of the microcirculatory bed of the nail was studied by computer capillaroscopy in the patients with various pathologies of the nasal cavity, accompanied by a nasal obstruction. Regularities of change in microcirculation depending on duration of a disease course have been revealed.
Morbidity in Ukrainian children with diseases of upper airways, ear and papillary process: modern aspects
60 - 66
Statistical indices of morbidity of the children with diseases of the upper airways, ear and papillary process with a graphical representation of the dynamics have been analyzed. There were revealed the differences in the morbidity of citizens and children in rural areas, as well as an increase in the incidence of the ear and papillary process diseases in children of 0−14 years and adolescents. Negative tendencies of decrease in the incidence of the upper airways chronic diseases, the rise in the number of acute forms and incorrect formation of the groups for statistical accounting of ear diseases have been identified.
Comparative assessment of β−defensin levels in patients with chronic eczema of varying severity
67 - 71
The research results on the level of the antimicrobial peptide β−defensin−2 in the patients with chronic eczema have been presented, and taking into account the clinical form and severity of dermatosis the changes were comparatively analyzed. It has been noted that in the patients with true eczema, the content of β−defensin−2 was significantly higher than in its microbial form. Serum β−defensin−2 levels in the patients with chronic eczema may be a marker of the dermatosis severity.
Clinic and complications of COVID−19 coronavirus disease with pathogenesis elements
72 - 79
The problem of pandemic coronovirus infection COVID−19, the clinical course of the disease and its variants, the classification of computer tomography signs of pneumonia, the risks of adverse prognosis, complications, consequences of the disease have been described.
Age features of some forms of herpesvirus infection
79 - 82
The results of the studying the age features of the course of chronic Epstein − Barr virus infection have been presented. It was found that the clinical manifestations and recurrence rate in the patients of different age groups had their own characteristics, while the correlation between the indices of clinical blood tests and the age of the patients was not recorded.
Clinical significance of expression rate of miRNA−29a in patients with chronic viral hepatitis C
83 - 86
Aberrant hyperexpression of miRNA−29a in the patients with chronic viral hepatitis C was detected. MicroRNA−29a can differentiate such patients with sensitivity and specificity of the ROC analysis model Se = 67.57 % and Sp = 90.91 %, DE = 79.24 % compared with healthy people. The expression of miRNA−29a in the patients with chronic viral hepatitis C with a failed experience of antiviral therapy with interferon−containing regimens was studied.
Modern aspects of ultrasound diagnosis of endometrioid heterotopias of pelvic cavity organs
87 - 92
The effectiveness of transvaginal ultrasound diagnostics as the main method of imaging in the patients with suspected endometriosis has been shown. Due to a widespread prevalence of various forms and degrees of endometriosis, the combination of clinical signs of other diseases, often asymptomatic course of the disease, there are objective difficulties in the correct and timely diagnosis of endometrioid heteropathy of pelvic cavity. Ultrasound diagnosis is the key to a correct revealing of endometriosis, which will be reflected in the choice of treatment.
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