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№4' 2006


Specific personality disorders in women as long−term sequelae of sexual violence
6 - 10
Specific personality disorders in women who survived sexual violence in childhood or adolescence are discussed as its long−term sequelae.
Pre−requisites of neurotic disorders in teachers of music
11 - 14
The literature data about the pre−requisites of borderline disorders in various professional groups are featured. The parameters of strain at work place and unfavorable factors promoting formation of neurotic disorders in teachers of music were studied.
The role of the mother with depression in development of the child's personality
15 - 17
The role of the mother with depression in development of the child's personality at the first stages of the postnatal period as well as its influence on his/her mental state in future are shown from the perspective of a psychodynamic approach.
Spouse dysadaptation at sexual phobic neurosis in women
18 - 19
The causes, formation conditions and clinical manifestations of secondary spouse dysadaptation at sexual phobic neurosis in women were investigated. The author concludes about the possibility to work out adequate psychotherapeutic and psychopreventive measures based on the obtained findings.
Formation of sexual dysadaptation in spouses at labile type of organic personality disorder in the husband
20 - 21
Sexual dysadaptation of spouses at labile type of organic personality disorder in the husband is discussed. Multiple factors promoting dysadaptation in the above pathology in men and the necessity of differentiated psychocorrection are shown.
Sexual dysfunction and spouse dysadaptation at neurasthenia in women
22 - 24
The mechanisms of forming sexual dysfunction in women with neurasthenia as well as its clinical manifestations and factors of spouse dysadaptation development in this disease are discussed. An effective system of psychotherapeutic correction is suggested.
Sexual development of teenagers with cerebral dysfunction and formation of organic personality disorders of deceleration type
25 - 29
An accompanying retardation of sexual development was revealed in teenagers with cerebral dysfunction and personality disorders of deceleration type. This requires timely diagnosis and psychotherapeutic correction.
Some organic and functional features of nervous system impairment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
30 - 33
The findings of clinical neurological and instrumental investigation which allowed to establish stable marked pathological changes in the nervous system of the patients with rheumatoid arthritis are reported. The obtained findings can be applied to the diagnosis as well as the choice of adequate therapy in the patients.
Anemia and acute forms of coronary artery disease: a problem of combined pathology
34 - 40
The literature data as well as the findings of the original research of anemic syndrome influence on the course of acute coronary artery disease are presented. The role of anemia syndrome in development of severe recurrent ischemia at hospital stage in patients with unstable angina as well as necessity to work out the methods of correction are shown.
Coronary artery disease at type 2 diabetes mellitus: epidemiology, pathophysiology, prevention
41 - 47
The findings of epidemiological investigation of cardiovascular diseases development, in particular coronary artery disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus are reviewed. The risk factors and modern methods of cardiovascular disease prevention in diabetes, including statins administration, are discussed.
Nutrition of patients with chronic heart failure
48 - 53
The pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of nutritional insufficiency in patients with cardiac cachexia are featured. An algorithm of management of the patients with class II−IV chronic hear failure with decreased body mass is suggested.
Treatment of bronchial obstruction in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis
54 - 58
The material suggesting a significant increase of efficacy of treatment of bronchial obstruction in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis at early and prolonged bronchodilating therapy is presented.
Ozone therapy application in complex treatment of he patients with destructive forms of pulmonary tuberculosis
59 - 62
The urgency of the problem of tuberculosis and its epidemiology are shown. The findings of experimental and clinical investigation of ozonized physiological saline solution efficacy in treatment of destructive pulmonary tuberculosis are presented.
Chronic pancreatitis: diagnosis and treatment
63 - 68
Updated information about clinical manifestations, laboratory and instrumental diagnosis and treatment of chronic pancreatitis are presented.
Viral diarrheas
69 - 75
The data on main aspects of viral diarrhea are presented. Modern materials about classification and epidemiology of rotavirus and non−rotavirus diarrhea are analyzed. The questions of clinical picture, laboratory diagnosis and treatment of this infection are featured.
The peculiarities of allohernioplasty of ventral hernias in primarily infected tissues
76 - 81
The findings of experimental clinical investigation of working out the method of allohernioplasty of post−operative ventral hernias in primarily infected tissues are presented. The original method of treatment and prevention for post−operative complications with active drainage of the wound and fractionated administration of Dioxisol is described.
The study of urethra hypermobility in the practice of operative treatment for genital prolapse
82 - 85
Significance of Q−tip test in prognosis of stress incontinence after surgery for genital prolapse is emphasized.
Contemporary experience and prospects of immunomodulators application in complex therapy of cancer patients
86 - 93
The experience of application of modern immunomodulators in complex therapy of cancer patients is analyzed and systematized. The necessity of immunomodulator application in combination with radiation and chemotherapy is substantiated. The criteria of choice of the immunomdulators corresponding to different stages of anti−tumor therapy are suggested.
Modern aspects of multimodality treatment for uterine body cancer
94 - 98
Updated information about combined treatment for uterine body cancer is reported. The results of radiomodifiers application in multi−modality treatment with radiation and chemotherapy with the purpose of improvement of the treatment results is discussed.
Free−radical processes as a specific factor of thyroid cancer development
99 - 102
Various changes in the level of lipid peroxidation products and antioxidant activity in the organ and blood plasma in patients with thyroid cancer are shown. The performed investigation allows to recommend the methods of measuring the balance of pro−/anti−oxidant components in the blood plasma in evaluation of the disease severity.
Echocardiography of the transplanted heart
103 - 108
High informativiy of echocardiography in detecting early signs of the transplanted hear rejection is shown. Diagnostic criteria of transplant rejection are described.
Radiodiagnosis and radiation therapy of prostate cancer
109 - 115
The methods of radiation diagnosis of prostate cancer, extracapsular generalization of the tumor and metastases are featured. Radiation therapy for prostate cancer is described.
Combined gestagen/estrogen drugs in hyperandrogeny treatment
116 - 119
The biochemical mechanisms of action of gestagen/estrogen drugs in treatment for syndrome of hyperandrogeny are featured. The advantages of Drospirenon and Etinidestradiol combination in treatment of acne, seborrhea and hirsutism in women simultaneously requiring contraception are described.
Affective disorders as a result of side effects of anti−epilepsy drugs
120 - 123
The analysis of side effects of contemporary anticonvulsants, i. e. affective disorders, is presented. The most effective and safe pharmacological group for treatment of all forms of epilepsy are shown to be valproic acid preparations.
New international recommendations on treatment of atrial fibrillation and ventricular arrhythmia (materials of the World Congress of Cardiologists, September 2−6, 2006, Barcelona)
124 - 128
The recommendations on management of the patients with atrial fibrillation and ventricular arrhythmia are discussed. An important role of amiodarone in treatment for these diseases was proven.
Prospective approaches to drug treatment of cancer patients with the consideration of molecular genetic characteristics of the tumor (Materials of X Russian Congress of Oncologists)
129 - 132
A modern concept of carcinogenesis is described. The achievements in the area of investigation of malignant tumor molecular−genetic markers promising for purposeful treatment at treatment of cancer patients are shown.
2nd Congress of Ukrainian Allergologists
133 - 136
Information about the 3rd National Congress of Ukrainian Pharmacologists
137 - 138
Medical Institute for Women of Kharkiv Medical Society (1910−1920)
139 - 146
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