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№3' 2005


Therapeutic aspects of chymase activity investigation in heart failure
6 - 9
New literature data about proteolysis, in particular serine proteinase, i.e. human chymase, playing an important role in the heart function, are presented. The reported data can be applied to development of the treatment strategies in heart failure in patients with coronary artery disease.
Modern opinions about morphofunctional features of abnormally located cords of the left ventricle
10 - 13
The author presents a review of literature reflecting modern ideas about ultrasound diagnosis of abnormally located chords. Their clinico−morphological characteristics are described in detail.
Cytokine system state in patients with coronary artery disease, psoriasis, and their combination
14 - 16
Literature data about the studied problem are presented. In patients with CAD accompanied by psoriasis, activation of cytokine system of inflammatory type was established to be present. The shifts appearing in the cytokine system in this pathology, which reflect similarity of pathogenetic mechanisms of the heart wall involvement in CAD as well as skin and metabolism in psoriasis, are shown.
Synergy, a promising approach to solving theoretical and practical tasks of addiction study
17 - 23
The authors try to apply the basic ideas of self−organization theory to addiction study. The concepts of synergetic paradigm are suggested to use as a logical and cognitive instrument in the study of phenomenology and mechanisms of addiction formation. The necessity to reconstruct the out−look positions of the general practitioners and researches in the field of interdisciplinary science, addiction study, for their constructive interaction on the way to prevention of chemical and non−chemical types of addiction as well as their severe medico−social consequences are emphasized.
The peculiarities of sex−role behavior of teen−agers with somatic diseases
24 - 27
Disorders of sex−role behavior and their association with the revealed character accentuation were established in teen−agers.
Premorbid character features in men with hashish addiction
28 - 31
Premorbid character features as well as conditions promoting early addiction to the drug and formation of hashish addiction were revealed.
Psychopathological features of somatoform vegetative dysfunction of the cardiovascular system in women
32 - 35
Sex−dependent peculiarities of psychopathological manifestations of somatoform vegetative dysfunction were revealed. The obtained findings can be used in diagnosis and treatment of this disease.
The findings of pathopsychological study of the patients with paranoid and common schizophrenia
36 - 38
The findings of psychopathological investigation of patients with common and paranoid schizophrenia with the use of pictogram technique are reported. The peculiarities of changes in the mental state in various forms of psychosis are shown. The obtained data can be used to differentiate schizophrenia with other forms of mental pathology.
Psychopathological manifestations in patients with arterial hypertension
39 - 41
Neurotic affective and personality disorders in arterial hypertension patients are shown to develop when character accentuation is present, clinical form of mental pathology depending on the type of the accentuation.
Disturbance of general and sexual communication in divorced men without a partner and its psychotherapeutic correction
42 - 46
Mental and sexual problems in divorced men without a partner are discussed. The recommended correction methods aimed at creation of a new family are described.
Sexual deadaptation in somatized disorder in women: causes, development mechanisms, clinical forms
47 - 51
The causes and regularities of two variants (primary and secondary) of sexual deadaptation development in the married couple with wives suffering from a somatized disorder were revealed. Clinical forms of these deadaptation variants manifestation, knowledge of which is necessary for effective psychotherapy of sexual health disorders, are shown.
Deadaptation of a married couple in uterine myoma in the wife
52 - 55
The causes, development mechanisms and clinical manifestations of various forms of social−psychological and sexual deadaptation of the spouses in case of uterine myoma in the wife were studied. The author concludes that the obtained findings open up the possibilities of development of pathogenetically directed system for the deadaptation psychocorrection.
Diabetic autonomic neuropathy. 3. The peculiarities of the clinical course of arterial hypertension and choice of a hypotensive drug
56 - 65
The findings of comparative investigation of ACE inhibitor Renipril (enalapril) and amlodipine influence on the vegetative state, AD variability, endothelium function, QT interval parameters in patients with arterial hypertension against a background of diabetic autonomic neuropathy are presented. In the majority of the investigated parameters Renipril was shown to excel amlodipine.
Brain bioelectric activity in conditions of emotional stress
66 - 69
The up−to−date, mainly international, sources devoted to the study of bioelectrical brain activity in conditions of emotional stress are analyzed in detail.
The changes of the functional state of central and cerebral hemodynamics in agricultural workers under the influence of noise as an occupational factor
70 - 72
It is shown that influence of occupational noise in agricultural workers activates sympatho−adrenal system and produces the changes in the functional state of central and cerebral hemodynamics. This is regarded an adaptation disorder decompensating the influence of this factor on the cardiovascular system and allows to consider it pathogenetically significant in forming dyscirculatory encephalopathy.
Application of magnetic resonance imaging with contrast enhancement at endometriosis diagnosis
73 - 76
Modern approaches to diagnosis of endometriosis with the use of magnetic resonance imaging with contrast enhancement are discussed.
Anthropometric study in diagnosis of endocrinopathy accompanied by polycystic ovary
77 - 79
Based on somatogenic study and syndrome analysis of the patients with excessive body mass and polycystic ovary, five variants of endocrinopathy were distinguished as well as characteristic anthropometric indices were determined. A positive correlation of abdominal obesity and increased testosterone blood content as well as hypercortisolemia was revealed.
Clinico−biochemical parallels in intra−abdominal abscesses following intestinal surgery
80 - 82
A comparative analysis of clinical data and findings of biochemical research of the blood from patients with abdominal abscesses was performed. The changes in the amount of proteins of C−reactive protein acute phase, i.e. orosomucoid and haptoglobin, were revealed. The authors conclude that evaluation of acute−phase protein changes signals the development or presence of acute inflammation with possible prognosis of the outcome.
Staged operations "damage control" in severe liver injuries
83 - 86
The efficacy of staged surgical procedures "damage control" aimed at prevention of coagulopathy, polyorgan insufficiency as well as the changes in the number of post−operative purulent septic complications and death is shown.
Chaos and malignant skin melanoma
87 - 93
Patients with malignant skin melanoma are shown to have changes of chaotic events at the tissue, cellular, macromolecular, and quantum levels. The main characteristic feature of non−linear processes in malignant skin melanoma is weakening of determined chaos and increase of stochastic (incidental) behavior at some hierarchic levels.
Rating of risk factors of rectal cancer relapses
94 - 96
The factors determining the possibility of rectal cancer relapses after radical treatment were studied. The revealed regularities may be used in a new therapeutic tactics, aimed at elimination of risk factors of the tumor relapses.
New capabilities of x−ray diagnosis and radiosurgery with contrast enhancement in pediatric practice
97 - 105
Modern methods of endovascular surgery in pediatric practice with the use of non−ionic x−ray contrast medium Ultravist 370 are discussed.
New aspects of spinal canal stenosis diagnosis
106 - 109
Diagnostic capabilities of radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound study in lumbar spine pathology are discussed. Based on a comparative analysis of the obtained findings, the most characteristic structural functional disorders, peculiarities and degree of degenerative changes in the spine segments in patients with stenosis of the spinal canal and intervertebral hernia were determined.
High technology of ultrasound scanning in determining regional lymph node involvement in soft tissue sarcoma
110 - 114
Ultrasound and Doppler characteristics of metastases to the lymph nodes in soft tissue sarcoma are described. The author concludes about a high efficacy of a complex ultrasound study in diagnosis of metastases to the regional lymph nodes in soft tissue sarcoma.
Medical aspects of the problem of bioenergoinformation influence on the human organism
115 - 119
The problem of interaction of electromagnetic fields with the human organism with the account of their influence on the homeostasis as well as mechanisms of bioeffective electromagnetic influence are discussed from the perspective of its use in medicine.
Adherence of patients to treatment from the positions of evidence−based medicine
120 - 125
Critical analysis of the literature with the purpose to analyze and determine the degree of evidence of the studies, which allow to conclude about patients' adherence to treatment, was done. Low representativeness of the data in the discussed publications, absence of strict requirements, lack of randomized studies of interventions, increasing patient compliance was noted.
Most important research presented at XXVII Congress of European Society of Cardiology
126 - 127
I.K. Sosin, Yu.F. Chuyev. Narcology
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