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№1' 2004


The journal is 10 years old
6 - 8
Acute coronary syndrome: how to evaluate how acute it is
9 - 14
The author substantiates the necessity of determining the rate of changes in pain, electrocardiographic, and biochemical signs of acute coronary syndrome. The findings of evaluation of the rate of changes in indices of myocardial damage biochemical markers as well as the characteristics of the therapeutic tactics associated with this are reported.
Hyperhomocysteinemia and reasonability to correct it in patients with coronary artery disease
15 - 17
Significance of hyperhomocysteinemia in pathogenesis of atherothrombosis and coronary artery disease is demonstrated. The authors report the data about possibility and reasonability of administration of combined vitamin therapy against a background of basic treatment for hyperhomocysteinemia correction in acute coronary syndrome.
Myocardium pathology in hereditary X−linked myopathy
18 - 22
Main questions of etiology, pathogenesis as well as clinical manifestations and diagnosis of cardiac damage in hereditary X−linked myopathies (Duchenne's and Becker's myopathies) are featured.
Diagnostic capabilities of multipole superficial ECG−mapping in coronary artery disease
23 - 27
The authors discuss the capabilities of multipole superficial ECG−mapping in various forms of coronary artery disease (CAD). Informativity and clearness of the technique of mapping difference of electrical potentials obtained using a computed procedure of subtraction of mean map of healthy subjects from the map of CAD patient are shown.
Polymorphism of angiotensin−converting enzyme gene in patients with sodium−dependent arterial hypertension
28 - 32
The role of angiotensin−converting enzyme gene in forming salt sensitivity and clinical course of sodium−dependent arterial hypertension (AH) as well as its influence on the central and intracardiac hemodynamics has been investigated. I/D polymorphism of ACE gene has been established to influence considerably the course of AH both in salt sensitive and salt insensitive patients; insertion allele of ACE gene plays a role in forming salt sensitivity.
Post−traumatic stress disorders: questions of treatment and prevention
33 - 37
The principles and methods of psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment of post−traumatic stress disorders as well as the measures of primary and secondary prevention are described.
Clinical−psychopathological peculiarities of contemporary neuropathic disorders
38 - 41
The review of the studies of neurotic disorders performed within the recent decade is presented. Increase in their incidence in the structure of total frequency of mental disorders, qualitative and quantitative changes of psychogenic factors, pathomorphosis of clinical−psychopathological manifestations of the disease is shown to stimulate development of new diagnostic criteria and methods of treatment.
Neurotic and mental disorders in children with diabetes mellitus. 1. Pathogenetic mechanisms and diagnosis
42 - 46
Clinical characteristics of neurological and mental complications in children with diabetes mellitus as well as their pathogenetic mechanisms are presented. Diagnostic algorithm has been worked out, unfavorable prognostic factors of psychoneurological complications development in children and teen−agers with diabetes mellitus have been determined.
Space of psychotherapy: problem of psychotherapist presence in the contact
47 - 51
The problem of quality of psychotherapist presence in psychotherapeutic contact is analyzed. Two types of this presence, objective and subjective, as well as the problems connected with insufficient consideration or neglecting these types are discussed.
Estimation of life quality and efficacy of therapeutic rehabilitation measures
52 - 55
Basic approaches to studying life quality from the perspective of evaluation of the efficacy of therapeutic rehabilitation measures are discussed. An original approach to their evaluation by means of assessment of the patient's life quality is suggested. Informativity of the method is shown.
The role of a depressive mother in development of the child's personality
56 - 58
The role of a depressive mother in forming the personality of the child on the first stages of the postnatal development as well as its influence on the mental health of the child in future are shown from psychodynamic perspective.
Psychophysiological and psychological aspects of diagnosis of sexual preference disturbances
59 - 64
Based on the findings of clinical−experimental−psychological and psychophysiological studies psychological characteristics of the persons who committed sexual offence with paraphilia and pseudoparaphilic behavior is presented. Differences in preservation of their sexual sphere are shown.
Noninvasive methods of diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhagic strokes
65 - 68
Modern ideas about the etiological and pathogenetic mechanisms of hemorrhagic stroke are featured. Diagnostic algorithms are suggested, therapeutic tactics in subarachnoid hemorrhages due to rupture of cerebral aneurysms and intracerebral hematomas at early stages of medical aid are shown.
Disorders of vegetative nervous system and variability of heart rhythm in patients with enterobiosis
69 - 71
The findings of the research of the state of vegetative nervous system and cardiac rhythm variability in patients with various duration of enteobiosis invasion during antihelminthic treatment are reported. Recommendations on differential correction of the revealed disorders are given.
Epidemiological studies in sexology
72 - 76
The findings of epidemiological study, which allowed the author to formulate main regularities of the changes in the attitude to the marriage and sexual behavior of men and women in the contemporary society on the example of the examination of 1000 persons from the western regions of Ukraine, are presented.
Psychotherapy for communicative form of sexual deadaptation at changes in sexual preference in women with organic personality disorders
77 - 79
The original system of psychotherapy for communicative deadaptation of spouses at deviant sexual behavior of wives with organic personality disorders is presented. The suggested system has been tested with a good therapeutic effect in deadapted married couples with changed sexual preference in wives.
Urgent extragenital states in pregnant and their treatment at pre−hospital stage
80 - 87
The article is devoted to the problems of drug therapy for most frequent extragenital emergencies in pregnant. It is shown that when rendering medical aid to pregnant it is important to estimate the expected benefit and potential risk of each drug for the mother and the child.
Perinatal hypoxic lesions of the fetus CNS: prevention and rehabilitation therapy in early newborn period
88 - 90
The authors present the data about the pathogenesis, diagnosis and ways to reduce the incidence and further complications of perinatal hypoxic lesions of the fetus CNS in high−risk pregnant women. The protocols of preventive treatment, tactics of pregnancy and delivery management, neurorehabilitation therapy of the newborns have been worked out.
Pregnancy complications in leiomyoma of the uterus
91 - 94
Contemporary state of the problem is discussed. Based on the original research an improved complex treatment of pregnancy complications in leiomyoma of the uterus is suggested. Its efficacy is shown.
Evolution of views on the structure and function of sphincter mechanisms of choledochoduodenal junction
95 - 99
The history of forming and discrepancy of the knowledge about the sphincters of the common bile duct and main pancreatic duct is shown. The authors have obtained and presented for discussion new information about this issue.
Modified methods of surgical correction of sphincter mechanism of the cardia
100 - 106
The results of modified and traditional fundoplications in gastroesophageal reflux are described. The indications to each type of fundoplication are discussed. Safety and efficacy of modified surgical techniques with the use of traditional and laparoscopic approaches are shown.
Possibility of xenospleen use in clinical practice
107 - 110
The problem of xenospleen use in clinical practice is discussed. Reasonability of application of cryobiological technologies to obtain biologically active extracts from xenospleen fragments is shown. The extract has been developed, its biopharmaceutical properties and clinical efficacy at endobronchial administration in patients with lung abscess is shown.
Healing of diaphysis fracture
111 - 116
The opinion of the author about the problem of diaphysis fracture healing based on 25−year experience of their functional treatment is presented. High efficacy of this treatment and its advantages over techniques of internal osteosynthesis are shown.
Methods of finger reconstruction in treatment of mechanical, gunshot, and thermal injury sequelae
117 - 123
The most frequently used methods of finger reconstruction used in treatment of sequelae of injuries of various etiology are described. The range of reconstructive operations performed in patients with finger and hand stump depending on the etiology of the injury has been investigated. New methods of reconstruction based on combined use of the traditional and new surgical techniques developed in Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics are presented.
Problems of cardioesophageal cancer surgery
124 - 126
Up−to−date principles of surgery for esophageal and cardial cancer are reported. Special attention is paid to low−invasive interventions, which reduce surgical traumatization, accelerate rehabilitation of the patients and can be used for diagnostic purpose. Insufficient accuracy of measurement of disseminated tumor process with the use of standard diagnostic techniques and the necessity of search for new techniques are emphasized.
Contemporary views on ovarian cancer treatment
127 - 131
The questions of treatment of disseminated ovarian cancer are discussed. Contemporary opinions about different varieties of combined treatment for this disease are reported.
Prostate cancer: the state of the problem in Ukraine
132 - 134
The necessity of early diagnosis of prostate cancer is shown. Modern methods of treatment and their efficacy as well as the ways to improve the medical aid are discussed.
Structural and functional changes in the kidneys in arterial hypertension
135 - 138
Literature data about functional and morphological markers of hypertensive damages of the kidneys (intraglomerular hypertension, hyperfiltration, proteinuria) are generalized. The functional state of the kidneys at clinical use of antihypertensive drugs is featured.
Contemporary aspects of statins and fibrates administration in patients with lipid metabolism disturbances
139 - 143
The authors discuss contemporary approaches to administration of statins as an effective remedy reducing morbidity and mortality due to atherosclerosis as well as to administration of fibrates in patients with lipid metabolism disturbances. The prospects of more complete exploitation of the positive potential of these drugs are shown.
Molecular basis of oxidative stress and possibility of its pharmacological regulation
144 - 148
Updated data about the state of intracellular signal systems of the organism at oxidative stress are presented. The drugs regulating prooxidant−antioxidant balance and the associated transmembranous mechanisms of cellular metabolism normalization are enumerated.
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