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№4' 2014


Efficiency of psychoeducation in complex therapy for bipolar affective disorder
5 - 8
Clinical and psychopathological features of bipolar affective disorder were determined in in−patients. The complex treatment included psychopharmacotherapy with atypical neuroleptics and normothymics, psychotherapy programs in combination with psychoeducating trainings, which promoted restoration of social activity and successful resocialization of the patients.
Mental sphere disorderst in patients with acute somatic conditions
9 - 13
The mental sphere was investigated in patients after acute somatic conditions (coronary artery disease with angina attacks, myocardial infarction, transient ischemic attacks, exacerbations of gastric and duodenal ulcer). The clinical psychopathological investigation allowed to determine the structure of the manifestations and general regulatiuons of forming nonpsychotic mental disorders.
Significance of ST segment dynamic assessment in acute coronary syndrome
14 - 19
The findings of clinical studies on the methods for evaluating the effectiveness of reperfusion therapy in patients with STEMI, their information content and availability in general clinical practice are presented. Daily telemetric ECG real−time 12−channel monitoring with analysis of the ST segment dynamics as potentially available non−invasive method providing reduction of terms of evaluating the effectiveness of reperfusion is discussed.
The problem of adherence to long−term treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases
20 - 26
The article analyzes the factors influencing the adherence to long−term therapy in patients with cardiovascular diseases. Division of non−compliance into intentional (intentional stop of treatment or continued treatment) and unintentional (regular drugs taking) is used. Continuation of long−term treatment and regularity of drug taking are significantly different criteria of assessment of adherence to treatment.
Prevention of postoperative paresis and septic complications after surgery on the colon
27 - 31
The results of surgical treatment of 107 patients who underwent reconstructive and obstructive−recovery operations on the colon are reported. It was found out that endolymphatic introduction of antibacterial drugs with the account of individual sensitivity to them of the microflora and 1 % solution of serotonin adipinate at a dose of 10 mg per day intraoperatively and postoperatively improved the results of prevention and treatment of postoperative intestinal paresis and reduced the amount of purulent−septic complications.
Interventional radiology in diagnosis and treatment of loco−regional pelvic tumors complicated by hemorrhage
32 - 36
The results of angiographic diagnosis and endovascular treatment of 43 patients with loco−regional pelvic malignancy complicated with hemorrhage using angiographic catheter technologies are assessed. The efficacy of regional intra−arterial chemoembolization is shown.
Modern approach to the problem of ovarian torsion in women of reproductive age
37 - 40
The questions of incidence, etiology, diagnosis, treatment of ovarian torsion, including in pregnant patients are featured. Modern approaches to surgical treatment depending on the results of additional investigations are discussed. The data on pregnancy outcomes in patients with ovarian torsion are reported.
Preterm birth: the experience of Kharkiv Regional Clinical Perinatal Center of clinical care for premature infants
41 - 44
The etiology and pathogenesis of preterm birth, diagnosis and methods of management as well as modern methods of caring for premature children are presented.
Significance of angiogenic growth factors in prognosis of fetal growth retardation syndrome development
45 - 48
The levels of vascular endothelial growth factor, placenta growth factor, their soluble receptor were determined in the blood serum in women at fetal growth retardation syndrome and uncomplicated pregnancy. It was found out that changes in their production could serve as screening markers allowing timely prevention and treatment of this pregnancy complication.
Brain bioelectrical activity in children with mental retardation at active herpes virus infection
49 - 53
The features of brain bioelectrical activity were identified in children with retardation of mental and speech development and the signs of herpes virus infection activity.
Definition of quality of life in patients with sequellae of mild traumatic brain injuries before and after neurometabolic therapy
54 - 57
The study involved 75 patients with sequellae of mild traumatic brain injuries. The neurometabolic therapy in the patients with sequellae of mild traumatic brain injuries was more effective in comparison with basic symptomatic therapy, since neurometabolic therapy influenced the processes of metabolism of brain, decreased its sensation to chronic hypoxia, which developed against a background of vegetative dystonia due to the injury and influence of the above therapy on the neurotransmitter system. The neurometabolic therapy in patients with sequellae of mild traumatic brain injuries improved the quality of life.
Structural changes and manifestations of clinical variants of sleep disorders in long−term period of traumatic brain injury
58 - 61
The changes of the structure of night sleep in patients with traumatic brain injury of varying severity were identified. Clinical types of sleep disorders (presomnic, intrasomnic, postsomnic) were determined. It was found out that in mild brain injury, more significant changes in the structure of night sleep corresponding to intrasomnic disorders occurred.
Ebola virus disease: presentation, diagnosis, and prevention
62 - 67
Ebola virus disease is a focal, very dangerous disease with a sever course characterized by fever, hemorrhagic syndrome and multiorgan affection. This is a RNA−viral pathogen with a high rate of antigen structure mutation and high virulence. Ebola fever is a zoonotic disease with several me−chanisms and pathways of transmission. Mortality reaches 90 %. Ebola virus specific treatment and prevention do not exist.
The influence of professional and non corrected risk factors on development of increased arterial pressure in HIV−positive population
68 - 71
Epidemiological survey of representative sample of 341 HIV patients aged 20−50 and over was conducted. It was revealed that the influence of occupational risk factors on development of increased arterial pressure in this group of population maked 87.5 %, prehypertension formation 77.2 % and arterial hypertension 71.4 %.
Characteristic of cytokine metabolism in patients with HIV/HCV co−infection
72 - 74
Cytokine metabolism was investigated in patients with HIV and accompanying chronic hepatitis C. The amount of proinflammatory cytokines and anti−inflammatory interleukin−10 was determined in the blood serum of 32 patients and 30 patients with co−infection of HIV/HCV. HIV−infected patients demonstrated significant (by 40 %) structural transformation of cytokine production, possibly due to chronic hepatitis C influence.
Cardiac safety of different variants of total intravenous anesthesia in patients with coronary artery disease
75 - 79
This paper analyzes the impact of different variants of total intravenous anesthesia on myocardial blood flow in patients with coronary artery disease and heart failure at abdominal surgery. Based on the findings of investigation of the hemodynamic parameters, biomarker levels of myocardium ischemia and complication, it was shown that the best option in these patients was the use of total intravenous anesthesia with propofol anesthetic baseline in continuous infusion in combination with subnarcotic doses of ketamine.
Intra−abdominal hypertension in patients with diabetic ketoacidosis
80 - 82
The study involved 85 patients with decompensated diabetes mellitus and ketoacidosis. It was found out that intraabdominal hypertension was observed in the early stages of decompensation and was associated with reduction of oxygen supply of the tissues, thus requires correction in an intensive care unit.
Echographic variants of carotid arteries involvement and their association with the incidence of ischemic stroke
83 - 85
Association between the character of atherosclerotic involvement of the carotid arteries and development of ischemic stroke in the basin of median and anterior cerebral arteries was investigated using Doppler ultrasound findings. Different echographic variants of atherosclerotic plaques of the carotid arteries are shown. Their embologenicity was determined.
The state of cerebral hemodynamics and brain substance according to duplex scanning and magnetic resonance imaging in migraine patients
86 - 88
The findings of complex investigation (duplex scanning and magnetic resonance imaging) of migraine patients with aura and without it were analyzed. The state of brain substance and hemodynamics was assessed. Doppler ultrasound demonstrated that vasospastic reactions dominated in the medial cerebral arteries in patients with migraine without aura. Hindered perfusion in the medial cerebral and vertebral arteries was more frequent in patients with migraine with aura.
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