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№4' 2008


Psychoanalytical hypotheses of forming neurotic disorders
6 - 8
Different psychoanalytical theories of forming neurotic disorders are reviewed. The author concludes about the interaction of pathogenic and protective internal and external factors as the foundation of personality adaptation.
Psychodiagnosis and psychocorrection of menstrual function disorders in juvenile girls with anorexia nervosa
9 - 12
Association of amenorrhea in juvenile girls with anorexia nervosa is shown. The necessity of psychodiagnostic investigation of the patients with this pathology and its psychotherapeutic correction is substantiated.
Prevention and treatment of acute psycho−organic syndrome in patients with alcohol addiction
13 - 17
Significance and incidence of acute psycho−organic syndrome in patients with alcohol addiction as well as clinical manifestations, ways of prevention and treatment are shown.
The peculiarities of motivation sphere and personality reactions in drug addicts during a prolonged remission
18 - 21
The changes in the processes of meaning forming, motivation sphere, frustration reactions in the former drug addicts during a prolonged remission are shown. It is concluded that refusal from the drugs can cause these changes.
Rarity neurology. A case of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis with multifocal muscular dystonia
22 - 26
Main literature data about subacute sclerosing panencephalitis are reported. A case of the disease with involvement of the subcortical nuclei is discussed.
Migraine cephalgias: medical−social problems
27 - 29
Some psychological peculiarities of patients with different forms of migraine and their reaction to pain depending on the gender and disease duration were investigated.
Osteopenic disorders in schoolchildren: algorithm of diagnosis and prognostic criteria
30 - 36
The findings of investigation of osteopenia prevalence in children of Kharkiv region with the use of ultrasound densitometry are reported. Prognostic algorithm of influence of various factors on osteopenia development in children of different age, diagnostic standards and prevention were developed.
Cellular energy metabolism in children of the first year of life at complicated pneumonias
36 - 39
The problem of diagnosis of acute complicated and uncomplicated pneumonia in children of the first year of life is discussed. Metabolic therapy was substantiated based on the changes in cellular energy metabolism. It was established that polysystemic disturbances in the mitochondria functions were present in the children with complicated pneumonia and unfavorable premorbid background.
The variants of the course of primary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy according to observations in Republic of Belarus
40 - 45
The findings of a 5−year observation of the patients with primary hypertrophy cardiomyopathy and developed diagnostic criteria are presented. The variants of the course of the disease were distinguished with the purpose to predict its outcomes and choose treatment tactics.
The course of coronary artery disease at endocrine aging of women
46 - 50
The findings of the research of the manifestations and course of coronary artery disease during endocrine aging are presented. It was established that in patients with high variability of follicle−stimulating hormone and preserved hormonal state during pre− and perimenopause, atypical pain syndrome and more severe course of the disease could be observed.
The assessment of therapy efficacy in patients with arterial hypertension
51 - 55
The findings of the research of the effect of combination of an antihypertensive drug Accupro and a psychotropic drug Zoloft on clinical parameters in patients with arterial hypertension as well as their mental state and quality of life are presented. A high efficacy of the combined therapy is shown.
Peculiarities of lactation function in puerpera
56 - 59
Up−to date literature data about the state of lactation in puerpera are reported. Significance of hypolactation problem is shown. The questions of neuroendocrine regulation of lactation, composition of breast milk, methods of diagnosis and treatment for hypogalactia are featured.
The state of female sexual health before and after different gynecological operations
60 - 63
Sexual health of the women who survived different surgical interventions for gynecological diseases is analyzed. The state of sexual function of the patients before and after the course of treatment for primary and secondary sexual disturbances and the achieved therapeutic effect are shown.
The strategy for surgical treatment for local tumors of the small pelvis using evisceration Communication 3. Cancer of the rectum, uterus, ovaries, prostate gland, teratoid tumors of the small pelvis
64 - 74
Rectal cancer classification is described. The methods of surgical correction at the local forms are reviewed and analyzed. The 10−year experience of surgical treatment for this pathology at Institute of General and Urgent Surgery (Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine) is generalized. Main methods of surgical correction of local pelvic tumors originating form female reproductive organs, prostate gland, teratoid tumors of the small pelvis are described.
Cryostimulation of wound tissue in treatment of persisting wounds and ulcers of the extremities
75 - 80
The experience of application of the original method of cryostimulation of wound tissue and its combination with atraumatic adhesive stretching of the tissue in patients with persisting wounds and ulcers of the extremities is presented. The criteria of its safe use and effects of influence on the tissue were determined. Positive results in restoration of supporting and other tissue of the extremities were obtained
Lactoferrin amount in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with acute meningitis
81 - 84
The findings of determining lactoferrin in cerebrospinal fluid of the patients with acute meningitis are presented. The prospects of this method in early differential diagnosis of purulent bacterial and serous viral meningitis is shown.
Oxidative stress in patients with chronic hepatitis C
84 - 87
The mechanisms of oxidative stress in patients with chronic hepatitis C are discussed. The markers of a high disease activity were determined.
Positron emission tomography and immunoscintigraphy: the role in oncology
88 - 94
Theoretical basis and the role of modern methods of radiation diagnosis, positron emission tomography and immunoscintigraphy, in oncology are featured. The indications to PET and 18F−fluordeoxiglucose in oncology are reported.
The capabilities of ultrasound diagnosis in psoriatic arthritis
95 - 98
The original data about the capabilities of ultrasound investigation in diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis are presented. Early signs of inflammation in the joints (uneven thickening, subchondral cysts and hyaline cartilage erosions) are shown.
Ultrasound diagnosis of benign liver neoplasms
98 - 101
Literature and original data about ultrasound diagnosis of benign neoplastic liver lesions − cavernous hemangioma, nodular hyperplasia and adenoma − are presented.
Hygienic assessment of contamination of vegetable food−stuff with automobile exhaust
102 - 105
Concentration of a number of heavy metals contained in automobile pollutants, soil, wheat and potatoes from the territories near the international highway were investigated. The regularities of metal accumulation in these products in a number of cases exceeding its maximum permissible doses were revealed.
Diphtheria infection in Kharkiv region and its epidemiological assessment
106 - 109
The data about the epidemic process of diphtheria within the post−epidemic period are reported. Diphtheria complications in modern conditions are analyzed.
Substantiation of diagnostic criteria of organ of vision contusions in forensic diagnosis
110 - 113
The urgency of the problem of eye injury is shown. The diagnostic criteria of determining severity degree of blunt eye trauma based on the findings of complex forensic and clinical investigations are given.
Some aspects of forensic expertise of maxillofacial lesions
114 - 117
The data of forensic expertise and investigation of maxillofacial injury were analyzed. The necessity of determining clinical expert criteria of determining the degree of severity of face injury is shown.
The technique for identification of the face by the skull and photo using a camerophone
118 - 121
The original technique for combination of the skull image and life photo using a camerophone (small−screen technique) is suggested.
The role of family physician in revealing gastrointestinal tract diseases
122 - 124
The prevalence of HP−infection and the factors influencing formation vegetative dysfunction in chronic gastroduodenal pathology are shown from the age perspective. The necessity of family approach to diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases is substantiated.
Monitoring in management of a resort service provider
125 - 127
The use of marketing instruments in promoting management decision taking in the practice of providing sanatorium−resort and recreation services was investigated. The organization and technology of their use are featured. The efficacy parameters are reported.
A prominent Ukrainian microbiologist and immunologist Stepan V. Korshun (140th birthday)
128 - 131
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