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№3' 2012


Pathopsychological peculiarities and regularities of organic mental disorders development at Parkinson's disease
5 - 9
The peculiarities of emotion−need sphere, degree of personality peculiarities, types of attitude to the disease were analyzed in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) and mental disorders. Pathopsychological factors of forming organic depressive disorder (F06.36), organic anxiety disorder (F06.4), organic emotional−labile disorder (F06.6) were revealed. The mechanisms of their pathogenesis were described. As for dementia (F02.3), uniform pathopsychological mechanism of its formation was not revealed in patients with PD. Main role in its pathogenesis is played by organic brain lesions.
Co−dependence of mental sphere disorders and gastric and duodenal ulcer
10 - 12
Clinical psychopathological and pathopsychological investigation was performed on 114 patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer who were treated at Berminvody sanatorium (Kharkov). The leading neurotic syndromes were distinguished, increased level of personality anxiety and depression was revealed in the investigated patients. Significance of these psychoemotional stressogenic factors for development of such psychosomatic disorders as gastric and duodenal ulcer was determined.
Criteria of post−stroke cognitive disorders assessment
13 - 20
Some urgent issues faced by neurologists and general practitioners when revealing and rendering medical aid to the patients with aggravation of the neurological state in the form of progression of post−stroke cognitive dysfunction are summarized.
Comparative characteristics of vascular cognitive disorders in patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy
21 - 23
Comparison of vascular cognitive disorders in patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy was done. The necessity of simultaneous application of screening scales to reveal cognitive disorders is shown.
Thromboembolism prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation: problems of oral anticoagulant choice
24 - 30
New data about comparative efficacy and safety of treatment with oral anticoagulants (Warfarin, Dabigatran, Rivaroxaban, Apixaban) with the purpose of thromboembolism prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation are presented. The peculiarities of anticoagulant therapy in an old age, at coronary artery disease, chronic kidney disease are discussed.
Association of obesity and carbohydrate metabolism disorders and sleep apnea syndrome
31 - 39
Literature data about clinical trials, in which sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) is featured as a risk factor of carbohydrate metabolism disorders, including type 2 diabetes mellitus, are presented. Association of the most significant factors influencing the progress carbohydrate metabolism disorders in patients with SAS is analyzed. The data about the association of SAS and diabetic autonomous neuropathy and insulin resistance are featured. Possibility to use CPAP therapy for correction of metabolic disorders in patients with diabetes mellitus is discussed.
Contemporary approaches to obesity prevention
39 - 43
Main methods of obesity assessment, methods of primary and secondary prevention of this disease are featured. The advantages of drug therapy and surgery at obesity treatment are shown.
Clinical, hemodynamic and biochemical effects of Ramipril in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension
43 - 47
Clinical, hemodynamic, and biochemical effects of Ramipril were investigated in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and arterial hypertension.
The role of immunity indices of pregnant in prognosis of fetoplacental insufficiency development
48 - 50
Investigation of cytokine level was done in patients in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. It was revealed that immune disorders at presence of signs of fetoplacental insufficiency (FPI) manifested by increased production of TNF−α and simultaneous reduction of cytokines IL−4, IL−10, IL−13, which proves their role in prognosis of possible risk of FPI development.
Placental dysfunction against a background of endocrine pathology
50 - 53
Modern data about the peculiarities of treatment of fetoplacental dysfunction against a background of endocrine pathology are presented. The questions of prognosis and prevention of gestation and perinatal complications at this pathology are discussed.
Improvement of surgical treatment for persistent wounds of lower extremities based on tissue tension
54 - 58
Literature data about improvement of surgical treatment for persistent wounds of lower extremities as well as the original experience of their plastic restoration in 45 patients based on tissue tension in the area of the defect under the control of the changes in the state of the tissues in the area of the defect are presented. Objective clinical criteria of permitted level of tissue tension at surgical treatment for persistent wounds were determined.
Comparative morphofunctional assessment of different methods of dissection of liver parenchyma
58 - 64
The morphofunctional state of the liver before and after resection using different methods of dissection of liver parenchyma are assessed. It is shown that at large resections of the liver it is reasonable to use the methods of ultrasound, stream dissection or "clamp crushing" technique.
Prognostic role of endothelium function at choice of cholecystectomy technique in workers of coal industry with respiratory diseases
64 - 67
The state of endothelial function was assessed in the workers of coal industry with respiratory diseases and cholelithiasis with the purpose to choose the optimum method of cholecystectomy. It was revealed that the changes of endothelial function allowed predicting development of respiratory disorders in patients after the surgery.
Melatonin administration in oncology
68 - 73
The experience of application of melatonin in cancer patients who were administered radiation, chemotherapy or palliative treatment is analyzed. The clinical trials suggest limited side−effects of antitumor treatment and improvement of survival when melatonin is administered to cancer patients.
The peculiarities of fat uptake in patients with gastric cancer after gastrectomy depending on gastroplasty variant
74 - 79
The influence of different variants of gastroplasty on the character of fat uptake was assessed in 152 patients with gastric cancer within three years after gastrectomy. It is sown that the suggested variant of gastroplasty consisting in formation of a reservoir in the proximal portion of the jejunum decelerated passage of the food, which promotes better fat uptake.
Drug disease in the problem of side effect of drugs: modern state. Disputable questions of diagnosis and treatment
80 - 88
The modern state of the problem of drug disease and side effect of drugs, disputable questions of diagnosis and treatment are presented.
Endothelium dysfunction in patients with psoriasis and statins
89 - 93
Association of psoriasis and cardiovascular diseases is shown. The role of chronic systemic inflammation in psoriasis and atherosclerosis development is discussed. The causes of endothelial dysfunction are featured. The results of statins use in treatment of common psoriasis are discussed.
Chromoendoscopy of esophagus and stomach
94 - 97
Efficacy of chromoendoscopy in diagnosis of gastrointestinal tract disorders was investigated. The peculiarities of some dyes used with this method are discussed.
Biological role of free radicals in development of pathological states
98 - 104
The role of free radicals in development of pathological states is shown. The aspects of influence of free radicals on physiological processes are featured. The significance of active forms of oxygen in development of cardiovascular diseases is described. Free radical hypothesis of atherosclerosis development is presented.
Supravital pupil reaction
105 - 108
The data about the peculiarities of morphology and physiology of the iris, drugs affecting the size of the pupil, post−mortal pupil transformation and supravital pupil reaction which can be considered as criteria of prescription of death coming are presented.
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