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№1' 2011


In Memoriam: Academy Member Valentin I. Grischenko
6 - 7
Life quality, cognitive functions and depression level in patients with cerebrovascular pathology
8 - 12
The findings of investigation of cognitive function, life quality and depression level in patients with extracranial vascular pathology are reported. Considerable decrease in the level of the life quality as well as most pronounced cognitive deficiency and depression level were revealed at occlusive lesions of internal carotid arteries as well as at multifocal extracranial stenoses.
The results of MMPI application in psychodiagnostic examination of the persons with addiction to various psychoactive substances (pathopersonological characteristics)
13 - 19
Medical−psychological investigation of the peculiarities of emotional sphere in patients with the most common variants of chemical addiction was performed. The findings of the research, which gave ground for formation of interventional treatment of these groups, are described. Main pathopersonological peculiarities of the persons with different forms of chemical addiction are featured. The association of addiction and premorbid personality peculiarities was determined.
Coaxil addiction: integrated approach to withdrawal syndrome control
20 - 24
The data about the clinical picture, course and integrated approach to the problem of control of withdrawal syndrome of a new type of addiction to antidepressant Coaxil (tianeptinum) are presented. The original approach to treatment of Coaxil addiction considers the revealed aspects of the pathogenic effect of the drug on the mental and somatoneurological sphere of the addict.
Systemic approach to prognosis of pseudoabstinence syndrome in patients with opioid addiction
25 - 32
Two algorithms of pseudoabstinence syndrome prognosis in patients with opioid addiction, using the system of discriminate equations and method of quantification of the degree of pathopsychological and clinical signs with determining the greatest values of Kullback divergence, were worked out. Higher efficacy of the algorithm made using Kullback method was shown.
Clinical variants of radiculomedullary disorders in vertebral canal stenosis
33 - 36
The necessity of differential approach to diagnosis of the main disease and therapeutic measures was shown, based on the review of the data about vertebral canal stenosis.
Liponor and vegetable oils in treatment of lipid disorders in patients with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus
36 - 40
The use of vegetable oils in treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus against a background of hypolipidemic therapy with Lipanor was investigated. Efficacy of corn oil in the daily diet of the patients with this disease was demonstrated.
Arterial rigidity in elderly: causes and methods of correction
41 - 48
The peculiarities of artery remodeling at physiological aging and in elderly with arterial hypertension are described. The findings of investigation of structural functional properties of the arteries with the use of modern techniques in persons over 60 with various pathogenic variants of hypertension are reported. The capabilities of medical correction of arterial rigidity are featured.
The results of surgical treatment of the patients with obstructive primary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
48 - 53
An algorithm of choice of the volume of surgical correction of obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy considering multifunctional changes and pathophysiological mechanism of the obstruction was worked out. The efficacy of different variants of surgical treatment is shown.
Prognostic value of brain natriuretic peptide in patients with acute coronary syndrome
54 - 57
Literature analysis allowed to demonstrate, that cerebral natriuretic peptide could be a marker of heart failure (HF) diagnosis in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) (systolic and diastolic variant) as well as a marker of ischemic prevalence, which influences long− and short−term prognosis of ACS in respect to survival, development of repeated coronary events and HF.
Sarcoidosis: emergency states
58 - 62
The literature data about sarcoidosis are generalized with the account of the authors' many−year experience accumulated at observation of the patients with sarcoidosis. Respiratory organ sarcoidosis and extrapulmonary sarcoidosis of the organs, involvement of which can cause emergency states, are described.
Capabilities of bacterial immunomodulators in polypous rhinosinusitis
63 - 68
The world and Ukrainian scientific achievements in the area of the use of bacterial immunomodulators and specific immunotherapy for polypous rhinosinusitis are reported.
Treatment of hearing disorders of herpes virus origin
68 - 71
The lesions of hearing apparatus in patients with acute herpes virus neuroinfection are characterized. It is shown, that various types of herpes viruses involve specific for this virus areas of auditory analyzer. Dependence of the administered drug on the type of the agent and level of the hearing apparatus involvement was proven for effective treatment of these diseases.
Risk factors of duodenal peptic ulcer relapses in patients with thyroid dysfunction
72 - 75
The risk factors and their influence on the frequency of relapses of duodenal peptic ulcer in patients with hypothyroidism were investigated. It was established, that the disease relapses are determined not only by a complex of social factors, but also the level of thyroid function, which should be taken into consideration in clinical practice.
Incidence of gastric and duodenal ulcer complications
76 - 78
The incidence of complications in patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer is described. It is shown, that at prolonged conservative therapy the age of operable patients increased, the incidence of accompanying diseases or their combinations increased, which required a goal−oriented approach at preparation of this severe category of patients to the operation, the choice being resection for radical treatment of ulcer.
Congenital heart defects and pregnancy
79 - 84
Modern literature data as well as the original findings about the course and outcomes of pregnancy in women with congenital heart defects are reported. Main types of defects, which frequently occur in pregnant, are analyzed. Risk factors for the mother and fetus are featured.
The influence of therapy with placenta extraction on the changes of the peripheral blood cellular immunity parameters and follicular fluid in patients with tuboperitoneal infertility
84 - 89
The influence of immunocorrecting therapy with drugs made from placenta extraction and Cryocell−palcenta cryoextraction was investigated. It was determined, that placenta drugs promoted normalizing cellular immunity disorders in the peripheral blood and follicular fluid, but cryoextraction of placenta possessed more pronounced effect on the state of cellular immunity in patients with tuboperitoneal infertility. It is recommended to use cryoextraction of placenta at preparation to extracorporeal ferti−lization with the purpose of immunocorrection in patients with infertility caused by chronic diseases of the small pelvis.
Ultrastructure of the venous wall cells in patients with acute thrombosis
90 - 94
Ultrastructure reconstructions of the intracellular structures and organelles of the cells of the vascular wall were investigated. The causes of forming thrombi in the vessels of the veins of lower extremities were determined at ultrastructure level.
Clinical peculiarities of the course of viral hepatitis A depending on its genotype and the type of the organism immune response
95 - 98
Investigation of the dynamics of synthesis of main regulatory cytokines in patients with viral hepatitis depending on the virus genotype was investigated. The obtained findings allowed to recommend complex investigation of the patients with hepatitis A with determining the markers of active replication of viral ribonucleic acid as well as the level of main regulatory cytokines.
Bacillary angiomatosis
99 - 102
Contemporary ideas about the role of Bartonella henselae and Bartonella quintana in development of bacillary angiomatosis are presented. Different clinical variants of infection as well as the methods of their diagnosis, treatment and prevention are featured.
Cytokine profile in patients with acute meningitis of bacterial and viral origin
103 - 105
The findings of comparative analysis of the levels of proinflammatory (TNF−α, IL−1, IL−6) and antiinflammtory (IL−4, IL−10) cytokines in the cerebrospinal fluid of the patients with purulent and serous meningitis are presented. Increased concentration of both proinflammatory and antiinflammtory cytokines was revealed.
Etiology, pathogenesis and clinical picture of secondary deforming osteoarthrosis and ankyloses of the temporomandibular joint
106 - 111
The data about the etiology, pathogenesis and clinical picture of secondary deforming osteoarthrosis, ankyloses of temporomandibular joint as well as surgical treatment of ankylosis of temporomandibular joint with a new two−pole endoprosthesis with a distraction device are reported. Clinical examples of the patients with bilateral and unilateral bone ankylosis are given.
Optimization of obturation of root canals using composite sealants
111 - 113
The use of root canal filling with master pin and composite sealant Citofil−Ca is substantiated. Radiography and clinical examination were used to demonstrate a high efficacy of the performed obturations.
Etiological structure and biological properties of the etiologic agents of purulent−septic diseases
114 - 116
For the first time complex experimental research of a maternity hospital was done within the program of monitoring the prevalence of nosocomial strains. The etiological structure and biological properties of conventionally pathogenic microorganisms were determined. The expediency of application of differential diagnosis, selective media and microtest systems for their indication and identification at bacteriological diagnosis of purulent−septic diseases was substantiated experimentally.
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