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№1' 2021



Premature aging indices in patients with moderate cardiovascular risk
5 - 9
The relationship between the risk factors concerning the biological age, telomere length and activity in the patients with moderate cardiovascular risk has been analyzed.
Formation, assessment and correction of cognitive disorders in patients with comorbid chronic obstructive pulmonary and coronary heart diseases
10 - 18
Modern views on the mechanisms of formation of cognitive disorders in the patients with comorbidity of chronic obstructive pulmonary and coronary heart diseases have been presented. New approaches and possibilities of the correction of cognitive disorders in the patients with cardiopulmonary pathology have been considered.
Clinical characteristics of patients with chronic heart failure and type 2 diabetes mellitus who require implantation of permanent pacemaker
18 - 22
The peculiarities of the clinical course of chronic heart failure with comorbid type 2 diabetes mellitus when the implantation of a permanent pacemaker is indicated have been analyzed. It is concluded that according to the current clinical characteristics of pacemaker implantation the vast majority of elderly patients, mostly men, with a long history of cardiovascular and somatic pathology, including type 2 diabetes necessitates it.
Evaluation of microbiocenosis of large intestine and intestinal permeability in obese adolescents
23 - 26
Anthropometric indices, the level of zonulin, endotoxemia, interleukins, indices of the colon microbiota in obese adolescents have been studied. Correlations between anthropometric parameters and intestinal permeability, activation of low−intensity inflammation have been established.
State of systemic hemodynamics for children with congenital surgical pathology in different combined anesthesia types
27 - 30
The effect of different types of combined anesthesia on the state of systemic hemodynamics in surgical correction of congenital malformations in newborns and infants has been retrospectively studied. It is noted that when using pre−existing hypnotics as part of combined anesthesia, the patients have remained at risk of complications from central hemodynamics in the form of vasodilation, which leads to a drop in blood pressure and compensatively increases the heart rate.
Ways to improve diagnosis of patients with postcholecystectomy syndrome
31 - 35
The results on improving the algorithm for diagnosing patients with postcholecystectomy syndrome have been analyzed. The use of the Grigoriev ultrasound method with choleretic loading, which evaluated the sphincter of Oddi function and patency of terminal choledochus, as well as the impedancemetry of the major duodenal papilla to determine its morphological and organic changes.
Influence of mesenchymal stem cells on efficiency of angiogenesis, state of vascular tone, intensity of lipid peroxidation and metabolic activity of cardiomyocytes in experimental myocardial infarction
35 - 42
The results of an experimental study of the effectiveness of acute myocardial infarction treatment by cardiomyoplasty: intravenous, intracoronary and intramyocardial administration of autologous mesenchymal bone marrow stem cells have been presented. Improvement of cardiomyocyte metabolism due to normalization of the balance between the intensity of free radical oxidation and antioxidant protection has been established.
Factors of perioperative mortality in patients with growing renal cell carcinoma in inferior vena cava lumen
43 - 51
A retrospective analysis of the causes and mortality frequency in the patients operated for renal cell carcinoma growing into the inferior vena cava. Reliable factors for the prognosis of perioperative mortality in this pathology have been presented. Factors that characterize the features of the tumor thrombus, as well as parameters related to the general condition of a patient, were found to be of a crucial importance.
Isthmocele: etiology, clinic, diagnosis and treatment (Literature review)
52 - 55
The isthmocele problem is topical in modern obstetric practice. A scar on the uterus after a cesarean section is not always reliable for both the uterus structure and woman health. Isthmocele is the thinning of the myometrium in the projection of the post−surgery scar can cause many complications. Depending on the diagnosis results and the woman's reproductive plans, conservative or operative treatment has been recommended.
Stages of rehabilitation of patients with acute cerebrovascular accident
56 - 62
The problem of medical rehabilitation of patients after acute cerebrovascular accident has been considered. The program of medical rehabilitation, which is carried out by specialists of the multidisciplinary team, has been composed assuming the severity of the stroke, degree of neurological deficit and needs of the patient. Early start of rehabilitation measures has a positive effect on the restoration of lost functions. The cognitive status of the patient affects the course and results of the rehabilitation, which necessitates its assessment in the dynamics at all stages.
Comparative analysis of neurophysiological features in young women and men suffering from epilepsy
63 - 66
The problem of epilepsy in young men and women has been considered. An electroencephalographic examination was carried out for each patient, on the basis of which a comparative analysis of electroencephalogram depending on gender was performed.
Cerebrovascular disorders in patients with COVID−19
67 - 72
Current data on the neurological manifestations of coronavirus infection COVID−19, generalized information on the ways, mechanisms and pathogenesis of the nervous system have been presented. Based on the results of our own clinical observations of the patients with COVID−19, a history of acute cerebrovascular disorders and clinical picture of stroke without the appearance of new foci on neuroimaging, hypoxic disorders were concluded.
Main issues of children's incidence of acute otitis media and prospects to solve them
73 - 76
The data of archival records on the incidence of acute otitis media in children have been analyzed. It was found that in the largest group the patients were diagnosed with a purulent form, slightly lower rates of secretory and viral processes. Complications included mastoiditis, acute sensorineural hearing loss, cerebrospinal fluid and intoxication syndromes. The necessity of application along with otoneurological research of instrumental methods for detection of latent disturbances of function of the vestibular analyzer has been substantiated.
Dacryocystitis as an otolaryngological problem: own treatment experience
76 - 82
The actual problem of surgical treatment of dacryocystitis in otolaryngological practice has been analyzed. The characteristics of the contingent of patients, main rhinogenic factors and features of the dacryocystitis course were studied. The effectiveness of an individual approach to surgery planning according to the generally accepted method has been shown. The main criteria for the effectiveness of the surgical treatment stages have been established.
Role of adipose tissue and adipokines in chronic inflammation development on metabolic syndrome background
83 - 87
To establish the role of adipose tissue and adipokines in the development of chronic inflammation, modeling of the metabolic syndrome in white female rats was performed. Elevated leptin levels have been shown to cause a spontaneous production of pro−inflammatory cytokines and mononuclear leukocytes in blood, which is pathogenetically associated with the development of undifferentiated chronic inflammation. The change in the cytokine profile in the serum of rats may be not only a sign of the development of this type of adipose tissue inflammation, but also a prognostic marker of the effectiveness of metabolic syndrome treatment that occurs on the background of obesity.
Modern ultrasonography techniques for massive injuries of shoulder joint rotator cuff tendons
88 - 91
The possibilities of ultrasonography in diagnosis of massive injuries of the tendons of the shoulder joint rotator cuff have been shown. It has been established that modern ultrasound capabilities, in particular, color and energy Doppler mapping, functional sonography, allow to use it both for primary diagnosis and for monitoring the treatment, which in turn directly affects the choice of treatment.
Sonographic markers of association of folate cycle polymorphic genes and epigenetic factors
92 - 100
The statistics for 2008−2018 in Kharkiv region and Ukraine on reproductive losses associated with folate cycle polymorphism, some other types of polymorphism, epigenetic factors, increasing the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes have been analyzed. Information on the number of examined pregnant women using ultrasonographic and biochemical studies at the level of alpha−fetoprotein, chorionic gonadotropin and free estriol in the framework of selective screening programs for pregnant women. The ways to reduce the reproductive losses have been proposed, including a comprehensive examination of pregnant women using ultrasonography, biochemical and molecular genetic methods for the diagnosis of genetic diseases and fetus malformations.
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