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№2' 2019


Effect of therapy on peripheral hemodynamic parameters in patients with arterial hypertension and morbid obesity after bariatric treatment
5 - 8
The dynamics of changes in peripheral and central hemodynamic indices in the patients with arterial hypertension and morbid obesity under the influence of prolonged antihypertensive therapy, depending on the performed bariatric surgery was investigated. The peculiarities of the influence of surgical treatment of obesity on the course of arterial hypertension and level of peripheral and central blood pressure have been determined.
Functional state of secretory activity of adipose tissue in traumatic disease in patients with increased body mass index
9 - 13
Integrated indices were determined by means of system multivariate analysis and the mathematical model of the state of the adipose tissue biomarkers was developed, that allowed to determine both general patterns and certain features which are characteristic for the patients depending on the body mass index at the time the polytrauma injuring.
First experience of application of percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy in acute limb ischaemia
14 - 17
The first experience of using percutaneous mechanical thrombectomy in the patients with acute ischemia of the lower extremities has been shown. Its high efficiency in combination with balloon angioplasty and stenting in acute thrombosis and embolies of arteries of the lower extremities has been demonstrated.
Endoscopic hemostasis in bleeding from varicose veins in patients with portal hypertension
18 - 22
The results of treatment of the patients with portal hypertension, which is complicated by bleeding from the esophagus and stomach varicose veins by means of endoscopic methods of hemostasis, i.e. ligation and sclerosis, have been analysed. When choosing one or another method of endoscopic haemostasis a differentiated approach has been shown as being the basis of successful treatment of bleeding in this group of patients.
Tactics of nervous system and internal organs protection against ischemic injuries during surgical treatment of acute aortic syndrome
22 - 26
The analysis of 92 cases of the patients treated for acute aortic syndrome is presented. For the purpose of the brain and internal organs intraoperative protection in each case a complex of the measures was used in various combinations, i.e. hypothermia with additional local cooling of the patient’s head, systemic and partition perfusion. The advantage of the proposed method consists in its surgery safety for a patient.
Analysis of hemodynamic response at different regimens of infusion therapy in patients with moderate surgical risk in acute abdominal pathology
27 - 31
The central and peripheral hemodynamics in the patients with an acute abdominal pathology during restrictive and liberal regimens of infusion therapy has been investigated. New data on the variants of formation of the hemodynamic response type to the mechanisms of its support at different volumes of infusion therapy in urgent surgical interventions have been provided.
Differentiated approaches to treatment tactics in patients with hyperplastic endometry processes
32 - 36
The differentiated approach to the choice of treatment tactics and optimization methods of management of the patients with hyperplastic processes of endometrium, which is based on clinical and morphological features of the disease course is developed and foresees a systemic influence on endocrine and metabolic processes in a body.
Сlinical and paraclinical characteristics of abnormal uterine bleeding in adolescence
36 - 39
The results of comprehensive examination of adolescent girls with abnormal uterine bleeding, which included anamnesis, clinical course of the disease, the study of the course of pregnancy and childbirth in their mothers, the rate of physical and sexual development, the menstrual function nature, gynaecological status, clinical, bacteriological and hormonal examination, echosonography have been presented. The adverse perinatal period and premorbid background, extragenital pathology, stress, as well as hereditary predisposition to the disordered menstrual function are the most often determined as the main etiological factors of the disease.
Role of hormone therapy in treatment of early breast cancer in premenopausal women
40 - 44
A systematic analysis of the data available in current publications on the use of hormone therapy in treatment of breast cancer in premenopausal women has been carried out. The stages of its formation have been presented, various approaches to the treatment of premenopausal women with breast tumours have been considered.
Comparative estimation of application efficiency of minimally invasive technologies to treat four localizations of lesions of long bone distal metaepiphyses
45 - 48
Due to clinical studies the tactics of treatment of the lesions of long bone distal metaepiphyses with a reduced share of skeletal osteosynthesis and the corresponding increased share of non−invasive technologies have been substantiated. A comparative assessment of the results of treatment of such patients entitles us to speak about the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed treatment tactics.
Experience of performing systemic thrombolysis in stroke of aged patients
49 - 52
Clinical data on five patients with ischemic stroke subjected to systemic thrombolysis have been presented. There have been demonstrated the dynamics of neurological status, the performed therapy taking into account the accompanying pathology, at the discharge from the neurological department the recommendations have been issued. It has been determined that thrombolytic therapy makes it possible to reduce post−neurological deficiency, increase functional recovery and thereby to improve the life quality in this category of patients.
Problem of neurogenesis in therapy of neuroinflammatory/neurodegenerative process
53 - 56
Modern data on neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory processes have been analyzed. Taking into account the knowledge about the negative influence of inflammation on neurogenesis and adaptive capabilities of the nervous system, even the minimal signs of an active inflammation in the central nervous system (as well as the case of the radiologically isolated syndrome) require the prescribing of pulse therapy with glucocorticosteroids. Addition of therapy based on the concept of "guided neuroplasticity" can be a significant contribution to the system of therapeutic measures of neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system.
Characteristics of disorders of vegetative nervous system in children after closed craniocerebral injury of varying severities
57 - 61
The vegetative disorders of nervous system in children after craniocerebral injury of different severity have been considered. It has been shown that the syndrome of vegetative dysfunction is one of the frequent manifestations of its consequences, characterized by a polymorphism of clinical signs.
Encad−Biolik effectiveness in treatment of pigmented retinal abiotrophy
62 - 64
The results of using the drug Encad−Biolik in the combined therapy of the pigmented abiotrophy of retina have been presented. The efficiency of this drug has been established to stabilize the central, peripheral vision and light sensitivity.
Clinical features of patients with syndrome of biologically inactive growth hormone
65 - 69
The frequency of the biologically inactive growth hormone syndrome in the patients with short stature was determined. The phenotype has been described, the anamnesis features, physical and sexual development of the patients have been examined.
State of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant system in patients with chicken pox
70 - 75
The dynamics of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant system activities depending on the severity of the disease clinical course in the patients with chicken pox has been studied. It has been established that in such patients, with the increased severity of the clinical course, the activity of lipid peroxidation was significantly enhanced and the activity of the antioxidant system was decreased, that plays an important role in the development of cytolytic syndrome. It has been found that antioxidants mexidol and tocopherol accelerate the process of normalization of lipid peroxidation in the patients with chicken pox.
Immediate results of treatment with nucleotide/nucleoside analogues in patients with chronic hepatitis B
76 - 80
There were analysed the results of treatment with nucleotide/nucleoside analogues of the patients with chronic viral hepatitis B. The duration of prospective observation was 48−52 weeks, the patients received 100 mg/day lamivudine and 300 mg/day tenofovir. At the end of the controlled observation period, a significant decrease in the level of alanine aminotransferase in the patients of both groups was established. The overall level of complete virological response after initiation of antiviral therapy was 46,4 % in the lamivudine group and 74,2 % in tenofovir one.
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