Sukhonosova О. Yu.
Results of creation of database for children with paroxysmal disorders in Kharkiv region and prospects of its application
70 - 74
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Modern data on neuromyelitis optica, or Devic’s disease
47 - 53
Florikian V. A., Zavalna O. P.
Acute and chronic disorders of cerebral venous blood circulation
53 - 58
Kulyk O. V.
Changes of clinical and neurological indices in patients with post−comatose disorders of consciousness after severe craniocerebral trauma
59 - 65
Hryhorova I. A.
Systemic disorders in patients with multiple sclerosis
45 - 49
Kulyk O. V.
Characteristics of neuroimaging findings in patients with post−traumatic consciousness disorders
50 - 54
Hryhorova I. A., Riznychenko O. K.
Psychogenic cardialgia as a consequence of educational stress and its treatment
55 - 59
Sukhonosova O. Yu.
Analysis of causes of epilepsy pharmacoresistance formation in children and ways of overcoming it
57 - 60
Horishchak S. P.
Current issues in classification of vertebrospinal injury
61 - 63
Hryhorova I. A., Riznychenko O. K., Kashyrina O. V., Khokhlov M. O.
Effectiveness of calcium hopantenate in treatment of cognitive impairments at epilepsy
68 - 73
Kulyk O. V.
Pathophysiological aspects of acute craniocerebral trauma as a basis for determining the capabilities of brain function restoration
74 - 77
Nekrasova N. O.
The features of spondylogenic vertebrobasilar insufficiency clinical course in young people
78 - 83
Grygorova I. A., Teslenko O. O., Tykhonova L. V., Grygorov S. M., Kufterina N. S.
Improvement of quality of life in patients with pain syndromes and dysphagia of various etiology
78 - 85
Shkolnyk V. M., Fesenko H. D.
Prognosis of the risk of long−term disability prolongation at traumatic brain injury
86 - 88
Logvinenko H. V.
The quality of sleep in patients with vertebral artery syndrome
61 - 64
Sukhonosova O. Yu.
Comparative analysis of incidence and prevalence of nervous system diseases and epilepsy in children residing in Ukraine and Kharkiv region
65 - 69
Yavorska V. O., Bondar O. B., Skoryi A. Yu., Krasnorudska T. V., Volodarska N. M., Afanasiev D. H.
Neurophysiological aspect of metabolic therapy for chronic cerebral ischemia
67 - 72
Logvinenko H. V.
Anatomical and physiological conditions of the vertebral artery syndrome
73 - 76
Yavorska V. O., Hrebeniuk H. V., Kryvchun S. A., Anisenkova V. Yu.
Chronic occlusive cerebral vasculopathy (Moya−Moya disease)
65 - 67
Grygorova I. A., Novak A. S.
Clinical and diagnostic aspects of mild traumatic brain injury
68 - 71
Morozova O. H., Yaroshevskyi O. A., Zdybskyi V. I., Lohvynenko H. V.
The use of combination therapy for correction of vestibular disorders in patients with vertebral artery syndrome
72 - 76
Tondii O. L., Zavalna O. P., Koreniev S. M.
Non−medication in treatment of pain syndromes in the structure of non−motor manifestations of initial stages of Parkinson's disease
57 - 60
Shyian D. M.
Simulation of three−dimensional image of the cerebellum and its nuclei in neurosurgical practice
61 - 64
Symonenko H. H.
ЕРІ in complex neuropsychological evaluation of neuropsychological state in students
64 - 69
Grygorova I. A., Teslenko O. O., Grygorova A. A., Tikhonova L. V., Pogrebniak O. O.
The experience of complex treatment for pain syndrome against a background of dysphagia
61 - 67
Kauk O. I.
Heritary polyneuropathy as a factor of statokinetic disorders in early−age children
68 - 72
Statinova O. A., Kotsenko Yu. I., Shulzhenko N. O., Kuzmenko O. O., Sokhina V. S.
Hemodynamic, morphological and functional features of ischemic stroke at atherosclerotic plaques of cerebral arteries
26 - 31
Grymailo V. M., Litovchenko T. A., Yakubenko Yu. V., Markova T. V.
Peculiarities of vegetative dystonia syndrome in patients with posttraumatic epilepsy
32 - 35
Litovchenko T. A., Kas I. V., Yakubenko Yu. V.
The use of medication and physiotherapy in cephalgic syndrome in patients with sequellae of brain injury
56 - 60
Tovazhnyanska O. L., Kauk O. I., Nekrasova N. O., Markovska O. V., Soloviova Ye. T., Nadozirna Ye. M.
Antiphospholipid syndrome and acute сerebrovascular pathology in infants
61 - 65
Florikian V. A.
Treatment of cerebral venous dyscirculatory encephalopathy in patients in the late period of closed craniocerebral injury
66 - 70
Chernenko M. Ye., Vovk V. I.
Current approaches to pathogenetic therapy of multiple sclerosis
58 - 62
Navet T. I.
Hyperkinesis in childhood pathology
63 - 67
Grygorova I. A., Kufterina N. S., Grygorov S. M.
Clinical and neurological features of cerebral circulation disorders in young people
67 - 71
Cherednichenko N. V.
Blood plasma brain−derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in patients with subcortical vascular mild cognitive disorders: marker value for the diagnosis and therapy effectiveness evaluation
71 - 77
Salo S. V.
Brain bioelectrical activity in children with mental retardation at active herpes virus infection
49 - 53
Iu. Iakubenko
Definition of quality of life in patients with sequellae of mild traumatic brain injuries before and after neurometabolic therapy
54 - 57
Shunina N. V.
Structural changes and manifestations of clinical variants of sleep disorders in long−term period of traumatic brain injury
58 - 61
Kobys T. A., Sokolova L. I., Myalovitskaya E. A., Domres N. V.
Clinical activity risk factors and long−term prognosis of relapsing−remitting multiple sclerosis
6 - 11
Gryb V. A., Genyk S. I., Chudovska L. D., Kupnovytska−Sabadosh M. Yu.
Essential tremor
12 - 17
Statinova E. A., Kotsenko Y. I.
Anomalies of intracerebral and precerebral arteries and their role in ischemic stroke in young adults
17 - 20
Lytvynenko N. V., Delva M. Yu., Cherginets I. A., Pikul Yu. V., Delva I. I.
Clinical mimicry of acute ischemic cerebrovascular accidents of ischemic type
21 - 25
Tovazhnyanska O. L., Bezuglova I. O., Dubinska O. I., Kauk O. I., Reznichenko O. K., Koryak V. V.
Endothelial dysfunction and cerebrovascular pathology in patients with diabetes mellitus
26 - 30
Grygorova I. A., Tikhonova L. V., Salo V. I., Eskin A. R., Nekrasova N. A.
The rare case of generalized musculodystonic and hyperkinetic syndromes in nervous diseases clinic
31 - 34
Sokolova L. I., Melnуk V. S., Savchuk A. N.
Clinical features of ischemic stroke in patients with polymorphism of 5G/4G gene of type 1 plasminogen activator inhibitor
35 - 39
Korsunskaya L. L., Chuprina L. A.
Clinical pattern of neurological manifestations of pituitary microprolactinomas in women of reproductive age
39 - 44
Myronenko T. V., Yakovlieva L. V.
The means of drug correction of homocysteine levels and lipid blood profile in patients with ischemic stroke within early recovery period
45 - 49
Tarianik E. A.
Analysis of the surface and superficial stimulation electroneuromyography in patients with different forms of Parkinson’s disease
49 - 53
Korsunskaya L. L., Ioshina N. N.
The characteristics of cognitive dysfunction syndrome in patients with brain posttraumatic cystic formations
54 - 57
Kovtun I. I., Lytvynenko N. V.
Efficacy of complex treatment of acute pain syndrome caused by discogenic lumbosacral radiculopathy using psychotherapy methods
58 - 62
Markovskaya E. V.
Enzyme blood level disorder as a marker of metabolic processes severity in multiple sclerosis
5 - 8
Tovazhnyanska E. L., Bezuglova I. O.
Cerebrovascular insufficiency and diabetic encephalopathy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
13 - 17
Yaroshevsky A. A.
Dynamics of emotional and autonomic parameters in patients with myofascial pain syndrome of cervicobrachial localization under the influence of non−pharmacological treatment
17 - 20
Rasulova H. A.
Some molecular mechanisms of ischemic stroke development
22 - 29
Mikhaelian T. H.
Treatment of non−dementia cognitive and asthenic disorders in dyscirculatory encephalopathy
30 - 32
Chernenko M. E.
Albumin as a parameter permeability of the blood−brain barrier in multiple sclerosis patients
17 - 20
Zavgorodniaya A. N.
Structural features of vascular endothelium in acute cerebral ischemia
21 - 24
Tovazhnianskaya E. L.
Neurological complications of primary hypothyroidism of various origin
15 - 19
Zinchenko E. K., Sheptun A. N., Markova T. V.
Adaptive capabilities of cerebral blood flow in patients with arterial hypotension of various origin
20 - 26
Yavorskaya V. A., Bondar O. B., Mikhaelian T. Kh., Pershina Yu. V., Bondar B. E.
Correlation of cognitive disorders in patients with vascular cerebral disorders
16 - 21
Pelekhova O. L.
Modern ideas about idiopathic inflammatory polyneuropathies
22 - 27
Murashko N. K., Zalesnaya Yu. D., Lipko V. G.
Criteria of post−stroke cognitive disorders assessment
13 - 20
Mikhaelyan T. Kh.
Comparative characteristics of vascular cognitive disorders in patients with dyscirculatory encephalopathy
21 - 23
Fedotova I. F.
The analysis of clinical manifestations of lumbar spinal stenosis
25 - 28
Yavorskaya V. A., Chernenko I. I., Fedchenko Yu. G.
Assessment of the quality of life in patients with long−term consequences of combat brain injury
29 - 31
Tovazhnianskaya E. L., Bezuglova I. O., Navruzov M. B., Balkovaya N. S.
Moderate cognitive disorders in type 2 diabetes mellitus
6 - 9
Lipinskaya Ya. V.
The peculiarities of vegetative paroxysms course at myofascial dysfunction of cervicobrachial location
10 - 13
Klimenko A. V., Belskaya I. V.
The peculiarities of vertebrogenic pain syndromes treatment
15 - 20
Chernenko I. I.
Cerebrovascular disorders development in persons with consequences of combat brain injury
21 - 24
Mischenko T. S., Ovsiannikova N. V., Lebedinets V. V.
Risk factors and clinical peculiarities of patients with various subtypes of ischemic stroke
27 - 32
Datsenko I. B., Kharchenko I. V., Markova T. V.
Optimization of diagnosis and tactics of treatment of emotional−behavioral disorders in adolescents with brain dysfunction
33 - 38
Sysun L. A., Abdullaev R. Ya., Kovaleva E. A.
Cerebral hemodynamics in ischemic stroke by transcranial Doppler ultrasonography findings
6 - 9
Kolesnichenko V. A., Fedotova I. F., Levshin A. A., Fioklina I. V.
Neurological state dynamics in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis after surgical treatment
10 - 14
Fedotova I. F., Chernyshov A. G., Feklina I. V.
Clinical variants of radiculomedullary disorders in vertebral canal stenosis
33 - 36
Ismailova N. Yu.
Liponor and vegetable oils in treatment of lipid disorders in patients with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus
36 - 40
Grigorova I. A., Salo V. I., Samoylova A. P., Girka U. S., Salua Agumi
Neurological problems of polymyositis−dermatomyositis
34 - 38
Ovsiannikova N. V.
The changes in the level of highly sensitive C−reactive protein depending on the sub−type of ischemic stroke and severity of involvement of the large arteries of the head
38 - 42
Abasova L. I., Shiralieva R. K., Bakhshaliev A. B.
Application of angiotensin II receptor antagonist Eprosartan in correction of cognitive disorders in arterial hypertension
43 - 45
Yaroshevsky A. A.
The role of cervical factor in the origin of headache and vertigo
16 - 24
Grygorova I. A., Salo V. I., Tovazhnyanskaya E. L., Tihonova L. V., Koudriavtseva A. A.
Disorders of bioenergetic homeostasis and general sensation at atherosclerotic discirculatory encephalopathy
25 - 30
Datsenko I. B., Markova T. V., Kharchenko I. V., Malysheva I. V.
Neurodynamic signs of emotional−behavioral and personality disorders in teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction. Communication 2. Neurodynamic mechanisms of formation and functional organization
15 - 22
Berezniakova E. Yu., Trotsenko O. B., Shevchenko L. M., Mikhedko N. G.
Gender peculiarities of epilepsy course
23 - 27
Grygorova I. A., Salo V. I., Tikhonova L. V., Chernenko A. G.
Rare neurology. A case of "locked−in" syndrome in ischemic stroke
27 - 30
Grigorova I. A., Salo V. I., Teslenko O. A., Tikhonova L. V.
Rare neurology. A case of Klippel−Feil craniovertebral anomaly with pronounced hydrocephalia and atrophy of brain substance
14 - 18
Magalov Sh. I., Musayeva A. A.
Cerebral hemorrhagic complications of acute ischemic stroke associated with anticoagulant therapy
18 - 20
Chobanov R. E., Liftiyev R. B.
Peculiarities of hypertension forming in patients with increased body mass
21 - 24
Datsenko I. B., Markova T. V., Kharchenko I. V.
Neurodynamic signs of emotional−behavioral and personality disorders in teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction. Communication 1. Neurophysiological diagnosis peculiarities
19 - 25
Alekperov A. M.
Neurological manifestations of extramedullary intradural spinal tumors
25 - 30
Zinchenko E. K., Klimova E. M., Shevchenko L. M.
The state of humoral immunity in patients with arterial hypotention of different origin
31 - 35
Litovchenko T. A., Grigoruk M. A., Korovay S. M.
Analysis of cardiointervalography parameters of nervous system adaptation in spinal birth injury
34 - 37
Grygorova I. A., Salo V. I., Tikhonova L. V., Khvorost V. A.
Rarity neurology. A case of chronic vegetative state
38 - 41
Yavorskaya V. A., Bondar O. B., Ibragimova E. L., Krivchun V. M.
Ischemic thalamic infarctions
12 - 15
Lukhanina E. P., Karaban N. V., Kalischuk−Slobodin T. N., Berezetskaya N. M., Karaban I. N.
Dependence of motor and cognitive disorders in patients with Parkinson’s disease on clinical peculiarities of the disease course
16 - 22
Grygorova I. A., Salo V. I., Tihonova L. V., Kudriavtseva A. A.
Rarity neurology. A case of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis with multifocal muscular dystonia
22 - 26
Baryshevskaya V. V.
Migraine cephalgias: medical−social problems
27 - 29
Tovazhnianskaya E. L.
Metabolic aspects of forming neurotic complications in primary hypothyrosis
13 - 17
Klimova E. M., Litovchenko T. A., Zinchenko E. K., Merkulova O. Yu.
Immune reactivity in patients with arterial hypotension of various etiology
18 - 21
Tovazhnianskaya E. L.
Atorvastatin in treatment of neurological complications in patients with primary hypothyroidism and hyperlipidemia
22 - 26
Datsenko I. B.
Neurological state of adolescents with organic disorders of personality formation
27 - 30
Yavorskaya V. A., Bondar O. B., Flomin Yu. V.
How to distinguish atherosclerotic stroke from cardioembolic stroke in clinical practice?
39 - 48
Shop I. V.
Peculiarities of treatment of arterial hypertension with accompanying obesity
49 - 50
Grigorova I. A., Salo V. I., Chernenko A. G., Tikhonova L. V., Nikolenko N. A., Oksuchenko E. V.
Rare−case neurology. A case of osseous Paget's disease with neurological disorders
41 - 44
Litovchenko T. A., Mikhedko N. G., Markova T. V., Malysheva I. V., Shunina N. V.
Neuromediator aspects of epilepsy: the role of indolamine system in epileptogenesis
45 - 50
Yavorskaya V. A., Pelekhova O. L., Grebeniuk A. V., Krivchun S. A.
Facial nerve neuropathy
35 - 37
Grigorova I. A., Resnichenko E. K., Grigorova A. A.
Clinical diagnostic aspects and the role of Cerebrolysin in treatment for vestibular migraine
38 - 41
Pasiyeshvili L. M., Malik N. V.
Phezam application in treatment of patients with chronic disorders of cerebral circulation
42 - 45
Karaban N. V., Rozhkova Z. Z.
Morphological and metabolic signs of cognitive disorders in patients with Parkinson's disease
35 - 38
Drozdova I. V.
Nosogenies in patients with arterial hypertension
39 - 44
Datsenko I. B.
Minor cerebral dysfunction and emotional−behavioral disorders in children and principles of their differentiated correction
28 - 35
Oros M. M.
Case history analysis of the patients who survived transitory ischemic attack
36 - 40
Datsenko I. B.
Sexual development of teenagers with cerebral dysfunction and formation of organic personality disorders of deceleration type
25 - 29
Gayevaya M. A.
Some organic and functional features of nervous system impairment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
30 - 33
Datsenko I. B.
Individual psychological features of teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction and behavior disorders
38 - 42
Vertkin A. L., Dadykina A. V., Lukashov M. I.
Tactics of pre−clinical aid in syncope
43 - 48
Yavorskaya V. A., Flomin Yu. V., Grebeniuk A. V., Pelekhova O. L., Leschenko O. K.
The new international classification of headaches: what is important for practice?
36 - 42
Datsenko I. B., Markova T. V., Kharchenko I. V.
Neurophysiological correlates of emotional−personality and behavioral disorders in teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction
43 - 48
Kozhekaru E. A.
Sexual dysfunction peculiarities in men with early stages of hypertension encephalopathy
49 - 51
Mankovsky N. B., Karaban N. V.
Clinical course and pharmacotherapy of Parkinson's disease at various stages
47 - 51
Yavorskaya V. A., Pelekhova O. L., Grebenuk A. V., Krivchun S. A.
Manganese toxic encephalopathy: pathogenesis, clinical picture, treatment
52 - 55
Vertkin A. L., Tkacheva O. N., Novikova I. M., Korsunsky S. B., Galperin E. V.
Diabetic autonomic neuropathy. 3. The peculiarities of the clinical course of arterial hypertension and choice of a hypotensive drug
56 - 65
Fritzsche L. N.
Brain bioelectric activity in conditions of emotional stress
66 - 69
Bovt Yu. V.
The changes of the functional state of central and cerebral hemodynamics in agricultural workers under the influence of noise as an occupational factor
70 - 72
Vertkin A. L., Tkacheva O. N., Torshkhoeva H. M.
Diabetic autonomic neuropathy. 2. Diagnosis, treatment, prognosis
60 - 66
Govbakh I. A.
Epilepsy and essential hypertension: parallel therapy
67 - 72
Vertkin A. L., Tkachova O. N., Torshkhoyeva H. M.
Diabetic autonomous neuropathy. 1. Incidence, pathogenesis, classification, clinical picture
34 - 41
Grigorova I. A., Tovazhnianskaya E. L., Rudnyeva E. A.
Spontaneous of evoked brain bioelectrical activity in hypothyroidism
42 - 44
Rodin Yu. V., Shtutin A. A., Vinokurov D. L.
Variants of cerebral hemodynamics after carotid endarterectomy
51 - 53
Reminyak I. V., Boiko T. P., Kostyukovskaya L. S.
Treatment of depression disorders in poststroke patients
54 - 57
Nesterenko I. B.
Neurological disorders in chronic acquired toxoplasmosis
58 - 60
Gruntovsky G. H., Bolokadze I. F., Popsuyshapka K. A.
Anatomical functional peculiarities of vertebrogenic cervical myelopathy. Clinical picture, diagnosis, treatment
92 - 94
Taytslin V. Y., Korshnyak V. A.
Psychovegetative manifestations of pathological climax in women and their treatment with Cipramile
95 - 97
Dziak L. A., Shulga A. N., Suk V. M.
Noninvasive methods of diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhagic strokes
65 - 68
Stepanchenko K. A.
Disorders of vegetative nervous system and variability of heart rhythm in patients with enterobiosis
69 - 71
Shimanovsky N. L.
New capabilities of nervous diseases diagnosis using Gadovist 1.0
36 - 40
Taytslin B. I., Voloshyna N. P., Bogdanova I. V., Fedoseyev S. V.
Myodystonic disturbances at administration of ephedrine−like psychostimulants and their correction with botulotoxin
41 - 43
Yavorskaya V. A.
Antiphospholipid syndrome
44 - 47
Grigorova I. A., Leschenko K. A.
34 - 39
Dubenko A. E., Slusarenko I. T., Govbakh I. A.
Clinical picture and peculiarities of therapy for epilepsy in elderly patients
40 - 45
Grygorova I. A., Morozova O. G., Yaroshevsky A. A.
Myofascial pains
31 - 35
Dzyak L. A., Rozhkova I. V., Golyk V. A.
Hypertensive dyscirculatory encephalopathy in postovariectomic women
36 - 41
Jojua A. G., Gryschenko S. V.
Frequency and expression of prognostic signs of brain stroke in patients with hypertension disease
42 - 47
Kolker I. A.
The use of the method of induced visual and auditory brain potentials in pediatric neurology
48 - 52
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