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№4' 2007


Psychological incompatibility and conflict incompetence in married life
6 - 9
The causes, types and character of spouse conflicts are discussed from the perspective of systemic approach. Significance of conflict competence for their resolution is shown. The author concludes about the necessity to develop models of conflict competence and algorithms of its productive development.
Dynamics and clinical regularities of forming labile personality disorder in teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction
10 - 14
Personality and behavior peculiarities of teen−agers with cerebral dysfunction and formation of labile personality disorders are shown. The necessity to consider the revealed regularities in psychotherapeutic approaches to these patients is emphasized.
Age−dependent periods and time−related dynamics of forming and exacerbation of chronic diseases (using the example of urological pathology)
15 - 19
The regularities of age−dependent periods of forming, development and course of chronic diseases on the example of urologic pathology were revealed. Possibility to use the obtained findings in clinical practice for their prognosis and prevention is shown.
Pathopsychological changes in child patients suffering from epilepsy with intellectual insufficiency and their psychocorrection
20 - 23
The findings of psychodiagnostic examination of children suffering from epilepsia with different levels of intellectual insufficiency are reported. The peculiarities of the state of different spheres of mental activity of the patients and necessity to consider them at psychocorrection are shown.
Clinical−psychopathological manifestations of depression in rural residents
24 - 26
Family history of alcoholism and accompanying intoxication, revealed in patients with depression living in rural areas, are presented. The factors provoking development of depressive episode and syndromological structure of depressions were determined.
Sexual dysadaptation of spouses at somatized disorders in women
27 - 30
Two variants of sexual dysadaptation of spouses ar somatized disorder in the wife were revealed. The causes, development mechanisms, course and clinical manifestations of these forms were determined.
Hypersexuality of women with maniac syndrome of bipolar affective disorder
31 - 33
Clinical manifestations of hypersexuality in women with maniac syndrome of bipolar affective disorder and mechanisms of development of spouse dysadaptation in this pathology were investigated.
Disorders of spouse adaptation at organic personality disorder in the husband
34 - 36
It is shown that in different types of organic personality disorders in the husband forming both conventionally functional and non−functioning marriages is possible. Both the sphere of general communication and the sphere of sexual communication can be affected. The regularities of conventional functionality of marriage and the type of personality disorder and significance of absence of role−sex complementarity of spouses in dysadaptation development were revealed.
Sexual health disorder at inflammatory diseases of inner sex organs in women
37 - 40
The investigation of gynecological patients revealed development of different variants and forms of sexual dysadaptation of the married couple. Their causes, formation mechanisms and clinical manifestations are shown.
Rare−case neurology. A case of osseous Paget's disease with neurological disorders
41 - 44
Main literature data about Paget's disease are reported. A clinical case of Paget disease is described.
Neuromediator aspects of epilepsy: the role of indolamine system in epileptogenesis
45 - 50
The problems of forming epileptic activity and the role of monoaminergic systems are discussed. The presence of primary neurochemical defect in indolamine metabolism system is supposed to be one of pathogenetic mechanisms of epilepsy development.
Heart rhythm variability and essential hypertension. Unsolved problems of practical application
51 - 55
Deviations in variability are shown to be associated with different antihypertensive effectiveness of β−blockers. The revealed dependence allows differential approach at the stage of starting therapy.
Interrelation of myocardial infarction and atrial fibrillation and dental pathology: occasional finding?
56 - 60
Examination of the patients with chronic coronary artery disease, including that accompanied by atrial fibrillation, revealed interrelation of the history of myocardial infarction and presence of severe parodontitis as well as congenital anomalies of the odontomaxillary system and persisting atrial fibrillation.
Peculiarities of pathogenesis and treatment of dyshormonal hyperplasia and breast cancer
61 - 66
Main concepts of breast dyshormonal hyperplasia and probability of its transformation to cancer are featured. The questions of diagnosis and treatment of diffuse and nodular forms of dyshormonal breast hyperplasia are discussed. The efficacy of symptomatic treatment with progestin−KR is shown.
Methods of nuclear medicine in breast cancer treatment
67 - 75
The role of nuclear medicine techniques in treatment breast cancer is discussed. The methods of diagnosis (radioimmune analysis of tumor markers, mammoscintigraphy, identification of sentinel lymph nodes using radiopharmaceuticals, bone scan) are described. Radionuclide therapy for bone metastases is featured.
Modern tendencies in treatment stress urine incontinence in women
76 - 79
Modern methods of surgery for urinary incontinence are reviewed. The complications and results of periurethral injections, TVT, TOT, TVT−O operations, new sling techniques as well as treatment with stem cells are discussed.
Male infertility: contemporary aspects
80 - 83
The world tendency to reduction of spermatogenesis activity parameters is shown. The forms of male infertility as well as the questions of diagnosis and treatment of this pathology are discussed.
Modern peculiarities of infectious mononucleosis
84 - 88
The data about infectious mononucleosis as a polyetiological disease are presented, its etiological factors are presented. Its etiological factors are described. It is emphasized that the diagnosis can be made only based on complex assessment of specific methods of laboratory diagnosis.
The prospects of cellular therapy administration in chronic diffuse liver diseases
89 - 92
The data about stem hemopoietic cells are reviewed. The prospects of their application in treatment of chronic diffuse liver diseases are shown.
The efficacy of prolonged potentiated subpleural blockade and phenomenon of pulmonary reconstruction at lung contusion
93 - 96
The data about the efficacy of prolonged potentiated subpleural blockade in closed injury of the chest complicated by pulmonary contusion are presented. The influence of this method of analgesia on oxygenation function and pathomorphological changes in the lungs is shown. Different analgesia methods are compared.
The influence of general analgesia and intensive therapy on cognitive function of patients with acute gastrointestinal hemorrhage
97 - 98
The influence of different schemes of general analgesia and intensive therapy on the state of cognitive function is discussed. Positive influence of thiocetam and combined schemes of general analgesia on cognitive function rehabilitation was determined.
Prolonged peridural blockade as structural element of intensive therapy for post−traumatic pancreatitis
99 - 101
The efficacy of combined vegetative block and infusion therapy in the regimen of hypervolemic hemodilution in patients with injuries of the pancreas, which allows to reduce the incidence of post−traumatic pancreatitis as well as severity of its course, is shown.
The role of ultrasonography in determining the mechanism of vertebral lumbar pain
102 - 105
The role of ultrasonography in determining the mechanism of development of vertebrogenic lumbar pain syndrome is shown. High informativity of the method in determining the place, direction and changes of the hernia size in lumbar osteochondrosis is demonstrated.
The role of ultrasonography in investigation of female reproductive function
106 - 110
Literature data featuring the questions of clinical, laboratory and ultrasound diagnosis of reproductive function disorders in women are presented.
Antioxidants in intensive therapy of surgical patients
111 - 115
Literature review about therapeutic properties of antioxidants and possibility to use them in intensive care of surgical patients is presented. Modern medications with antioxidant effect are described.
The influence of combined application of hypoxic−hypercapnic stimulus and laser therapy on clinical functional state of patients with chronic obstructive lung disease
116 - 120
The influence of combined application of hypoxic−hypercapnic stimulus and laser therapy on the patients with chronic obstructive lung disease was investigated at the stage of restorative treatment. The use of this method was shown to produce marked local and systemic anti−inflammatory effects.
Person identification with the method of tele−video−photosuperprojection with the use of compute program Adobe premiere
121 - 123
Up−to−date methods of portrait−osteological identification used in forensic criminalistics are discussed. The original method of person identification using superprojection with Adobe Premiere is described. The advantages of the method when compared with the earlier proposed methods of comparative identification are shown.
Vladimir P. Bobin: public figure of Kharkiv Medical Society (150 yars of birthday)
124 - 125
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