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№2' 2013


Clinical characteristics of culturally determined sexual scenarios with combination of psychosexual development disorder and alcohol addiction in women
6 - 11
A comparative investigation of clinical characteristics of culturally determined sexual scenarios in women with combination of alcohol addiction and psychosexual development disorders in the form of sexual tactile preferences disorder (F10.2, F66.2, ICD−10) was performed. The data on the structure of culturally determined sexual scenarios, their prevailing type and combination options within married couples were obtained for the first time.
Formation of mental deadaptation and burn out syndrome in senior officials of the health system
12 - 16
The problems of clinical structure and dynamics of formation of states of mental deadaptation in senior officials of the health system are featured. The technique of their investigation is described. The obtained findings are presented. Two main states of mental deadaptation, i.e. burn out syndrome and situationally conditioned states of mental deadaptation were distinguished.
Albumin as a parameter permeability of the blood−brain barrier in multiple sclerosis patients
17 - 20
Albumin content in the blood serum and cerebrospinal fluid were investigated in 135 patients with different types of the course of multiple sclerosis. It is shown that the content of albumin in the cerebrospinal fluid depends on the stage of the disease and the type of its course, which can be used along with magnetic resonance imaging to verify accelerations as well as to monitor the effectiveness of anti−inflammatory therapy.
Structural features of vascular endothelium in acute cerebral ischemia
21 - 24
The number of desquamated endotheliocytes was investigated in the venous blood using immunocytochemistry method and monoclonal antibodies CD34 in the course of examination of the patients in acute period of carotid ischemic stroke and patients with transient ischemic attacks in the carotid basin. Quantitative analysis of the structural state of the endothelium in acute cerebral ischemia showed its insignificant differences at transient ischemic attacks and cerebral infarction. It is concluded about the general mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction in these pathological conditions.
Chronic kidney disease in children: supranosological and nosological approaches
25 - 28
The questions supranosological and nosological approaches to the concept of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are featured. The clinical materials of 222 children aged 7−17 with non−diabetic origin was analyzed. The necessity of nosological approach to the diagnosis of the disease in the individual patient to determine effective therapeutic program aimed at prevention or inhibition of progression of CKD towards end−stage renal failure was proven.
Sight for heart rate: relevance of the study, physiological regulation and registration methods of heart chronotropic function registration
29 - 34
The interrelation of high heart rate (HR) and cardiovascular disease and mortality was investigated. Negative prognosis of tachycardia not only in cardiac patients, but also in the general population is emphasized. It is shown that physiological regulation of the heart rate is performed on several levels: neurogenic, autonomous, metabolic, humoral and depends on a number of exogenous factors. Modern methods of HR analysis include load testing, determining the natural heart rate, electrophysiological study of the sinoatrial node function, heart rate assessment by Holter ECG monitoring with the study of heart rate variability.
Dynamics of changes of galectin−3 level in patients with chronic heart failure at six−month observation
35 - 39
The level of galectin−3 in patients with chronic heart failure (CHF) and the factors influencing its dynamics in the process of treatment were investigated. A relationship between the dynamics of the level of galectin−3 and clinical course of CHF was established. The parameter reduced with decrease in the severity of CHF within 6 months of observation target, while elevation of the level of galectin−3 was associated with the progression of heart failure. It was noted that the reduction in galectin−3 level was more clearly observed when target doses of β−blockers (Carvedilol) were administered.
The state of the pro−inflammatory cytokine level in patients with unstable angina and type 2 diabetes mellitus depending on functional class of chronic heart failure
40 - 42
The state of pro−inflammatory cytokines in patients with unstable angina (UA) and associated type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) was analyzed depending on the functional class of chronic heart failure (CHF). The increase in manifestations of cardiac decompensation in patients with UA and type 2 DM is associated with high activity of pro−inflammatory cytokine level represented by tumor necrosis factor−β and interleukin−6. Increase of functional class of CHF is characterized by increased insulin resistance in patients with UA and type 2 DM.
Progesterone and its influence on the cardiovascular system in women in early postmenopausal period
43 - 47
The relationship between progesterone levels and the characteristics of the cardiovascular system (the level of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, ejection fraction, electrocardiographic index of myocardial damage) was investigated. Absence of significant association between the investigated parameters and the level of progesterone in postmenopausal women was shown. It was found out that HDL cholesterol, age and body mass index had a decisive influence on the ejection fraction in healthy patients in early physiological menopause. The index of myocardial damage was associated with the level of HDL cholesterol, follicle stimulating hormone, heart rate, ApoB level and severity of menopausal symptoms and signs.
The peculiarities of peripheral blood cytokine amount in patients with complicated sinusitis against a background of surgery
48 - 53
The expediency and informativity of the study of the influence of surgical trauma on the dynamics of cytokine profile in patients with complicated sinusitis was substantiated theoretically. Pathogenetic significance of increase of IL−1 RA and TNF−α was identified in sinusitis and its complications. It was revealed that the influence of surgical trauma at interventions on the paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity did not depend on the characteristics of the operation and ENT pathology and manifested by significant increase in the concentration of IL−1 RA and TNF−α on the first day after surgery. The extent of influence of surgical stress depended on the presence and severity of the inflammatory response at complicated sinusitis, which affected the clinical and laboratory parameters in the immediate postoperative period.
The role of cone−beam tomography in planning of endoscopic interventions in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses
54 - 57
The technique of planning endoscopic interventions in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses using the data of cone−beam tomography with 3D−visualization is presented. This technique helps to optimize the choice of surgical approach, sequence of actions and the necessary instruments.
Dysplasia of the gastrointestinal tract
58 - 63
The capabilities of vital (preoperative) examination of the state of the gastrointestinal mucosa, epithelial dysplasia as one of the risk factors of malignancy were analyzed.
The influence of standard schemes of anti−ulcer therapy on clinical laboratory findings in patients with duodenal ulcer
64 - 68
The investigation of the effect of standard schemes of second−line quadritherapy on the dynamics of clinical and laboratory parameters in patients with duodenal ulcer disease revealed that the scheme with Omeprazole, De−Nol, Amoxicillin, Tetracycline and Omeprazole De−Nol, Tetracycline, Metronidazole influence equally the dynamics of clinical symptoms and frequency of eradication of H. pylori. However, the first scheme more effectively influenced the disorders in the mechanism of synthesis of protective mucus barrier and regeneration processes, which contributed to the high frequency of ulcer cicatrisation.
The features blood lipid profile in patients with adenomatous and glandular endometrial hyperplasia
69 - 71
It was established that disorders of lipid blood profile characterized by dyslipoproteinemia predominantly type IIa and IIb were present in patients with adenomatous and glandular endometrial hyperplasia. The presence or absence of metabolic syndrome based on insulin resistance is a major factor in the development of endometrial hyperplastic processes.
Anti−Muller hormone detection and Doppler study of ovary blood supply in diagnosis of poor ovarian response syndrome
72 - 75
In order to establish the probability of development of poor ovarian response syndrome at assisted reproductive technologies with controlled ovarian stimulation, comparative analysis of two diagnostic methods (determining plasma anti−Muller hormone and ovarian blood flow Doppler investigation) were compared. Doppler investigation of ovarian blood supply in all clinical observations indicated the likely response of ovaries to stimulation protocols, whereas anti−Muller hormone levels may be both below the norm in women with normal ovarian response and have normal values in patients with poor ovarian response.
Biochemical markers in diagnosis of osteoarthritis
76 - 78
The current data on the use of biochemical markers (glycoproteins, glycosaminoglycans, C−reactive protein, interleukin, resistin, eicosanoids, etc.) in the diagnosis of osteoarthritis are presented.
Immunological and biochemical disorders at osteoarthritis in combination with hypertension and obesity
79 - 83
The modern ideas of Ukrainian and foreign scientists on the mechanisms of immunological and biochemical disorders in patients with osteoarthritis in combination with hypertension and obesity are discussed.
Endolymphatic, intravenous and intra−arterial chemotherapy for metastatic inoperable gastric cancer
84 - 88
The results of treatment of patients with inoperable metastatic gastric cancer with the use of the developed methods of endolymphatic and intra−arterial chemotherapy accompanied by significantly less number of toxic complications are presented. It was proven that endolymphatic chemotherapy was more effective at metastatic involvement of the parietal peritoneum and retroperitoneal lymph nodes, while intra−arterial chemotherapy produced a more pronounced effect in the presence of metastases to the liver and pancreas.
Molecular genetic characteristics of sporadic gastric cancer
89 - 92
The results of chemoradiation therapy with cisplatin and 5−fluorouracil (5−FU) in patients with locally advanced gastric cancer are presented according to microsatellite instability (MSI) of loci BAT−25 and BAT−26, responsible for the post−replicative repair genes MSH2, MLH1. It is shown that in 50 % of patients with locally advanced gastric cancer, mutagenic phenotype with MSI for loci BAT−25, BAT−26 is present. Maximum therapeutic effect of radiation therapy with cisplatin modification was achieved in patients without MSI, and modification with 5−FU in patients with the presence of MSI for loci BAT−25, BAT−26. Toxic effects of chemoradiation therapy were not associated with the genetic characteristics of the tumor, but were the result of the action of cisplatin and 5−FU on the organs and systems of the organism of the tumor−carrier.
Laboratory parameters as predictors of bladder tumor malignancy grade
93 - 99
The algorithm of laboratory evaluation of patients with bladder cancer allowing to predict the degree of malignancy of the tumor before the surgery was suggested. This can allow clinicians to carry out an adequate assessment of the risk of recurrence or progression of the disease and to apply a differentiated therapeutic approach.
Nerve reflexes in the regulation of immune responses
100 - 105
The modern ideas about the role of nerve reflexes in the regulation of immune homeostasis are discussed.
Immunological aspects of lipid metabolism in patients with nephrotic syndrome
106 - 110
The results of the study of lipoprotein−containing immune complexes in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis with nephrotic syndrome without it are reported. The study demonstrated improvement in LDLP−IgA and reduction in LDL−P−IgG in all patients, most pronounced in those with nephrotic syndrome, which also had elevated levels of LDLP−IgM. The possible mechanisms of influence of lipoprotein−containing immune complexes on glomerular changes in chronic glomerulonephritis were described. The association between the level of LDLP and proteinuria development, and the changes in glomerular filtration rate is shown.
Influence of hepatitis A in the period of recoveryon maintaining post−vaccination immunity to diphtheria
111 - 115
The effect of hepatitis A in the period of recovery (6 months after the disease onset) on the state of the active artificial antitoxic immunity to diphtheria was investigated in previously vaccinated children. A significant decrease in antibody titers to diphtheria agent compared with clinically healthy children of all ages was revealed. It is proven that the presence of non−protective antibody titers in children aged 7−14 years with hepatitis A was observed 6 months after the discharge from the hospital; the proportion of patients with non−protective antibody titers was 52,0 %. Recovery of antibody levels occurred only 6 months after the onset of the disease, but before that time it did not reach the initial level.
Medical−toxicological investigation of superficially active substances in connection with the problem of sanitary protection of drinking water sources
116 - 120
The original findings of experimental studies of the mechanisms of biological action of superficially active substances in connection with the problem of substantiation of preventive measures on protection of superficial water sources are presented.
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