Obstetrics and gynecology

Potapova L. V., Lipko O. P., Mertsalova O. V., Chekhunova A. O.
The role of immunological factors of invasiveness in the pathogenesis of genital endometriosis
35 - 38
Novikova A. A.
Clinical and laboratory characteristics of abnormal pubertal uterine bleeding
39 - 41
Tuchkina I. A., Kasylova O. Yu., Novikova A. A.
Diagnosis and treatment of adolescents with abnormal uterine bleeding with the account of vaginal biocenosis character
33 - 36
Kuzmina I. Yu., Zhulikova M. V.
Diagnostic criteria for polycystic ovary syndrome
37 - 39
Hryshchenko M. H., Lutskyi A. S., Parashchuk V. Yu., Pravdiuk O. I., Ihnatov O. V.
Efficacy assessment of preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy in patients of increased reproductive age at IVF
40 - 44
Viesich T. L., Taravnekh D. Sh.
Аromathase activity as an objective marker of necessity of cryotherapy of uterine cavity in hyperplastic endometrial processes
35 - 40
Avramenko N. V., Kabachenko O. V., Barkovskyi D. Ye., Kopiika V. V.
General clinical, biochemical parameters and peripheral blood hormone level in women at ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
41 - 45
Feskov V. O., Tuchkina I. O., Lazurenko V. V.
The course and outcome of pregnancy in women with ovarian endometriosis after application of assisted reproductive technologies
47 - 51
Shcherbakov A. Yu., Mielikova T. A., Shapoval D. M.
The role of thyroid hormones in female reproductive system functioning
51 - 54
Lutskyi A. S., Omelchenko O. A.
Comparative analysis of the morphological and histochemical state of the endometrium after oocyte aspiration at different luteal phase support schemes
55 - 59
Hryshchenko M. H., Lutskyi A. S., Parashchuk V. Yu.
Estimation of the effectiveness of extracorporeal fertilization after transfer of vitrified blastocysts in the natural cycle and with the use of hormone replacement therapy
42 - 46
Lupoiad V. S., Pasiieshvili N. M., Moshko Yu. O., Ilchenko V. O.
Practical issues of diagnosis and treatment of endometrium hyperplastic processes
47 - 52
Khamzin I. Z., Solomatina A. A., Tiumentseva M. Yu., Bratchikova O. V., Strygina V. A.
Modern methods of hemostasis and ovarian reserve during organ−preserving surgery on the ovaries
39 - 44
Kozub M. M.
Persistent tubal pregnancy rehabilitation after organ−preserving surgery using anti−adhesion barriers
44 - 48
Shcherbyna M. O., Viesich T. L., Shcherbyna I. M., Taravnekh D. Sh.
The state of endometrial receptors at hyperplastic processes in perimenopausal women
37 - 40
Kuzmina I. Yu., Kuzmina O. O.
The state of hyperplastic endometrium depending on enzymes activity in perimenopausal women
41 - 44
Dolenko O. V.
Treatment of exo− and endocervicitis associated with nonspecific mixed infections of the lower genitals in women of reproductive age
44 - 47
Yakovleva O. O., Domina O. V., Babadzhanian Ye. M., Yakovenko O. A.
Placental dysfunction
47 - 51
Shcherbakov A. Yu., Mielikova T. A.
Clinico−pathogenetic significance of hemostatic disorders in pregnant women with autoimmune thyroiditis
39 - 42
Lupoiad V. S., Pasiieshvili N. M., Ilchenko V. O., Moshko Yu. O.
Diagnosis of aneuploidy in the 1st and 2nd trimesters of pregnancy
42 - 44
Lupoiad V. S., Pasiieshvili N. M., Ilchenko V. O., Moshko Yu. O.
Some aspects of ultrasound investigation in obstetrics
33 - 37
Dolenko O. V.
Differential ultrasonography criteria and treatment of nodular uterine leiomyoma in women of reproductive age
38 - 41
Kuzmina I. Yu., Kuzmina O. A.
The role of hemostasis in the pathogenesis of placental dysfunction
29 - 31
Taravnekh D. Sh.
The state of immune status and cytokines at in vitro fertilization in women with thrombophilia
32 - 35
Shcherbyna M. O., Taravnekh D. Sh.
Pathogenetic risk factors of unsuccessful in vitro fertilization in women with thrombophilia
35 - 38
Chernobai L. V., Tyshchenko O. M., Lazurenko V. V., Muryzina I. Yu., Yurkova O. V.
The role of citokyn profile isorders in fertility reduction
38 - 43
Okoro Bonaventure Uche
Modern approaches to tactics of management of patients with myoma uterus
43 - 46
Pasieshvili N. M.
Effects of infectious factors and citokines on perinatal morbidity and mortality in preterm infants
42 - 48
Kuzmina I. Yu.
The condition of immune factors and cytokines at placental insufficiency
48 - 51
Kozub M. M.
The characteristics of postoperative adhesion formation in patients with tubal pregnancy
51 - 55
Shcherbina M. O., Mu'awya Salem Nasr Almaradat
Modern approaches to diagnosis and treatment of cervical incompetence
37 - 41
Kozub M. M., Olkhovska V. M.
Auxiliary reproductive techniques in women with infertility following surgery for tubal pregnancy
42 - 46
Dolenko O. V.
Immunity state in fertile women with chronic recurrent vaginal candidiasis
47 - 49
Shcherbyna M. O., Alaya Lamia
Etiopathogenetic aspects of genital prolapse in perimenopausal period
16 - 20
Mikhanovskyi O. A., Krugova I. M., Shchyt N. M., Kharchenko Yu. V., Teplova M. A.
Ways of improving the results of treatment of advanced forms of ovarian cancer
21 - 25
Shcherbyna M. O., Vygivska L. A.
The effect of intrauterine fetal infection on calcium and magnesium exchange in pregnant with urogenital infection
34 - 38
Zhemela N. I.
Vitamin D deficiency in women with threatened miscarriage and bacterial vaginitis
39 - 42
Shcherbyna M. O., Mu'awya Salem Nasr Almaradat
Assessment of the effectiveness of isthmic cervical incompetence correction with laser Doppler flowmetry
43 - 46
Kozub M. I., Kozub M. M.
Prospects of cell therapy application in restoring contractile function of the operated fallopian tubes
40 - 44
Aslanova R. A., Dolgun Z. N. E., Sayin N. D.
Aquaporins and their role in normal and pre−eclampsia placenta
45 - 49
Kozub M. I., Khurtsylava N. R., Sokil M. P., Kozub M. M., Gyrman L. I., Olkhovska V. M.
Modern approach to the problem of ovarian torsion in women of reproductive age
37 - 40
Pasieshvili N. M., Lupoyad V. S., Agafonova N. I., Moshko Yu. O.
Preterm birth: the experience of Kharkiv Regional Clinical Perinatal Center of clinical care for premature infants
41 - 44
Scherbyna M. O., Makarenko M. V.
Significance of angiogenic growth factors in prognosis of fetal growth retardation syndrome development
45 - 48
Tuchkina I. A., Gylenko Zh. O., Kalashnyk N. V., Vygovska L. A.
Clinical hormonal characteristics and therapy of girls with endometrial hyperplasia and anemia
87 - 91
Siniavina L. V.
Some aspects of pathogenesis of fibrocystic breast disease with prevalence of cystic component
92 - 96
Lupoyad V. S., Pasieshvili N. M.
Teratogenic factors, toxicology and fetal malformation
50 - 55
Makarenko M. V., Kuzmina I. Yu.
The state of fetoplacental complex at disorders of villous tree formation in fetal growth retardation syndrome
55 - 58
Scherbina N. A., Govseyev D. A.
Current clinical and pathogenetic aspects of diagnosis and treatment of patients with cervical ectopia
58 - 64
Galich S. R., Turenko A. V., Mandryk Yu. A., Timofeyeva S. V.
Complex treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease in women of reproductive age with chronic diseases of hepatobiliary system
64 - 68
Scherbina N. A., Lazurenko V. V., Pasiyeshvili N. M., Antonyan M. I.
Prevention of perinatal pathologies in pregnant women following auxiliary reproductive technologies
44 - 50
Kuzmina I. U., Kalinovskaya O. I., Kuzmina O. A., Fedorchenko V. O.
Modern aspects of complex therapy to be recurrent papillomatous viral infection
51 - 55
Timofeyeva S. V.
Medication and physiotherapy for inflammatory cervical pathology of in women of reproductive age
56 - 60
Lupoyad V. S., Schedrov A. A.
Is herpes simplex virus dangerous for pregnancy?
30 - 32
Sinyavina L. V.
Basic aspects of pathogenesis fibrocystic mastopathy
33 - 37
Makarenko M. V.
Clinical diagnostic value of antiphospholipid antibodies in prognosis of fetal growth retardation
38 - 40
Lupoiad V. S., N. M. Pasieshvili
Delivery after cesarean section: is the risk justified?
62 - 65
Andreyev A. V., Gubina−Vakulik G. I.
Perinatal hypoxia as a cause of pathological changes of adrenal glands in fetuses and newborns
65 - 69
Kuzmina O. A.
The features blood lipid profile in patients with adenomatous and glandular endometrial hyperplasia
69 - 71
Pitko V. A., Loginova O. A., Tkachev A. I.
Anti−Muller hormone detection and Doppler study of ovary blood supply in diagnosis of poor ovarian response syndrome
72 - 75
Grischenko N. G.
Contemporary aspects of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome prevention
67 - 73
Kozub N. I., Sokol M. P.
Etiopathogenetic approaches to differential diagnosis and restoration of reproductive function at polycystic ovary syndrome
74 - 77
Vesich T. L., Taravneh D. Sh.
The role of thrombophilia in the structure of female infertility etiopathogenesis
78 - 81
Lupoyad V. S.
Habitual spontaneous abortion
53 - 57
Arkhypkina T. L.
Assessment of ovarian reserve criteria in diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome
58 - 61
Kuzmina I. Yu.
The role of immunity indices of pregnant in prognosis of fetoplacental insufficiency development
48 - 50
Scherbakov A. U., Tykha I. A., Scherankov V. U., Novikova E. A.
Placental dysfunction against a background of endocrine pathology
50 - 53
Kuzmina I. Yu., Tkacheva O. V., Scherbina N. A., Scherbina I. N., Lipko O. P., Kuzmina O. A.
A method of endometrium preparation to implantation in women with endocrine infertility
63 - 67
Pertseva T. A., Kireyeva T. V., Kravchenko N. K.
The peculiarities of pneumonia course in pregnant − a glance at the problem from the perspective of a modern doctor
67 - 71
Kuzmina I. Yu.
Etipoathogenetic approaches to treatment for endometrium hyperplasia
50 - 55
Scherbina I. N.
Immunoneuroendocrine associations in development of perimenopausal pathology
56 - 60
Archipkina T. L., Liubimova L. P., Tiazhelova O. V.
Anti−Muller hormone secretion in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome against a background of therapy with Diane−35
61 - 64
Scherbakov A. Yu., Gladkova T. A., Scherbakov V. Yu.
The peculiarities of repeated delivery in women after abdominal cesarean section
65 - 67
Lupoyad V. S., Boroday I. S., Aralov O. N., Scherbina I. N.
Recurrent miscarriage: contemporary opinions about an old problem
54 - 60
Kuzmina I. Yu., Pasiyeshvili N. M., Paschenko O. N., Kuzmina O. A.
Differential approaches to the choice of treatment tactics in patients with hyperplastic processes of the endometrium
61 - 64
Schedrov A. A., Kuzmina I. Yu.
Endothelial vasodilation assessment at labor anomalies
78 - 81
Shapoval D. N.
Thyroid gland autoimmune diseases and pregnancy
82 - 84
Skorbach E. I., Scherbina I. N., Lazurenko V. V., Mertsalova O. V.
Posthysterectomy disorders and their prevention
27 - 31
Samar Abuzaid, Kuzmina I. Yu.
Lipid spectrum state in women with hyperprolactinemia and endocrine infertility
32 - 34
Dashkevich V. E., Kirilchuk M. E.
Congenital heart defects and pregnancy
79 - 84
Grischenko N. G., Gerodes A. G., Perlygin I. V.
The influence of therapy with placenta extraction on the changes of the peripheral blood cellular immunity parameters and follicular fluid in patients with tuboperitoneal infertility
84 - 89
Abdullayev R. Ya., Dolenko O. V., Scherbakov A. Yu., Tamm T. I., Senchuk A. Ya.
Etiopathological aspects and ultrasound diagnosis of lutein phase insufficiency and syndrome of non−ovulated follicle luteinization
78 - 81
Grischenko N. G.
Apoptosis markers as predictors of auxiliary reproductive technologies efficacy
82 - 86
Ovchinnikova O. V., Lazurenko V. V., Mertsalova O. V., Antonian M. I.
Iron deficiency anemia in pregnant: new approaches to treatment
56 - 62
Grischenko N. G.
Capabilities of confocal scanning laser microscopy in assessment of apoptosis processes in ova
63 - 66
Jabrailzade S. M.
Complex treatment of urogenital mycoplasmosis in pregnant
67 - 69
Samar Abuzaid, Kuzmina I. Yu.
Modern aspects of endocrine infertility therapy in hyperprolactinemia
38 - 40
Kozub N. I., Kozub M. N.
The first experience of radiowave energy application to endoscopic treatment of gynecological patients
41 - 44
Mirzoyeva T. N.4
Morphofunctional changes in the placenta at cytomegalovirus infection
44 - 48
Kerimova I. M.
Efficacy of drug therapy for stage I and II chronic venous insufficiency in pregnant
49 - 51
Kuricheva N. Yu., Kuzmina I. Yu.
The choice of treatment method in perimenopausal uterine bleedings
51 - 54
Zagrebelnaya I. V.
Contemporary aspects of the pathogenesis and treatment for endocrine infertility
55 - 59
Sultanova S. G.
The causes of perineum rupture and their treatment
60 - 62
Prema Kartick
Pathogenesis of preeclampsia
62 - 66
Kurbanov D. D., Aliyeva T. M., Rakhmanova D. R.
The changes in the amount of essential and toxic blood microelements in pregnant with chronic pyelonephritis
46 - 50
Koval G. N., Tsmur O. V., Timkovich M. A.
The peculiarities of vagina microbiocenosis and the role of bacterial factor in pregnant with the danger of miscarriage
50 - 54
Askerova T. A., Veliyeva G. A.
A family case of glucose−6−phosphate dehydrogenase and glutathione reductase deficiency in newborns
55 - 57
Safonova I. N., Lukianova I. S., Safonov R. A.
Heart activity reactivity in 3−trimester fetus in pregnant with inflammatory kidney diseases
56 - 61
Scherbina I. N.
Pathogenetic aspects of perimenopausal syndrome development
62 - 68
Grischenko O. V., Storchak A. V., Struk T. A.
Complex phytotherapy for climacteric syndrome
69 - 74
Artiomova L. A., Lazurenko V. V., Mertsalova O. V., Antonian M. I.
Dysfunctional uterine bleeding: new approaches to therapy
39 - 45
Safonova I. N.
Fetal intracardiac hemodynamics in the 3rd trimester of gestation at inflammatory diseases of the kidneys in pregnant
46 - 49
Scherbakov A. Yu., Si Ue
Peculiarities of lactation function in puerpera
56 - 59
Sviridova V. V.
The state of female sexual health before and after different gynecological operations
60 - 63
Scherbakov A. Yu., Chen Shui, Scherbakov V. Yu.
Pathogenetic peculiarities of pregnancy miscarriage with the outcome to non−developing pregnancy
49 - 51
Safonova I. N.
Prognosis of risk of obstetric complications in pregnant with inflammatory diseases of the kidneys using dopplerometry of uterine arteries blood flow
52 - 54
Grischenko N. G.
Systemic−structural analysis of reproductive health
55 - 58
Staselovich L. Yu., Lazurenko V. V., Mertsalova O. V.
The role of some immunological and humoral factors in prognosis of prolonged pregnancy
65 - 69
Kurilina T. V., Davydova Yu. V.
Modern strategies of prevention and treatment of hypoxic lesions in newborns
70 - 72
Klimenko T. M., Vorobyova O. V., Gerasimov I. G.
Apoptosis and necrosis of blood lymphocytes in vitro in pre−term newborns with necrotizing enterocolitis
73 - 75
Davydova Yu. V., Bistayeva V. A.
Restoration of reproductive function in women with thyroid homeostasis disorders and the history of reproductive loss
92 - 95
Olkhovik V. L.
Gestation transitory thyrotoxicosis
96 - 98
Sviridova V. V.
Hormone replacement therapy after extirpation or supravaginal amputation of the uterus
99 - 101
Kuzmina O. A.
The influence of calcium antagonists on production of biologically active substances, hormones, immunity factors and cytokines in parturient women with impaired labor activity
62 - 66
Scherbina I. N., Mertsalova O. V., Lazurenko V. V.
Clinical immunological characteristic of adaptation mechanisms in women during perimenopause
67 - 70
Scherbina I. N., Lazurenko V. V., Mertsalova O. V.
Clinical pathogenetic aspects of perimenopause osteoporosis
65 - 70
Perchik O. A.
The changes of vaginal microflora in women with urogenital disorders during climax under the influence of Ovestin and cryopreserved placental extraction
71 - 73
Dashkevich V. E., Davydova Yu. V.
Thyroid cancer and pregnancy
70 - 74
Kozub N. I., Gubina−Vakulik G. I., Kozub M. N.
Laparoscopic treatment optimization in ovarian teratoma in women of reproductive age
75 - 80
Dashkevich V. E., Gerzanich S. E.
Iodine deficiency: the influence on fetus and newborn
56 - 60
Kuzmina O. A.
The problem of labor activity regulation in modern obstetrics
61 - 64
Shimanovsky N. L.
Application of magnetic resonance imaging with contrast enhancement at endometriosis diagnosis
73 - 76
Popova S. S.
Anthropometric study in diagnosis of endocrinopathy accompanied by polycystic ovary
77 - 79
Savelieva G. M., Breusenko V. G., Golova Yu. A., Kappusheva L. M., Shilina E. A., Mishieva O. I., Shtyrov S. V.
Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment for hyperplastic processes of the endometrium during menopause
73 - 77
Scherbakov A. Yu.
Colpocytological characteristics of threatened abortion
78 - 80
Popova S. S.
Adrenal form of polycystic ovary syndrome: a new opinion about an old problem
81 - 83
Savelieva G. M., Breusenko V. G., Krasnova I. A., Kapranov S. A.
Emobolization of uterine arteries in uterus myoma as an alternative to surgery
74 - 79
Kappusheva L. M., Yegikian N. M., Suschevich L. V.
Transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy: possibility to use in sterile patients
80 - 85
Grischenko V. I., Yakovleva E. A., Petrenko A. Yu., Nikitchenko Yu. V.
The state of free−radical oxidation of the human ovary follicular fluid after a prolonged cryopreservation
86 - 90
Ventskovskaya I. B.
Diagnosis and treatment of premenstrual disorders
76 - 81
Scherbakov V. Yu.
Modern ideas about thyroid diseases in pregnant
82 - 85
Grischenko V. I., Lipko O. P., Rubinskaya T. V., Potapova L. V., Scherbina I. N.
New approaches to pathogenesis and diagnosis of pregestosis
114 - 116
Yegorov A. A.
Modern approach to tactics of management of hypertensive pregnant
117 - 121
Grischenko V. I., Scherbina N. A., Lipko O. P., Potapova L. V., Scherbina I. N.
The place and role of laparoscopy in diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases
71 - 73
Usanov V. D., Beresneva I. Yu.
Endometrium ablation as an alternative to radical surgical treatment for relapsing hyperplastic processes of the endometrium
74 - 76
Vertkin A. L., Tkacheva O. N., Krivtsova E. V., Volokhova R. Yu.
Urgent extragenital states in pregnant and their treatment at pre−hospital stage
80 - 87
Grischenko V. I., Mertsalova O. V., Lazurenko V. V.
Perinatal hypoxic lesions of the fetus CNS: prevention and rehabilitation therapy in early newborn period
88 - 90
Kolomiytseva A. G., Didenko L. V., Skripchenko N. Ya., Zhabchenko I. A., Zhaivoronok S. A., Gyrskaya M. V.
Pregnancy complications in leiomyoma of the uterus
91 - 94
Scherbakov A. Yu., Zaru Moh'd Ali, Scherbakov V. Yu.
Lactation function in puerperas and factors causing its disturbances
56 - 58
Zhadan I. A.
Capabilities of prenatal ultrasound study of the afterbirth in intrauterine infections
59 - 62
Scherbakov A. Yu., Berdikov A. Ya., Scherbakov V. Yu., Kravchenko P. V.
Gestation diabetes mellitus
70 - 74
Bespalko V. V.
Reproductive health disturbance in students
75 - 77
Grischenko V. I., Snurnikov A. S., Murinets−Markevich B. N., Grishina O. A.
The experience of cryosurgery application in gynecology
68 - 71
Dashkevich V. E.
Biorhythmical issues of preeclampsia in pregnant
72 - 75
Scherbakov A. Yu., Sumtsov D. G., Scherbakov V. Yu.
Morphofunctional characteristics of placenta in miscarriage of different origin
76 - 80
Savelieva G. M.
Perinatology. Present state and the future
72 - 76
Grischenko V. I., Scherbina I. N.
Cervical ectopy: etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment
77 - 81
Scherbakov V. Yu., Sumtsov D. G., Scherbakov A. Yu.
Pyelonephritis and pregnancy
82 - 85
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