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Early vascular aging: what do we know about it at present?
5 - 10
Zhadan A. V.
The influence of eplerenone therapy on the processes of heart remodeling in patients after valve replacement.
11 - 14
Doloh M. M.
Supplement of standard therapy in patients with acute myocardial infarction after percutaneous coronary intervention
14 - 19
Boichenko A. D.
Functional state of the right heart chambers in newborns of perinatal risk group in the neonatal period
5 - 10
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Capabilities of pharmacotherapy for vascular rigidity in patients with cardiovascular pathology
11 - 15
Kolesnyk T. V., Kosova H. A.
Daily monitoring of blood pressure and structural and functional state of the heart in middle−aged and elderly patients with arterial hypertension
5 - 12
Krapivko S. O., Kravchun P. H., Olefir A. I.
Correction of hyperglycemia, a predictor of endothelial dysfunction in petients with chronic heart failure
13 - 16
Shustval M. F., Volobuieva O. V., Liadova T. I., Mishchuk N. E.
Blood plasma lipids and hormonal changes in patients with coronary atherosclerosis
5 - 10
Pochinska M. V., Volkov D. Ye., Lopin D. O., Yabluchanskyi M. I.
Pulse pressure classes and pacing parameters in patients at the annual stage after implantation
11 - 15
Tseluiko V. Y., Lozova T. A.
The effect of eplerenone on the galectin−3 dynamics and the state of post−infarction remodeling in patients with right ventricle myocardial infarction
5 - 10
Drozdova I. V., Babets A. A.
The features of structural and functional state of the heart in patients with hypertension after stroke
11 - 19
Deriienko T. A., Volkov D. Ye., Lopin D. O., Yabluchanskyi M. I.
Hypertension degree and frequency of administration of certain groups of cardiac drugs in patients at the annual follow−up stage of pace−maker implantation
19 - 23
Zhadan A. V.
Long−term results of cardiac surgery in patients with infective endocarditis
24 - 27
Kanorskii S. G.
European clinical practice guidelines for cardiology 2016
5 - 9
Oleinikov V. E., Melnikova Ye. A., Avdeieva I. V., Saliamova L. I.
Carotid arteries assessment by analyzing radiofrequency component of ultrasound signal
10 - 15
Kanorskii S. G.
Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (Rome, 2016): results of the most important clinical trials
5 - 12
Matuzok O. E., Yakovleva L. M., Tseluiko V. Y.
Relationship between high−sensitivity C−reactive protein and intracardiac hemodinamic parameters in patients with myocrdial infarction
5 - 10
O. Ye. Zaprovalna
Genetic aspects of coronary artery disease risk and the efficacy of antithrombotic therapy
11 - 15
Kanorskii S. G.
European Clinical Practice Guidelines for Cardiology 2015
5 - 10
Shigotarova E. A., Kuliutsin A. V., Oleinikov V. E.
Silent myocardium ischemia: contemporary view on the problem
11 - 16
Kanorskii S. G.
Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (London, 2015): results of the most important clinical trials
5 - 12
Titov V. N., Rozhkova T. A., Amelyushkina V. A., Kukharchuk V. V.
The role of palmitic fatty acid in initiation of hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, and atheromatosis
5 - 14
Korzh O. M.
Resistant arterial hypertension: diagnosis and treatment
15 - 23
Kanorsky S. G.
Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (Barcelona, 2014): results of the most important clinical trials
5 - 11
Dushina Ye. V., Lukianov M. V., Oleynikov V. E.
The role of Holter ECG monitoring in stratification of risk for sudden cardiac death in patients after myocardial infarction
12 - 17
Synelnyk V. P.
The role of apelin in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases
18 - 21
Oleinikov V. E., Kuliutsin A. V., Shigotarova E. A., Dushina E. V.
Significance of ST segment dynamic assessment in acute coronary syndrome
14 - 19
Naumova E. A., Semenova O. N., Strokova E. V., Shwartz Yu. G.
The problem of adherence to long−term treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases
20 - 26
Dolgova E. L., Sokolov I. M., Schwartz Yu. G.
Antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapy in patients with non−valve atrial fibrillation
9 - 19
Babkin A. P., Golovko T. V.
Blood pressure response to load with salt as an indicator of antihypertensive therapy effectiveness in patients with diabetic nephropathy
20 - 24
Martynovich T. V., Akimova N. S., Fedotov E. A., Schwarz Yu. G.
Analysis of genetic factors in patients with chronic heart failure
21 - 29
Safargalina−Kornilova N. A., Ivanchenko S. V., Gerasimchuk N. N.
History and clinical significance of electrocardiography: from sources to contemporaneity
30 - 34
Kanorsky S. G.
Congress of European Society of Cardiology: new Guidelines and important clinical trials (Amsterdam, 2013)
5 - 11
Tseluyko V. Y., Kreyndel K. L.
Clinical instrumental and genetic factors affecting the long−term prognosis in patients with coronary artery disease who underwent coronary artery stenting
12 - 15
Kanorsky S. G.
Blockers of renin−angiotensin−aldosterone system in treatment of arterial hypertension: classics vs. modern
33 - 40
Yakovleva L. N.
The influence of angiotensin−converting enzyme gene polymorphism on the indices of tolerance to physical load in patients with coronary artery diseases
41 - 45
Kravchun P. G., Gabisonia T. N.
Assessment of myocardium structural functional state and diastolic function in patients with stable angina and accompanying obesity
46 - 49
Lukyanova M. V., Kulyutsin A. V.
Sight for heart rate: relevance of the study, physiological regulation and registration methods of heart chronotropic function registration
29 - 34
Tseluyko V. Y., Matviychuk N. V., Kinoshenko K. Yu.
Dynamics of changes of galectin−3 level in patients with chronic heart failure at six−month observation
35 - 39
Kanorsky S. G.
European Cardiology Society Congress (Munich, 2012)
28 - 36
Korzh A. N.
The peculiarities of management of the patients with arterial hypertension in combination with diabetes mellitus
37 - 42
Kanorsky S. G.
Thromboembolism prevention in patients with atrial fibrillation: problems of oral anticoagulant choice
24 - 30
Kuriata A. V., Lysunets T. K., Noda O. Yu.
Cocarnit efficacy in complex therapy in patients with systemic diseases of the connective tissue with myocardium involvement and manifestations of heart failure
44 - 49
Sanina I. A.
Diagnostic function of left ventricle in children with secondary cardiomyopathy
50 - 53
Kanorsky S. G.
European Society of Cardiology Congress (Paris, 2011)
14 - 21
Kravchun P. G., Lapshina L. A., Glebova O. V.
Endothelial function and cardiohemodynamics in clusters divided by the level of endothelin−1 in acute myocardial infarction and late postinfarction period
22 - 27
Shkolnik V. V.
The dynamics of pro−inflammatory markers and indices of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, myocardium echocardiography in hypertonic patients with metabolic disorders against a background of combination antihypertension therapy
27 - 37
Gavriliuk V. A.
Structural functional remodeling of the heart and vessels in patients with essential arterial hypertension with different body mass
38 - 41
Kanorsky S. G.
Angiotensin II receptor blockers: are there grounds for a wide use?
47 - 55
Vaykhanskaya T. G., Sidorenko I. V., Ostrovsky Yu. P., Yudina O. A., Ostrovsky A. Yu., Koptiukh T. M., Kuznetsova N. I., Gevorkian T. T.
Non−invasive criteria of transplanted heart pathophysiology
15 - 21
Chernaya Yu. A., Martimianova L. A., Yabluchansky N. I.
Orthostatic reactions of systolic arterial pressure in patients with stable atrial fibrillation
22 - 26
Oleynikov V. E., Matrosova I. B., Sergatskaya N. V.
Arterial rigidity in elderly: causes and methods of correction
41 - 48
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The results of surgical treatment of the patients with obstructive primary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
48 - 53
Kopitsa N. P., Titarenko N. V., Belaya N. V., Peteneva L. L.
Prognostic value of brain natriuretic peptide in patients with acute coronary syndrome
54 - 57
Kanorsky S. G.
Congress of European Society of Cardiology (Stockholm, 2010)
46 - 55
Kopitsa N. P., Belaya N. V., Titarenko N. V.
The role of matrix metalloproteinases in the pathogenesis of post−infarction left ventricle remodeling
55 - 58
Boyko V. V., Volkov D. E., Vlasenko M. A., Lopin D. A.
The choice of optimal type of heart resynchronization in patients with chronic heart failure
45 - 48
Babkin A. P., Gladkikh V. V., Kurbatova T. L.
Salt sensitivity of arterial hypertension as a predictor of antihypertensive therapy efficacy
49 - 52
Gerasimova A. S., Oleynikov V. E.
Drug correction of arterial hypertension associated with metabolic syndrome
20 - 26
Gonchar M. A., Senatorova A. S.
Myocardial dysfunction in children with arrhythmias at long terms period after cardiosurgical correction of congenital heart defects
27 - 30
Makhmudova F. M.
The functional state of the left ventricle myocardium in children with cardiac connective tissue dysplasia
30 - 34
Anikeyeva T. V.
Rheological blood properties changes in coronary artery disease
35 - 37
Vaykhanskaya T. G., Komissarova S. M., Melnikova O. P.
New criteria of cardiac rhythm turbulence in assessment of the risk of life−threatening ventricular arrhythmias in patients with obturation hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
31 - 35
Kanorsky S. G.
A new anti−arrhythmia drug Dronedaron: the prospects of application in patients with atrial fibrillation
35 - 40
Boyko V. V., Pavlov A. A., Mosiyenko B. I.
The peculiarities of myocardium contractile capability diagnosis in anesthesiology practice
41 - 46
Gonchar M. A., Senatorova A. S.
Significance of brain natriuretic propeptide in diagnosis of myocardial dysfunction in children with congenital heart defects
46 - 50
Kanorsky S. G.
New achievements in cardiology: review of clinical trials, presented at the Congress of European Society of Cardiology in 2009
25 - 30
Isayev I. I., Gadzhiyeva M. R.
The possibility of structural geometrical adaptation of the left ventricle in children after acute rheumatic fever
30 - 33
Zalyubovskaya E. I., Kozhin M. I.
The peculiarities of post−infarction remodeling in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with metabolic syndrome and chronic heart failure
34 - 38
Agayev A. A., Mustafayev M. K.
The influence of increased body mass on the level of arterial pressure in patients with arterial hypertension and cardiovascular diseases
38 - 41
Kopitsa N. P., Belaya N. V., Titarenko N. V., Zarivchatskaya I. T., Komir I. I.
Coronary microcirculatory dysfunction and the causes of its development
36 - 39
Babkin A. P., Gladkikh V. V.
The role of common salt in arterial hypertension development
40 - 45
Lapshina L. A., Zolotaykina V. I.
Oxidant stress in acute heart failure and the role of antioxidant Quercetinum in its correction
45 - 51
Bitchuk N. D.
Optimization of pre−operative preparation and prevention of hemodynamic disorders in elderly and old patients with accompanying hypertension disease
52 - 55
Korzh A. N.
Evidence−based practice of cardiovascular disease prevention in high−risk patients
42 - 46
Grischenko E. V., Naumova E. A., Schwarz Yu. G.
The influence of therapy for depression with Pirlintol on the attraction of cardiologic patients to prolonged treatment
47 - 53
Mordiashova S. V.
The use of 6−minute walking test in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
54 - 58
Kanorsky S. G.
Cardiovascular complications of atherosclerosis: possibility of prevention in the 21st century
23 - 30
Sidorenko G. I., Koliadko M. G., Zolotukhina S. F.
Non−invasive methods of diagnosis using exhaled air condensate and their significance with the example of cholesterol estimation
31 - 35
Starostenko S. A.
Diagnostic errors at echolocation of abnormal chords of the left heart ventricle
36 - 38
Komissarova S. M.
The variants of the course of primary hypertrophic cardiomyopathy according to observations in Republic of Belarus
40 - 45
Isayeva A. S., Volkov V. I., Bondar T. N., Kalashnik D. N.
The course of coronary artery disease at endocrine aging of women
46 - 50
Drozdova I. V., Drozdov V. A.
The assessment of therapy efficacy in patients with arterial hypertension
51 - 55
Gerasimova A. S., Oleinikov V. E., Yeliseyeva I. V.
The peculiarities of arterial hypertension course and involvement of the target organs in metabolic syndrome
22 - 29
Tseluiko V. I., Mordiashova S. V.
Disorders of the heart rhythm in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
29 - 33
Lapshina L. A., Zolotaikina V. I., Lepeyeva E. A., Kononenko L. G.
The changes of leikotriene C4 amount and morphofunctional myocardium parameters in patients with acute heart failure at treatment with Quercetin
34 - 39
Drozdova I. V., Drozdov V. A.
Psychoemiotional stress as a risk factor of arterial hypertension
39 - 44
Volkov V. I., Zaprovalnaya O. E.
Prognostic significance of aspirin resistance in coronary artery disease
31 - 35
Tseluyko V. I., Kuznetsov I. V., Medved E. P.
The influence of insertion−deletion gene polymorphism of angiotensin converting enzyme on development and course of atherosclerotic process
36 - 40
Korzh A. N.
Cardiovascular pathology in patients with chronic obstructive lung diseases
41 - 46
Motylevskaya T. V., Romanenko O. A., Garbuz A. I., Dmitriev S. Yu.
The factors influencing the efficacy of electric cardioversion
47 - 51
Kanorsky S. G.
New achievements and unsolved problems of cardiology: the results of 2007
51 - 55
Oleynikov V. E., Matrosova I. B., Yastrebova E. I., Fadieeva S. S.
The influence of hypertension and metabolic syndrome on the structure and functions of the arteries
56 - 62
Knyshov G. V., Lesnichaya V. M., Nastenko E. A., Maksimenko V. B., Beshliaga V. M.
Gender differences in circulation regulation on day 1−2 after correction of developed heart defects and aortocoronary bypass grafting
63 - 67
Zaliubovskaya E. I.
The influence of complex therapy for metabolic syndrome on cytokine metabolism features
68 - 70
Oleynikov V. E., Kuliutsin A. V., Budanova V. A., Donchenko I. A., Krutenkov A. N.
Heart rhythm variability and essential hypertension. Unsolved problems of practical application
51 - 55
Schwarz Yu. G., Ivaschenko Yu. Yu., Forster O. V., Parkhoniuk E. V.
Interrelation of myocardial infarction and atrial fibrillation and dental pathology: occasional finding?
56 - 60
Korzh A. N.
Atherothrombosis: contemporary pathogenetic and therapeutic aspects
46 - 50
Shimanovsky N. L.
Complex influence of female sex steroid hormones on the cardiovascular system: benefit and harm
51 - 55
Tseluyko V. I., Popova E. I., Yakovleva L. N., Medved E. P.
The state of the coronary vessels according to selective coronaroventriculography in patients with the history of myocardial infarction
56 - 61
Sidorenko G. I., Komissarova S. M.
Determining adaptation reserve of the organism basing on cardiac rhythm variability
45 - 49
Starostenko S. A.
The influence of various morphological variants of abnormal chords on the rhythm and conductivity in the left ventricle
50 - 53
Kanorsky S. G., Porshina T. G.
Treatment of arterial hypertension in elderly: from denial to admission of the necessity
41 - 47
Shimanovsky N. L.
Diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases and myocardium ischemia using magnetic resonance imaging with contrast enhancement
48 - 52
Schwarz Yu. G., Kaliuta T. Yu., Volkova M. V.
Anemia and acute forms of coronary artery disease: a problem of combined pathology
34 - 40
Volkov V. I., Serik S. A.
Coronary artery disease at type 2 diabetes mellitus: epidemiology, pathophysiology, prevention
41 - 47
Arutiunov G. P., Kostiukevich O. I.
Nutrition of patients with chronic heart failure
48 - 53
Sidorenko H. I., Komissarova S. M.
The objective equivalent of patient's complaints in chronic heart failure
6 - 10
Vasiliev Yu. V.
Substernal pain: differential diagnosis and treatment
11 - 14
Belaya N. V.
Myocardium remodeling mechanisms in arterial hypertension
15 - 18
Ushakov A. V., Rassel M. V., Borisov A. B.
Cardiomyocyte apoptosis in the pathogenesis of acute myocardial infarction and postinfarction heart remodeling in diabetes mellitus
6 - 10
Kanorsky S. G., Kruchinova O. A.
Expediency of sinus rhythm maintenance in atrial fibrillation
11 - 13
Knyshov G. V., Gogayeva E. K., Rudenko A. V., Dzakhoyeva L. S., Lazorishinets V. V., Panichkin Yu. V., Salo S. V.
Diving arteries − norm or pathology?
14 - 18
Volkov V. I., Yakovleva L. N.
New approaches to nitrate treatment of patients with CAD
6 - 9
Kovaliova O. N., Belaya N. V.
Modern aspects of arterial hypertension pathogenesis
10 - 13
Parkhomenko L. K., Bortnaya T. M.
Cardiac arrhythmia in patients with mitral valve prolapse
14 - 17
Klimenko T. M., Karapetian O. Yu., Kiarimov R. I.
Cardiac manifestations of non−differentiated connective−tissue dysplasia in children
18 - 21
Lazareva S. A., Volkov V. I.
Therapeutic aspects of chymase activity investigation in heart failure
6 - 9
Starostenko S. A.
Modern opinions about morphofunctional features of abnormally located cords of the left ventricle
10 - 13
Yegorenkova L. V., Korsunskaya I. M., Baranov A. P., Buzin A. G.
Cytokine system state in patients with coronary artery disease, psoriasis, and their combination
14 - 16
Ushakov A. V., Rassel M. V., Borisov A. B.
Disorders of cardiomyocyte energy metabolism in the pathogenesis of myocardial ischemia in patients with diabetes mellitus
6 - 11
Mankovsky B. N.
The use of sibutramine (meridin) in complex treatment of the patients with obesity, diabetes mellitus, and metabolic syndrome
12 - 15
Sidorenko G. I., Komissarova S. M., Zolotukhina S. F.
Urgent issues of cardiac failure
6 - 9
Trembovetskaya E. M.
Assessment of physical development of children before and after arterial switching of large cardiac vessels transposition
10 - 11
Tseluiko V. I., Radchenko O. V.
The efficacy of antihypertensive therapy in X−metabolic syndrome
6 - 11
Zhadan A. V.
The use of AT1−receptor blockers in treatment of patients with arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus
12 - 14
Erbel R., Abdullayev R. Ya.
Transesophageal EchoCG diagnosis of congenital heart disease in adults
49 - 55
Knyshov G. V., Trembovetskaya E. M.
Echocardiography diagnosis of large vessels transposition in early−age children
56 - 59
Parkhomenko A. N., Kozhukhov S. N.
Cardioprotection in acute myocardial infarction: theoretical pre−requisites and possible ways of clinical solution of the problem
6 - 11
Krasnokutsky S. V., Berezniakov I. G.
Peculiarities of diagnosis and treatment for heart failure in type II diabetes mellitus
12 - 16
Strutynsky A. V., Glasunov A. B., Tsygankov E. V., Banseliuk E. N., Kallayeva A. N.
Capabilities of revealing myocardium electrical inhomogenicity in patients with ventricular arrhythmias at multi−pole superficial ECG−mapping of the heart
17 - 21
Kopitsa N. P.
Prognostic significance of corrected QT interval and cerebral natriuretic peptide in heart failure following myocardial infarction
22 - 24
Sidorenko G. I.
Acute coronary syndrome: how to evaluate how acute it is
9 - 14
Dziak G. V., Koval E. A., Kaplan P. A.
Hyperhomocysteinemia and reasonability to correct it in patients with coronary artery disease
15 - 17
Tebloyev K. I., Arabidze G. G., Poliakova O. V.
Myocardium pathology in hereditary X−linked myopathy
18 - 22
Strutynsky A. V., Tsygankov E. V., Glasunov A. B., Kallayeva A. N., Vinogradova D. V.
Diagnostic capabilities of multipole superficial ECG−mapping in coronary artery disease
23 - 27
Tseluiko V. I., Lvova A. B., Kravchenko N. A.
Polymorphism of angiotensin−converting enzyme gene in patients with sodium−dependent arterial hypertension
28 - 32
Voronkov L. G.
Up−to−date treatment of chronic heart failure
6 - 13
Volkov V. I., Strona V. I.
Atherosclerosis: pathogenetic mechanisms and treatment principles
14 - 17
Kravchun P. G., Yefremova O. A.
The influence of streptase on the course of uncomplicated Q−wave myocardial infarction
18 - 20
Korzh A. N.
Significance of endothelium dysfunction in development of cardiovascular diseases
10 - 14
Schiller N. B., Sobol Yu. S., Abdullayev R. Ya.
Diagnostic capabilities of transesophageal echocardiography in dissecting aortic aneurysm
15 - 17
Tseluyko V. I., Litvinova I. A., Kinoshenko K. Yu., Muhamed Al Nahala
The state of diastolic function in patients with hypertonic cardiomyopathy
18 - 21
Oganov R. G., Maslennikova G. Ya., Shalnova S. A., Deyev A. D.
Cardiovascular and other chronic non−infectious diseases: situation and possibilities of prevention in Russia
16 - 21
Sidorenko G. I.
Nuerocirculatory dystonia
22 - 27
Abdullayev R. Ya.
Pulmonary hypertension in diagnosis of diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy
28 - 30
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