Radiation diagnosis

Harmatina O. Yu., Moroz V. V., Krasilnikov R. H., Hrechanyk O. I.
Significance of radiology in evaluation of extra−intracranial bypass efficacy at treatment of stenotic−occlusive disorder of brachiocephalic arteries.
60 - 64
Kalashnikov V. I., Abdullaiev R. Ya., Ibrahimova K. N., Abdullaiev R. R.
Ultrasound diagnosis of intervertebral discs protrusions in adolescent end young patients with cervicogenic headache
64 - 68
Sysun L. A., Lysenko T. P., Ponomarenko S. O.
The state of venous hemodynamics in acute hemispheric ischemic stroke
83 - 86
Yakovenko S. M., Kotulskyi I. V.
Ultrasonography of musculoskeletal and cartilaginous pathology in the shoulder joint region
87 - 91
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The capabilities of integrated ultrasound diagnosis of gunshot wounds to extremities
88 - 92
Kalashnikov V. Y.
Investigation of cerebral hemodynamics and cerebrovascular reactivity in patients with different types of headache
93 - 96
Grechanyk O. I., Abdullaiev R. Ya., Bubnov R. V.
Ultrasound diagnosis of combat injuries of peripheral nerves
96 - 100
Kalashnykov V. Y.
Transcranial Doppler in patients with tension headache and cervicogenic headache
100 - 104
Abdullaev R. Ya., Vinnyk Yu. O., Kryzhanovska I. V.
The capabilities of computed tomography and ultrasonography in diagnosis of pancreatic invasion in gastric cancer
98 - 100
Ibragimova K. N.
The capabilities of radiodisgnosis in cervical osteochondrosis in adolescents
100 - 104
Abdullaev R. Ya., Sibihankulov A. Kh., Gryshchenko O. V., Abdullaev R. R.
Structural changes of the cervix in women with chronic endocervicitis against a background of cervical pseudoerrosion
88 - 92
Dolenko O. V.
Clinical and ultrasound characteristics and comprehensive treatment of women of reproductive age with adhesion process of the pelvic organs
93 - 95
Dolenko O. V.
Etiopathogenic aspects and complex ultrasonography of endometrial hyperplastic processes
95 - 97
Sibihankulov A. H.
The capabilities of transvaginal ultrasonography in the diagnosis of background cervical diseases
98 - 102
Sysun L. A.
Echographic variants of carotid arteries involvement and their association with the incidence of ischemic stroke
83 - 85
Kalashnikov V. Y.
The state of cerebral hemodynamics and brain substance according to duplex scanning and magnetic resonance imaging in migraine patients
86 - 88
Vynnik Yu. A., Abdullayev R. Ya., Kryzhanovskaya I. V.
The capabilities of computed tomography and ultrasound diagnosis in preoperative evaluation of intramural gastric cancer invasion
89 - 92
Sysun L. A.
Нemodynamic patterns of acute period hemispheric ischemic stroke according to transcranial triplex scanning
93 - 96
Safonova I. N.
Antenatal sonographic features and perinatal outcomes of various disorders of fetal cardiac rhythm
82 - 88
Abdullaev R. Ya., Gulchenko D. Yu., Dolenko O. V., Sibihankulov A. H.
Ultrasound features of cyclic changes in the breast depending on hormonal parameters in women with diffuse mastopathy
89 - 92
Vinnik Yu. A., Kryzhanovskaya I. V.
The capabilities of helical x−ray computed tomography in pre−operative diagnosis of cancer of the upper portion of the stomach
105 - 108
Abdullayev R. Ya., Dolenko O. V., Sibikhankulov A. H., Ponomarenko S. A., Gulchenko D. Yu.
Clinical and ultrasound assessment of phytoselective therapy efficacy in nonspecific endocerviscitis in women of reproductive age
109 - 111
Abdullayev R. Ya., Dolenko O. V., Gulchenko D. Yu.
Ultrasound signs of mastopathy in women with hyperplastic processes of the endometrium
110 - 112
Krasilnikov R. G., Abdullayev R. Ya.
Transvaginal ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging in diagnosis of hyperplastic processes of the endometrium
113 - 117
Abdullayev R. Ya., Tamm T. I., Khizhniak A. A.
Ultrasound control of thoracic paravertebral blockade for programmed anesthesia
109 - 112
Ibrahimova K. N.
Radiation methods of diagnosis of degenerative dystrophic changes in cervical spine
113 - 116
Abdullayev R. Ya., Sibikhankulov A. H.
Diagnosis of benign diseases of the uterine cervix
106 - 110
Gulchenko D. Yu.
Pathogenetic, clinical and ultrasound characteristics of mastopathy
110 - 113
Mammadov I. G.
Radiation diagnosis of degenerative−dystrophic changes in the lumbar spine
114 - 118
Abdullaev R. Ya., Mariam Takhar, Spuziak M. I., Kolomiychenko Yu. A., Grigoruk M. A.
Duplex scanning at atlas subluxation in children
95 - 97
Bubnov R. V.
Simulation of regional anesthesia under ultrasound control using integrated application of three dimensional technologies and phantoms
98 - 104
Kryzhanovskaya I. V.
The capabilities of computed tomography and ultrasound diagnosis in assessment of gastric cancer prevalence
105 - 108
Bubnov R. V., Abdullayev R. Ya.
Main principles of regional anesthesia under ultrasound control
76 - 80
Sysun L. A.
Capabilities of transcranial Doppler ultrasound in diagnosis of ischemic stroke
81 - 85
Abdullayev R. Ya., Pozdnyakov S. A., Mikhanovsky A. A.
The role of Doppler investigation of uterine veins branches in differential diagnosis of uterine body and endometrium tumors
96 - 99
Bubnov R. V.
Ultrasound guidance of regional anesthesia at surgery on the lower extremities
99 - 103
Levitskaya L. N., Vyrva O. E., Shevchenko I. V., Klebek K. G.
Helical computed arthrography in diagnosis of stable and unstable injuries of meniscus of the knee joint
84 - 89
Guseynova Dzh. O., Isayev I. I.
Assessment of chelate therapy with Desferal in homozygotic beta−thalassemia in children according to complex echocardiography findings
90 - 94
Dedzho V. D.
Transvaginal echography in diagnosis of endocrine infertility
95 - 99
Ponomarenko S. A., Abdullayev R. Ya., Pavlov S. B., Kozyrev A. M.
Ultrasound and morphological parallels in degenerative diseases of intervertebral disks of the lumbar spine
122 - 127
Dudnik T. A.
Capabilities of radiodiagnosis in shoulder girdle pathology
128 - 132
Mariam Takhar
Capabilities of radiodiagnosis of cervical spine injuries
133 - 136
Scherbina O. V.
Positron emission tomography and immunoscintigraphy: the role in oncology
88 - 94
Abdullayev R. Ya., Oleynik I. A., Spusiak M. I.
The capabilities of ultrasound diagnosis in psoriatic arthritis
95 - 98
Gorleku Ph. N.
Ultrasound diagnosis of benign liver neoplasms
98 - 101
Grechanik E. I., Abdulayev R. Ya., Rudenko A. V., Goncharova O. A.
Capabilities of complex ultrasound diagnosis of combined thyroid and genitourinary system pathology
96 - 99
Sysun L. A.
Morphological substrate of spinal artery syndrome
100 - 103
Abdullayev R. Ya., Pozdniakov S. A., Grabar V. V., Gorleku F.
Capabilities of duplex echography in diagnosis of endometrial cancer
121 - 124
Dedzho V. D., Ponomarenko S. A., Mogila A. A., Sysun L. A.
Ultrasound investigation at degenerative dystrophic and inflammatory diseases of the knee joint
125 - 130
Abdullayev R. Ya., Marchenko V. G., Ponomarenko S. A.
The role of ultrasonography in determining the mechanism of vertebral lumbar pain
102 - 105
Sysun L. A.
The role of ultrasonography in investigation of female reproductive function
106 - 110
Abdullayev R. Ya., Marchenko V. G., Matsak Yu. V.
Capabilities of ultrasonography and Doppler ultrasound in erectile dysfunction
127 - 131
Voronzhev I. A.
Differential diagnosis of lung edema in newborns
132 - 136
Scherbina O. V.
Modern methods of radiodiagnosis: single photon emission computed tomography and positron emission tomography
108 - 116
Philipp Narte Gorleku
Radiodiagnosis of focal liver lesions
117 - 120
Dobrostomat A. N., Demeniuc J. A., Zolotoi V. I., Naumov N. S.
Ultra sound investigation echinococcos of liver in children patient
121 - 122
Schiller N. B., Sobol Yu. S., Abdullayev R. Ya.
Echocardiography of the transplanted heart
103 - 108
Mechev D. S., Scherbina O. V.
Radiodiagnosis and radiation therapy of prostate cancer
109 - 115
Abdullayev R. Ya., Marchenko V. G., Kalashnikov V. I.
Clinical picture and Doppler ultrasound study in syndrome of vertebral artery
139 - 142
Gapchenko V. V.
Ultrasonography capabilities in diagnosis of foraminal stenosis in degenerative diseases of the cervical spine
143 - 146
Abdullaev R. Ya., Gapchenko V. V., Ponomarenko S. A.
A recent trend in diagnosis of cervical spine degenerative diseases
99 - 101
Pozdniakov S. A.
Current opinions about ultrasound diagnosis of internal endometriosis
102 - 105
Zubov A. D.
Ultrasound guided puncture liver biopsy in chronic viral hepatitis
99 - 103
Tkachev A. A.
Virtual cystoscopy: capabilities, limitations, prospects
103 - 106
Vishniakov A. E.
Current opinions on radiation diagnosis of the femur head aseptic necrosis
107 - 111
Abdullaev R. Ya., Starostenko S. A.
Doppler study of transmitral blood flow in abnormal chords of the left ventricle
102 - 104
Mogila O. O.
Current views on radiation diagnosis at knee joint injuries
105 - 108
Poliayev Yu. A., Shimanovsky N. L.
New capabilities of x−ray diagnosis and radiosurgery with contrast enhancement in pediatric practice
97 - 105
Abdullayev R. Ya., Ponomarenko S. A.
New aspects of spinal canal stenosis diagnosis
106 - 109
Golovko T. S.
High technology of ultrasound scanning in determining regional lymph node involvement in soft tissue sarcoma
110 - 114
Abdullaev R. Ya., Yakovenko E. A., Babadzhanian E. N.
Doppler ultrasound study of arterial blood flow in uncomplicated pregnancy
132 - 135
Ponomarenko S. A.
Current opinions about radiodiagnosis in lumbar spine pathology
136 - 139
Abdullayev R. Ya., Khvisiuk A. N., Marchenko V. G., Kadyrova L. A.
Ultrasound visualization and Doppler study of the spinal artery in various pathology
111 - 115
Golovko T. S., Medvedev V. Ye., Dykan I. N.
The analysis of the findings of ultrasound diagnosis of soft−tissue sarcomas
116 - 120
Bortnyi N. A., Kramnoy I. E., Bortnaya T. N., Sirotnikov Ye. L., Kinoshenko K. Yu.
Radiodiagnosis of cardiac failure in patients with myocardial infarction during various stages of left ventricle remodeling
121 - 123
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